The Italian gastronomy magazine “La Cucina Italiana” finally in Serbia!

In Milan’s Montenapoleone Street many important trivialities were made, bearing the famous “made in Italy” mark. One of them is the prestigious “La Cucina Italiana” magazine, dubbed the gastronomy “Bible” because it paved the way for all popular magazines about the exciting world of food and its preparation.

“La Cucina Italiana” was founded way back in 1929 and from then on it has been closely following each culinary era.

Ninety years since its launch from Via Montenapoleone to the world, “La Cucina Italiana” will make its way into Serbian kitchens as well. The prestigious magazine between its covers gathers everything needed for the ultimate enjoyment – authentic recipes, the art of selecting and combining the ingredients, Italy with all its aromas, fragrances and tastes, photographs which will take your breath away and stimulate your appetite, and everything else in connection with the gastronomic planet.

We are convinced that you will wish to try out everything that we have prepared for you and that you will keep this small culinary encyclopedia in your home library!