Tomislav Mićović

Born on September 16th 1962 in Ečka, Municipality of Zrenjanin. Serbian citizen. Holds a degree from Novi Sad’s Faculty of Technology, Department for gas, oil and chemical engineering. From 1992 until 2000 worked as a journalist and editor of city-related programme and economy section at TV Novi Sad News programme. 2000-2001 editor of economy section TV Novi Sad news programme. Participated in forming, and was the first president of the Supervisory Board of the Association of journalists in energy sector (2002-2004). From the founding of the Association of Serbian oil companies (UNKS) works as secretary general of the Association. As of 2010 UNKS gathers all relevant companies on the Serbian market: OMV Srbija, MOL Serbia, Lukoil Srbija, EKO Serbia, Potrobart, Naftachem, Standard gas, Euro gas – Euro petrol and Igmin petrol, and NIS a.d. with the observer status.

Slobodan Puhalac

Certified engineer with many years of experience in economy. From 2007 he was Minister of foreign trade and economic relations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, after that Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska. Currently on the position of CEO at Banja Luka’s “Gas-Res d.o.o.”, gasification company of the Republic of Srpska, founded by the Srpska’s Government.

Jovica Budimir

Jovica Budimir, certified engineer of mechanical engineering. Born in 1966. In 1994 graduated from Novi Sad’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Hydropneumatic technique. Possesses personal Project License (number 330S93506) and Construction License (number 430236503) for gas pipeline objects. He started his professional career at Thermal power plant in Novi Sad, where he worked from 1994 – 1996 on cauldron and turbine apparatus management. Since 1996 he has been with the company NIS-Gas, legal predecessor to the public enterprise “Srbijagas”, holding the positions of: expert supervision for building gas pipeline objects, chief officer in the Investment Department unit, chief officer in the Investment Department, director of the Investment Sector OD Novi Sad, whereas in 2006 he was appointed executive director in charge of investments. Among most significant objects, where he led expert supervision and investment construction, there are: high-pressure slide valve gas pipeline Gospođinci - Sombor, whose length is 85 km, DN 400, and investment value EUR 10 m, high-pressure slide valve gas pipeline Gospođinci – Futog, 31 km in length, DN 400, investment value EUR 5 m, principal measure-regulation stations Sombor, Vrbas, Kula, Rumenka, Apatin, transit below the Danube by HDD method, 4 km in length, DN 750, investment value EUR 4.5 m, as well as construction of distributive gas networks in Crvenka, Apatin and elsewhere. Member of the International Gas Union from 1997, actively participating at the WOC 5 Committee – gas applying. Speaks English. Married, father of two children.

Jelica Putniković

Jelica Putniković, journalist, editor of the energy section within the internet magazine “Balkanmagazin” – Graduated from Belgrade’s Faculty of Philology – Department of Literature and Journalism. She has been following economy-related topics, especially from the energy sector, for over two and a half decades, and she has been recognized as a specialist in this field by fellow journalists from her country and abroad, who frequently invite her to comment on current affairs. Participant of numerous TV and radio shows about economy, and energy sector in particular. Beside energy field, she has been involved in other economy-related topics: privatization, transportation, communications, trade, tourism… She is an organizer and moderator of round tables and conferences devoted to current economy-related topics, especially within the energy sector. Before “Balkanmagazin”, she was writing for weeklies “Reporter”, NIN, “Ekonomist”, “Blic News”; dailies: “Blic”, “Naša borba”, “Borba” and periodical publications: CORD, Eu Market, Market…

Branko Radun

Born in 1968 in Novi Sad. Possesses a degree in history from Novi Sad’s Faculty of Philosophy. Worked in the oil industry for seventeen years. Authored many works about political, economic, religious and cultural situation in Serbia, as well as analyses of Serbian foreign policy situation and other subjects involving foreign policy. Editor of the Internet magazine As a political analyst, he published his works in NSPM, “Politika”, “Geopolitika”,, and other Serbian and foreign media. Frequent commentator of Serbian politics in daily and weekly newspapers, on radio and TV stations.

Valentina Nešić

Born in Belgrade, on May 24th 1975. For the last 11 years, she has been a journalist in the economy section of the “Beta” agency. Since 2008 she has intensively been reporting about topics from energy sector and energy efficiency.

Ana Bulos

Anna Boulos currently holds the position of chief of economic department at United States of America Embassy to Belgrade. She comes from Maine, USA. She studied international relations at Tufts University, and obtained master’s degree from Duke University in 2013.

Dragiša Martinović

Dragiša Martinović was born in Subotica in 1977. He graduated from Novi Sad’s Faculty of Economics, Department of Finances. He began his career in “Continental Bank” (today NLB bank), where he went along the way from an “office apprentice” to department director. At the end of 2007, he moved to CA bank, and the following year to OTP bank. During his career in banking, for many years he was a lecturer for GTZ and Academy for Banking within the National Bank of Serbia. In early 2009, he moved to JP “Srbijagas”, where he holds the position of an advisor to CEO.

Saša Janković

Commercial and Logistics Manager at MOL Serbia doo, Part of MOL Group


Freek Janmaat

Head EU Integration and Economy EU Delegation Serbia

Milan Đukić

Milan Đukić, MA, was born in Novi Sad in 1974. He obtained master’s degree in law. In 2000 started working with the public oil company “Naftna industrija Srbije, Nis-Gas”, and in 2005 moved to public enterprise JP “Srbijagas”, where he still works today, firstly as a director of the legal issues and human resources sector, and as of January 2015 as an executive director in charge of legal issues, human resources and general operations. He is a member of the working group for re-structuring JP “Srbijagas”.

Vladimir Đurović

After his graduation from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Naval Architecture in Zagreb in the year 1976, his work in the field of natural gas started and has lasted for 37 years. At this early stage it was direct participation in the preparations, construction, supervision and putting into operation series of objects involving the production, processing and transmission of natural gas. After that, the period of some management functions in all segments of natural gas business followed. Currently, he has been working in the Plinacro Ltd. Company, the national natural gas transmission company in the Republic of Croatia, holding the position of Head of Department of Strategic Development and Planning. He has been a member of numerous professional associations and working bodies in the natural gas business in the country and abroad.

Blaženka Mandić

Certified economist. Born in 1962 in Karlovac (Croatia). In 1985 graduated from Osijek’s Faculty of Economics. Possesses an accountant certificate. From 1985 until 1994 worked as a chief in the accounting department. From 1994 until 2014 worked as a financial director of the company “Stylos”. In 2013 appointed deputy CEO of JP “Srbijagas”, position she is currently holding, too. Possesses many years of professional experience in economics and economy management. Married, mother of one child.

H.E. Laurent Louis Stokvis MA

Mr. Laurent Louis Stokvis MA was born on April 14th 1950 in Jakarta. He works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as of 1975. In the period between 2002 and 2006 he was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Slovak Republic. Between 2006 and 2010, he worked as director in the Directorate for the Western Hemisphere. He has been appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Serbia in September 2010. He is married and has one child.

Dušan Bajatović

Dušan Bajatović, born on November 29th 1967 in Ravno Selo, Municipality of Vrbas. Completed primary education in his hometown, and after ninth and tenth grade started and completed education at Electro-technical High School. By vocation, he is electro-technical engineer and certified economist. Numerous times appointed to duties in state organs: deputy and deputy chief at the Parliament of State Union of Serbia and Montenegro, National Assembly of Serbia, Assembly of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Furthermore, Bajatović was Vice President of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina’s Executive Board, member of Executive Board of regional Chamber of Commerce in Novi Sad, and secretary general of Youth Organization of Serbia, and member of University Board. For a number of years, he was a member of “Elektrovojvodina”’s Management Board, and his biography reads that he was also a founder, owner and director of “Most” television station. On the session held on October 23rd 2009, Serbian Government appointed him CEO of a public enterprise “Srbijagas”. Being a JP “Srbijagas” CEO, Dušan Bajatović is responsible for implementation of Inter-state agreement in the field of oil and gas signed with the Russian Federation. According to that basis, he has actively been participating in realization of projects PSG Banatski Dvor, South Stream, “Sogaz”, as well as management of companies incorporated in the “Srbijagas group” by decrees passed by the Serbian Government, such as: MSK, “Azotara”, “Agroživ” and “Informatika”. The glass company from Paraćin (“Srpska fabrika stakla”) was successfully saved from liquidation, it undergone re-structuring and was found a strategic partner. Dušan Bajatović in addition to his duties as a JP “Srbijagas” CEO, also performs the following duties: president of Supervisory Board PSG Banatski Dvor, president of Supervisory Board of “Sogaz” insurance company, deputy president of “Jugorosgaz” Supervisory Board, deputy president of Management Board of the company “South Stream Serbia AG Zug”, as well as co-director at Novi Sad’s company “Južni tok d.o.o.” During the performance of the aforementioned duties, the first gas storage unit in the Republic of Serbia was built, after nearly 30 years of anticipation. The storage unit has capacity of 450 million cubic metres, and fulfills primary needs of the Republic of Serbia during winter and in times of crisis. The insurance company in its second business year registered positive financial results, which is a unique case in the Serbian financial sector. By its financial indicators, it surpassed many much larger companies which conduct business on the Serbian market. Within the South Stream project, a final investment decision was made, and construction began in November 2013. Full-capacity works are expected in mid-2014, in order to transport the first quantities of gas to final consumers in 2016. Alongside these activities, Dušan Bajatović is a deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, chairman of the Board for Defense and Internal Affairs, and a member of NATO Parliamentary Assembly. He is a member of a number of national and international organizations, the most significant being membership in the European Business Congress, where he is a member of the Presidential Committee. He has received many awards for accomplishments in economy in 2010, golden plaquette for visionary of the year, the most humane person in Serbia award, as well as “golden lighthouse” – marketing venture of the year. His generosity was awarded by the Serbian Radio Television, and the TV show “Kvadratura kruga”. President of sports association “Vojvodina” in Novi Sad. He has been donating to charity his fees for membership in management boards. He is fluent in Russian, and has a good command of English.

Olivera Vitorović

Olivera has been working with the European Integration Office of the Government of the Republic of Serbia since 2005 were she is the Head of the Energy, Transport, Trans- European Networks and Electronic Communications Group. Her main responsibilities are coordinating the process of the approximation of the EU acquis with the relevant national legislation, as well as coordinating the activities of the national authorities and providing expert assistance to the national authorities involved in the EU integration process. During the year of 2010 she was a secondee on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the Energy Community Secretariat where she participated in the review of the progress of implementation of the Energy Community acquis in the Contracting parties to the Energy Community Treaty and the process of implementation of legal obligations assumed under the Treaty with regard to the Energy Community dispute settlement procedure. She has extensive experience working in the energy sector and she was employed as a lawyer in a public enterprise for electric energy transmission and transmission system control. Olivera graduated from the Law School University of Belgrade in 1997 and in 2003 she passed the Serbian bar exam. She completed a specialist study program in Energy Law at the Law School University of Belgrade and she holds an LL.M degree in South East European Law and European Integration from the University Karl-Franzens in Graz, Austria where she presented her master thesis “Approximation of Energy Legislation in Serbia in view of the Treaty establishing the Energy Community” in 2010.