News Archive 2019

October, 18th 2019

IPSOS: Out of 40 best-selling magazines – 26 are published by CPG!

A survey conducted by “IPSOS Strategic Marketing” referring to August this year featured a sample including 4.520 citizens and showed that out of forty best-selling magazines in Serbia as many as twenty-six are published by “Color Press Group”. The first position is occupied by “Blic žena” (“Ringier Axel Springer”).

It is followed by four magazines published by “Color Press Group” – “Lepota i zdravlje”,
“Lekovito bilje”, “Ruski doktor” and “Bakina kujna”. As in the previous surveys – Serbian magazines with the highest circulation figures are those dealing with health issues, food and celebrities.


August, 19th 2019

“Media Daily”: “Color Media” registers income rise and regional spreading!

Income of forty biggest media in Serbia in the last year increased by 7 %, amounting to EUR 387m, the “Media Daily” regional portal reports. “Radio Televizija Srbije” (RTS) public broadcaster is still the leader on the list, with nearly EUR 5m higher income, which makes it a record holder among public broadcasters in the South East Europe.

This is the third year in a row that RTS’s income rises, but at the same time RTS’s earnings are sinking. In 2017 its earnings were slightly higher than EUR 12m, whereas in 2018 its earnings amounted to the “slim” 1.3 million Euros. The broadcaster reduced the number of workers by 69 and now employs 2.927 workers. The second on the list, “Pink International”, registered a tremendous rise in income by EUR 14m. “Pink” obviously had an amazing business year, taking into account that its earnings increased too, and now amount to “respectable” EUR 10.2m in comparison with EUR 7.3m in 2017. Furthermore, “Pink” now has more employees, namely 730, which is more than in any other television broadcaster house in the Balkans. Another two television broadcasters are included on the list of the biggest media houses, “Prva” TV with serious rise in income of EUR 6.6m is the third on the list, whereas HD WIN, the daughter company of “Telekom Srbija”, which manages the channels “Arena Sport”, “Superstar” and others, is on the fourth position.

Interestingly enough, HD WIN has nearly 10x higher income than UMP (“Sport klub”), its direct competitor on the field of TV sports rights. The first publishing house on the list is “Ringier Axel Springer”, publisher of the “Blic daily”, which is placed the fifth. “Ringier” is far above other publishers, and although registers a drop in income for the third consecutive year, it registered earnings amounting to almost one million Euros. The most severe fall on the list is registered by TV “Happy”, with almost 50 % drop in income, which fell from the eleventh to the sixteenth place, and newspaper publisher “Politika” newspapers and magazines, whose income was halved. Accordingly, it dropped from the seventh to the tenth place.

Serious drop in income is registered by “Adria Media” magazines, 100 % owned by “Adria Media Group”. The year of 2018 was not bright for TV N1 either. In addition to income stagnation, this television broadcaster is faced with losses which over the previous three years amounted to EUR 1.5m in total. On the other hand, during 2018, “Color Media International”, led by Robert Čoban, publisher of a number of magazines and weeklies, such as “Gloria”, “Story”, “Lepota i zdravlje”, and many others, registered a rise in income. “Color Media” is present on all markets in the South East Europe and is strongly expanding. Among the Internet portals, “Internet group” registered a nice rise in income. It manages “Telegraf”, which rose from the 25. to the 22. position. “Telegraf” is right behind “Kurir” and “Blic” when it comes to visiting Internet portals, and is positioned third.

Source: “Media Daily”


April, 30th 2019

The Italian gastronomy magazine “La Cucina Italiana” finally in Serbia!

In Milan’s Montenapoleone Street many important trivialities were made, bearing the famous “made in Italy” mark. One of them is the prestigious “La Cucina Italiana” magazine, dubbed the gastronomy “Bible” because it paved the way for all popular magazines about the exciting world of food and its preparation.

“La Cucina Italiana” was founded way back in 1929 and from then on it has been closely following each culinary era.

Ninety years since its launch from Via Montenapoleone to the world, “La Cucina Italiana” will make its way into Serbian kitchens as well. The prestigious magazine between its covers gathers everything needed for the ultimate enjoyment – authentic recipes, the art of selecting and combining the ingredients, Italy with all its aromas, fragrances and tastes, photographs which will take your breath away and stimulate your appetite, and everything else in connection with the gastronomic planet.

We are convinced that you will wish to try out everything that we have prepared for you and that you will keep this small culinary encyclopedia in your home library!


January, 22nd 2019

New CPG magazines: “Ratovi” and “Škola za šivenje na mašini”!

The new magazine entitled “Ratovi” (“Wars”) is intended for all fans of military history, and its focus will be on the history of warfare and army, with a special review of the period starting from the mid nineteenth century, and lasting until the end of the twentieth century. Serbian experts and historians were brought together to work on the magazine, but also many licensed associates were joined.

In addition to its focus being well-known disputes, “Ratovi” magazine also deals with less known battles and wars, events taking place behind the front lines, military and political figures, articles about military equipment, weapon and warfare tactics. “Color Press Group” publishes the magazine according to a license granted by the company “Extra Publishing” from the Czech Republic. The magazine is a bi-monthly (six issues annually), and is sold at the price of RSD 120 (1.20 EUR, 2.5 KM, 50 DEN).

“Škola za šivenje na mašini” (“School for machine sewing”) is a unique magazine in this region, intended for all creative persons, and primarily for beginners who wish to conquer this skill, and do not possess time to attend a course. Step by step, with illustrations, and owing to our pieces of advice – in a quick and simple way, they will get a finished product. “Color Press Group” publishes this magazine according to a license granted by the Italian company “CIGRA2003 S.R.I.”. The magazine is published quarterly (four issues annually), and is sold at the price of RSD 150 (1.5 EUR, 3 KM, 50 DEN, 15 KN).


January, 9th 2019

“Color Press Group” organizes Christmas lunch at the Daily Centre for the Homeless

Traditionally, during the Christmas holiday season, the company “Color Press Group” and the “Lazin salaš” restaurant organized lunch at the Daily Centre for the Homeless in Novi Sad. The shelter’s protégés, in addition to a hot meal, received clothes garnered during the festival “Novosadski Winter Fest”.

If you wish to help, you can take aid, such as food and clothes, during workdays from 7AM until 7PM, and during weekends and holidays from 7AM until 6PM, to the Shelter Stop and the Daily Centre for the Homeless, located at 28c Bulevar kralja Petra Prvog. From the Shelter Stop and the Daily Centre for the Homeless, they made an appeal inviting citizens to bring underwear, scarves, caps, jackets, gloves…