Marie Claire Magazine Returns in Serbian as a Multimedia Edition!

Groupe Marie Claire and Color Media International are pleased to announce the launch of Marie Claire Magazine in Serbian. This multimedia edition can be accessed through the website, which also features links to social media profiles, and the first print issue was released on March 25th and can be found at all newsstands.

Marie Claire Serbia, as a magazine dedicated to women, represents an important part of the media landscape in Serbia, thanks to its compelling storytelling and unique combination of inspirational fashion and beauty stories on one hand, and top-notch journalism advocating and supporting women’s empowerment on the other. The magazine is packaged in a visually appealing, elegant, and minimalist design with a contemporary approach to photography. The website is a reliable media destination aimed at educating, inspiring, and entertaining readers.

The goal of Marie Claire Serbia is to become the leading digital platform and prestigious print magazine for modern, sophisticated women, intellectuals, those who passionately follow and respond to events and changes in society, as well as those who love fashion and beauty equally.

Aleksandar Radošević, Publisher at Color Media International, says: “Marie Claire Serbia will follow the editorial concept of the original French edition, which supports women’s activism and advocacy for women’s rights. This commitment is not only dictated by the significant heritage of Marie Claire, but also by the fact that we sincerely believe in these values and want to contribute to the achievement of women’s rights and freedoms. In addition to socially responsible topics, the Serbian edition of Marie Claire will also cover other segments, such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more. This approach is unique and sets Marie Claire apart from other magazines in our market. The combination of content focused on women’s issues and other original articles prepared by a team of experienced professionals makes Marie Claire Serbia an attractive partner for advertisers who seek socially responsible partners that understand both readers and the needs of advertising. Our goal is to provide our readers with the best information, stimulate activism, and recommend products and services that align with their values. We believe that Marie Claire Serbia is the right place for advertisers, and we view our clients as business partners with whom we share a common goal – to achieve mutual success.”

Jasmina Ubiparip, Editor-in-Chief of the print edition of Marie Claire for Serbia, considers it highly significant that the magazine will focus on social issues that affect women, both in our country and globally: “In a very concrete way, through high-quality articles, we will address topics that concern women in contemporary society, across a wide spectrum, from safety and domestic violence to taboos related to women’s health, and to ecology and sustainability. I hope that this will bring a positive change in the lives of women in our country. And we will not neglect topics related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle – Marie Claire is known as a brand that knows how to create the perfect mix of substance and style.”