“Roman Holiday Party” at King Petar’s House

“Roman Holiday Party”, an event organized to mark one hundred years since the famous actor Gregory Peck’s birth, was held at King Petar’s House, Senjak. Peck starred in the movie “Roman Holiday”, alongside Audrey Hepburn.

“Color Press Group”, whose portfolio as of this month includes “Gloria” magazine, organized a party which corresponds to the spirit of the “Roman Holiday” movie. While promoting love, as well as the Italian food, wine, music and lifestyle, the company made an effort to bring back the Italian spirit of the fifties to all the guests.

The guests were welcomed by hostesses dressed in dresses from this period, whereas all the guests had the opportunity to take photographs alongside old-timers and old Vespa scooters, enjoying the Italian music, which added to the atmosphere in this gorgeous garden at Senjak.

Ivana Jordan, a singer, greeted the guests, and together with “Gloria” magazine Editor-in-Chief Boris Jakić, drew the name of the winner who would be granted a trip to Rome, provided by the “Ponte” agency.

Throughout the entire party, the guests had the opportunity to leave their messages of love by hanging them with “Jana” padlocks on a special “LOVE” construction.

“The open-air cinema”, put up at the lawn in front of the villa, presented the movie “Roman Holiday”, whereas inside the house, the fairer sex members had the opportunity to get their hair and make-up done by experts from “L’Oreal” make-up studio and “Baron” hair parlour.

Among numerous guests there were the Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojković, Italian Ambassador to Serbia Giuseppe Manco, accompanied by his wife, Slovene Ambassador Vladimir Gasparič, accompanied by his wife, actor Ivan Bekjarev, actress Vesna Čipčić, “The Frajle” band, singer Aleksa Jelić, TV hostess Mira Adanja Polak, writer Suzana Mančić, actress Iva Štrljić, journalist Duška Jovanić, painter Cile Marinković, accompanied by his wife and daughter, and many others.

All the guests were flipping through the fresh issue of “Gloria” magazine, alongside “Tikveš” wines, “Somersby” ciders, and ice-cream from “Poslastičarnica”.