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December, 24 2012.

Presentation of the magazine “The Economist: The World in 2013” to students from the Faculty of Political Sciences

Center for studies of the United States of America of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade and “Color Press Group” organized today a promotion of a special annual issue of the Serbian version of the English magazine “The Economist: The World in 2013”.

Center for studies of the United States of America of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade and “Color Press Group” organized today a promotion of a special annual issue of the Serbian version of the English magazine “The Economist: The World in 2013”.

At an interesting conference, speakers were Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, publisher of this magazine, Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences Dušan Pavlović PhD, Professor Dragan R. Simić PhD, director of the Center for studies of the United States of America of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade and University Professor, and Boško Jakšić, editor of foreign policy editorial team of the “Politika” daily newspaper.

In front of approximately one hundred students, they spoke of interesting topics that could be read inside the magazine “The Economist: The World in 2013”, as well as about political and economical projections for 2013 in Serbia, Europe and the entire world.

At the end of the promotion, students were granted free issues of the magazine.


December, 21 2012.

In a visit to a homeless people shelter: the number of middle-aged people with higher education on the streets is on the increase

Employees of Color Press Group visited a Homeless Shelter at Futog and provided aid to one of the most endangered social groups.

„With a relaxed chat, Christmas tree, gifts from our sponsors and employees’ donations, we hope that we made upcoming holidays a bit warmer and more optimistic for them. Our dear friends, who regularly participate in the manifestation ‘Housewife of the Month’ were also present. Nadja Dojin, Smilja Telecki and Svetozar Neskovic generously offered to prepare tasty delicacies and sweets to the protégés. We owe special thanks to our friends from ‘BGB Italiana’ company who provided important vitamins and immune system support supplements to these people, ‘Mitsides point’ for their tasty pasta, ‘Carnex’ for valuable packages of dried meat products, as well as ‘Garden Centre’ for a beautiful Christmas tree and decorations,“ Ivana Petrovic, director of marketing and promotion at CPG, said.

Shelter employees told us that their protégés currently need men’s footware and underwear the most, so we will provide these items together with our partners on our next visit. If there are any individuals or companies that are interested in participating in this campaign, we hereby invite them to send an e-mail to

The fact that the number of middle-aged people with higher education on the streets is on the increase is alarming, since many of them ended there over the last ten years during the cruel transitional period and due to various circumstances of life.


December, 19 2012.

Promotion of “The Economist: World in 2013” magazine On the future of global economy and media industry

At Hyatt Regency hotel in Belgrade, a promotion of “The Economist: World in 2013” magazine was held yesterday. It has been published for the Serbian market fourth year in a row by Color Press Group. Guests from the world of business and economic sciences were greeted by Robert Coban, president of CPG, who summed up the business environment in which this company has been working since its foundation in 1992. Laza Kekic, director of The Economist Intelligence Unit for Europe from London and Dejan Ljustina, regional director of PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting agency, held their presentations on projections of economic events in 2013 and predictions concerning the media industry.

Laza Kekic believes that the following years will be difficult and full of challenges for the whole world and our region as well, “Mayan prophecy permitting”

“A part of Europe is in recession and the risk of Eurozone falling apart is still present, however, in lesser extent than before. We have assessed that the probability is between 30% and 40%. Others who claimed that it would certainly fall apart have given the 80% probability estimate; however, they are now making corrections. Therefore, the risk is significant,” Kekic said.

He believes that EU will not survive, if the Greece is expelled from EU. However, the country is safe for the moment, due to the latest aid from the EU. The guest of the Serbian edition of The Economist magazine, which was presented today in Belgrade, said that economic growth is being recorded in Brazil, India and Russia, and also added that the US is faring significantly better than Europe. Problem for the US, however, is fiscal crisis, he warns.

According to Kekic’s estimates, boom in financial market is what follows. The other scenario is the global shock and financial panic in the US and the implosion of global economy. Chances for improvement are slight, and WTG estimates a 25% chance. Rates of growth are still the highest in China, which is still the most successful.

“Eastern Europe is on the road to recovery, but not ‘a very significant one’. The recovery of the Balkans is expected, but it will be rather sluggish,” Kekic said.

The region, i.e. Eastern Europe, has its positive sides (disbalance is less evident), however, negative aspect is that it has fewer possibilities for fiscal stimulus. Banks will be less ready to support their branch offices and foreign capital is being withdrawn from the region, which are all serious risks. The probability of Eurozone falling apart is much higher, and this impacts the region as well. The exposure to crisis in former Yugoslav republics is the highest in Croatia, which is extremely dependent on foreign loans.

“Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Albania are the most susceptible to crisis,” Kekic claims. WTG assessed the quality of life according to various polls and by taking into consideration 10 significant factors. In order to illustrate his presentation, Kekic alerted the listeners to the lines that the character in “The Third Man” by Orson Welles delivers about the creativity which emerges from problems, which is certainly not the case in Switzerland, where only cuckoo clock and chocolate were invented in the last 500 years.

“Boring is the best – if we judge by the aspirations of the modern man,” Kekic concludes.

A survey about the quality of life reveals that countries of Eurozone are not the best place to live. Quality of life: Serbia is behind Hungary and Croatia and ahead of Romania and Bulgaria. Switzerland is still ranked first according to all ten parameters.

When asked about the assessment of the work of Government in the first five months, Kekic said that it is still early to make any predictions.

“I would like to note the new relationship between Dacic and Thaci. Many have feared this Government, and it turns out that it functions differently than many have expected. I think that they are really determined to remain on the track of European integrations. However, I believe that it is still early to make any predictions, since five months is a short period of time. Taking into account extremely difficult situation, I think that it will take half a year in order to do that. Challenges are enormous,” Kekic warned.

In his presentation about the development of media industry over the next five years, Dejan Ljustina from PwC pointed out that the biggest growth will be recorded in the domain of internet and digital television!

“Up to 2016, digital media will ‘almost be equal to television,’” he said, but also added that some of the predictions that mobile devices would “kill television” did not come true.

“Television is still growing, and average viewer spends more time watching television than checking out Facebook,” Ljustina explained.

Newspapers and magazines will also find their way back to the market, primarily magazines, he added. This trend will be possible thanks to economic recovery, but also due to acquiring media liberties in countries which previously had none, as well as those that went through Arab Spring.

The research shows that consumers are combining various media in order to communicate and acquire information, and that the average consumer in Western Europe now has 10 different devices which are used to access media content.

Ljustina added that a significantly lower rate of growth is expected in the customer segment than in the advertiser segment over the next four years. Ljustina anticipated a boost in sales of newspapers and magazines, but also noted that they would be combined with digital media as well:

“The press is still attractive to people, especially magazines, but the readership of the newspapers is also on the increase. The consumption of newspaper material is higher, and possibilities of combining online brands with print editions are also great. Television will still be popular. My impression is that it is because it allows people to be passive. Therefore, the popularity of television will rise globally. Our region is also breaking a record in this domain: 6 hours per citizen per day, while the global average is 3 hours and 10 minutes.”

We are still spending more time watching television than we are spending on social networks.

“The readers want news, and they are reading the entire text only if it really interests them. This is the conclusion of the research of content consumption,” Ljustina said.

He added that the media are the fundamental part of business and national economies, with the power to influence consumers. They are the key in the formation of strong brands. Facebook is a media phenomenon which contributed to the reduction of unemployment.”

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December 18, 2012

CPG organized a traditional New Year gathering at “Amsterdam”

Traditional gathering of the seventh power representatives was organized ahead the end of the year by Color Press Group, at a popular boat-club “Amsterdam” in Belgrade. Hosts of the event, Milica Milić, Sreten Radović and Goran Radulović, on the behalf of CPG greeted the colleagues from other media houses, and all attendees, alongside delicious specialties in a relaxed atmosphere, talked about the past year, including the predictions – what changes the year 2013 holds on our media sky.


December 14, 2012

10th anniversary of JOY magazine

On Thursday night, JOY magazine, one of the first licensed issues that Serbia has seen, celebrated its 10th anniversary in a cheerful and interesting way at the Sova club in Belgrade.

Many guests, public figures and people from successful companies and marketing agencies enjoyed the performance of the fantastic Loco Band, exotic cocktails and tasty food. Apart from that, guests had a chance to enjoy a specially designed corners inspired by various magazine sections. In Dahlia corner, apart from getting acquainted with the new Dahlia products, female guests could put disco or New Year’s make-up. Travel corner and our friends from Big Blue and Cruise & Ferry agencies presented special offers for this winter, spring and summer. Jelena Bacic Alimpic was the hostess of the book corner and together with people from Laguna publishing company, she spent time with the guests and presented her new book, „Mrs Vilma’s letter“. Sport, Movie & TV and Music sectors were filled with many celebrities and public figures such as Milutin Mima Karadzic, Snezana Dakic, Bojan Marovic, Milan Gromilic, Biljana Obradovic, Bosko Jakovljevic and many others. Fashion corner offered advice on the latest fashion trends for this winter. Astro Corner was the most visited – Predrag Petkovic, astrologer, and Sandra Drincic, feng shui expert, were busy catering to all the guests and trying to talk to as many people as possible.

All in all, it may be concluded that all the guests and all the members of JOY editorial office and Color Press Group, as well as our friends from Dahlia, spent a pleasant, fun and different December night together.


December 12, 2012

Grazia Xmass Party in Zagreb

On Monday, 10th December, in a relaxed ambiance of Zagrebian “Velvet”, the old town café and gallery with a cult status – the monthly fashion magazine “Grazia” introduced their holiday issue and gave thanks to their clients, partners and friends in an appropriate manner, for the successful 2012 business year, despite the crisis. Starting from 2010, when “Mediatop International” company (a member of Color Press Group) took over the license from the previous publisher, “Grazia” has remained the only magazine in its own segment, showing a steady increase in the number of copies sold each month, which has been recognized by the advertisers who, on their part, have helped in achieving the tendency of growth and in propelling “Grazia” to the top most popular and best selling magazines in Croatia! The cover of the December issue features Nina Badrić in a designer dress by Matija Vuica.


December 11, 2012

Hyatt Regency: Christmas tree of “Lepota i zdravlje” among the three prettiest Christmas trees!

The end of humanitarian campaing dubbed „Choice for the best decorated Christmas tree“ was celebrated last night with an appropriate cocktail party. This year’s theme was „The world of sports“. Color Press Group traditionally participates in this campaign, organised by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. Our representative this year was our monthly magazine with the largest readership and highest circulation – Health & Beauty. The entire editorial office, associates and friends of Health & Beauty enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere and positive comments from the visitors and the jury. Editorial office of Health & Beauty and associates A part of expert jury: Tamara Radivojevic, Ana Stanic and Danica Maksimovic Sport shooter Damir Mikec and his wife We were most delighted with the fact that the idea of the photos of our most successful Olympic and other athletes and affirmative messages was deemed very original, but also that our Christmas tree was considered one of the best decorated. Expert jury chose Microsoft’s Christmas tree as a winner, while our Christmas tree was ranked among the first three. Expert jury with the editorial office of Health & Beauty.


2 December 2012.

Christmas tree of “Lepota I zdravlje”magazine at Hyatt Regency hotel

At the main lobby of Hyatt Regency hotel, a traditional humanitarian campaign dubbed “A competition for the best decorated Christmas tree” is being organized this year by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. Color Press Group once again gladly accepted the invitation and the editorial team of the most popular female monthly magazine, “Lepota I zdravlje”, came up with the original idea of decorating a Christmas tree and responding to the given theme – “The world of sports”.

“With beautiful decorations, photographs of our most successful athletes and inspirational slogans, we created a Christmas tree which is attracting attention not only because of its look and original design, but because it incites much needed optimism and faith in oneself. Our singer, Sladjana Ivanisevic, took the role of our decorator and useful assistant this year!” Lidija Culibrk, editor-in-chief of “Lepota I zdravlje”magazine, said.

Color Press Group participated in this campaign with JOY and Hello! magazines over the past few years, and Llepota I zdravlje” magazine led CPG in this campaign this year as well. “We are happy because we can offer our modest contribution in order to change and improve things. Namely, the entire sum that the Foundation collects from the participant companies will be used to support the project dubbed “Really important”. We are looking forward to December 10, when a cocktail party will be held at the Hyatt hotel and when the most beautiful Christmas tree for this year will be named. We will not be modest and we shall say that we are hoping to win!” Lidija Culibrk said.