Yossi Levy
Appointed Ambassador to Belgrade on 10.10.2010. Lawyer specializing in civil law in a Tel Aviv Law Office, 1990-1994 Composing psychometric tests at the Israeli Center for Testing and Evaluation. Wrote five novels in Hebrew, two of which became bestsellers and three of Which were translated into foreign languages. Three of the books are in process of being adapted into movies. Published essays and criticisms aireportutik Israelen literary magazines.


Biljana Stepanović
Biljana Stepanović is a founder and general manager of “Business Info Group”, media house which is a leader in organizing international business events in Serbia. With help from USAID, since mid-2013, with a group of leading journalists from the economy field, she started a modern and distinguished economics monthly “Nova ekonomija”. Before that, she was a director of “Ekonomist Media Group”, at the time when it was the leading economics media house in Serbia. She founded and led a monthly “Bankar”, within the same group. She is also a founder and author of “Buđelar”, a TV show about economics, which was broadcast by TV B92 for five years. She was the editor of economy on television, radio and Web portal by B92. She was a columnist for the daily “Danas”, correspondent of many years for “Radio Slobodna Evropa” in Serbia (RFE), and editor-in-chief of the monthly “CorD”, intended for foreigners and diplomats in Serbia. She was working as an economics journalist at the NIN weekly. She started her career in the daily “Borba” in 1987 as a student, at the time when this daily was proclaimed the newspaper of the year of all former Yugoslavia. After an intrusion of then JUL officials in “Borba”, together with most part of journalists, she participated in founding of the daily “Naša Borba”. She graduated from the Faculty of political sciences in Belgrade, department of journalism. Since her career beginnings, she has worked in the field of economics journalism.


Jovana Gligorijević
Since 2002 Jovana Gligorijević (1983) has been a journalist in the weekly “Vreme” (“Time”), where she covers a wide range of subjects, including new media and a freedom of speech on the Internet. In the “Vreme” magazine, she edits certain sectors of the Web site www.vreme.com, and is at the position of a community manager on social networks. In the period from 2008 until 2010, she was at the position of an editor of the section on European integrations on the Web site b92.net/Srbija2020. In addition, she is holding the position of the assistant to the editor in the business magazine “CorD”, the only publication of such kind which is published in Serbia in the English language. Since March 2014, she has been a member of the Executive Board of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia. Since 2012, she has been among the alumni at the INTAJOUR Academy, Academy of journalism in the digital world, where she specialized in Web journalism and multimedia. She has undergone this programme as one of thirty-six scholarship bearers around the world, scholarships provided by the Bertlesman foundation. She collaborated with the media such as Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), Elle, the Croatian Forum Tjedni Magazin and 24sata.hr, Danas, and others. As a journalist-researcher, or a co-author, she has worked on many documentary films, produced by “Vreme Film” and “Medija Centar Beograd”.


Renato Ivanuš
He has been involved in journalism for 25 years, since his university days spent at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb. He spent the major part of his career, 13 years, in Zagreb’s “Večernji list”, where he started as a journalist in the City section, then worked as a reporter, and finally as an editor for several contributions and interior affairs section. Afterwards, for almost a year, he worked at the “Vjesnik”, on the deputy editor-in-chief position. Since 2006, he has been with “24 sata”, the best-selling daily newspaper with the widest circulation in Croatia, where over the past almost six years, he holds the position of editor-in-chief. Furthermore, he is a procurist for the company “24 sata d.o.o.”. In his career, he has been granted two annual awards by the Croatian Association of Journalism. He was also educated at the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), where he completed the Leaders programme for managers in print media. Last year, he started his involvement in the science field, and began PhD studies in information and communication sciences at Zagreb’s Faculty of Philosophy. Since then, he has been publishing professional scientific works, and worked as a lecturer with students.


Michael D. Kirby
Ambassador Michael D. Kirby assumed the position of U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia on September 19, 2012, after serving as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs in Washington, D.C. Prior to holding this position in Washington, he served as the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova. He is a career Foreign Service Consular Officer with nearly 32 years of service in the State Department. Immediately prior to being named Ambassador to Moldova, he was the Consul General in the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, which was then the State Department's largest nonimmigrant visa post. From 2001 to 2004, Ambassador Kirby served as Consul General in the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. He had served earlier in Poland as Chief of the Consular Section in Consulate General Krakow, from 1988 to 1991. In addition to serving in Poland and Korea, Ambassador Kirby served as Regional Consular Officer in Consulate General Frankfurt, Germany, from 1996 to 1998, assisting Consular operations in countries throughout the former Soviet Union. Ambassador Kirby also ran the consular sections in Denmark and Tanzania. His first tour was in Georgetown, Guyana. In addition to his overseas postings, Ambassador Kirby has served twice in Washington, D.C., first as a Desk Officer in the Office of Caribbean Affairs and later as Director of the Office of Intelligence Coordination in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. The son of a diplomat, Ambassador Kirby was raised around the world, including Hong Kong; Benghazi, Libya; and the United States. He earned a B.A. with Honors in History from the University of Pennsylvania where he studied both History and Biology. He did graduate work in History at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He met his wife, Sara Powelson Kirby, in Paris; they have two adult daughters.


Alexander Chepurin
The Russian diplomat, born on September, 20th sciences. In 1975 he graduated from the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO), and started his career in the USSR’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He worked on different diplomatic duties in the central apparatus of the USSR’s Foreign Ministry, and abroad. 1992 – 1994 Deputy of the Head, first Deputy of the Head of Human Resources Sector in the Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry. 1994 – 1996 – Director of the Human Resources Department in the Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry. 1996 – 2000 The Russian Federation’s Ambassador in the Kingdom of Denmark. 2000 – 2005 Deputy of the Head of the Fourth Department of the Commonwealth of Independent States in the Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry. 2005 – 2012 Head of the Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry, in charge of relations with compatriots abroad. Starting from November, 2012 until nowadays – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian nd 2 Federation to the Republic of Serbia. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (June, 2014). Decree by the Russian President no. 937 on granting the status of Ambassador th 4 Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. Honours – jubilee medal “in remembrance of 850 years of Moscow” (1998), “Honorary employee of the Russian Federation’s Foreign Ministry” (2007), Friendship medal (2012). Speaks Italian, French and English. Wrote over 150 publications on Russian compatriots abroad, the Caucasian region, Russian – Italian relations, and alike. Author of the book “The Russian Federation’s policy towards compatriots abroad” (2009). 1952, is engaged in the field of political.


Zoran Panović
He has worked with the “Danas” since its founding in 1997. So far, he has published hundreds of texts, various by genre, from the fields of politics, culture and social phenomenology. He is also the author of two books: “Dozvolite da se odjavimo” (2007), and “Holding Srbija” (2008). He was awarded with journalism prizes “Laza Kostić”, “Dušan Duda Timotijević” and “Nikola Burzan”. Football and its phenomenology are a frequent subject, or motif of his texts. Panović graduated in sociology from Belgrade’s Faculty of Philosophy, and completed specialised PR studies. He was born in Užice in 1970.


Ana Dišić
After completing her studies at Belgrade’s Faculty of Economics, she started her professional career in “Delta”, in 1992. In 2004 she became CEO of “Delta”’s company in Italy. As of 2005, upon her return to the country, she has overtaken property management for real estate portfolios at “Delta Real Estate”. Since 2005, she has been CEO of “Delta City”, and CEO of shopping malls within the “Delta Holding”.


Dragan Bjelogrlić
Born on October, 10th primary and secondary education, and two years at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. In 1984 enrolled at Belgrade’s Faculty of Drama Arts, and graduated in 1989. In 1978, he made a film debut in “Boško Buha”, while still a boy. Since then, he has starred in almost 40 motion pictures, approximately twenty TV series and dramas, and 11 theatre plays. Together with his brother Goran, in 1994 he founded a production company “Kobra”, which has produced one theatre play and 5 films. In his acting career, he has won the following awards: 2 Grand Prix “Ćele Kula” for best actor at the Niš film festival, 2 Golden Mimosas at the Herceg Novi film festival, Statuette – Liberty, the best acting performance, Sopot film festival. Furthermore, over 15 main prizes as a producer for films at domestic festivals, and over 20 international awards and Grand Prix. The film “Montevideo, vidimo se!”, directed by Bjelogrlić, is the Serbian candidate for Oscars in 2015.


Antonije Kovačević
Journalist by twist of fate, although he possesses a degree in journalism. Nomad, born in Mostar, and via Travnik, Sarajevo, Zemun, and without Arsenije Čarnojević, arrived to New Belgrade blocks, where the wind košava and heavy words can be lethal. Never received October Award or Popularity Oscar, but longs, equally. A way back, returned the diploma to Mira Marković, which he regrets today, and begs for forgiveness, from here to Moscow. Worked as editor of the most loathsome tabloids, from the “Nacional”, via the “Kurir”, to the “Alo”. Settled down in the “Naše novine”, a freewill “lapot” (senicide) where he is doing his best to save his reputation, with fluctuating success. Has two children, beautiful, who do not look like their father.


Branislav Bugarski
Born on April, 11th 1975 in Novi Sad. Graduated in economics in 2000 at Berlin University (Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft). In that period gained experience in the real estate and economics sector, as assistant of the CEO at Wohnbauten Comfort GmbH, Berlin, as well as in the sector of internet and software technologies in companies “New Economy” and “Paixelpark AG”. In April 2003 became assistant to the project manager at Novi Sad’s office of Serbian Privatization Agency. In December 2004 became advisor for foreign investments, in May 2005 deputy director, and in November of the same year director of the Fond for investment support in Vojvodina – VIP. Currently holds the position of the Province’s Secretary for international cooperation and local self-rule. Fluent in English and German.


Dušan Uzelac
Dušan Uzelac, born in 1978 in Belgrade, is a founder and owner of the Web portal Kamatica.com, the best-known financial portal in Serbia, as well as the owner of the company DUBES DOO. The portal Kamatica.com was selected 3 times in TOP 50 Web sites in Serbia, according to “PC Press”. Worked as the editor for economy in the “Blic”, participated in numerous TV shows and at Radio Beograd, in relation with the topics such as economics, banking, and finances. He reached his greatest business success in the field of innovative solutions, and in closing the gap between the finances and common people. Received the prize for the best technical advancement – Kamatica market 2012/2013 in organization by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. In 2012 he was selected among the most successful young entrepreneurs of the city of Belgrade, when he won the second prize.

Christine Moro
Christine Moro has been France’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Serbia, since September 2014, and she is also a diplomatic minister of the highest rank. She was born on July, 2nd a certified lawyer by vocation, and possesses a diploma in the Italian language and literature. Before being appointed as the new French Ambassador to Serbia, she was Ambassador to Albania, from 2011. Until 2014, she was rewarded with honourary prizes Legion of Honour, and National Order of Merit. Beside her mother tongue, she speaks three more languages: English, Italian and German. 1955 in Arles (Bouche du Rhone), and she is married to Mr Louis Moro.


Laza Kekić
Regional director for Europe, and head of prognostics service in London’s Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). He leads a regional team of EIU analysts, in charge of following all European countries in economy, politics and business fields. Furthermore, he leads a prognostics service within the EIU, which implies the main traditional assignment of the EIU, to compose reports on individual countries, as well as to make prognoses for each of them (prognoses and analyses for 82 countries, which is of great importance to direct investors). Special professional field and his points of interest are: relations within Europe, Russia, the Balkans, and other economies in transition, direct foreign investments, prognoses in economics, emerging economies, political development. Covering these subjects, he has written a number of reports for the Economist Intelligence Unit and other services. In addition, Laza frequently appears as a guest speaker at conferences and seminars, organized by “The Economist”, and at other events. He was educated at “London School of Economics” (bachelor of science, and master of science – economics), and he has been with the “Economist Intelligence Unit” since 1993.


Dejan Ljuština
Dejan Ljuština is a leader of the PwC regional team for management consulting in charge of business management. In the South-East Europe region, Dejan is in charge of telecommunication and media sector within PwC, and in Adria region he leads the PwC energy sector. He belongs to highly-skilled personnel in the field of operational restructuring, strategy, market regulations, efficiency management and M & A (mergers and acquisitions), in large part implemented in complex business contents of regional blue-chip companies in the sector of telecommunications, media, energetics and retail. Dejan established a powerful international network of professionals on the grounds of his competencies, client management, and exceptional professional knowledge in the industry, and therefore he is a regularly sought-after guest-lecturer at key international business events in a wider region. Furthermore, he is a regular columnist of the leading regional magazines. Before joining the PwC team, he spent eight years in Deloitte, and three years as a project leader in the association Intel Corporation, where he lead the team of software programmers, working at the development of Intel’s “Itanium Family” processors. He started his career in Ericsson. After graduating from the Faculty of electronics and computer science in Zagreb, he acquired a master’s degree in economy and business management at IEDC, Management School (MBA) at Bled in Slovenia.


Aleksandar Vulin
Born in Novi Sad in 1972. Graduated from the Law School in Kragujevac. From 2000 until 2002 worked as an assistant of the marketing director in the company “Super Press”, and afterwards from 2003 until 2007 held the position of the marketing director in “Color Press Group”, and Deputy CEO of “Color Media International” from 2007 until 2012. Also worked as an editor-in-chief for “Pečat” weekly, and as a columnist in many weekly and daily newspapers. Aleksandar Vulin was a deputy in the City Municipality Rakovica, deputy in Belgrade’s Assembly, and member of the National Parliament. In August 2012 became the head of the office for Kosovo and Metohija, and performed this duty until September 2013, when he was appointed minister without portfolio in charge of Kosovo and Metohija issues. He held this position until April 2014, when he was appointed minister of labour, employment, veteran and social policy. He founded the party “Jugoslovenska levica” (JUL), which he left in 1998 from the presidential position. Then he moved to the ĆSerbian Socialist PartyĆ (SPS), where at the sixth congress he was elected member of the Executive Board. In 2007 he left the party SPS and formed a Socialist Movement, together with Mihailo Marković, and up until now has been its president. He is married and a father of one.


Veljko Lalić
Veljko Lalić is owner and editor-in-chief of the leading Serbian news magazine “Nedeljnik”. Born in 1976 in Belgrade, certified journalist by vocation, and before setting on independent publishing of “Nedeljnik”, he was editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper “Press” for years, being the youngest editor of a national daily newspaper. He started his career at “Večernje novosti” where he edited many columns, among others foreign affairs and weekly, with great success. He was awarded with many prizes in journalism, among them the one by the Serbian Journalists Association for a sketch (the youngest ever) and magazine “The Man” for the columnist of the year, by colleagues’ choice. Lalić is a well-known Serbian columnist, author of many newspaper sketches and historical best-seller “Prince Pavle, the truth on March 27th”. He is married and has a daughter named Nika.


Nebojša Katić
Nebojša Katić (1955) lives in London, and works as an independent business consultant. Before he moved to London in 1992, his professional career had been connected to Belgrade’s “Energoprojekt”. He was a financial director of a labour organization “Energoprojekt-Energodata”, and then a financial director of the system “Energoprojekt-Holding”. Before he started his career as an independent consultant, until 1997 Katić worked as a financial director of “Energoprojekt” company in London, INEC Engineering Co. From August 2005 until the summer of 2010, Katić was a regular columnist with the “Politika” daily, where he most often wrote about themes from the field of economics. His texts and interviews were published by “NIN”, “Danas”, “Blic”, etc. and he has been a frequent guest at RTS. Nebojša Katić completed his primary education and grammar school studies in Belgrade, where he also graduated and acquired a master’s degree.


Michael Davenport
Michael Davenport presented his credentials to the Serbian President on 19 September 2013. Prior to this posting, he had served as the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Serbia since January 2011. Before coming to Serbia, Davenport was Director for Russia, Central Asia and the South Caucasus in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in London. Between 2007 and 2010 he advised successive Foreign Secretaries on Britain’s relations with Russia and the wider region and was responsible for the FCO’s network of twelve diplomatic missions. His first foreign posting as a British diplomat was to Poland in 1990, where he was responsible for establishing the first British Know-How Fund, supporting Poland’s early political and economic reforms after the fall of Communism. In the mid-nineties Michael headed the FCO’s UN Peacekeeping Section before learning Russian ahead of a posting as First Secretary to Moscow in 1996. In 2000 Michael returned to Poland as Commercial Counsellor and Consul-General in the run-up to Polish accession to the European Union, and in 2004 was appointed Deputy Ambassador to Cairo. Michael did his first degree in French and German language and literature at Cambridge University, after which he taught English at Graz University in Austria. Later he studied law at the College of Law in London and qualified as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court in 1988, having trained at the City firm of Macfarlanes. Michael and his wife, Dr Lavinia Davenport, have three children. Michael is a keen tennis player. He first started learning Serbian at Graz University in 1982 and is continuing his studies.


Jelena Knežević Vlahović
Owing to devotion and hard work throughout her 18-year career, Jelena Knežević – Vlahović is currently holding the Vice President position in category management for products in the company “Delhaize Srbija”. Together with her team, she supervises and manages the activities related to cooperation with suppliers, and coordination of all procurement activities. She was the Director category management within the “Delta Maxi” group, and in charge of defining price policy and development of the employees. During 2006 she engaged in establishing bases for strategy and organization of a privately own brand. In addition, Jelena Knežević – Vlahović has acquired further professional skills in terms of leadership, category management for products, business planning and presentation skills.


Martin Navratil
Martin Navratil is the President of the Executive Board of Telenor banka, member of the Telenor Group. He completed Master Studies of Business Administration in INSEAD in France, as well as Master Studies of Business Economy and Banking at the University of Economy in Prague. Before taking a position of the Telenor banka Executive Board President in December 2013 he was a Financial Services Director of Telenor Serbia. Prior to this in 2010 he was the Executive Director for Finance and Risk and member of the Executive Board of KBC Bank, part of the KBC Group. Martin Navratil was also engaged as the regional audit coordinator for Central Europe in KBC Group. He started his career in PriceWaterhouseCoopers Company. He is fluent in Czech and English language and has basic knowledge in Serbian language.


Tijana Vujović
Prior to joining Confluence Property Management as Head of Retail, Tijana Vujović was an employee of Balkans Real Estate, where she focused on evaluating and identifying potential investment opportunities for the joint venture with Merrill Lynch. Before moving to Belgrade, Ms. Vujović spent 3 years with GE Real Estate in both Prague and Milan. In Prague, her role centered on the underwriting of investments originated in Central and Eastern Europe, with a core focus on valuation analysis. While in Milan, Ms. Vujović primarily worked on the risk assessment of potential acquisitions on behalf of the portfolio. She graduated from Bocconi University, with a degree in International Economics and Management. Now, Ms. Vujović is Chief Executive Officer of Confluence Property Management and she is managing 100+ person team responsible for daily management of retail assets (c. 270,000sqm NLA).


Olivera Šuškavčević
Olivera Šuškavčević is currently, since 2006, holding the position of the “Voli” company marketing executive, where she also founded a marketing and PR department back then. She had gained prior professional experience by leading marketing and production at Montenegro’s Lottery, as well as in similar sections within RTCG. Parallelly with dynamical rise of the company, which is now holding the leading position in Montenegrin trade branch, also has expanded her palette of duties, and accordingly, during a period of time, she also led the human resources department. After launching the company “Voli Motors” in 2012, Olivera took over management of the marketing department within this sister company, which is official representative of BMW and MINI cars for Montenegro. In addition to other activities, after its re-organization in 2011, she has led the marketing department of KK “Budućnost Voli”, the most successful and the club with the longest tradition in Montenegro.


Čedomir Jovanović
Born on April, 13th of film and TV scenario and dramaturgy at the Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade’s University of Art. During his studies, worked as a journalist for several media, agencies, radio and TV 1971 in Belgrade. Possesses a degree in dramaturgy from the Department stations in Belgrade. One of organizers of students’ protests 1996/97. Joined the Democratic Party in 1998, and became its Vice President in October 2001. During the campaign in 2000 was on the position of the Electoral Club Chief of the Democratic Party and Democratic Opposition of Serbia. From January 2001 until March 2003 was the Head of the DOS’s Deputy Club. Čedomir Jovanović became Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European integrations and reform coordination in the Serbian Government, formed after the tragic death of Zoran Đinđić, PhD. When Liberal Democratic Party was formed in 2005, he became its President.

Slavko Carić
Slavko Carić is Executive Board Chairman at “Erste Bank a.d.” Novi Sad, which is a member of the “Erste Group”, one of the leading financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. He was born in Novi Sad in 1971. He was educated in America and Switzerland, where he graduated in business administration from the Geneve University in 1995. In January 2009 he took over the position of Executive Board Chairman for “Erste Bank” in Serbia. Before that, since 2007, he was Deputy President, in charge of relations with business entities and capital market. He speaks several languages: English, French, Italian, Russian and German. As a volunteer, he is a member of the Management Board of the Tennis Association of Serbia, and member of the Management Board of the Serbian Association of Menagers.


Radmilo Marković
Journalist for the weekly “Vreme” (since November 2011), in charge of economy and finances, editor of a monthly business inset “Vreme uspeha”. Reporter from a carting championship “Serbia Off Road” (April 2011 – September 2012). Journalist for the Web portal “Domino magazin” (June 2009 – June 2010). Journalist for the Web portal “Sijalica” (February 2009 – June 2010). On-and-off contributor for the Sunday inset “Magazin” within the daily “Politika” (January 2008 – September 2009).


Goran Mihajlovski
Goran Mihajlovski, founder and editor-in-chief for Skopje’s daily VEST, daily newspaper with the widest circulation in FYRO Macedonia. He was born on November, 24th Bitola, Macedonia. He graduated from the State University of Skopje in 1988, the journalism department. Professional journalist from1989 for the daily newspaper “Večer”, Skopje. 1998 – 2000 editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper “Večer”. Founder of the daily VEST on July, 5th 2000. Author of the column “Sakam da kazzam” – (“I want to say”) which is regular every Saturday, from January 1991, until now, at first featured in the daily “Večer”, and now in the “Vest”. He published four books, as collection of columns “Sakam da kazzam” in 1997, 2002, 2007 and 2011. Author of the book “Priče sa pet zvezdica”, in the field of journalism and tourism, in 2004. Twice awarded with the state journalism award – in 1993 and 1996. Twice awarded with the state publicists’ award – in 2006. Since 2007 onwards, associate professor at Law School – the journalism department at the State University in Skopje, for the subject Media management.


Željko Ivanović
Željko Ivanović is a Montenegrin journalist, producer, human rights activist. Born in Nikšić, he graduated from the Faculty of political sciences and found his first job in the field of journalism. He was the first Montenegrin reporter on a regular basis for “Nin” magazine. With his colleagues, he founded his first independent daily newspaper “Vijesti”, which was first published on September, 1st the most influential voice in Montenegro. Željko Ivanović is an author of the collection of critical essays “Crnogorski Diznilend” (“The Montenegrin Disneyland”) (2004). He was one of producers for the film “Gledaj me” (“Look at me”), directed by Marija Perović. He is the Montenegrin coordinator in a media organization for South East Europe – “South East Europe Media Organization” (SEEMO), based in Vienna, which engages in protection of media freedom in the Balkans and in the South East Europe. 1997. In due course, “Vijesti” became the best-selling.


Vladislav Lalić
Vladislav Lalić started his professional career with the company IKEA, where he has spent over twenty years so far, holding various positions. Lalić was born in Belgrade, on September, 22nd (“International School of Stockholm”), and later at the American University Deere in Athens, when he graduated in the field of economics in 1991. His first business arrangement at the company IKEA was in Belgrade in 1991, and afterwards he held executive positions for this well-known Swedish company in Romania, Turkey and Spain. In Madrid, he worked as a regional procurement director for Western Europe. After IKEA had made a decision to restart its activities in Serbia and former Yugoslav republics, in 2009 Lalić returned to Belgrade. Currently, he is in charge of buying the properties, construction works and management of IKEA’s objects in the South East Europe region. Lalić is living in Belgrade and has two children. Alongside the Serbian language, he is also fluent in English and Swedish, and has a good command of Spanish and Romanian. 1969. He began his education in Belgrade, and continued in Stockholm.


Branko Greganović
Branko Greganović was appointed Chairman of the NLB Bank Executive Board in May 2014. He is a manager with abundant international experience in the bank sector, corporative finances and management of complex corporative processes. After he had completed his studies in economics, he acquired a master’s degree at the Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana University, and master’s degree at the London Business School, London University. He gained professional experience at the National Bank of Slovenia, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia, Societe Generale Bank Ljubljana, as a member of the Executive Board, and he also worked as a CEO at Mergers & Acquisitions, Publikum – Corporate Finance Ljubljana. Branko Greganović led a re-structuring process of the company Droga Kolinska Group, Istrabenz Holding, as well as at the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank in Austria for the bank in Croatia. He also worked at the World Bank, and for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).




Dragan J. Vučićević
Dragan J. Vučićević, Editor-in-Chief and owner of the “Informer”, was born on October, 9th 1973. He graduated in journalism from the Faculty of Political Sciences. He worked for the “Politika”, “Blic”, “Demokratija”, “Glas javnosti”, and founded the “Nacional”, “Kurir” and “Press”. In May 2012, he launched the “Informer” from the ground floor, and now this daily newspaper is on the second place in Serbia by circulation sold. He is the Chairman of the National Association of Newspaper and Magazine Publishers.


Jasminko Umićević
Jasminko Umićević has 30 years of professional experience in oil and gas industry. He is a lawyer by training and has passed the bar in 1986. Jasminko started his career in INA Industrija nafte d.d., Croatian national oil company as lawyer trainee, but rose to high responsibility positions including Assistant General Manager for Human Law and Human Resources with INA Commerce, Managing Director of INA Hungary Co. Ltd., Marketing Director of INA d.d. , and Deputy CEO & Executive Director Refining and Marketing of INA d.d. In 2000 Jasminko founded energy consultancy business, Oil and Gas Consulting, which he has been successfully managing.


Tomislav Mićović
Born on September, 16th Graduated from Novi Sad’s Faculty of Technology, the Department of gas, oil and chemical engineering. From 1992 until 2000 he worked as a journalist and editor of city-related programme and economy section within the TV Novi Sad news programme. 2000 – 2001 editor of economy section within the TV Novi Sad news programme. Participated in founding, and was the first President of the Supervisory Board of the Association of Journalists in the Energy Sector (2002 – 2004). Since the founding of the Association of Serbian Oil Companies (UNKS), he has been the secretary general of the Association. As of 2010, UNKS gathers all relevant companies from the Serbian market: OMV Srbija, MOL Serbia, Lukoil Srbija, EKO Serbia, Petrobart, Naftachem, Standard gas, Euro gas - Euro petrol and Igmin petrol and NIS a.d., with the observer status. 1962 in Ečka, the Municipality of Zrenjanin. Serbian citizen.


Branimir Brkljač
Branimir is a marketing expert and a media strategist, with years of experience under his belt, primarily in the field of direct sales. He lectures and writes columns and essays on the future of the media and new marketing trends. He began his career in direct marketing in 1991 by launching Kosmodisk. After that, in 1993, he co-founded Studio Moderna and remained there for the next 20 years, until January 1, 2013. During that period Studio Moderna became the leading TV sales company in the CEE. Today, Studio Moderna is present in 20 different countries in the region under the brand Top Shop. At Studio Moderna Branimir worked on defining marketing and creative strategies and was responsible for media buying. Moreover, he produced and co-produced a number of successful TV shows with branded content. He is the founder of Terra Panonica, whose seat is in the Banat village of Mokrin. The company in question boasts a unique center for new creativity Kuća na ravnom bregu, organizing various educational programs for young people in creative industries. Over the past four years the center has organized a number of workshops, lectures, exhibitions, festivals and seminars, attended by over 600 entrepreneurs, artists and other creative from the region and the world.


Marco Flavio Cirillo
Marco Flavio Cirillo actually is a board member of Finlombarda S.p.A. the finance company of the Lombardia Italian Region. In the last government 2013 called “Letta-Berlusconi” he was appointed by President of Italian Republic undersecretary of State at the Ministry of the Environment and of the Protection of Territory and Sea . From 2003 to 2013 he was Mayor of the town of Basiglio province of Milan and during the electoral mandate he gained many awards and recognize as best practies for public administration. He has been board member of A.L.E.R a Lombardy firm for residential building; Chairman of the Board of DISMA S.p.A. a service company subsidiary of SEA, ESSO, KUWAIT, AGIP which manages fuel storage at the Malpensa airport. Born in Roma 1960 university degree in Sociology and severel studies in Architecture . After ten years as Officer in Italian Air Force, he rifines his professional experience as a manager of insurance company as Prumerica life and Ergo; editorial company as Corriere della Sera and Metro; and media interactive digital TV company as Stream. Actually he is Italian Vice President of AICCRE member of CEMR and he rappresents Italy in the Council of European Municipalities and Region Policy Commitee.


Puhalac Slobodan
Certified engineer with many years of experience in economy. Since 2007 Minister of foreign trade and economic relations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, later Minister of industry, energy and mining in the Republic of Srpska. Currently executive at the company with limited liability “Gas-Res”, Banja Luka, which is a gas company in the Republic of Srpska, founded by the Srpska Government.


Borislav Stefanović
Vice President of the Democratic Party. Head of the Democratic Party’s Deputy Club at the Serbian National Assembly. Born on February, 5th education at Karlovačka Grammar School in Sremski Karlovci, law department (1993); graduated from Novi Sad’s Faculty of Law (1999). From 1999 from 2002 worked at Fedor Kolesar’s Law Office (Novi Sad). Since 2002 employed at SRJ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (regular trainee programme), since 2003 at the Foreign Ministry’s Direction for analyses and planning. From 2003 until 2006 on the position of Secretary for relations with the American Congress at the Embassy of Serbia and Montenegro in Washington (USA), and 2006/2007 extraordinarily promoted to the position of associate minister, deputy ambassador and the head of the political department within the Embassy. From 2003 until 2007 actively participated in activities by the Serbian caucus in the US Congress, as well as in preparation and adoption processes for several resolutions at the House of Representatives within the US Congress and the Senate. Participated in hauling several resolutions calling for KiM independence. From 2007 Chief of Cabinet of the Foreign Minister, and political director of the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2011 named chief of the Serbian negotiating team in a dialogue with Priština. Completed a number of international seminars, trainings and educational courses in the field of negotiating, PR and conduction of political campaigns. In 2000 was a student vice champion in Parliamentary debate in Serbia. Since 2003, member of the Democratic Party. Member of the Board for international relations in the Democratic Party, and DS Vojvodina Province’s Board. Member of the Chief Board of the DS. Held a position of the Democratic Party’s Presidential Board Secretary. On elections held on March, 16th Democratic Party at the Serbian Parliament. At XVIII Democratic Party Assembly, held on 2014, elected Vice President of the Democratic Party. Has a son named Mateja. May, 31st Speaks English and Spanish. 2014 elected a deputy at the Serbian Parliament. Head of the Deputy Club of the