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November, 2nd 2014

A football player suffering “sweet torture”: Lane gets to choose “MAXI housewife of the month”!

Although it’s November, Novi Sad’ restaurant “Fontana” provided very warm and pleasant atmosphere, owing to yet another event to select “MAXI housewife of the month”!

Traditionally, in the centre of Novi Sad, women from all parts of Serbia, loyal readers of culinary editions published by “Color Press Group”, alongside socializing, get to show their cooking skills and good spirits. Today, their assignment was to make baklavas, and the jury had to struggle to make a selection among those most typical ones, filled with walnuts, to those featuring sour cherries, lemon, chocolate and biscuits.

The jury was comprised of: Milan Jovanović Lane, famous football player, Dobrila Strajnić Rajkov, assistant to editor of culinary magazines, Aleksandra Dudvarski, editor at “TV Novele“, and one of home cooks – contestants, whose number was randomly drawn from the basket, Kristina Mitrović.

Right after they made visual evaluation of baklavas, the jury members had to taste over twenty of them, and we witnessed that their assignment was far from naïve and simple.

The jury, admitting they felt sorry that they had to proclaim only three best baklavas, out of a wide range of excellent ones, decided on the following prizes: The publishing house “Prometej” granted a 5.000 RSD voucher for a long-time contestant Nađa Dojin. A seven-day accommodation in the villa “Jana” at Kopaonik, provided by “Jolly tours”, was granted to a modest housewife Ljiljana Ćosić, for whom this was not the first prize ever won, because she had been participating in the event many times before.

A 10.000 RSD voucher, granted by “MAXI”, as well as the title “MAXI housewife of the month” went to the hands of Radmila Vujnović, whose baklavas got the highest grades. Obviously excited, with tears in her eyes, the first-placed home cook was so kind to share her winning recipe with the portal’s readers.

After the winners were proclaimed, and the prizes granted, after taking photographs and wonderful time spent socializing at the restaurant “Fontana”, the “Color Press Group” team moved on to the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica.

As always, we were greeted by joyful youngsters who received baklavas made for them, CDs by “City records”, and many other various magazines of the largest media company in Serbia and the region!

Winning recipe: Baklava roulade



- 500 g thin filo pastry
- 250 g margarine
- 1 dl oil
- 1 kg sugar
- 4 dl water
- 300 g ground walnuts
- 150 g ground “plasma” biscuits

- Dip walnuts and “plasma” in warm water, so that they don’t get dispersed.
- Lay one layer of filo pastry on top of the other, and fill the edges with walnuts and “plasma”.
- Roll tightly and repeat until you have used up all the material.
- Cut into 5 – 6 cm pieces, and top with margarine and oil.
- Bake 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven.


Place 1 kg of sugar in a pan, and mix it with 1 dl water until the sugar melts. Top the hot baklava with tepid topping.


October, 27th 2014

“MAXI housewife of the month”: Another successfully organized charity event in Niš!

During the early hours, “Color Press Group” team headed towards the beautiful city of Niš, where for the second time, charity event “MAXI housewife of the month” was organized.

After a few hours’ ride, on a cold and sunny day, we arrived at the restaurant “Kafanče Banjče”, where we were greeted by our kind hosts, and to our surprise, the restaurant was swarming with home cooks, cheerful and impatiently waiting for the event to begin.

This time, the housewives had the assignment to make meat pies, enjoying the process so much, not because of proudly presenting their skills, but because of the fact that their food would be handed in to the school “14. Oktobar”, where children with special needs are being educated.

Alongside our already well-known and loyal housewives, for the first time we were joined by housewives from: “Macedonian Association Vardar” from Niš, “Association Srce” from Niška Banja, and “Association Kruna”, also from Niška Banja.

After short introductions and an official part of the event, the jury had ahead of them a whopping task. They had to taste thirty two meat pies! Later, they admitted it was not easy for them, but they enjoyed it, because, as they said, in order to make something that beautiful and tasty, there must be a lot of effort and love to be incorporated. Their evaluation was done according to appearance and taste.

The jury was comprised of: Dragana Rodić Aranđelović, activist, head of the school “14. Oktobar“, Zoran Nikolić, Dragan Aranđelović, President of Culture Commission of Medijana Municipality, and Lidija Stojanović, owner of the restaurant Kafanče Banjče“.

Whereas the housewives enjoyed pleasant restaurant atmosphere with coffee and “Color Press Group” magazines, the jury proclaimed the winners: The third prize goes to Milena Cvetković, who received a cookbook by the “Prometej” publishing house from Novi Sad. The second prize went to the hands of Kosanka Savić, who would travel to Kopaonik, to the villa “Jana”, which is provided by friends from “Jolly tours”, while the first prize “MAXI housewife of the month” and a 10.000 RSD voucher went to Suzana Petrović.

With happiness and tears of joy shed by the winners, we bid a farewell to our hosts and left Niš, thrilled that another charity event was successfully organized!

“MAXI housewife of the month” from Niš shared her winning recipe with the portal’s readers:


For the batter:

- 500 g flour

- 1/4 package of yeast

- 1 teaspoon salt

- 1 teaspoon sugar

- 1 dl oil

- 2 dl water

For the filling:

- 400 g minced meat

- 200 g fresh cabbage

- 2 larger onion bulbs

- 1 sprig leek

- oil (approximately 1 dl)

- salt, pepper

How to make:

Make a batter mixing all the ingredients, and divide it into 15 parts. Roll out each piece and drizzle it with oil. Leave it for 20 – 30 minutes, and then connect three by three. Arrange three layers drizzled with oil and covered with a filling, make a circle and form a “snail”. Repeat with the remaining layers. Brush with margarine and bake.


October, 15th 2014

Teen Talk 2014: “What Digital Native Generation Wants”?

At Belgrade’s Youth Centre, which these days celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, a conference entitled “Teen Talk 2014”, organized by the “Bravo” magazine was held, supported by the company “Telenor”, and dealing with teenagers’ social, cultural, consumer, and communication needs and expectations.
Participants of the second in a row conference, with the title “What Digital Native Generation Wants” spoke about current issues and problems, such as internet traps, vice, love, sex, social networks, fashion and sport. More than 300 teenagers took part in the discussion, exchanging tips and experiences with their idols and experts. Special music guests was the group “Ritam duše” (“Rhythm of the Soul”), made up of attendees of the children percussion workshop from Novi Bečej’s Primary School “Josif Marinković”.

In addition, as a special guest at the conference appeared our famous water-polo player Aleksandar Šapić, founder of the charity foundation “Novi Beograd”, whose work is actively supported by “Color Press Group”. During breaks between the panels, the youth got entertained and educated through interactive games by “Telenor”, the company which awarded all participants, and organized “A game show with celebrities” featuring promotion of digital services Deezer, WhatsApp and Sport Uživo, especially intended for younger audience. Among conference’s partners, there were also Mc Donald's, Coca Cola, brand B.U.,
Imlek, and Dunav net.

The conference “Teen Talk” also received support from many well-known people: Marko
Šelić Marčelo, Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Boris Trivan, Sara Jovanović, Marko Vidojković, Vesna Dedić, Emir Bekrić, Aleksandar Šapić, Zorana Jovanović, Ivan Petrović, Miloš Šaranović, band “Ničim izazvan”, Srđan Dinčić, Dušan Borković, and others.

September, 26th 2014

“Brava Casa Design Awards” granted to best architects at Jugoslovenska kinoteka!

“Brava Casa”, the most popular magazine on interior design, for the first time granted the awards for the best interior design in terms of residential, hotels-restaurants-cafes and business space. Following successful years since the licensed edition was launched, and in collaboration with the company “Gorenje”, the award ceremony was held at the Jugoslovenska kinoteka Museum.

The “Brava Casa Design Awards” ceremony saw speeches made by the magazine editor Tatjana Marić Ivković and a young architect Aleksandar Popović, who designed statuettes granted to the winners. The host and hostess of the programme were television announcers Vlada Stanojević and Nina Radulović Lečić.

The jury, whose decisions proclaimed the winners, consisted of Professor Brana Mitrović, architect Maja Vidaković Lalić, architect Miroslav Petrović, architect Aleksandar Bauer, architect Svetlana Mojić, and Nevena Petrović on behalf of the “Gorenje” company.

Each jury member granted the awards to winners by category. The winners of the first “Brava Casa Design Awards” are: architect Aleksandar Lartaj and “Studio Synthesis Quatro” in the category – residential apartment up to 45 m2, architects Andreja and Saša Buđevac from “Arhitektura Buđevac”, in the category – residential apartment up to 100 m2, architect Aleksandar Šavikin and “Studio Šavikin” in the category – residential apartment up to 100 m2, architects Dragana Stevanović and Oliver Stanković for “Radni atelje Studija S”, in the category - business space, and architects Đorđe Gec, Nevena Pivić, Vanja Otašević,
Zorana Vasić, Ivan Grčić and Tijana Vitomir for “Dukley Beach Lounge”, in the category – HORECA space.

After a solemn award ceremony, the guests enjoyed cocktails, acoustic performances by Nemanja Nikolić, Mladen Drenić and Sanja Ugrčić, and sweet and salty bites from the workshop “Tintolino Family”, wines by “Vinarija Aleksić” and “Jägermeister”. As “Color Press Group” is now the official media patron of the charity foundation “Novi Beograd”, the guests had an opportunity to donate money intended for children and adults in need of urgent medical procedures.

Alongside invitees from the field of design and architecture, BCDA ceremony also gathered many celebrities, including Aleksandar Timofejev, Milica Milša and Žarko Jokanović, Aleksandar Đikić, Dragana Ćosic, Jasmina Sanader, Goga Grubješić, Anita Lazić, Duška Jovanić, Saša Milojković and many others.

Supervisors of the “Brava Casa Design Awards” are companies “Gorenje”, “Galerija
Podova”, “Daikin”, “Ford” and “Jägermeister”.


September, 13th 2014

Exhibition opening at the Sava Šumanović Gallery in Šid: “One painter, 10 photographers: 20 works of art”

In Šid, famous painter Sava Šumanović’s hometown, an exhibition was opened, entitled: “One painter, 10 photographers: 20 works of art”, jointly organized by the magazine “Lepota i zdravlje” and Sava Šumanović Gallery. Contemporary Serbian photographers, inspired by Sava Šumanović’s paintings did photo reminiscence works with contemporary models. Photographs participating in the project are: Miloš Nadeždin, Miša Obradović, Sever Zolak, Đorđe Odanović, Željko Škrbić, Nebojša Babić, Jovana Mladenović, Irena Savčić, Braca Nadeždić, Nemanja Maraš. The project’s aim is to actualize works by the famous Serbian painter and connect him with the 21st with the twentieth, in the most beautiful way! I am grateful to Robert Čoban who came to this idea during his visit to our gallery, Lidija Ćulibrk and her associates for realization of the idea, and the photographers who found inspiration in Sava’s works!”, said at the exhibition opening Vesna Burojević, art historian and director of the Sava Šumanović Gallery. The exhibition was officially opened by Slaviša Grujić, the Province’s Secretary for culture and public information. The attendees were able to learn about Sava Šumanović’s life and works. After the exhibition opening and a tour around the gallery, a cocktail was organized for attendees, serving wine from Šid’s Molovin winery, water Mivela and Jana, general patrons of the project, and traditional strudel from Srem, filled with poppy and walnuts. The exhibition closes on 26.09.2014.


September, 6th 2014

“Food Talk 2014” at Salaš 137 – started with GMO food topic, ended with a performance by Zvonko Bogdan!

Organized by “Color Press Group” cooking editions, the second regional food conference “Food Talk 2014” was held. Famous chefs, sommeliers, gastro – bloggers and popular food lovers from around the region, relished the wonderful ambience of Salaš 137 at Čenej. Alongside professional panels and presentations, the attendees tasted the most interesting specialties by Serbian and regional top chiefs, accompanied by numerous guests and media.

Panel participants from the world of cooking, wine – making, music, literature, painting, acting, media, sports and business, discussed facts and myths about GMO, regional gastro bon ton, healthy cooking, food in art, experiences from international cooking competitions, and women in the wine – making business.

Paul Dring, executive editor of London’s “Jamie Magazine”, whose licensed editions in Serbian and Croatian will be launched by “Color Press Group” in September, presented himself, whereas Jamie Oliver addressed the audience via a video message recorded especially for this occasion.

Beside the exhibition Sweet past trail, organized by the Novi Sad City Museum, art colony on the subject of promoting homemade dishes and Vojvodina’s gastronomy heritage, a performance was held by Selenča’s women showing how a Slovakian bride is embellished, and the participants were able to taste the most interesting specialties by top chefs.

Jolanta Deliboyova, channel 24Kitchen star, and well – known cello player and cook from Bulgaria, cooked for the audience, as well as Goran Kovačević, director of the hotel “Square Nine”, Filip Ćirić, owner of the restaurant “Homa” and jury member of the reality TV show “Moja kuhinja – moja pravila”.

Towards the end of the day, participants and many well – known guests, including Aida Đedović, Vesna de Vinča, Marina Kosanović, Luna Lu, Duška Jovanić, Dr Feelgood, Bora Otić, Nenad Knežević Knez, Peđa Nerić, Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Aleksandar Filipović, Janoš Mesaroš, Nina and Branisalv Lečić, Aleksandar Timofejev, Stefan Koković, Duška Jovanić, Milan Mumin, Vesna Dedić and Jovica Jovičić, enjoyed wine and a concert performed by Mr Zvonko Bogdan. The conference was supported by companies “Imlek”, “Doncafe”, “Zepter”, “Carnex”, “Kotanyi”, “MG Mivela”, “Winery Zvonko Bogdan”, “Kaufmax”, “AD Bačka”, “Vulkan”, Province’s Secretariat for Agriculture and Water Management of Vojvodina, Salaš 137, “Ford”, “Big Bull”, “Illy Company” and many others.


June, 16th 2014

CPG taking part in the “Olympic Day” again this year

Traditionally, the Serbian Olympic Committee, this year marked an International Olympic Committee Day, by organizing “Olympic Day” on the trim path at Košutnjak. Under the slogan “be humane – win together”, this event gathered numerous sports fans, whereas its aim was much higher – to show how humane we can be.

On this occasion, the best Serbian young sportsmen were presented. They will take part at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, and everyone had a chance to get acquainted with the Chinese Culture, presented by the association “Far East” and the holistic centre “Krug”

Despite rainy weather, 2.500 people participated, and the most interesting races were those for children – 200 and 400 metres, as well as Fun Run 3.600 metres, for all ages. For the first time, a race for the disabled was organized this year, too.

As was the case over the previous years, the company “Color Press Group” joined the event, by taking part in a relay race for the event’s sponsors 6x200m. Other participants of this race were the Serbian Olympic Committee, McDonald’s, Delhaize Srbija, Vojvođanska banka, EKO Srbija, Heineken Srbija, ATOS, Radio S and Maruška. The purpose of this race is to make up mixed 6-member teams, comprised of the company’s employees, and the winner is the fastest team on 1.200m.

The “Color Press Group” team consisted of: Jovana Stojković, Daniela Stamenković, Marina Luković, Strahinja Antonić, Dušan Zoroe and Nenad Pagonis. For this event, they bought T-shirts of the DEBRA association, and thus donated the means for “butterfly children”.

DEBRA is an association aimed at those suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, taking care of all patients and their families in Serbia. Epdermolysis bullosa refers to delicate skin susceptible to injuries, just like the butterfly’s wings. Every day for the patients means new wounds, new bandages, raised eyebrows, pain, surgical procedures, in a nutshell, constant dependence, aid, care and having other people around. That is why those suffering from this illness are often dubbed “butterfly children”.

Humanitarian character was primary for this event, but also everyone played their part in promoting family values, healthy lifestyle, and physical exercises.

May, 28th 2014

A little to us is a lot to someone else: “Color Press Group” delivered humanitarian aid to Krupanj!

Although in majority of Serbian towns the sun started to shine, and floods are gone, one small municipality still cannot sleep. Yes, you’re right, the municipality in question is – Krupanj. Over 17.000 inhabitants of this municipality, located in the region of Mačva, have been through hell and back over the past few days. According to Municipal Assembly Chairman Aleksanar Zeljić and his deputy Predrag Marjanović, inhabitants of Krupanj, with over 500 flooded houses, and 40 houses that collapsed, today can only be grateful for having survived the outburst of flooding waves, while observing the water sweeping away everything that they have been building up for years. “It is devastating to see how a house is torn down by a river, which you can almost cross on foot during summer”, Zeljić said. Following this occasion, the “Color Press Group” team set out on a journey to Šabac – by devastated roads, coming across debris, wasteland and destroyed trees, thus giving its small contribution in necessary items: clothes, food, diapers, irons, chairs and other pieces of furniture that we had collected for this cause. Once popular viscose factory “Krupnjanka” has nowadays been turned into a point where humanitarian aid is delivered, and schoolchildren from a nearby school are volunteering in it. People are continuously coming to bring aid, and according to Raša Ristanović, chief of Emergency Committee for receiving humanitarian aid, the people living in Krupanj are deeply touched by solidarity of people from all over Serbia and the region, and all those who responded and helped in these troubled times, simultaneously coordinating how to unload one truck, and then the van by “Color Press Group”. It was a matter of luck that there was only one victim in Krupanj, but the Municipality Chairman points out that he is afraid of psychological consequences this agony might leave on the citizens, emphasizing that the traumatized children had started to cry a few days before, when a light rain started to fall. On the positive side, at the dawn of the raspberry season, the citizens now truly hope that this season will be as successful for them as the previous one!

May, 11th 2014

“Flowers Square” – Creative workshops at TC Big in Novi Sad

“Flowers Sqaure” is an event taking place in the “Big” Shopping Mall this weekend, including various creative and interesting workshops.

Imaginative participants are to “dress the flower pot” in a decoupage technique, arrange flowers or decorate desserts.

May, 10th 2014

On May 10th and 11th, “Big” Shopping Mall will organize “Flowers Square”, an event involving workshops in flower arrangement and decoupage.

Both workshops will be organized on the first floor of the shopping mall, and they will be held in three 2-hour terms, from 12h until 18h, more precisely, they will begin at 12h, 14h and 16h.

For a decoupage technique workshop, entitled “dress the flower pot”, all participants who submitted their application, must bring their own flower pots, which they will have to “dress” on this occasion, and then take them back to their homes. On the other side, for a workshop in arranging the flowers, the entire material has been provided.

Furthermore, alongside cookies and socializing, all participants will find out how to decorate the candies and other desserts, which they will taste.

The workshops are organized in groups of eight people, and the best decorators can expect the awards as well. 

Take a look how creative were today’s participants of this blossoming event!

Decoupage workshops were presented by “Pertini hobby centre”, which granted free educational course, taught by experts of this trade, to the most industrious decorator.

“Bašta doo” presented the workshops in arranging the flowers, whereas “Gradsko zelenilo” and “Home centar” created wonderful installations for the garden and terrace, advising all interested visitors how and which flowers to grow in their homes.

Hard-working housewives prepared desserts suitable for everyone’s taste, whilst the decorators of the “'Pošalji recept” magazine helped the toddlers to decorate their honey-filled cakes.

“Big” Shopping Mall today granted 1.000 roses to its visitors.

The schedule for tomorrow remains the same. We are starting at 11h, and all those interested in taking part in the aforementioned workshops can submit their applications to the following E-mail address:


April, 23rd 2014

Easter magic at Niš’s Forum Shopping Centre

In collaboration with “Color Press Group”, Niš’s Forum Shopping Centre organized a final day of the Easter Holy Week. This week was devoted to the most joyful Christian holiday, including numerous discounts, workshops, humanitarian activities and competitions. Today, the last day of Easter activation, a competition in making delicious lenten meals was held. Our industrious and exceptionally creative housewives presented their delicious specialties. The jury was comprised of: Dragan Žika Stojanović – TV host; Nebojša Ozimić – writer and historian; Aleksandar Stankov – journalist at “Južne vesti”; Dragana Rodić – writer and humanitarian activist; Radmila Đurić – parachutist, the first woman who jumped from the height of 9.200 metres without oxygen equipment. According to the jury members, rating the meals was not easy, because all of them were extraordinary well-prepared and above all, delicious. After a little bit longer consideration, the three winners were proclaimed: The first prize and 7-day accommodation at Kopaonik, which was provided by the “Pošalji recept” magazine, as well as a session at the “Žena” hair salon within TC Kalča, was granted to Vera Radovanović. Irena Vitković won the second place and 7-day accommodation at Kopaonik, whereas the voucher with 5.000 dinars for shopping in stores Fashion&Friends, Bata or Levi's, was granted to Jadranka Todorović. Following a short break, the jury had another assignment. This being the holiday celebrated joyfully by the youngsters, the second part of the day was devoted to them. Toddlers from the “Eci Peci Pec” kindergarten decorated Easter eggs made from cardboard. According to our jury, the three best were those by: Elena Nećak, Helena Nikolić and Anita Georgijev. Each little artist was awarded with: two tickets for a movie at “Kupina” cinema, and Easter colouring-book by “Mladinska knjiga”. Also within Easter week, a humanitarian activity was organized by National Association of parents whose children suffer from cancer (NURDOR), from 12th until 18th of April 2014. This event enabled everyone who is interested to inform themselves on the association’s work and problems that parents whose children suffer from cancer may encounter. The day went by in a very cheerful and competitive spirit…


April, 15th 2014

Perwoll Fashion Week Awards: The L & Z awards granted to Nataša Maljević and Matrix team!

The 35th Perwoll Fashion Week came to an end, and last night a solemn ceremony was held at the Diva Lounge Bar in the Grand Casino, in order to grant awards to the best participants of this leading regional fashion project.

Fashion studio “Click”, organizer of the Fashion Week, granted a special prize of the Belgrade Fashion Week to Bata Spasojević, to mark his jubilee – 15 years of work and presentation at the BFW.

On behalf of the “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine, Milica Đokić granted the award for best make-up & hair innovation to a make-up artist Nataša Maljević and Matrix team for hair styling.

“Good make-up and hair at fashion shows follow the concept of a collection, or even additionally emphasize it, and that is why creation and design of make-up & hair identity of the show is a special art form. Teams comprised of make-up artists and hairdressers, who make a look in the backstage, have to be very professional, skilful and coordinated, because it takes speed in order for all the models to appear at the runway on time – not only with impeccable outfit, but also with make-up and hairstyle to match. These professionals for their make-up and hair magic have only approximately twenty minute for each model, or even less. Being a magazine devoted to women, we know very well how important the make-up and hair are – at fashion shows, of course, but also in everyday life, because they represent powerful weapon which can raise our confidence and cheer us up. Exactly because of this, we admire those creative people, because with the look they show at runways they inspire us to be more courageous in everyday situations, be creative and step out from usual patterns and schemes. Due to all this, the magazine “Lepota i zdravlje”, is proud to present the award for the best make-up & hair innovation at this year’s thirty fifth, Perwoll Fashion Week. For the best make-up innovation, we have chosen the avant-garde look at the Manish Arora fashion show, provided by a make-up artist Nataša Maljević. The hair award for the most creative hairstyle this time goes to Matrix team for an impressive hair styling at the Ugg Australia fashion show. Key word – we were knocked off our feet by volume!”, said Jasmina Ubiparip, executive editor of the “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine.

Jury of the “Bazar” magazine made a decision to grant the award “Marija Kranjc” for the best collection to the KLASA Association, whereas the style person award went to the actress Jelena Gavrilović. The KLASA brand also received the award for the most distinctive fashion show, granted by the ELLE magazine, as well as the award for the best fashion show, granted by the “Grazia” magazine. Marina Krtinić was proclaimed the best model at the Perwoll Fashion Show.

The award for the best male model, granted by the magazine “Esquire” went to the hands of Petar Pavlović, while the title for the best dressed person at this year’s fashion event, according to the “Stilbook” magazine, went to Marija Minić.

The company “Textil” granted this year’s “Textil Young Designer Award” to Ivan Džolić, who was proclaimed best young designer.


April, 14th 2014

An Early Spring Awakening – Recreational cycling tour organized by the “Lepota i zdravlje” and “Coca-Cola”

“An Early Spring Awakening”, recreational cycling tour organized by the magazine “Lepota i zdravlje”, was held on April, 13th in Novi Sad.

The event, which began at 12h, gathered recreational cyclists, as well as younger ones, children and parents, with modern and less modern bicycles, including refreshing “Koca tamanica” drinks by “Coca-Cola”. They started along the quay and continued through Radnička Street, Tsar Lazar Boulevard, Ivo Andrić Street, 1300 Corporals, going back to quay again, thus enjoying almost the full hour, as the route lasted.

With unselfish support by Novi Sad Cycling Initiative, whose members in fluorescent vests were followed by recreational cyclists, and Ministry of Interior Affairs of Novi Sad employees, organization of the event was at a very high level. Those who felt the joy of riding a bicycle within a group and socializing while breathing fresh air, could not wipe off the smiles from their faces.

The youngest participant, Vanja Vujović, who is just ten years old, was awarded with a 7-day stay at Zlatibor, with two more people, whereas the oldest, the sixty-five-year-old Milan Mišić, was granted the same prize as well.

The awards were presented by Dubravka Boškov Duda, who holds a national taekwondo pension, and was also taking part in this cycling event.

Together with cyclists, supporting the entire activity, there were: fashion blogger Jovana Petković, “Vojvodina“ handball players, and singer Ksenija Mijatović. The handball player Steva Popov presented the “Capriolo“ bicycle as an award to lucky winner Marko Trifković, whose name had been drawn from a set of cards filled in by all participants of the race when registering.

The “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine invites all its readers to respond to further activities, whose number will increase. With them, they will attempt to keep away the people from the TV screens, and attract as many of them to sports and healthy lifestyle!


April, 9th 2014

After Dance Party by the “Lepota i zdravlje” and Belgrade Dance Festival

Last night, the magazine “Lepota i zdravlje” and Belgrade Dance Festival organized the After Dance Party at Belgrade Drama Theatre. Invitees, including some celebrities, first saw the play by the Italian troop “Zappalà Danza”, which stands for unique exploration of Sicilian customs and tradition, revealing the typical “marranzano” (the Jew’s harp) instrument, frequently associated with “mafia”.

After the show, the guests, including Mirjana Karanović, Vesna Čipčić, Jovan Ćirilov, Vlada Aleksić, Zorana and Miša Obradović, Jelena Ivanović and Bane Tomašević, Branka Pujić, Duška Jovanić and others, enjoyed wine by the Temet winery.

Vip mobile, general supervisor of Belgrade Dance Festival, introduced a recognizable model of big companies investing in Serbian culture, whereas a mutually created slogan “Communication in moving” depicts the best the strength of seven years of collaboration. Throughout various projects, featuring the most significant prize “Vip calls”, project for the youngest “Vip talents” and support to the National Dance Foundation, Vip contributes the development of dancing in Serbia.


February, 26th 2014

The conference “Baby Friendly 2014” was held

Yesterday at the hotel “Metropol Palace”, the conference “Baby Friendly 2014” was held, organized by the “Moja beba” magazine. Issues concerning starting a family, pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood were discussed by eminent experts, celebrities, moms-to-be and mothers.

Dr Zorica Crnogorac, Vesna Marinković Mićić, Maja Nikolić, television hostess, Dr Sc. Med. Mima Fazlagić, Vesna Zakonović Arežina, radio announcer and writer, Jovana Ružičić, founder and director of the “Centre for moms“, Professor Dr Aleksandra Novakov Mikić, Danijela Pantić, television hostess, Professor Dr Aleksandar Ljubić, Mari Mari, singer, and Danijela Buzurović, television hostess, and also many others, shared their experience and knowledge with the audience.

Many issues and topics involving social responsibility were opened yesterday. Birth rate, infertility treatments, stem cells, child adoption, average age of women who are pregnant for the first time, in vitro fertilization, support provided by the state to new moms, and mothers’ rights, just to name a few, were among them.

Dr Sc. Med. Mima Fazlagić confirmed that the price of extraction and maintenance of stem cells in Serbia amounted to EUR 1890, and that public stem cells banks, which exist in all countries in the world, would be soon opened in our country as well.

The facts regarding the labour itself in Serbia were presented by Dr Vesna Mandić Marković : “Epidural anaesthesia in our country is something that you have to pay for, and a woman needs to sign the consent to include epidural anaesthesia in her labour, whereas on the West, it is free.” “Stress and anxiety are very common cause of infertility. The first attempt at in vitro fertilization in Serbia costs approximately EUR 2.000, while the price in other European countries goes up to EUR 10.000”, said Dr Zorica Crnogorac on the subject of infertility.


February, 17th 2014

Successful “Svet Shopping Weekend” at TC Stadion!

Last weekend, on February, 14th and 15th, “Svet Shopping Weekend” was held at the Shopping Mall Stadion at Voždovac. Within this project, winners of our “Joy & Rosal” prize game to choose the most romantic couple were proclaimed, and in addition, the programme’s host Vlada Stanojević made a draw to select one reader of the “Svet” magazine who had submitted a coupon from the last page to a glass bowl, thus winning a seven-day accommodation at Kopaonik for two people.

Another surprise for all visitors was a makeover for readers, including a hairstyle by the hair salon “Dramatics”, and make-up by Jovana Pejanović, from the make-up school led by Aleksandra Orlandić Sretković, whereas the fashion editor Vanja Pantin was in charge of selecting the clothes at the “Sportini” store.

Late in the afternoon of Day 1, Friday, numerous visitors had an opportunity to enjoy a fantastic performance by “Tropico Band”, whose members once again proved their status among the best Serbian performers. Afterwards, to the stage came finalists of “The X Factor”, Daniel Kajmakoski and the band “Doktori”.

The greatest attention of paired visitors during Day 1 of the Shopping Weekend, Valentine’s Day, was drawn to stands with cookies and wine for those in love, but also those coming with friends had such great fun. Furthermore, special attention was devoted to the toddlers, who enjoyed incredible animations, balloons, and stands for drawing and make-up.

Numerous shoppers were given special shopping advice by celebrities, among them fashion designer Suzana Perić, attractive television hostess Kristina Radenković, and the experienced Boško Jakoviljević.

Day 2, Saturday, started with the children’s programme, and on that occasion the youngsters, together with their parents, enjoyed attractive acrobatics by performers on stilts and clowns.

Afterwards, shopping with celebrities followed, and Melina Džinović, Kristina Bekvalac, accompanied by her daughter Petra, Marija Lazić and Tamara Paunović were the advisors.

At the very end of Day 2, numerous visitors were entertained by a performance given by the amazing Ana Kokić, who was welcomed and greeted by a big round of applause. After the concert had ended, Ivana Kuzmanović and Vesna Zakonović Arežina signed their novels at the “Vulkan” bookstore.


February, 10th 2014

Sarajevo Pro-femina 2014: Women’s health in focus

The conference Pro-Femina 2014, organized by the magazine “Ljepota i zdravlje” (“Beauty and Health”) was held on February, 6th at Sarajevo’s hotel “Bristol”. The conference’s topic was women’s health, and even more so prevention of illnesses, but also present were the issues faced today by patients and doctors in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the question what to do in order to enable advancement of the health system in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The program was opened by the first panel “To prevent and to cure”, during which all participants agreed that a key problem is negligence of one’s own health and a way of life involving mainly a sitting position. According to them, the only way to prevent numerous illnesses would be to educate the population. Prim Dr Nina Jurić, clinical cytology specialist, emphasized that there are no statistic data regarding illness and number of citizens who already suffer from some illness, which makes it harder for doctors to do their job. In continuation, the Case Study “Food for female body” followed. Within this Case Study, experts Edita Katadžić and Alen Konaković from the company “Biofamilija” presented interesting ingredients, which can be used in prevention of various illnesses, and for body detoxification as well.

As part of their presentation, they called for recognition of macrobiotic food as an alternative healing method in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as has already been established in other countries. Participants of the next panel “And what if we get sick” unanimously concluded that the greatest problem in Bosnia-Herzegovina today is that so many health systems exist within each canton, and also in the Republic of Srpska, but without accordance among them.

This issue causes huge problems for patients and doctors alike. Furthermore, patients are worried about high prices of medicines and waiting lists, but this problem cannot be solved easily unless serious steps are taken and unless a thorough reform of the health system in Bosnia-Herzegovina is conducted. In addition, Novka Agić, director of the Bureau for insurance and re-insurance of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, pointed out that in Bosnia-Herzegovina there are a lot of citizens living without any health insurance, and that this problem should be resolved as quickly as possible.


January, 8th 2014

Hristos se rodi!
Christmas lunch for the homeless

Now traditionally, “Color Press Group” and the restaurant “Lazin salaš” brought Christmas lunch to protégées of the Daily Care Center for the homeless in Novi Sad

“This is the second year that we pay a visit to the Center for the homeless, together with our friends from “Lazin salaš” on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas and Easter, which corresponds with visiting the Shelter for the homeless in Futog, when we decorate a Christmas tree before Catholic Christmas and bring cakes. Those people are inhabitants of the same area, and we believe that this is the least we can do for them, at least several times throughout the year!”, says Tatjana Dobanovački, coordinator of humanitarian activities within “Color Press Group”.

All citizens, restaurants and companies, which would like to be involved in humanitarian activities by “Color Press Group” (Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, Home for children and youth in Veternik, Elderly Care Center “Liman”, Shelter for the homeless in Futog, Center for asylum seekers in Bogovađa...) could contact us via the following E-mail address: