Ove Fredheim
Ove Fredheim, Chief Executive Officer of Telenor in Serbia, was appointed to this position from the headquarters of the Telenor Group, where he was a general market manager for industrial development. Before that, from 2003 until 2009, he was Telenor CEO in Hungary. During his twenty years within the Telenor Group, Fredheim worked also at a position of Senior Vice President for products and markets of Telenor Mobile in Norway (2001-2002), and at a position of Executive Director for marketing, and deputy of the Quickstar CEO in Ukraine (1999-2001). New CEO of Telenor in Serbia was a member of the Management Board of Telenor in Montenegro (2005-2008) and a member of the Executive Commission of a mobile operator DiGi in Malaysia (2001-2002), whereas currently he is a member of the Management Board of Telenor in Norway. Fredheim possesses a master’s degree in business administration and marketing, from Oslo’s School of Business Administration. During his long-term stay abroad, he gained abundant multicultural experience, and learnt several languages – Danish, Swedish, English, German and French.

Predrag Ćulibrk
Predrag Ćulibrk was born in Ruma in 1968, and graduated at the telecommunications department of Belgrade’s Faculty of Electrotechnics in 1994. After completing the studies, he started his professional career at Direction for development and investments within Telekom Srbija, former public enterprise PTT Srbija. He was responsible for putting up and developming transport network, telecommunication services and transportation planning. He contributed to a large extent to development of Telekom Srbija when taking part in the project of digitalizing commutation network, introduction of IN services, and implementation of the next generation network (NGN). From his early days at Telekom Srbija in 2005, Predrag Ćulibrk was the director of the Strategic planning sector, and during the same year he became the director of the Strategy and development sector. He was responsible for placement of numerous new technologies in the telecommunications field, and a huge number of projects from various business segments at Telekom Srbija. On June 18th 2007 he was appointed CEO of the company m:tel Bosnia-Herzegovina, i.e. Telekom Srpska. During a five-year period of doing business at the market of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the company m:tel BiH became one of the leading telecommunication companies in the region. Since its privatization in June 2007 until nowadays, the company has spread its business to the entire area of Bosnia-Herzegovina, experiencing organizational and staff transformation, and became fully market-orientated. This resulted in a leading position in Bosnia-Herzegovina in terms of mobile communications, by development in the field of wide-range internet access and by providing multimedia services. The number of users of all services offered under corporative brand m:tel today reaches nearly two million, which is almost double the number of users before privatization.

Radmilo Marković
Novinar je u nedeljniku “Vreme” (od oktobra 2011. do danas), zadužen za ekonomiju i finansije, i urednik mesečnog poslovnog dodatka “Vreme uspeha”. Izveštavao je s karting šampionata “Serbia Off Road” (april 2011 – septembar 2012), radio kao novinar na portalu “Domino magazin” (jun 2009 – jun 2010), i na portalu “Sijalica” (februar 2009 – jun 2010). Bio je povremeni saradnik nedeljnog dodatka “Magazin” u listu “Politika” (januar 2008 – septembar 2009).

Ejub Kučuk
21 godina iskustva u advertajzingu, medijima, izdavaštvu i društvenim medijima. Nakon 4 godine rada u Marketing departmanu loklanih radio i TV stanica pokrenuo je sopstvenu advertajzing ageniciju MITA Group 1997.

Dragan Jovanović
Rođen sam 1965. god., završio sam Pravni fakultet u Beogradu i stekao zvanje diplomirani pravnik. Radim u Ministarstvu unutrašnjih poslova, 20 godina sam proveo u kriminalističkoj policiji. Karijeru sam počeo u Policijskoj upravi za grad Beograd u Odeljenju za suzbijanje privrednog kriminala. 01. Oktobra 2001. god. prelazim u tada formiranu Upravu za borbu protiv organizovanog kriminala (UBPOK) u Odeljenje za borbu protiv organizovanog finansijskog kriminala. 2008. godine prelazim u Odeljenje za borbu protiv visokotehnološkog kriminala na radno mesto šefa Odseka za elektronski kriminal, a godinu dana kasnije sam postavljen na radno mesto zamenika načelnika Odeljenja za borbu protiv visokotehnološkog kriminala. Član sam Radne grupe MUP-a RS za pristupanje EU u okviru Poglavlja 24, gde sam nosilac aktivnosti za visokotehnološki kriminal i seksualnu eksploataciju dece. Od strane Vlade Republike Srbije sam imenovan kao lice zaduženo za redakturu pravnih propisa Evropske Unije za MUP RS, Upravu kriminalističke policije. Član sam posebne radne grupe za izradu nacrta Zakona o informacionoj bezbednosti Republike Srbije ispred MUP-a RS.

Denis Keefe
Denis Keefe has been Ambassador to Serbia since June 2014, following 3 years as Ambassador to Georgia, and 4 years as Minister and Deputy Head of Mission in Moscow. Denis Keefe joined the UK Foreign Office in 1982. At the British Embassy in Prague from 1984-88 he built a network of contacts with Charter 77 and other dissidents. He returned to London to work on European social policy and the Single Market, and in 1990 joined the team working on German Unification, taking part in the 2+4 talks and becoming Head of the German Desk. In 1991-2 as European Correspondent he worked on the EU’s new Common Foreign and Security Policy, taking part in the Maastricht European Council. He then joined the British High Commission in Kenya, concentrating on helping Kenya hold its first multi-party elections and on political development thereafter. In 1996 he was appointed Deputy Head of the Foreign Office South Asia Department and in 1997-8 he led the team preparing for the London Asia-Europe Summit, ASEM 2. Denis Keefe returned to the British Embassy in Prague in 1998, and spent four years helping the Czech Republic prepare to join NATO and the EU. In 2002 he was seconded to the Cabinet Office to lead the team drawing up the UK’s national Counter Terrorism Strategy, CONTEST. He returned to the Foreign Office in 2003 as Head of China Hong Kong Department, and then Far Eastern Group, dealing with China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia. Denis Keefe was Ambassador to Georgia from 2007-2010, helping Georgia to implement reforms, bringing it closer to the EU and NATO, and to deal with the consequences of conflict, including the 2008 war with Russia. He then moved to Moscow from 2010- 2014, representing the UK as Deputy to the Ambassador, and working with Russia both on major international issues and on bilateral relations, including during the Sochi Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Denis Keefe was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England in 1958. He and his wife Kate have six children. He studied Classics at Churchill College Cambridge, gaining an MA, and then spent 3 years at Hertford College Oxford studying Hellenistic Greek poetry. His personal interests include sailing, walking, singing and playing the recorder. He speaks Serbian, besides a number of other languages, including Russian, Czech and Georgian.

Jelena Obućina
She was born in Bajina Bašta in 1982. After graduating from Valjevo’s Grammar School, she proceeded to the Faculty of Political Sciences. She joined the RTS after working for b92. For nine years, she has been part of the public media service team.

Željko Mitrović
Željko Mitrović was born on May, 31st 1967 in Zemun. Lawyer and certified economist by profession. Towards the end of the eighties, he started putting his business strategy into work, by founding the music studio PINK in Zemun. PINK studio soon became the place where many musicians realized their projects. As a result of a vision to expand business to radio – diffusion field, in 1993 the radio station named RADIO PINK was founded and started broadcasting its programme. Led by an idea for further business expansion, Željko Mitrović launched a local TV station – TV PINK. TV PINK started broadcasting its programme on September, 16th 1994, with only one camera, in a small studio, and with one emitter. Programme content, focused exclusively on motion pictures, TV series, game shows, and musical and entertaining shows, soon brought huge success. From the beginning of audience measurement, TV PINK became officially the commercial television station with the highest number of viewers in the country. In 1997, with the aim to expand its business orientation, Željko Mitrović founded CITY RECORDS, a music-publisher. Today, this music-publishing company has millions of circulation sold, with over five hundred performers who publish their music under this label. Within its network expansion, a new satellite channel PINK PLUS began to broadcast programme, and in September 2002 another channel, PINK MONTENEGRO – a ground TV national station in Montenegro – was launched. During the course of just 6 months, it became the most popular TV station in Montenegro. In April 2003, Željko Mitrović launched another satellite channel PINK EXTRA, and in the same year, by buying 6 television stations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, he managed to unite them, under a unique system PINK BH, which in a matter of weeks became one of the most popular TV stations, owing to already highly positioned PINK brand. Today, alongside the aforementioned channels, Željko Mitrović is the owner of 43 channels, which are distributed in the cable network of the biggest operators in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. By the end of 2014, the number of channels in the PINK platform will have reached sixty, encompassing channels with various content and profile, from music-orientated, through 10 film channels with blockbusters, to scientific, fashion and erotic channels. Further development of Željko’s vision PINK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY resulted in founding of PFI – PINK FILMS INTERNATIONAL – a unique film and production complex, which opens real chances for our country to become a very important factor in the field of film industry in this part of the world. Currently, alongside filming television shows with high production requests and attractive scenography, PFI studios can boast about production of international A-production films, commercials and video clips. In accordance with a notion how important fast communication and modern business tempo are, in 2004 Željko Mitrović became the owner of another company – AIR PINK – business jet airline company, with six airplanes in its assortment. Beside numerous awards received by PINK Television in the field of information, entertainment and popularity, its founder and owner Željko Mitrović was proclaimed manager of the year for 2006. By his own effort, but also through television programmes with humanitarian focus, he managed to garner ample means intended for those in need, the poor and children without parental care. Alongside impressive management and media career, as a teenager Željko Mitrović was a founder and member to the music band “Oktobar 1864.”, and one of most-prospective bass guitar players of the time. Not long ago, he founded a new band, “Berklee Groove”, which has so far recorded four singles, whereas the first album is to appear in near future. He is happily married, and has four children.

Antonio Beus
The founder of the company “ART COMPANY d.o.o.”. The agent of Columbia TriStar for teritory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The agent of Walt Disney and 20th Century Fox in the rental and the retail segment of the market. Built the first multiplex cinema in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (in Bihać, B&H). Built the cinema halls in Tuzla and Busovača. Organized the most important musical concerts in BiH – Jamiroquai, etc.. Built one of the first CATV systems in BiH . Founder and former Vice president of the Management Board of AKOP BIH (Association of Cable Operators in BiH) - Through AKOP BiH settled the issue of copyright for this industry. . Founder and President APAW BiH - APAW BiH is association which is established in order to protect audiovisual works in BiH. As President APAW participant in many conferences that deal with the topic of protection of audiovisual works (Florence, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, etc.). On several occasions, expert-witnesses on the Court of Bosnia & Herzegovina in the processes for violation of copyright. The member of the expert group formed by CRA B&H to develop a strategy of transition from analogue to digital broadcasting. Participated in the drafting and adoption of a new copyright law in B&H,. Participated in International Visitor Leadership Program “Filmmaking and IPR in the U.S.”; United States Department of State – Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

Dejan Ljuština
Dejan Ljuština is a leader of the PwC regional team for management consulting in charge of business management. In the South-East Europe region, Dejan is in charge of telecommunication and media sector within PwC, and in Adria region he leads the PwC energy sector. He belongs to highly-skilled personnel in the field of operational restructuring, strategy, market regulations, efficiency management and M & A (mergers and acquisitions), in large part implemented in complex business contents of regional blue-chip companies in the sector of telecommunications, media, energetics and retail. Dejan established a powerful international network of professionals on the grounds of his competencies, client management, and exceptional professional knowledge in the industry, and therefore he is a regularly sought-after guest-lecturer at key international business events in a wider region. Furthermore, he is a regular columnist of the leading regional magazines. Before joining the PwC team, he spent eight years in Deloitte, and three years as a project leader in the association Intel Corporation, where he lead the team of software programmers, working at the development of Intel’s “Itanium Family” processors. He started his career in Ericsson. After graduating from the Faculty of electronics and computer science in Zagreb, he acquired a master’s degree in economy and business management at IEDC, Management School (MBA) at Bled in Slovenia.

Ivica Mudrinić
Born in 1955, and graduated electrotechnics at the Toronto University in 1978. His first employment was at the Production development department with Motorola Communications, and in 1985 he founded his own company MX Engineering Inc. In 1990 he came back to Croatia and soon became advisor to the President of the Republic in charge of communications. Towards the end of the following year, he was appointed assistant to the minister of maritime affairs, trade and communications, whereas in 1992 he became the minister in this field. From 1994 he is the president of the Telecommunications Council, and from 1996 he is the president of the Management Board of the Croatian Radio-Television. As of October 15th 1998 he was CEO of the Croatian posts and telecommunications, and when the Posts separated from the Telecommunications, on January 1st 1999, he was appointed president of HT Management Board, and CEO of today’s T-Croatian Telecom.

Branislav Vujović
Branislav Vujović je osnivač i predsednik kompanije New Frontier Group koja je osnovana 2006. godine u Beču i jedna je od najbrže rastućih kompanija u oblasti IT usluga u Centralnoj i Istočnoj Evropi. Danas kompanija zapošljava preko 2000 visokokvalifikovanih stručnjaka u 17 zemalja širom sveta i ima vodeću ulogu u procesu digitalne transformacije u Centralnoj i Istočnoj Evropi. Pored odgovornosti za poslovanje grupe, g. Vujović je zadužen za strategiju grupe, M&A, sa posebnim fokusom na inovacije i digitalnu transformaciju. Pre osnivanja New Frontier Group, g.Vujović je bio direktor za region Centralne i Istočne Evrope u dve multinacionalne kompanije: od 2000. do 2006. godine regionalni direktor u EMC, dok je od 1986. do 2000. godine bio viši potpredsednik u kompaniji Computer Associates (CA). G. Vujović je svoju profesionalnu karijeru započeo kao sistem programer u IT službi gradske uprave Grada Beograda. Diplomirao je na Fakultetu organizacionih nauka Univerziteta u Beogradu. Oženjen je i ponosni je otac dve ćerke.

Jean-Daniel Ruch
Jean-Daniel Ruch joined the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in 1992. His previous professional experience included 3 years with the Ministry of Defense of Switzerland. After initial postings in Berne, Seoul and Bonn, he became part of the team of the first Swiss OSCE presidency in 1996, based in Vienna. In 1998, he was seconded to the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in Warsaw. Returning to the Swiss diplomatic service, he was assigned to the Embassy in Belgrade, where he served from 2000 to 2003. He was then seconded to the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia where he became Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte special political adviser. In 2008, he went back to the Foreign Ministry in Berne to take the position of Special Representative for the Middle East, a position he left in November 2012, when he returned to Belgrade as Switzerland’s Ambassador to Serbia and to Montenegro.

Olivera Perković
Olivera Perković possesses more than 19 years of work experience. Olivera is a manager with organisational capabilities, and strategic way of thinking, together with rich experience in creative services. The “McCann Beograd” agency, which she leads, was proclaimed the most successful agency in the South East Europe region, at the event BalCannes in 2014. Before coming to “McCann Beograd” in 2005, she had worked abroad. She started her professional career in Chicago, where she worked in the company “Express Ltd”. Her further professional development led her to Australia, where she was engaged in “Project Manager Inc. WA Australia”. She graduated from Sterling Business College WA in Australia, and possesses a business diploma from there, as well as Executive MBA degree, University of Sheffield.

Vladan Joler
Vladan Joler is Associate Professor and Chair of New Media Department at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia and director of the SHARE Foundation. Share Foundation, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting the rights of Internet citizens and promoting positive values of openness, decentralization, free access and exchange of knowledge, information and technology.

Anamarija Horaček
Anamarija Horaček is marketing communication and advertising executive with more than 20 years of international experience in media and communication business. She has been proactive and mentoring leader to diverse teams of professionals with comprehensive managerial and leadership skills. How effective are your marketing efforts? Are you getting the most for your investment? How many customer touch-points are you effectively hitting? If you're struggling to answer these questions, Anamarija is the right person for you. Why? Because Anamarija has direct experience with communication planning, brand strategy, advertising campaigns and managing the brand through all touch points. She has worked with advertisers on helping them develop creative and cost efficient marketing and media strategies, both locally and internationally. Having worked with a number of brands (Procter&Gamble, Coca-Cola, L'Oreal, Gillette, Opel, Casio, Nestle) across different markets she gained valuable insights into how to help grow business through smart marketing strategies, regardless of the budgets behind them or the size of the market they are competing in. From being a young graduate keen to learn about marketing/media business to being an executive for respected media companies (Unex Media, Publicis Group, McCann Erickson, BBDO Zagreb...) one thing has always defined Anamarija and that's her passion to provide top value and inspiration for her clients. The economics of marketing is transforming and making many traditional strategies and structures obsolete. You have to be able to see an idea through creative, digital, social, business and design to achieve great results. Luckily for you, Anamarija realized that early in her career. She has proven herself as a result oriented innovator who has the ability to create strategies and company culture, to grow and perform in complex business environment. Anamarija is a lifelong advertising enthusiast who enjoys blending curiosity, creativity and data to meet clients needs.

Željko Ivanović
Željko Ivanović is a Montenegrin journalist, producer, human rights activist. Born in Nikšić, he graduated from the Faculty of political sciences and found his first job in the field of journalism. He was the first Montenegrin reporter on a regular basis for “Nin” magazine. With his colleagues, he founded his first independent daily newspaper “Vijesti”, which was first published on September, 1st the most influential voice in Montenegro. Željko Ivanović is an author of the collection of critical essays “Crnogorski Diznilend” (“The Montenegrin Disneyland”) (2004). He was one of producers for the film “Gledaj me” (“Look at me”), directed by Marija Perović. He is the Montenegrin coordinator in a media organization for South East Europe – “South East Europe Media Organization” (SEEMO), based in Vienna, which engages in protection of media freedom in the Balkans and in the South East Europe. 1997. In due course, “Vijesti” became the best-selling.

Milan Vujović
Starting from January 8, 2014, Milan Vujovic joined Samsung Electronics Adriatic at the position of Head of Marketing. Milan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this challenging position. Milan has twelve years’ experience in increasingly responsible roles within marketing at several companies, such as British American Tobacco, Carlsberg Serbia, Danube Foods Group and Grey Worldwide Marketing Agency. In his most recent position, Milan was Marketing Director for Balkan region for Knjaz Milos. His experience is enhanced by his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Manja Grčić
Manja Grčić possesses over fifteen years of experience in media industry, where she held the executive director positions in regional, as well as in international media companies. She acquired a degree in journalism from a prestigious Faculty of Journalism in England. In the beginning of her career, she worked for BBC, and then she returned to Belgrade to become part of the information sector at TV B92. Manja also worked as an advisor for public relations with the American agency USAID, as a director of a company “Media System” at TV station “Pink”, and in 2006 she became deputy director at TV “Fox”, in charge of human resources, programme, technical and production policy of this television station. Her career took her to Slovenia, where in 2008 she gained the director position at the national television TV3 Slovenia, part of the MTG (“Modern Time Group”). Afterwards, she returned to Serbia, and from 2011 until 2013 worked as the CEO of B92. She then joined the “Antena Group”, where she held the position of a director for corporative and regulatory issues, and later became the director of “Antena Group” for Serbia and Montenegro.

Igor Onič
Igor Oničfounder of the distribution companies Cinefest i Filmstar.



Narinder Chauhan
As of July 24 Mrs. Narinder Chauhan is the new Indian Ambassador to Serbia. Mrs. Chauhan joined the Indian Foreign Service in July, 1985. During a career spanning 28 years, she has served in the Indian Missions in Tokyo (October 1986-August 1989), Bangkok (August 1994-July 1997), Brussels (March 2002-September 2005) and Ottawa (August 2008-June 1013). rs. Chauhan served in the Ministry of External Affairs of India in various capacities, including as Joint Secretary responsible for African Affairs (2005-2008) when she steered the first India-Africa Summit. She also served as Chief of Staff to State Minister for External Affairs. Mrs Chauhan is bachelor of laws, and by education she has a post-graduate degree in political science.

Jovana Gligorijević
Since 2002 Jovana Gligorijević (1983) has been a journalist in the weekly “Vreme” (“Time”), where she covers a wide range of subjects, including new media and a freedom of speech on the Internet. In the “Vreme” magazine, she edits certain sectors of the Web site www.vreme.com, and is at the position of a community manager on social networks. In the period from 2008 until 2010, she was at the position of an editor of the section on European integrations on the Web site b92.net/Srbija2020. In addition, she is holding the position of the assistant to the editor in the business magazine “CorD”, the only publication of such kind which is published in Serbia in the English language. Since March 2014, she has been a member of the Executive Board of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia. Since 2012, she has been among the alumni at the INTAJOUR Academy, Academy of journalism in the digital world, where she specialized in Web journalism and multimedia. She has undergone this programme as one of thirty-six scholarship bearers around the world, scholarships provided by the Bertlesman foundation. She collaborated with the media such as Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), Elle, the Croatian Forum Tjedni Magazin and 24sata.hr, Danas, and others. As a journalist-researcher, or a co-author, she has worked on many documentary films, produced by “Vreme Film” and “Medija Centar Beograd”.

Dejan Turk
After graduating from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in marketing and finances in 1995, Dejan Turk was employed by McDonald's Slovenia where he began his career as a restaurant manager and finished as the CEO of the chain of restaurants in Slovenia and Croatia. He joined TAG in August 2004, when he became the head of marketing and sales at Si.mobil. In August 2006 he was appointed Member of the Board responsible for market operations and from March 2007 to February 2014 he was the Chairman of the Management Board of Si.mobil. He took over position of CEO/CMO Vip mobile as of March 1 2014. In May of 2014. In addition, in May 2014 he was elected the Member of the Supervisory Board of A1 Telekom Austria AG, a member of Telekom Austria Group. Dejan Turk is the winner of many prestigious awards for the 6-year successful management of Si.mobil (Excel 2009, Manager of the year 2009, Award for the Top Achievements in Slovenian Business and Economy for 2013). He is also a President of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia and Chairman of UNICEF Foundation in Slovenia.

Goran Karadžić
For ten years (since 2004) he has been a member of the Republic Broadcasting Agency (RRA). He possesses a degree in media management, and started his professional career in 1984. After one year, he got employment at “Glas omladine” (“Youth voice”), which later grew to become a political magazine “Stav” (“Poise”). He worked for Novi Sad’s “Dnevnik” and its publications (Editor-in-Chief of the “Europreduzetnik”), and later he launched several editions in a privately-owned company. After just two issues of the “Status” magazine, Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was dissolved, thus the market fell apart, and “Status” ceased to exist. During a six-year period he published a weekly “NS Nedeljnik” (“NS Weekly”), local newspaper in Novi Sad, and later moved to the position of a director of Novi Sad’s television station “Apollo”. During his mandate, he completed an Irex course in management in TV stations, according to BBC standards. He worked as a trainer throughout stations in Serbia and elsewhere in the region. After his election to the RRA Board, he no longer works as a trainer with TV stations. His mandate at RRA Board will expire at the end of the next year.

Marina Kosanović
Marina Kosanović was born with an Aquarius zodiac sign, the same year when Rocco Granata conquered the world with the song bearing the same name. Behind her, there are almost three decades of professional life in journalism. During that period, she has thoroughly become acquainted with editorials, and business side to the “last spiritual adventure”, as her journalism professor Sergej Lukač once described journalism. She graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, and started her career at the publishing house “Politika”, the “Bazar” magazine, where she worked for a number of years as a journalist and editor. Her texts have been published in the “Student”, “Politika” daily, magazines “Ana”, “Pop rock”, “Rock”, “E magazine”, FAAR... For over ten years, she was an executive organizer of the “Lice godine”, national final of the competition “The Look of the Year”. She is the author of titles and concept of the oldest fashion award “Bazart”, which is nowadays granted at “Belgrade Fashion Week”. She is the author of the book “Naš takozvani život: fenomeni devedesetih” (“Our so called life: nineties phenomena”), which represents somewhat of a testimony of tilted reality, which was lived by the Serbian society over the last decade of the twentieth century. In the year 2004, she participated in launching of the new publishing house, which was started on the Serbian market by the Finnish-Dutch media company ”Sanoma”, with the aim to launch planetary popular licensed magazines in Serbia. The first title launched by “Sanoma” was ELLE, the best-selling fashion magazine in the world, with Marina Kosanović Stefanović – the first Editor-in-Chief of the Serbian version of ELLE. Four years later, from editorials she moved to the business side – at the publishing house “Adria Media Serbia” working as a director for editions such as ELLE, “ELLE Dekor”, ”Sensa”, ”Gala Style”, ”National Geographic”, ”Lisa”, ”Mama”, ”Moj stan”... She gained further professional development in London, where she finished a MBMC course at the prestigious FIPP. Mother of two teenagers, she is living in Belgrade, exercising power based hatha yoga. She works as a freelance media expert. With absolute respect to digitalization, she still believes in magazines.

Vesna Ćeranić
Following her graduation from Belgrade’s Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Marketing Management Department, Vesna completed her master’s studies in the field of Public Relations. Alongside many years of international experience in debating, and significant success at competitions in solving business case studies throughout Europe, Vesna’s career in communications started developing fast, and soon she became a top class professional in terms of communications. Her agency experience covers all key sectors in communication services, including strategic advising, leadership of creative campaigns, project management, reputation management, support in crisis communications, digital communications and so on. Today, Vesna is the youngest Senior Adviser in the “Executive Group” agency, and works on management and development of the agency’s business, development of EG resources and services, acquiring new clients, bringing to the EG new, fresh ideas, and advising support at key mandates. Vesna has worked with most key EG clients, such as: “Vip mobile”, “Philip Morris”, “Carslberg Srbija”, IKEA, “LG Electronics”, “Nestle”, H&M, and many others.

Slobodan Đinović
Slobodan Djinović is a founding shareholder, member of the Board of Directors and the current CEO of Orion Telekom. Orion is a telecommunications investment holding vehicle set up and funded by an investment consortium lead by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to facilitate the consolidation of the alternative telecommunication sector and capitalize on telecommunications liberalization in the western Balkans. Additionally, Mr. Djinović is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ada Ciganlija, a municipally owned parks and recreation conglomerate in Belgrade that can receive up to 500,000 visitors daily in the peak times of the summer. Mr. Djinović is one of the pioneers of the wireless Internet market in Serbia and founded Media Works in 2000, which became one of the leading alternative Internet service providers in Serbia. Media Works built the first WiMax network and launched wireless Internet services in 2004. In 2010 Media Works merged with two other large ISPs, Sezampro and Neobee.net to create what is known today as Orion Telecom, the second national fixed phone operator and leading alternative telecommunications provider in Serbia. Prior to becoming a technology entrepreneur in the Balkans, Mr. Djinović was one of the student leaders of the resistance movement known as OTPOR, which initiated the protests and created the overall political movement that was responsible for toppling Serbian autocrat Slobodan Milošević and democratizing Serbian political life. The group’s success led to feature articles in the Western press and a lead role for OTPOR in the Steve York documentary, ‘Bringing Down a Dictator’. Mr. Djinović is the co-author of two books: ‘Non-violent Struggle, 50 Crucial Points’ and ‘Non-violent Struggle – Curriculum for SNVC’ published in 2006 and 2007 in both Serbia and the United States. He is the co-author of the graduate course – ‘Strategies and Methods of Non-violent Social Change’ at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, and a lecturer and visiting scholar at Colorado College, Grinnell College and the Fletcher School of Tufts University. In the past Mr. Djinović was engaged as a consultant on various projects with the World Bank, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Justice and the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. During his professional career, he has repeatedly participated in numerous humanitarian and human rights activities. Mr. Djinović holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Department of Naval Architecture at the University of Belgrade, and a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, from the Fletcher School of Law of Tufts University in the United States. Mr. Djinović speaks native Serbian and fluent English, and he was born in Zagreb in 1975. He is married, has a daughter and lives in Belgrade.

Deepak Maheshwari
Deepak Maheshwari heads the Digitial Enterprise & IoT business for Tech Mahindra in Europe. He has 15+ years experience in Information Technology and has led big outsourcing business in a global environment. He has strong experience in managing multi discipline IT programs in Telecom and Enterprise where he is working closely with industry to create digital transformation roadmap and niche vertical solutions. Deepak has done his Engineering from Delhi University and is based in London.

Željko Subašić
He is the owner of LBS TEAM agency, a consultant, and lecturer in the field of digital communications, especially in terms of content analyses at social networks and crisis communication on the Web. He founded the www.tvitni.me service, and he is also a blogger and a poet. His long-time experience in working with a number of worldly renewed companies makes him one of the pioneers of digital communications in the region.