Final event of the project “Three corners of culture”: Charity multimedia exhibition

On June, 29th the project “Three corners of culture” was completed by organizing a charity multimedia exhibition entitled Belgrade – Vienna – Budapest at New Belgrade’s “Dom kulture Studentski grad”. This project was organized by the association “HBO Color Media Events”, “Color Press Group” and “Color Media Communications”.

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One of the project’s partners was the LG company. A multimedia exhibition was presented on LG televisions sets, and segments from the world of cinema, fashion, music and other areas of culture of Hungary, Austria and Serbia were shown. One of the principal moments was the auction of works made by children who attend New Belgrade’s School for comics and caricature.

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“The LG company for years already have been supporting charity events, and this is why we immediately made a decision to support this project. Owing to it, together with the Humanitarian Foundation New Belgrade we will be able to help the children in need, and to bring numerous smiles to their faces. We are glad to know that citizens had the opportunity to enjoy cultural characteristics of Serbia, Austria and Hungary, whose destinies have been intertwined through history. This is why the LG company provided to all the guests an enjoyable travel by time-machine, having in mind that our OLED television sets showed film, music and other visual contents in perfect authenticity, trustworthy and clearly”, representatives of the LG company said.

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All the means collected during the project “Three corners of culture” will be transferred to the account of the Humanitarian Foundation New Belgrade, and “Color Press Group” will continue its charity activities through other projects.

Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Mr Johannes Irshik and PR of the Humanitarian Foundation New Belgrade Milica Vojtek expressed their positive impressions and contentment that they were part of an event like this one.

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General objective of the project is to contribute to better quality of life of New Belgrade’s citizens through establishing and advancing partnership among distinguished citizens, embassies, self-rule units, institutions of culture, organizations and individuals, distinguished workers from the field of culture and from the Humanitarian Foundation New Belgrade.

The project was supported by the “Coca – Cola” company, which provided refreshments for the participants.

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