After Obrovac and Bač, the project “Teen Alarm” arrives to Novi Sad

After being held in primary schools “Žarko Zrenjanin“ in Obrovac and “Vuk Karadžić“ in Bač, the tribune devoted to peer-to- peer bullying was presented in front of the pupils attending the school “Jovan Popović” from Novi Sad.

During the lecture, which lasted the same amount of time as one school class, pupils attending the fifth and seventh grade, and unlike their peers from Obrovac and Bač, had the opportunity to hear, in addition to educative stories, the story about a pupil named Aleksa, who had left the Novi Sad school “Đorđe Natošević“ exactly because of being bullied.

Unfortunately, this project is a clear indicator of a growing need to talk to students at schools as much as possible about peer-to- peer bullying and how to recognize it.

Furthermore, this project and similar projects should be continued in the forthcoming academic years. The project “Teen Alarm” whose topic is peer-to- peer bullying is adapted to teenagers, and was launched by the company “Color Press Group” in collaboration with the Province’s Secretariat for sport and youth and an NGO “Color Media Events”.