News Archive 2010

December 30, 2010 

The first issue of “The Perfect Wedding” magazine was published! 

The first issue of the licenced magazine, “The Perfect Wedding”, appeared on newsstands. This magazine enables future spouses to find any information they need related to an organization of a wedding on almost 200 pages, in order to make their wedding truly – perfect. 

Beside the best ideas and propositions for wedding dresses, suits, shoes, accessories, decoration tips, “The Perfect Wedding” also offers hot destinations for honeymoons as well as fashion advice for maids of honour. The first issue contains a special addition in which you may find out where and how you can get married abroad. Also, all readers will get a planner which will remind them of all the necessary details which would make their wedding truly perfect. We did not mention love, it goes without saying. 

Apart from all that, we present you real-life weddings – stories of newlyweds and their wedding ideas, along with tips of how to copy them. 

“The Perfect Wedding” is a quarterly magazine and it will be sold at the price of RSD 79.

December 16th 2010 

CPG portals among the most visited sites in Serbian! 

Among 120 most visited sites in the Serbian language only 5 are magazine portals, out of which three are produced by Color Press Group. These are (24), (73) and (102).   

Out of magazine portals among the first 120 there are also only (74) and (120). Daily newspapers portals are more present among the first 120 – (2), (6), (7), (14), (21), (22), (63) and (72).   

Television sites are significantly less present in this group: (3), (10), (76), (85). Interestingly enough, Web Site by one of the two most followed TV stations in Serbia – TV Pink – holds 201.position, whereas portals by another two TV stations with national frequency are on even lower positions: on and (with redirecting the site to which is not even among the first 1.000 Web sites in Serbian.  

Data regarding positions of Web portals are taken from the Web Site  


November 24th 2010 

Color Press Group assumes the Croatian edition of «Grazia» fashion magazine! 

The Italian publishing house Mondadori and Color Press Group signed the contract on taking over the Croatian edition of «Grazia» magazine. This licensed fashion magazine so far has been published by the company Europapress Holding. 

Re-launch of the magazine is planned for December 10th, when appears the first issue produced by «Mediatopa», the Croatian company belonging to Color Press Group. A redesigned magazine will be published monthly; it will appear at newsstands with refreshed concept and at the promotional price of 9.90 kunas. 


November 15th 2010 

The first issue of “Beauty Forum” at newsstands   

The first issue of a magazine devoted to professional care “Beauty Forum” is out now, published by “Color Press Group”. On 114 pages topics from cosmetic treatments of face and body are covered, as well as those concerning plastic surgery, pedicure, manicure, spa, wellness, make-up, and also conveyed is news from the world of professional products and apparatus used in our salons. “Beauty Forum”, a magazine intended for cosmetics field, was launched twenty years ago in Germany. Today it is published also in Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Spain and Holland. 

“In the first issue we conveyed experiences by the best-known German experts from the fields of cosmetology, dermatology, wellness, pedicure and nail designing. We hope to have good cooperation also with our professionals, and therefore we are inviting them to send us their suggestions, comments and proposals concerning our content”, says Bojana Janjušević, Editor-in-Chief of the Serbian edition of “Beauty Forum”. 

This professional magazine will be published every two months, and thus the next issue will be found at newsstands on January 15th.  


November 8th 2010 

“Moja beba” magazine from now on also in BiH! 

After Serbia and Macedonia, “Moja beba” magazine will be available to readers in Bosnia-Herzegovina as of this month. The magazine is published by “Color Media BH”, which is a member of “Color Press Group”.

The Editor-in-Chief is Jelena Joksimović, a long-time editor of the BiH edition of “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine. 

“Moja beba” is sold at the price of 1.50KM (0.75 euros), whereas the initial circulation is 15.000 copies.   

October 28th 2010 

The first issue of the Serbian edition of “Amica” magazine out now  

Out for sale now is the first issue of “Amica” magazine for Serbia, published according to the license provided by the famous fashion magazine which in Italy has been published for the past six decades. “Amica” takes its readers to the world of fashion, and introduces them to the latest collections of well-known international fashion designers. In the magazine, presented are top-notch Italian and domestic fashion editorials; a modern woman will here find plenty of ideas, primarily concerning development of her own style, and how to care about spirit and body. Furthermore, “Amica” publishes texts regarding the variety of topics of interest to modern members of the fair sex. Alongside the slogan “Fashion as lifestyle”, this prestigious magazine intends to become also in Serbia, what in Italy it already is – a synonym of success and prestige.  

“From the beginning, we were aware of the responsibility lying ahead of us. A big fashion magazine was there, and we took pleasure in working at it. In Italy, the country described as “cradle of fashion”, “Amica” is the best sold and the most read women’s magazine, making great recommendation for companies which would like to promote their products in the magazine. Anyhow, we are ready to cooperate, and it is unnecessary to emphasize that the Serbian edition, alongside following the quality of an original version, has adapted its content for the domestic audience. Judging from the first reactions, it looks like we succeeded in making the right combination”, says Ivana Stanišić, Editor-in-Chief of the “Amica” magazine for Serbia. 

“Amica” will be at newsstands every 25. of the month, and the price of the magazine is 99 dinars!  

October 4th 2010 

Record rating of “Hello!” magazine – 237.480! 

According to Print Adex by Strategic Marketing from the last week of evaluation (September 20th – September 26th), according to reading audience, the order of Serbian celebrity weeklies is as follows:

1. Scandal – 506.263 
2. Svet – 475.343 
3. Gloria – 269.074 
4. Hello! – 237.480 
5. Story – 176.267 
6. Puls – 164.303 

Similar order of these magazines is also present in terms of circulation sold, according to ABC Srbija, with the exception of “Gloria” magazine, which is not being checked for measurements, and therefore data regarding it are not transparent. Out of 6 most-read celebrity weeklies in Serbia, “Color Press Group” publishes three, namely on positions 1, 2 and 4.  


October 1st 2010 

”Moja kosa” in Croatia as well! 

“Moja kosa” magazine, published by “Color Press Group” according to “My Hair” licence by Origin Publishing, successfully publishes editions in Serbia and Slovenia, and now the Croatian version is being launched.


“Moja kosa” in Croatia is published six times a year, with circulation of 15.000 copies, and is sold at the price of 12 kunas (1.63 EUR). 


September 29th 2010

“Pošalji recept” – 128.638 sold copies!  

August issue of “Pošalji recept” (“Send a recipe”) magazine, which is published by “Color Press Group”, was sold in 128.638 copies (on the territory of Serbia – 115.516), thus breaking all of its own previous records. 

The magazine “Pošalji recept”, in whose making readers participate, by sending their contributions, was launched by “Color Press Group” in November last year, and in less than a year it has become the Serbian monthly with the widest circulation. 


September 16th 2010

CPG Representatives at WMM in Sao Paulo 

This year’s fair of magazine licences World Magazine Marketplace, organized by FIPP, was held in the Brazilian megalopolis Sao Paulo. Great number of publishers worldwide, especially those from the South America, exchanged experiences in the publishing world. Correspondingly to previous years, digitalization of magazines, applications for mobile phones and other online and mobile operations were in the focus of participants’ interest.

The only delegates from the ex-Yugoslav region were Miroslav Vajda and Robert Čoban, representatives of “Color Press Group”, who at this fair arranged several new projects in the field of magazines and mobile applications – among others, until the end of the year, there are plans to launch the magazine JOY in Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Robert Čoban and Frances Evans at the booth of “Marquard Media”, with which “Color Press Group” publishes magazines JOY and CKM   

August 31th 2010

“Color Press Group” launches Serbian edition of Italian fashion magazine “Amica” 

The company “Color Press Group” is about to launch to market Serbian edition of the famous Italian fashion magazine “Amica”. The magazine “Amica” is published by “Rizzoli” company (RCS Media Group), whose headquarters is in Milano, Italy. 

Director of “Color Press Group” Bojan Vulin and the editor-in-chief of Serbian version of “Amica” Ivana Stanišić have recently visited the central office of this company. On the occasion, they met the “Amica” editor-in-chief Daniela Bianchini, photo-editor of the magazine Gaia Tripoli, and the international manager of the company Maria Francesca Sereni. 

Except in Italy, “Amica” is successfully published in Singapore, Indonesia and Bulgaria, and as of November 2010 it will be on newsstands in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

August 27th 2010 entered the first 100! 

According to statistics published by Web site, only three months after being put up, did the Web portal enter the first 100 Web sites (currently on 95th position) in the Serbian language in the world. Owing to its modern design, and large number of exclusive photographs, news and video clips, which are present on this portal every day, in a short period of time it reached the position on which many Web sites in the Top 100 had to wait – for years. 

Thus the Web portal repeated success of its “older brother”, “Scandal!” magazine, which as of March last year, when it was assumed by the company “Color Press Group”, has registered nothing but constant rise in circulation figures (sold circulation on average – over 100.000 copies) and rating (over 500.000 readers on average). 

July 27th 2010

New magazines in Color Press Group portfolio 

Since the great success of „Send a recipe“ magazine, which achieved circulation of 120,000 copies after only six issues, Color Press Group starts two more electronic magazines – „Family Health“ and „Flowers In Your Home“. 

Both magazines are issued monthly and are based on a proven formula – popular price (RSD 20) + interactive concept (readers send their advice, photographs and contributions). 

„Family Health“ will deal with the topics concerning a healthy lifestyle of all family members, from babies to grandparents. Concept of the magazine is based on a combination of contribution from the readers (who will reveal to the others how they have solved their health issues) and doctor’s advice – from experts in various fields of medicine. 

„Flowers In Your Home“ is a magazine dedicated to people who own gardens, balconies with flowers or house plants. The content of the magazine is also a combination of contributions submitted by the readers (photographs of their gardens and plants and advice on cultivation) and texts written by our journalists and the most renowned experts in botany and horticulture. 

Launch of „Flowers In Your Home“ magazine is scheduled for August 5, and the first issue of „Family Health“ magazine will be out on August 25.

July 1th 2010

Readers of the Croatian Portal “” chose “Svet” for their
favourite magazine!

In a big poll organized, readers of the Croatian portal “” decided which magazine to take the title of their favourite. In a fierce competition, victory by landslide was won by “Svet” magazine, with 63.23% of votes. The second place with 12.03% went to “Kurir”, and the bronze was won by “Scandal” with 11%. The announcement by the portal states: “Beside being the most-sold magazine, weekly “Svet” now delights with its Internet sire. The latest and most exclusive information are carried by them, which contributes to results in our poll, where over 8.000 readers of our portal participated.”

June 18th 2010

Record rating of “Hello!” magazine – 197.782 readers!

According to data by Print Adexa Strategic Marketing referring to the previous week (07. 6. – 13. 6.), “Hello!” magazine was being read by record-breaking 197.782 readers. 

During the same week, “Puls” magazine had a rating of 193.411, whereas “Story” was ready by 191.729 readers. Record rating was also registered by other two celebrity weeklies from the portfolio belonging to the company “Color Press Group”: “Scandal” – 626.322 and “Svet” – 555.524. 

As a matter of fact, this was the first spring over the last five years where there was no drop in circulation of celebrity weeklies, which is largely due to publicity of a reality show “The Farm”, whose contestants appear in these magazines. 

June 14th 2010

Web Portal was launched 

On the day when the Football World Cup started, a new Serbian Web Portal intended for men was launched – This Portal relies on the brand belonging to the most-read Serbian men’s magazine for seven years already – CKM magazine, which is published by “Color Press Group”. 

“The Portal will cover all fields of interest to men on the whole planet, namely for the next thirty days – football, football and football. Joke aside, beside football, day after day we will write about news from car industry, hot girls, beer, weapon, policemen and criminals, and also many other topics will be included, which in my opinion, will be of interest to men from this area, and to some women, as well!”, says Igor Georgijev, Editor of the Portal

June 2th 2010

Launch of the Web Portal

On Tuesday, June 1st, at midday sharp, a new Internet Portal by “Color Press Group” – was launched. This Portal will follow the celebrity scene in Serbia and the region, as well as international film, music and sport stars. 

Editor of the Portal, Jelena Pantović, who had a role in launching the portals and, says: “We made this Portal to resemble dynamic American showbiz portals such as and we expect that this form of following the information from domestic and international scene on a daily basis will arouse interest in loyal readers of “Scandal”, as well as readers of other magazines!” 

May 17th 2010

Web Portal the First to Cover JK’s Concert in a Report! 

Result: 70.000 visits in the course of a single day, and 450.000 viewed pages! 

Average number of visits to the Svet portal on Sunday is 48.000, nevertheless yesterday, owing to a detailed report from Jelena Karleuša’s concert, the portal registered over 70.000 visits and over 450.000 viewed pages. News from the concert provoked hundreds of comments. 


April 13th 2010

New Magazines and Portals by “Color Press Group” Have Been Presented 

Today at Media Association on Senjak Hill the company “Color Press Group” presented several new magazines and Internet portals of its own. 

Primarily, there is the magazine “Intelligent Life” published by CPG in collaboration with London’s “Economist” weekly; then “Shopping” monthly, and Internet portals and The guests were greeted by Zoran Papić, executive director of Media Association, Milica Milić, director of corporate communications at CPG, and Ranko Rajević, founder of Mensa Serbia.  

The reception was attended by a large number of representatives of big companies, media and marketing agencies, including: Jelena Krstović (Delta Holding), Borislav Miljanović (McCann Erickson PR), Ivan Stanković (Communis), 
Veselin Simonović (Blic), Branislav Novčić (ABC Srbija), Aleksandar Đorđević (Noć reklamoždera), Biljana Stepanović (Business Info Group) and many others… 

The country “Intelligent Life” came to Serbia from was represented by Dušan Mihajilović, chief of media department of the Embassy of Great Britain.

April 13th 2010

First Issue of the Serbian Edition of “Intelligent Life” Magazine Out Now!

First issue of the Serbian edition of “Intelligent Life” magazine, published by “Color Press Group” in collaboration with London’s “Economist” weekly, has appeared on newsstands across Serbia and Montenegro.  

Magazine “The Economist: Intelligent Life” is published four times a year, in issues for spring (March), summer (June), autumn (September) and winter (December). 

“Intelligent Life” is a lifestyle magazine “for business people when they are not at work”, and deals with their points of interest, such as: cars, wines, travels, fashion, science, art… 

The magazine’s circulation is 34.000 copies; it is published on 128+4 pages, in 230x303mm format, with thermal binding. Price: 150 dinars in Serbia, and 1.80 euros in Montenegro.

March 26th 2010

Record Rating of Magazines “Svet”, “Scandal” and Web Portal

According to Print Adnex data by Strategic Marketing, regarding a week March 15th-21st, “Scandal!” magazine was read by 504.396, and “Svet” by 490.000 Serbian citizens, which stands as an absolute record for both magazines over the last three years. Issues in question are those dealing with break-up between Svetlana Ražnatović and Vladimir Cvetković. 

During the same week, showbiz portal registered a huge rise in number of visits, primarily due to tragic news surrounding the deaths of Ksenija Pajčin and Filip Kapisoda. According to mint web analytics, throughout that week the portal registered 2.432.088 visits, and as many as 193.396 individual visitors, thus climbing to 14th place on among all the Web sites in Serbian, which is, so far, the best rating of this portal. 

February 17th 2010

Magazines Published by “Color Press Group” Leaders in Six Categories! 

Last week Ipsos Strategic Marketing publicized overall data concerning readership popularity of daily newspapers and magazines in Serbia throughout 2009. The research method used is CATI: Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. Households owning a telephone defined the population. Sample – national representative sample within 12-65 age group on 1.850.000 telephone numbers, whereas participation of (fixed) telephones in the entire population is – approximately 84%. On a weekly basis, around 1.500 people were interviewed, 6.000 per month, and around 72.000 annually. According to these data, “Blic” is the most read daily newspaper in Serbia, its rating being 14.6%, “Novosti” is on the second place with 9.0%, followed by “Kurir” with 7.2% and “Press” read by 6.6%. In terms of magazines, Strategic Marketing divided them in categories. 

By a landslide, the greatest number on leader positions in these categories, as high as six, is hold by magazines belonging to “Color Press Group”: category “Women’s glossy magazines” – JOY with rating of 2.6%; category “Tabloids and music magazines” – “Svet” with rating of 7.1%; then “Men’s magazines” – CKM with 2.6%; “Healthy life magazines” – “Lepota i zdravlje” with 7.4%; “Children’s and teenage magazines” – “Bravo” with 5.8%, while in a category “Children and mothers” the leader is “Moja beba” magazine with 2.3%. Magazines published by “Ringier” are leaders in two categories: “Women’s magazines” – “Blic žena” with 15.6% and “Politics and economics” – “Nin” with 0.8%. “Adria Media Srbija” also holds leader positions in two magazine categories – in a category “House, furniture, garden” – “Moja lepa bašta” with 3.1%, and in “Travels, culture, science” division – “National Geographic” with 1.3%. Other magazine publishers have either one or not a single leader within categories. All magazines taken overall, among eight the most read ones (with rating over 4%), “Color Press Group” has as many as four – “Lepota i zdravlje” 7.4%, “Svet” 7.1%, “Bravo” 5.8%, “Scandal” 5.7%, while the others are “Ringier” (“Blic žena” 15.6%), “Europapress” (“Glorija” 4.4%), “Delicious plus” (“Hrana i vino” 6.2%) and “Sat Media Group” (“Sat plus” 4,4%).

February 9th 2010

First signs of the advertising market recovery

According to the Print Adexa Strategic Marketing`s data for January 2010, advertising market in Serbia is close to recovery. Compared to the data from the same month of the previous year, several eminent publishers in Serbia have increased their income from advertising. “Ringier” has increased its income from 65 million RSD (January 2009) to 72 million RSD (January 2010) while “Color Press Group” is the only publisher that increased its income in both the previous and this year as well. When compared to the previous year`s income of 38 million, “Color Press Group” has made a profit of 42 million in January 2010.  

The growth is also present in companies such as “Adria Media Srbija” and “Europaress” while the incomes of other companies – publishers like: “Novosti”, “Politika NM”, “Press PG”, “Kurir Info”, “Attica Media”, “Pravda Press”, “Dan” and “Media Max” are still decreasing like in the previous year. 

January 22th 2010

Portal the first one in category “Health“!

According to the rating analysis that is regularly done by (data for Serbia can be found on:, portal has occupied the first place on a list in category “Health” in less than a year of its existance. Website has been awarded the second place, while has been awarded the third one. Other places on the list have been occupied by:,,, and 

In this way, the portal has only confirmed the success of the hardcopy of magazine “Lepota i zdravlje” that has been one of the most popular magazines with highest the highest circulation in Serbia for 7 years now with special editions in all six republics of ex-Yugoslavia.

January 11th 2010

“Svet” among 25 Most Sought After Notions on the Serbian Internet!

In an issue dated January 6th, daily newspaper “Danas” published a list of 25 most sought after notions on the Serbian Internet throughout the previous year. As you can guess, the top three are: Facebook, Google and Sex, and the same situation is probably present in majority of countries around the world.

In terms of names of media, in 2009, the greatest number of visitors typed as search words the notions: “Blic” (4.), “Press” (14.) and “Svet” (22.).