Social Responsibility

CPG visit to Futog’s Shelter for the Homeless

For the third year in a row, “Color Press Group” welcomes New Year holidays with a wish to put a smile to faces of the underprivileged ones, taking shelter at the Homeless Centre in Futog. This time, crew from this media company donated to users three TV sets, clothes, as well as various entertainment magazines.

“These activities mean a lot to us. “Color Press Group” does not pay just one, but at least two annual visits to the shelter, and then to the daily centre, where they always bring meals for our protégés”, said Dragan Milošević, director of the Gerontology Centre “Novi Sad”. Bringing their muffins and croissants, “Maxi housewives of the month” also paid a visit, and brought some joy to those who needed a smile more than anyone else.

A solemn note to the event was given by Florijan Balaž, professor of violin from the stringed instruments department at Novi Sad’s Art Academy, who performed together with his two students.




Autor: Alisa Varga, Life Content
Foto i video: Vladan Cvejanov