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January, 22nd 2019

New CPG magazines: “Ratovi” and “Škola za šivenje na mašini”!

The new magazine entitled "Ratovi” (“Wars”) is intended for all fans of military history, and its focus will be on the history of warfare and army, with a special review of the period starting from the mid nineteenth century, and lasting until the end of the twentieth century. Serbian experts and historians were brought together to work on the magazine, but also many licensed associates were joined.

In addition to its focus being well-known disputes, “Ratovi” magazine also deals with less known battles and wars, events taking place behind the front lines, military and political figures, articles about military equipment, weapon and warfare tactics. “Color Press Group” publishes the magazine according to a license granted by the company “Extra Publishing” from the Czech Republic. The magazine is a bi-monthly (six issues annually), and is sold at the price of RSD 120 (1.20 EUR, 2.5 KM, 50 DEN).

“Škola za šivenje na mašini” (“School for machine sewing”) is a unique magazine in this region, intended for all creative persons, and primarily for beginners who wish to conquer this skill, and do not possess time to attend a course. Step by step, with illustrations, and owing to our pieces of advice – in a quick and simple way, they will get a finished product. “Color Press Group” publishes this magazine according to a license granted by the Italian company “CIGRA2003 S.R.I.”. The magazine is published quarterly (four issues annually), and is sold at the price of RSD 150 (1.5 EUR, 3 KM, 50 DEN, 15 KN).


January, 9th 2019

“Color Press Group” organizes Christmas lunch at the Daily Centre for the Homeless

Traditionally, during the Christmas holiday season, the company “Color Press Group” and the “Lazin salaš” restaurant organized lunch at the Daily Centre for the Homeless in Novi Sad. The shelter’s protégés, in addition to a hot meal, received clothes garnered during the festival “Novosadski Winter Fest”.

If you wish to help, you can take aid, such as food and clothes, during workdays from 7AM until 7PM, and during weekends and holidays from 7AM until 6PM, to the Shelter Stop and the Daily Centre for the Homeless, located at 28c Bulevar kralja Petra Prvog. From the Shelter Stop and the Daily Centre for the Homeless, they made an appeal inviting citizens to bring underwear, scarves, caps, jackets, gloves…


January, 5th 2019

Solemn opening of “Christmas village at the Temple”

For the second time, the event entitled “Božićno seoce kod Hrama” (“Christmas village at the Temple”) was solemnly opened on Friday, January 4th at the plateau in front of the Saint Sava’s Church.

His Holiness, the Serbian Patriarch Irinej at the opening said that he believed that the event “Christmas village at the Temple” would bring some joy to many citizens of Belgrade, especially to children.

“I greet you in peace and with Lord’s mercy, wishing you to spend the holiday ahead of us as Orthodox Christians, to pray to the newborn savior together to give us love, peace and unity, to the City of Belgrade, our people, and all people in the world, particularly those people who have good will”, said the Patriarch, who had previously in the Temple’s Crypt granted Christmas presents to children, organized by “Versko Dobrotvorno Starateljstvo”.

Solemn opening started with performances of the Representative Orchestra of the Serbian Army’s Guard Unit and the Police of the Republic of Serbia.

Sanja Ilić and “Balkanika” performed on the main stage and the audience was thrilled with their excellent concert.

The Serbian Parliament’s Speaker Maja Gojković was present at this solemn opening as a guest.

Rich programme on the plateau in front of the Saint Sava’s Church will continue over the forthcoming days.

Today, starting from 5PM at the “Singing Christmas Tree”, the choir “Vrapčići” will perform, the choir “Orlić” will perform at 6PM, whereas Lena Kovačević and Filip Žmaher will perform on the main stage as of 8PM.

On Christmas Eve, January 6th, burning of oak tree branches will be organized on the plateau in front of the Temple at 4PM, whereas Bdenije will start at 5PM.

During the same night, just ahead of Christmas, a concert of folk and traditional music will be organized on the main stage from 7PM, with performances by Snežana Đurišić, Marinko, Nikola and Marko Rokvić, followed by the RTS Orchestra.

On Christmas Day, January 7th, starting from 11:30 a traditional breaking of “česnica” bread will be organized at the plateau in front of the Temple, organized by the Bakers’ Union.

“Božićno seoce kod Hrama” will last until January, 28th.

During the event “Božićno seoce kod Hrama“, at the plateau in front of the Saint Sava’s Church, a large number of performers will be on the stage, including: Sergej Ćetković, Aleksandra Radović, Lena Kovačević, Dušan Svilar, “Neverne bebe”, Nikola Grbić Grba and “Trinitus bend”, Viki Miljković, Aco Pejović and Sanja Đorđević, and many others.

In addition to the musical programme, visitors will have an opportunity to watch various theatre performances, exhibitions and films.

Last year, in front of the Temple and in the Crypt, more than one hundred musical performers, children’s and church choirs, vocal bands, actors and dance groups appeared on stage. The youngsters every night embellished a unique construction – “Singing Christmas Tree” – where children’s and church choirs from all over Serbia performed.

The idea was parallel with the wish to unite all holidays that take place during January, and to celebrate them on the same, unique location, the plateau in front of the Saint Sava’s Church, with blessings from His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch Irinej.

The organizers’ wish was to offer to citizens of Belgrade and tourists, who visit the city of Belgrade and the Saint Sava’s Church, a unique event intended for the youngest, but also for older visitors. The event includes everyday musical programme and adjoining activities, with the objective for the event “Božićno seoce kod Hrama“ to grow into a traditional one.

Day after day, visitors will enjoy performances of children’s and church choirs on a very unique construction – the Christmas Tree, they will have an opportunity to take a ride in a coach around the Temple, to enjoy musical and drama programmes on the stage, to find various presents in wooden houses, handicraft, souvenirs, decorations, traditional specialties, and to attend many other activities.

The event “Božićno seoce kod Hrama“, in cooperation with the Saint Sava’s Church, and with support from the Ministry of Justice – Direction for cooperation with churches and religious communities, the City of Belgrade and the Vračar City Municipality, is organized by companies “Color Media Communications“ and “Ninamedia“.

The event’s friends are: the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Saint Sava’s Church, the Ministry of Justice – Direction for cooperation with churches and religious communities, the youth theatre “Dadov”, “Erste banka”, PDM “AgroFruit”, “Raiffeisen banka”, “Mapei”, “Lidl Srbija”, “Nekst sokovi”, “Orbit”, “Deksi ko”, “Neretva komerc”, Bakers’ Union and many others.