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Marketing team of the company COLOR PRESS GROUP provides presentation of our publishing house, communication with readers, advertisers, other media, as well as with institutions which have partnership with the company or want to become our associates or clients. Presentation of the company is available on the Web site, and in a form of a newsletter which is regularly sent to our partners and business associates. Internal and external communication is enriched on the portals and the company’s blog. 

By analyzing the market and following the media we get monthly reports about our readership audience and how popular our publications are, which are shown on our Web site.

The data, which are available for downloading, are gained through research conducted by “Strategic Marketing”, ABC Serbia and “Media Clipping” form Belgrade.

Marketing team organizes promotions, events, informs the media and the public about humanitarian activities, press conferences, launching of new magazines to the market, and of all the projects in which our company is included.

Marketing team is primarily orientated towards promoting CPG magazines, while the company is orientated towards development of its own communications. The most important goal is to maintain cooperative reputation and truthful and partnering relation with readers, advertisers and other media. 

Marketing team


Milica Milić Head of Corporate Communications & PR

Milica Milić
Temerinska 102, Novi Sad
Tel/Fax: +381 21 489 71 00


Goran AničićWeb editor

Goran Aničić
Temerinska 102, Novi Sad
Tel/Fax: +381 21 489 71 00