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December 25th 2009

The rating of magazine “Hello” higher than the rating of magazine “Story”

For the first time since 2007, which is the year when magazine “Hello” was published in Serbia for the first time, magazine “Hello” has received higher rating than magazine “Story”, which has been present on the market since 2005.  

According to “Strategic Marketing” data for the period from December, 14th to December, 20th 2009, the following celebrity magazines received the ratings as listed below:

  • Magazine “Svet” – 352 557 readers,
  • Magazine “Scandal” – 328 625 readers,
  • Magazine “Gloria” – 184 305 readers,
  • Magazine “Hello” – 134 683 readers,
  • Magazine “Story” – 128 114 readers and
  • Magazine “Plus” – 119 244 readers. 

Out of six weekly magazines published in Serbia, “Color Press Group” publishes three which occupy the first (magazine “Svet”), the second (magazine “Scandal”) and the fourth (magazine “Hello”) position on the list.

December 2th 2009

First Edition of „The Economist“ in Serbia

„Color Press Group“ in collaboration with the British magazine „The Economist“, is preparing a special licensed edition „The World in 2010“ for the Serbian market.

So far, this magazine has been published in twenty-eight countries worldwide, and the Serbian edition will be twenty-ninth. A publication regarding 2009 had an overall circulation of 1.105.094 copies, together with over 3 million readers. Twenty-seven percent of readers are board directors, whereas forty-four percent are senior managers. Detailed data could be found in an enclosed presentation.

For „The Economist: The world u 2010“ articles are contributed by:

  • Russian President – Dmitry Medvedev,
  • South African President Jacob Zuma
  • Chairman and CEO of the company „Yahoo“ – Carol Bartz,
  • Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund – Dominique Strauss-Kahn,
  • Chairman of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso

and many other experts in economics and politics, as well as leaders from around the world

. „The Economist: The World in 2010“ will appear on newsstands on December 14th 2009, and will be on sale for three months. The magazine’s circulation is 30.000 copies (128 pages, warm binding, 150 dinars) out of which 29.000 will be distributed through a sale network, while 1.000 will be sent to addresses of managers of the greatest Serbian companies.

December 1th 2009

A Giant Leap of Rating of the Web Portal

The first women’s lifestyle Web portal this week managed to climb onto the eighty-fifth position of the Internet list of Web sites in Serbian, according to ratings publicized by So far, this is the biggest increase indicating how read our portal is, because it reached out of jumping from 102.position. 

In addition to regular sections connected to health issues, care, fashion and other topics of interest to our readers, this rise in rating of the L&Z portal is also due to applying and voting at the contest to choose the Face of the “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine, which is organized by “Color Press Group” in collaboration with Fashion TV SEE in all six former Yugoslav countries.     


November 9th 2009

CPG’s Representatives Attended WMM in Dubai

'Svet' i 'Ubavina i zdravje' i dalje lideri u Makedoniji

Robert ČobanInternational fair of licences, Worldwide Magazine Marketplace, organized by FIPP, this year was held in a hotel “Jumeirah Beach” in Dubai. “Color Press Group” at WMM was represented by Robert Čoban and Miroslav Vajda, who attended a number of meetings with current as well as with future licensing partners in Dubai. 

Panel-attendants agreed on many lectures that in 2010 the world’s media industry would begin to leave the crisis – investments in advertising in magazines are again on the rise in Europe and in the USA, where they have been dropping for over a year. On the other hand, there is belief that after the end of the crisis, media scene will no longer be the same, because aggressive expansion of the Internet on the account of print editions has completely altered the structure of this industry. 

'Svet' i 'Ubavina i zdravje' i dalje lideri u Makedoniji

'Svet' i 'Ubavina i zdravje' i dalje lideri u Makedoniji One attendant expressed an interesting comparison: “We, employed at print media, today are reminiscent of monks in monasteries who were copying the books by hand at a moment when Gutenberg appeared. They just waved a hand and said it was an ephemeral thing. By using his printing press, Gutenberg quickly eliminated copying by hand, and in order to survive, the monks had to turn to other endeavors – to produce cheese, wine, brandy… It is time we started to produce cheese!”, half jokingly, half seriously, said Patrick Moreau, representative of the French company “Figaro”.  


October 29th 2009

“Svet” and “Ubavina i zdravje” Still on Leading Positions in Macedonia 

U septembru samo 'CPG', 'EPH' i '24 sata' zabeležili porast prihoda od oglasa!In September, researches conducted by the “Strategic marketing & media research” agency showed that our company’s publications were still holding the leading positions among the most-read magazines in Macedonia. Magazines “Svet” and “Ubavina i zdravje” are on the top of the list, which is reflected in the ratings: 2,89% and 2,70%.

By presenting actual news from the showbiz world and latest trends in the beauty and health department, editorial crews of these two publications will continue their efforts to justify the confidence of readership audience in Macedonia, thus retaining their leading positions.

October 26th 2009

Record Visits on Web Portals and

U septembru samo 'CPG', 'EPH' i '24 sata' zabeležili porast prihoda od oglasa!During a week between October 16th and October 22nd 2009, absolute records were registered concerning the number of visits and number of viewed pages on a showbiz Web portal Tuesday, October 20th, was the day when the record was broken, because 37.567 visits were registered, as well as 249.301 viewed pages.

Alongside regular following of actual happenings in Serbian reality shows – “Big Brother”, “The Farm” and “Survivor”, this leap in the number of visits is beyond doubt also due to exclusive paparazzo photographs of Svetlana Ražnatović and her new boyfriend Vladimir Cvetković, which were exclusively published by the Web portal on that day.

Similar tendencies are evident by the Web portal, because a record in the number of visits was registered on October 22nd, namely 7.908 visitors and 29.648 viewed pages.

October 16th 2009

JOY-face is being sought after, to become a new star of the fashion editorial!

U septembru samo 'CPG', 'EPH' i '24 sata' zabeležili porast prihoda od oglasa!Mutual activity of the magazine “Joy” and Erste Bank, with the support of shopping malls Delta City, Bazar, Ušće and Mercator

The magazine “Joy” has provided an opportunity for all its readers to appear in their favourite magazine, in one of its fashion editorials, as well as to win excellent prizes and sign a contract with a fashion agency “Click”! Under professional guidance of leading stylists, visage masters and hairdressers, our finalists will pose in front of cameras of top class fashion photographers, while the best photographs will be published.

Sponsor of the money prize ERSTE BANK provides a reward for the winner and two finalists, namely 1.000, 500 and 300 Euros! Coupons for applying to the contest have been published in the latest issue of JOY, whereas applications (even without coupons) could be submitted to one of the numerous JOY stands situated at the following locations: SHOPPING MALL DELTA CITY in Belgrade, Bazar in Novi Sad, SHOPPING CENTER UŠĆE in Belgrade and TC Mercator in Novi S

October 13th 2009

In September, the only ones with a rise in advertising income were “CPG”, “EPH” and “24 sata”!

U septembru samo 'CPG', 'EPH' i '24 sata' zabeležili porast prihoda od oglasa!
source: SMMRI PrintAdex difference for IX 2008. / IX 2009.

Although the first signs of leaving the recession are now emerging in the field of media industry in Europe and in the USA, in our country most publishers are still facing worse results in comparison with the corresponding period last year. According to data by “Strategic Marketing” (SMMI Print Adex), this September only three publishers did register a rise in advertising income, comparing with the corresponding month last year.

These are namely: “24 sata” (+21.23%), “Color Press Group” (+19.89%) and “Europapress” (+16.92%). All other publishers, on the first ten positions in Serbia, registered a fall in advertising income in comparison with September 2008. The fall is drastic with companies “Kurir info” (-34.68%), “Press Publishing Group” (-32.24%), and “Adria Media Serbia” (-24.12%).

These data are even more drastic concerning the fact that they are expressed in Dinars, taking into account that last September the exchange rate between Dinar and Euro was 80, whereas this year it is 93 (-16%).

September 21th 2009

“Svet” and “Ubavina i zdravlje” Are Still the Most Read Magazines in Macedonia!

'Hello!' po rejtingu pretekao 'Puls' i približio se magazinu 'Story'!

According to researches conducted in August by the “Strategic Marketing & Media Research” marketing agency, in Macedonia the most read publications are still “Svet” and “Ubavina i zdravlje”. The tabloid “Svet”, which follows a showbiz scene in the entire region, for the sixth consecutive year registers the greatest number of readers in this country.

'Hello!' po rejtingu pretekao 'Puls' i približio se magazinu 'Story'!Furthermore, according to results of this research, in competition of all weekly and monthly magazines in Macedonia, the second place is taken by another publication of ours, the women’s lifestyle magazine “Ubavina i zdravlje”.

When compared to the entire population, the rating of the most read tabloid, “Svet”, is 4.5%, whereas the second-placed “Ubavina i zdravlje” registers overall rating of 3.15%. Behind them are magazines “Hrana i vino” with 2.15% and “Fokus” with 2.05%. 

September 21th 2009

In Terms of Rating, “Hello!” Surpassed “Puls” and Came Close to the Magazine “Story”!

'Hello!' po rejtingu pretekao 'Puls' i približio se magazinu 'Story'!According to the latest data by “Strategic Marketing”, our weekly magazine “Hello!” was read by 145.238 Serbian citizens during the week as of September 7th until September 13th, which marks this magazine’s record since it was launched on our market.

During the aforementioned week, “Hello!” surpassed the magazine “Puls” (140.141 readers), coming close to its nearest competitor, the magazine “Story” (194.313 readers).

The other two celebrity weeklies published by the company “Color Press Group” – “Svet” (357.482 readers) and “Scandal” (316.146 readers) are still holding the first and second position respectively, while the magazine “Gloria” is on the third place (228.449 readers).

September 14th 2009

“Svet”, “Scandal” and “Hello!” Have Reached New Records in Terms of Sales and Rating!

CPG, EPH i 24 sata jedini ostvarili rast u julu!

Three celebrity magazines published by Color Press Group – “Svet”, “Scandal” and “Hello!” over the past month reached new records in terms of sales and rating. According to researches conducted by “Strategic Marketing”, during August “Svet” had 412.752 readers on average among the Serbian citizens between the age of 12 and 65, rating of the magazine “Scandal” was 368.638, whereas that of “Hello!” was 93.427 readers. 

CPG, EPH i 24 sata jedini ostvarili rast u julu!

Overall rating of all three celebrity magazines published by CPG was 875.049, while overall rating of the remaining three celebrity magazines present on the Serbian market (“Gloria”: 265.104, “Story”: 205.758 and “Puls”: 122.593) was 583.455. 

The rating data follow excellent data from the distribution of press, and hence the latest issues of CPG’s celebrity magazines have reached records in sales: “Svet” issue number 635 was sold in 90.366 copies, “Scandal” issue number 274 – 66.263 copies and “Hello!” issue number 87 – 26.348 copies. It is implied that these data refer only to Serbia, keeping in mind that all three magazines have significant sales in the region, whereas “Svet” has separate editions for the diaspora, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and FYRO Macedonia.  

Interesting is the fact that out of 6 magazines with the highest rating in August as many as four are published by CPG: “Lepota i zdravlje”, “Svet”, “Scandal” and “Bravo”, while the remaining two are – “Blic žena” and “Hrana i vino”.

August 13th 2009

CPG, EPH and “24 sata” the only ones with rise in July!

CPG, EPH and “24 sata” the only ones with rise in July!
Source: SMMRI PrintAdex difference for VII 2008. / VII 2009.

During the previous month, decrease in advertising income compared to the corresponding month last year was continued. Out of twelve greatest publishers in Serbia, only CPG, EPH and “24 sata” registered rise in comparison with July last year, whereas all the others registered fall in advertising income. The largest decrease in terms of percentage is by Adria Media – 24%, Politika – 26%, Attica Media – 33% and Kurir Info – 28%. 

CPG, EPH i 24 sata jedini ostvarili rast u julu!
Source: SMMRI PrintAdex for period 1. – 31.07.2009

“Taken individually, the greatest advertising income in the field of magazines this month as well was by “Gloria”, followed by “Blic zena”, “Joy”, “Story”, “Lepota i

zdravlje”, “Hello!”, “Svet”, “Grazia”, “Sat plus” and “Scandal”. Out of 10 magazines with the highest advertising income, 5 are published by CPG.”

July 29th 2009

Color Press Group on Wikipedia!

Color Press Group na Wikipediji!

Wikipedia is a Web based multi lingual encyclopedia with various contents. The prefix “wiki” implies that the data concerning people and notions are gathered in collaboration with numerous volunteers, which means that most of the texts could be altered by anyone with Internet access and appropriate Web browsers. 

To have your own Web page on the most famous Internet encyclopedia, taking the seventh place in terms of number of visits on the entire Internet, with over 60 million visits a month, is a sign of prestige, and the information concerning our company is available at:


July 20th 2009 – 16. mesto, – 95 mesto! - 16. mesto, - 97 mesto!

According to the Web Site (, the most read showbiz portal in Serbia and in the region –, as of July 18th 2009 takes the sixteenth place among portals in Serbian worldwide, and still holds the first position among portals in Serbian dealing with entertainment and showbiz.



As a matter of fact, still ahead of us are media companies’ web sites:,,,, and





The lifestyle portal for women LEPOTAiZDRAVLJE.RS, which our company has launched within “Future Media”, a mutual firm with McCann Erickson PR, also registers continuous rise in the number of visits, and at the moment holds 97. position, which is a brilliant result after two and a half months since the beginning of work.




July 14th 2009

In June, “Color Press Group” was the only publisher with an increase in advertising income!

Hello! po nizoj ceni

According to the data provided by “Strategic Marketing” in June 2009 – in comparison with the corresponding month last year – only the magazines published by “Color Press Group” experienced a rise in advertising income (+7,27%), while all the other big publishers of daily newspapers and magazines in Serbia faced the fall.

The greatest decrease in advertising income was registered at publishers of dailies “Novosti” (-25,88%), “Kurir” (-28,21%) and “Politika” (-39,64%).

Hello! po nizoj ceni

When the data regarding the first half of 2009 are compared with the first six months of 2008, the results are similar, with the exception that the figures referring to advertising income are almost frightening: “Novosti” – 147 million dinars, “Politika” – 121 million, “Kurir Info” – 101 million, “Adria Media Srbija” – 66,5 million, “Ringier” – 66 million…

In this period as well, the rise in advertising income was registered only at “Color Press Group” (+ 70 million dinars). In an ambience where state aid to media and planned adoption of restrictive alternations to the Public Information Law are still missing, these data will only worsen the situation in the Serbian media industry.

July 7th 2009

”Hello!” has lowered its price 

Hello! po nizoj ceni

As of July 7th the magazine “Hello!” will have a nice surprise for its readers. “Hello!” celebrity magazine will be sold at a lower price, and instead of actual 80, it will cost 59 dinars. 

We are still here with loads of exclusive interviews, photographs and news from the world of the rich and famous. 

The magazine appears on newsstands every Tuesday throughout Serbia and Montenegro.

June 29th 2009

The portal SVET.RS has record number of visits!

Portal SVET.RS rekordno posećen!

The most read magazine in Serbia and the region, showbiz portal last week broke all of its own records in the number of visits, gathering over 30.000 visits to the site a day. Only in the course of the last week (June 18th – June 24th) the visitors viewed as many as 1.101.391 pages, with average time of viewing the portal for whole seven minutes and fifteen seconds (Google Analitics).  

According to the site ( the portal is holding the eighteenth position among the portals in Serbian, in the entire world, and the first place in terms of portals in Serbian dealing with entertainment and showbiz themes. 

The women’s lifestyle portal LEPOTAiZDRAVLJE.RS, which was launched by our company within the Future Media, mutual company with McCann Erickson PR, has also registered continuous rise in the number of visits, over the last two weeks reaching the position 135 from the previous position 177 among the sites in the Serbian language. 

June 24th 2009

“SVET” has the widest circulation of all weeklies in Macedonia!

'SVET' najtiražniji nedeljnik u Makedoniji!

SvetThe Macedonian edition of the tabloid “Svet”, which follows happenings in lives and careers of all significant public figures from different fields (showbiz, television, movies, sports, journalism, presentations, modeling…) in the whole of former Yugoslavia, and of course, from Macedonia, still has the widest circulation and the greatest number of readers in this republic. Over the last two years, it has been printed in the Cyrillic letter, and surveys concerning the number of readers and sales of the Macedonian “Svet” have been conducted by the “Strategic Marketing & Media Research”, the agency in whose enclosed chart referring to May 2009 it is clearly shown that “Svet” is a magazine with the greatest circulation in Macedonia, leaving all the other weekly publications far behind.

In fact, “Svet” is read equally by men and women, between twenty and fifty-five years of age. With a success boost, the team around the Macedonian “Svet”, founded by the “Kolor-medija”, is preparing a huge birthday party near Skoplje in the beginning of July, where “Svet” ‘s 200th issue will be celebrated, as well as the eighth anniversary of this celebrity magazine in Macedonia.

June 11, 2009.

In comparison with the corresponding month last year, the decline in advertising revenues continued in May

U maju nastavljen pad prihoda od oglasa u odnosu na isti mesec prošle godine

In May 2009, all ten of the greatest publishers of daily newspapers and magazines in Serbia registered a drop in advertising revenues when compared to the corresponding month last year. The weakest fall was by the publishing houses “Ringier” (3%) and “Color Press Group” (2%), while the greatest one was registered at companies “Adria Media” (-27%), “Politika” (-38%) and “Kurir info” (-56%). 

The fact that April and May, alongside November and December, are traditionally the months with the highest advertising income should be taken into account, bearing in mind that three “critical” summer months are ahead of us. 

It remains to be seen whether the Serbian Government’s intervention to aid media in terms of the economic slowdown, which should be adopted in the upcoming two weeks (according to anticipations, among them is the temporary liberalization of a restriction regarding the advertising of alcoholic drinks), will help the Serbian media, which have been registering the decline in advertising revenues for six consecutive months already. 

In other European countries and in the United States the situation is not brighter, because the drops in advertising revenues have also been registered there, while for the time being the only exception from this trend is in the developing countries, such as India, Brazil and China.

Press Clipping

May 25, 2009.

Overall Rating of the CPG’s Editions for the First Time Has Crossed the 3-Million Line!

Ukupni rejting izdanja CPG prvi put prešao granicu od 3 miliona!

According to the “Strategic Marketing” March survey, some of the magazines issued by the “Color Press Group” were read by 3.038.689 Serbian citizens between twelve and sixty-five years of age.

Furthermore, this is the first time since the SMMRI started conducting researches of how popular among the readers the print media in Serbia are, that our company has crossed the “magic line” of three million readers. This rise in the overall rating has been supported by joining the weekly “Scandal” to the CPG’s edition portfolio, as well as by the rise in circulation and popularity among the reading public of the magazine “Lepota i Zdravlje”, following the price drop from 120 to 99 dinars.

This rating shows that the CPG’s editions are more popular than overall ratings of magazines published by companies which take the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place.

May 20, 2009.

“Future Media” join venture of “Color Press Group” and “McCann Ericson PR”, has been presented to the public

Today, at the press conference, in front of many media representatives, Color Press Group, the leading magazine publisher in the region and McCann Erickson Public Relations, the greatest specialized agency for business communications, represented their future joint projects.

Namely, these two companies have decided to unite their potentials and found a new company, Future Media d.o.o, whose main purpose will be to find new tools and communication channels in corporate and internet publishing.

MA Borislav Miljanovic, the manager of McCann Erickson Public Relations, who said that this is the right time for the company in which he is a manager, to get actively involved in online media publishing. “This leading agency for communications has recognized the importance of the Internet as the electronic medium, so two years ago, it was the first and the only agency that founded an independent sector which exclusively deals with the application of the Internet in public relations”, Miljanovic said.

Robert Coban, director of Color Press Group also expressed great delight with the partnership in Future Media. “As the greatest magazine publisher in the country and in the region, Color Press Group intends to use its long-lasting experience in publishing to provide the services of the greatest quality in the domain of corporate publishing as well.

Also, we wish to take a step into the world of the new media – the media of the future and the Internet is definitely one of them, because once the economic crisis is over, media industry will never be the same again”, Coban said.

Apart from the abovementioned, the conference was attended by Milica Milic, director of corporate communications in Color Press Group, Sreten Radovic, director of Color Media Universal, Goran Radulovic, advertising director of Color Press Group. The directors of the newly founded company, Tamara Bartos and Miloje Sekulic also presented themselves. Miloje Sekulic, in charge of the Internet in this company, presented the first project of Future media, portal entitled, while Dragana Cosic, a journalist from Studio B was excellent as the moderator of the conference.

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May 14, 2009.

Color Press Group – Income from advetising rose by 39% compared to the same month last year!

Altough a rise in income from advertising has been recorded in the last two months in Serbian print media compared to the beginning of the year, however, when the data are compared to the same period in 2008, a drop in income is still recorded at the level of the whole publishing industry.

Source: SMMRI – PrintAdex, april 2008. / april 2009.

According to the data of Strategic Marketing, only three out of 12 greatest publishers in Serbia have recorded a rise in income from advertising (CPG +39%, Media Max +19% and EMG +1%). Europapress has recorded an income equal to last year’s (47 million dinars), while other eight companies recorded a drop ranging from 11% (as in the case of „Ringier“ and „24 sata“) up to 57% as in the case of „Kurir info“ company.

May 11, 2009

37th FIPP Congress in London

Last week, 37th FIPP congress was held in London (, international association of magazine publishers which gathers all the biggest publishers of periodical press in the world. According to the most participants, this has certainly been one of the best organized FIPP congresses so far, and the venue, impressive Old Billingsgate, which used to be a fish market during the 18th century, was swarming with delegates from all the continents, more than 1,000 of them. Jonathan Newhouse, president of Conde Nast company (Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Vanity Fair… ), Maurice Levy, president of Publicis Group, Matt Brittin from Google UK, Will Whitehorn, president of Virgin Galactic and many others were distinguished names among lecturers and panelists. As it was the case with the last two congresses, in New York in 2005 and in Beijing 2007, Serbia was represented by Robert Coban, the president of Color Press Group. The Congress was also attended by the representatives of Adria Media – Peter van Kol, Tomas Drozg and Bernd Rademann, as well as Stipe Oreskovic from EPH in Zagreb. The main topic of the Congress was, of course, dramatic economic crisis which affected publishing industry worldwide. The general estimate is that nothing will ever be the same after the recession and that numerous „traditional media“ will have to adjust significantly to the new habits of their consumers and to transfer a significant amount of content to the new platforms such as the Internet and mobile phones. Congress opening was held at Kensington Palace, one of the castles of the British Royal family, where Queen Victoria used to live, but it is best known as the last home of Princess Diana. The closing night of the congress was especially impressive – a spectacular party, sponsored by DHL, was organized at Saatchi Gallery in London Chelsea. The next FIPP congress will be held in 2011 in New Delhi, India.

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 Saatchi Gallery – closing ceremony
 Saatchi Gallery – closing ceremony
 Saatchi Gallery – closing ceremony

 Kensington Palace – opening reception
 Kensington Palace – opening reception
 Old Bilingsgate – FIPP kongres

May 4, 2009

“Ljepota i zdravlje”, issue of “Beauty and Health” for Montenegro, at all the newsstands 

'Ljepota i zdravlje', izdanje za Crnu Goru, na svim kioscimaBy the launch of “Ljepota i zdravlje”, Montenegro became the last of the six former Yugoslav republic with the issue of this magazine.

Vesna Cadjenovic, one of the most famous journalists in Montenegro is the editor-in-chief of this magazine. It will be sold at the price of EUR 1.00 and the initial circulation will be 15,000 copies. Apart from the local companies and mobile phone operators, this project was supported by the greatest international cosmetic brands such as L’Oreal and Nivea as advertisers.

Launch party for the Montenegrin issue of “Ljepota i Zdravlje” will be held at May 7, in hotel “Splendid” in Becici. 

“Lepota i zdravlje” was launched in Serbia in January 2001, the issue for Slovenia (L&Z) and for Bosnia and Herzegovina (“Ljepota i zdravlje”) was started in 2007, issues for Macedonia (“Ubavina i zdravlje”) and Croatia (“Ljepota i zdravlje”) in 2008, and finally the Montenegrin issue (“Ljepota i zdravlje”) in 2009. As we have informed the public before, this magazine brand assumes the leading position at the market of female monthly magazines in Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is among the top five in Croatia and Slovenia.

April 28, 2009.

The launch of the first female lifestyle portal in Serbian,

The launch of the first female lifestyle portal in Serbian,

After the great success of the regional showbiz portal, which in less than half a year became one of the top 20 visited websites in Serbian, Color Press Group, in cooperation with McCann Erickson, started another similar project.

On Monday, April 27, at noon sharp,, the first female lifestyle portal was launched. Apart from the array of subjects from the areas which are tackled in the following magazines of CPG – “Lepota i zdravlje”, “Moja 
beba”, “Beauty Expert”, “BravaCasa”, “JOY”, “Lekovito bilje”, “Dobra 
hrana” and other – the new portal will include fresh news from all the areas of interest of a modern woman, such as horoscopes, videos, advice of the day, beauty and medical shop, chat with nutritionists, dermatologists and other experts.

This new portal was supported from the beginning by the prestigious domestic and international brands, such as L’Oreal, Max Factor, Banca Intesa, Collistar, Bvlgari, Jacobs, Persil, Dijamant. is the first project of Future Media Co, founded by Color Press Group and McCann Erickson.

April 27, 2009.

At PRO PR congress, at hotel Splendid, Robert Coban held a presentation entitled “To Kill Citizen Kane” related to the crisis in the media 

Na PRO PR kongresu, u hotelu 'Splendid', Robert Čoban održao prezentaciju 'Ubiti građanina Kejna' na temu krize u medijima

PRO PR congress was held Splendid hotel in Becici, in Montenegro, between April 22-25, and as it happens every year, it gathered marketing, PR and communication experts from the whole region. Robert Coban, the president of Color Press Group, was among the many speakers from the former Yugoslavian republics, but there were also speakers from Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria.

The presentation was entitled “To Kill Citizen Kane” (download PDF) related to the crisis in the media industry in the region, but also worldwide.

The majority of speakers at the congress pointed out that during the crisis, companies that wish to keep their share of the market, should continue their marketing and PR activities, because otherwise, after the recession, they may be suppressed by companies that continued to invest in this area.

Press Clipping

Na PRO PR kongresu, u hotelu 'Splendid', Robert Čoban održao prezentaciju 'Ubiti građanina Kejna' na temu krize u medijima
Taboo #85 / download PDF

April 22, 2009.

Snezana Dakic-Mikic received Hello! magazine award for the best public personality styling

Snežana Dakić-Mikić dobila nagradu 'Hello!' magazina za najbolji stajling javne ličnosti

Each year, the end of Jacob’s Fashion Selection is marked by traditional awards, this year this event was organized by Select fashion agency in Admiral hotel. Fashion journalists were the members of the fashion jury, and the winners were announced in front of a large number of guests.

Suzana Peric was given the award for the best visual identity fashion show, Mexx for the best brand collection, Zvonko Markovic for the best designer collection, AMC for the best collection by a fashion company, Marina Cvetkovic won the title of the best young designer, Bojana Vujadinovic and Veselin Doknic won the title of the best model, Vanja Josic became a new face in fashion, and Isidora Bjelica was given the award for the best fashion show, according to the readers of Blic. Magazine Hello! picked the authoress and the TV persona, Snezana Dakic-Mikic, as the public personality with the best styling. Cocktail was served after the official part of the programme, and the party continued until small hours in good spirits.

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April 23, 2009

HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ

HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ

HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar II Karadjordjevic and Princess Katarina visited the headquarters of Color Press Group in Novi Sad last Thursday. The cooperation of Color Press Group and Royal Family goes back to the launch party of Hello! magazine which took place at the White Palace in July 2007 and ever since, our company has been regularly supporting all the humanitarian and other activities of the Court.

In conversation with Robert Coban, the president of CPG, Prince Aleksandar and Princess Katarina, showed their interest in the effects of financial crisis on media industry in Serbia as well in the plans and activities of CPG in the region.

During their visit which lasted considerably longer than the regular protocol entailed, both parties expressed satisfaction with their cooperation so far. Also, they have agreed on several joint actions and on the participation of Princess Katarina Foundation in CPG project entitled „Sunshine of Happiness“, which is dedicated to homes for handicapped chilren in Vojvodina

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HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ

HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ

HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar the 2nd and Princess Katarina visited CPG HQ

March 29, 2009.

In only six months, portal made it to the top 25 websites in Serbian!

In only six months, portal made it to the top 25 websites in Serbian! In less than six months, portal has become a leading regional showbiz portal and according to the statistics of service, made it to the top 25 websites in Serbian (23rd position), leaving behind websites and portals that have existed for years, such as (25), (26), (27), (28)…

Portal za samo šest meseci svrstao se među prvih 25 sajtova na srpskom jeziku!

In March 2009, portal was visited by 710,000 people which equals 23,000 visitors daily, on average, while the number of opened pages rose to 4.5 million, and the average time spent on the website amounts to 8 minutes and 24 seconds. After achieving such a success with portal, Color Press Group is preparing the launch of the female lifestyle portal which is planned for the end of April.

March 29, 2009

Color Press Group – a sponsor of Serbian Olympic Committee

Color Press Group – a sponsor of Serbian Olympic Committee On March 25, a media sponsorship contract, which will enable Color Press Group to support this important sporting institution, was signed on the premises of Serbian Olympic Committee.

Robert Coban, president of the leading magazine publishing company on the market and Vlade Divac, president of Serbian Olympic Committee signed the contract. Media sponsorship contract is valid through Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010. and Summer Olympic Games in London 2012. With this document, which was signed in front of numerous representatives of the media, Color Press Group made its contribution by promoting sports in many magazines it publishes. Prior to the signing of the contract, Robert Coban said: “Our company comprehends the importance of sports and sportsmen in the promotion of this country, and indeed, in certain moments in the past, only the sportsmen represented our country in the right way and were the only ones who contributed to its positive image in the world. This should not be forgotten, especially now, in the time of great economic crisis and reduction of all the costs, because especially in the following period, the state should not deny financial and organizational support to sportsmen. I hope that other companies will follow in our footsteps and make their contribution to sports in the next Olympic cycle.” Vlade Divac, president of Serbian Olympic Committee said afterwards: “By signing the sponsorship contract with Color Press Group Company, we have officially started creating a sponsorship pool for the Olympic Games in London in 2012. We highly appreciate any support, especially from the leading magazine publisher in the region.”

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Izdanja CPG najčitanija u Makedoniji

March 25, 2009

In Macedonia CPG publications have the highest readership rates

In Macedonia CPG publications have the highest readership ratesMacedonian edition of the “Svet” tabloid, published by “Kolor medija Makedonija”, member of the “Color Press Group”, for the sixth successive year holds its place among the most read in the Republic of Macedonia, and in February 2009 it broke the record both in terms of sales and readership, therefore holding the first place with the rating of 5,513%. According to the latest research results (including all weekly and monthly magazines in Macedonia), on the second place there is also a publication by “Kolor medija Makedonija”- “Ubavina i zdravje” magazine, which was launched in May last year.

March 18, 2009

“Bravo ScreenFun” competition

'Bravo ScreenFun' competition Last Saturday, Delta City in Belgrade was a host to the tournament that gathered numerous fans of video games. At CRYPTON PLANET, Bravo ScreenFun magazine along with its sponsors CT COMPUTERS, EXTREME CC, EX ECENTAR organized a competition in FIFA 09 video game.

About a hundred boys of different ages fought ferociously to become the top three who received valuable awards. We came up with two best players by elimination in six rounds and they met in a final derby. After a longstanding fight, Vladimir Djedovic from Smederevo earned the title of the best player of FIFA and was awarded with the latest Sony PSP, and all the other contestants got the latest issue of Bravo ScreenFun with news from the world of video games as a consolation prize. Fanta, official drink of the tournament, also contributed to their having fun.

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March 6, 2009

Decline in advertising income in Serbian printed media continues in February

Decline in advertising income in Serbian printed media continues in February In comparison to February 2008, decline in advertising income was recorded in seven out of ten major newspaper and magazine publishers in Serbia. Advertising income has risen only in the following publishing houses: “Press Publishing Group” (+25%) and “Color Press Group” (+50%) while “Europapress” realized the same income as in the previous year.

March 2, 2009

Beauty&Health at the cost of 99 dinars has raised circulation for 50%!

Beauty&Health at the cost of 99 dinars has raised circulation for 50%!Relaunch of Beauty&Health magazine, which costs 99 dinars instead of 120 since starting from February with its 96th issue, proved to be a huge success – the sold circulation is raised for 50% and it now amounts to 36.882 copies.

In comparison to January issue the sale has increased in 11.553 copies, which is a 45% rise, and in comparison to December issue the leap is even higher – 13.075 copies or 54%!!! In a few days, when ABC Serbia completes its official audit of this issue, all the advertisers and agencies will receive a valid certificate. The rise in circulation was followed by the rise in rating of Beauty&Health which amounts to 426.917 readers according to the research of Strategic Marketing agency, and this is a confirmation of a firm number one position among female glossy magazines in Serbia.

As a reminder, we note that Beauty&Health is a leading magazine on the markets of Macedonia (Ubavina i zdravje), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Ljepota i zdravlje), Slovenia (L&Z), Croatia (Ljepota i zdravlje) and is among the top five highest rating monthly magazines. Since this spring, a regional issue of this magazine will appear in Montenegro, so Beauty&Health will cover all six republics of former Yugoslavia, thus confirming its status as the most successful magazine brand in the region.

March 2, 2009

On the newsstands across Montenegro:
“Hello! Montenegro”, # 1

On the newsstands across Montenegro: A regular monthly supplement for Hello! for the territory of Montenegro appeared today along with the basic issue of this magazine on the newsstands across the country.

Hello! Montenegro will initially be published as a supplement once a month, every last Thursday in the month, and starting from this summer, it is planned to be issued weekly. On the cover of the first issue is the legendary Montenegrin sportsman, Ivan Strugar, who was exclusively photographed for Hello! Montenegro with his daughter Ana. Hello! Montenegro will regularly follow the lives of Montenegrin showbiz stars and other events in public life and culture. The launch of the supplement of Hello! magazine for Montenegro has been supported by the leading advertisers in this country since the very first issue, such as mobile phone operators T-Mobile and Promonte.

February 26, 2009

From now on – a Slovenian issue of Bravo Girl and My Hair!

Od sada i slovenačko izdanje magazina Bravo Girl i My Hair!Starting from the next month, Color Press Group will launch Slovenian editions of Bravo Girl (published under licence by Heinrich Bauer Verlag, Hamburg) and My Hair (published under licence by Origin Publishing from London). Bravo Girl will be issued in Slovenian six times a year, whereas My Hair will initially be issued twice a year (in May and November).

Barbara Fisher will be the editor of My Hair magazine and her colleague, Barbara Banovic will be the editor of Bravo Girl. Along with the rest of our editions in Slovenia (Bravo, L&Z (Beauty&Health), BravaCasa, Lepe princeze and Romansa (Romance)), these two magazines will be published by Mediatop company from Maribor, JV Color Press Group and our partner in Slovenia, Videotop company

February 12, 2009

Only Color Press Group magazines recorded a rise in advertising income in comparison to January 2008!

According to the data which Strategic Marketing published early in february, there has been a sharp decline in advertising income in comparison to January 2008 recorded with virtually all the publishers of printed media in Serbia. Out of 12 biggest newspaper and magazine publishers in Serbia, only Color Press Group company had a recorded rise in advertising income, while in certain companies the recorded decline amounted to 72 %.

Gross advertising income in millions of dinars:
Only Color Press Group magazines recorded a rise in advertising income in comparison to January 2008!
SMMRI – PrintAdex, january 2008 – january 2009

Total decline in advertising income with top 12 publishers in Serbia amounts to 147 million dinars, which is the average -33%, which will certainly cause major upheaval on Serbian media scene.

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Samo magazini 'Color Press Group' zabeležili rast prihoda od oglasa u odnosu na januar prošle godine!


February 9, 2009

The new website of our Croatian branch –

The new website of our Croatian branch – Croatian publishing house “Mediatop” which was founded by Color Press Group and Slovenian company “Videotop”, launched its new internet website last week. (

This company is a successful publisher of the following magazines in Croatia: “Ljepota i zdravlje”, “Bravo”, “Brava Casa”, “FHM” and is among the top three magazine publishing houses in this republic.

February 3, 2009

The ambassador of Great Britain visited “Color Press Group” company The ambassador of Great Britain visited “Color Press Group” company

His Excellency, the ambassador of Great Britain in Belgrade, Mr Stephen Wordsworth visited the new premises of “Color Press Group” company in Novi Sad. Ambassador Wordsworth became interested in plans of CPG in Serbia and in the region, as well as in the ideas which our company offered as a solution to the current economic crisis in the domain of publishing.

Ambassador Wordsworth and Mr Dusan Mihajilovic from UK Embassy talked to Milica Milic, Miroslav Vajda and Robert Coban from “Color Press Group” about the current propositions on the new media laws in Serbia.

February 2, 2009

“Svet” beats records again – 455,883 readers“Svet” beats records again – 455,883 readers

For years, weekly magazine “Svet” had been Serbian celebrity magazine with the highest circulation, and now it has beaten its own record once again.

The previous issue announcing the interview with Natasa Bekvalac on the cover was read, according to the research carried out by Strategic Marketing, by 455,833 Serbian citizens between 12 and 65 years of age.

Other celebrity weeklies, according to the same research, have significantly lower circulation: Gloria (270,655), Scandal! (275,183), Puls (179,163) and Story (168,078). All the data apply to the period of January 19 – 25, 2009.

January 19, 2009

“Ljepota i zdravlje“ (Beauty&Health) – the most widely read magazine in Bosnia and Herzegovina

'Ljepota i zdravlje' ubedljivo najčitaniji magazin u BiH!

“Ljepota i zdravlje“ magazine, published by „Color Media BiH“ company, the member of „Color Press Group“, is read regularly or occasionally by 23.83 % of the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the absolute record concerning the circulation of any magazine ever since „Media Puls“ has been conducting its research.

„Lepota i zdravlje“ with a reach of 11 % is ranked first, ahead of „Zdravlje u kući“ (8.6 %) and „Azra“ (8.2 %), „Express“ (8.0 %) and „Svijet“ (5.8 %).

According to this research, „Ljepota i zdravlje“ is read mostly by women (87.9 %), whose age ranges from 20 to 29 (35.5 %) and from 30 to 39 (36 %). 

'Ljepota i zdravlje' ubedljivo najčitaniji magazin u BiH!

This magazine has been the most widely read monthly magazine in Serbia for years, and since a few months ago in Macedonia as well, while it is ranked among the top five magazines in Croatia and Slovenia. 

Ljepota & Zdravlje 2009

January 15, 2009

With rating of 112,311, Hello! magazine has beaten its own record!With rating of 112,311, Hello! magazine has beaten its own record!

After the issue featuring the twins of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was read by 109,809 Serbian citizens last August, Hello! magazine beat its own record once more at the beginning of 2009.

The rating of the first issue in January with Svetlana Raznatovic on the cover, according to the research of Strategic Marketing, was 112,311.

The research has been carried out on the sample of 1,503 citizens of Serbia without Kosovo, which represents 5,395,376 citizens between 12 and 65 years of age.