News Archive 2014

December, 30 2014

Promotion of the magazine “The Economist: The World in 2015” at Belgrade’s Faculty of Political Sciences!

For the third year in a row, Belgrade’s Faculty of Political Sciences hosted a promotion of the annual edition of the magazine “The Economist”. Alongside Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, professor Predrag Simić, PhD, professor Dušan Pavlović, PhD, and professor Dragan Simić, PhD, also spoke at the event. Robert Čoban held a presentation “Story from a New York pub” about the problem of accelerated trend of the young leaving Serbia over the past few years: “After Milan Mumin told me in New York that he had met over the past 10 years 5 guys from Novi Sad, 7 from Belgrade, and as many as 50 from Bor and Majdanpek, I checked the data at the Statistics Bureau web site. In only nine years – between two censuses – 2002 and 2011 – Majdanpek lost almost quarter of its population, 24%. When you look at the Serbian map, we can see that we have a rise in number of citizens only in several central regions – Novi Sad, Belgrade, Kragujevac, Jagodina… whereas borderline areas are rapidly emptying! If the state does not take care about this problem, rapid depopulating of the provincial regions, and the trend of the young leaving the country, complete infrastructure which is being built – “Belgrade Waterfront”, “the Chinese bridge” and everything else… everything will be pointless!”

December, 29 2014

CPG visit to Futog’s Shelter for the Homeless

For the third year in a row, “Color Press Group” welcomes New Year holidays with a wish to put a smile to faces of the underprivileged ones, taking shelter at the Homeless Centre in Futog. This time, crew from this media company donated to users three TV sets, clothes, as well as various entertainment magazines. “These activities mean a lot to us. “Color Press Group” does not pay just one, but at least two annual visits to the shelter, and then to the daily centre, where they always bring meals for our protégés”, said Dragan Milošević, director of the Gerontology Centre “Novi Sad”. Bringing their muffins and croissants, “Maxi housewives of the month” also paid a visit, and brought some joy to those who needed a smile more than anyone else. A solemn note to the event was given by Florijan Balaž, professor of violin from the stringed instruments department at Novi Sad’s Art Academy, who performed together with his two students.

December, 29 2014

Karaoke – party to end the year

Traditionally, in the company “Color Press Group” the end of the year is full of various happenings, and almost every day there are celebrations, receptions, congresses, parties where the employees gather… After “Puzijada”, shopping events at shopping malls IMMO and “Stadion”, “Hello Awards 2014”, held at the “Crowne Plaza” hotel, the conference “The Economist: The World in 2015”, held at the “Metropol Palace” hotel, dinner party for employees who have been with the company for 10, 15 or 20 years, “Art & Wine Party” at the Matica Srpska Gallery, visits to the Elderly Care Home “Liman”, and Shelter for the Homeless in Futog – the employees bid farewell to the year 2014 with organizing a traditional karaoke – party. This year’s karaoke – party jury was comprised of Jelena Bačić – Alimpić, TV hostess and writer, who as of this year works again at “Color Press Group”, Nenad Pagonis, world kickboxing champion, Aleksandar Filipovć, TV author, and Vladimir Cvetković, model. The competition gathered “Color Press Group” workers, their future colleagues from the School for Journalists and Editors CPG, and guests such as actresses Maja Brukner and singer Petar Živković.

December, 19th 2014

The Economist: In 2015 the world will change faster than ever!

There will be no rise in tax duties, and employment rates will grow – the Serbian Government anticipated yesterday at the conference “The Economist: The World in 2015”, which was opened at Belgrade’s “Metropol Palace” hotel by the Serbian Minister Aleksandar Vulin. During the conference, six ambassadors participated: the Head of the EU delegation to Serbia Michael Davenport, the German Ambassador Heinz Willhelm, the Russian Ambassador Alexander Chepurin, the French Ambassador Christine Moro, and the Israeli Ambassador Yossi Levy. Among those who addressed the audience, there were the ombudsman Saša Janković, politicians Branislav Bugarski, Borko Stefanović and Dušan Bajatović, numerous bankers, leaders in the energy sector, and editors-in-chief of daily newspapers and political weeklies. The conference opening was also attended by Maja Gojković, the Serbian Parliament Speaker. Selected panel participants tried to answer the questions concerning the world’s expectations in the forthcoming year, as well as to sum up the year which is coming to an end, taking into account very complex circumstances on the world stage, referring to politics and economics. Michael Davenport, the Head of the EU delegation to Serbia, said that investments from the EU make up for three quarters of investments in the country, and that hard times were ahead of Serbia. Alexander Chepurin, the Russian Ambassador, is sure that Russia would come out stronger amidst the sanctions. “It is a matter of character”, concluded Chepurin after his speech. The ombudsman Saša Janković believes that it is harder to exercise your rights at the airport than change the Supreme Law, and spoke about civil rights in our country and beyond, whereas the Israeli Ambassador Yossi Levy, during a very inspirational speech, concluded that the capital did not include just rivers, woods, oil and gas, but people as well might be regarded as the capital… Furthermore, the conference “The Economist: The world in 2015” brought up the conclusions that tendencies in the bank sector involve digitalization, which saves up clients’ time and reduces the cash usage. It was anticipated that IKEA store would be opened in Belgrade towards the end of 2016, and that the Head of the USAID Aza El-Abd said that state-owned companies in Serbia were the thing of the past. When asked by the moderator why they had decided to invest in the Serbian market, Elhalal Shem Tov, CEO of ”Home Centar”, replied that they liked the fact that nowhere in the world there was such a country where people spend more than they earn. The fact is that they have been successful in our country for a number of years, and they do not have any doubts that they will overcome the crisis, says Tov, because if you have a good product and marketing, the buyers will not let you down. The world in 2015 is going to face many challenges, everyone agreed, cautious about giving any optimistic prognoses, but almost unanimous that a man, his skills and education, were the potential in which we should invest, in every way whatsoever. In 2015, the world will change faster than ever. Yesterday’s conference “The Economist: The World in 2015”, held at Belgrade’s hotel “Metropol” was supported by: Telenor banka, Luka Novi Sad, BG Mibras, CFC Krstarenja and Glenfiddich and DunavNet. ”Color Press Group”, in collaboration with the British magazine “The Economist” for the sixth year in a row prepares a special licensed edition ”The World in…” for the Serbian market. Distinguished international experts and public persons write about their prognoses for 2015. Among them are Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Yoko Vidodo, Francois Heisbourg, Mary Bara, Peter Flint, Matteo Renzi and many others.

December, 17th 2014

Dinner for employees who have been with CPG for 10, 15 and 20 years

According to a tradition started in 2004, every December the company “Color Press Group” organizes dinner party for its employees who started to work for the company 10 or 15 years ago, and this year, for the first time, there are even those who have been employed here for 20 years. The employees, 19 of them, who started in 1994, 1999 or 2004, gathered together and enjoyed fish specialties and tambour music at the charda “Aqua Doria”, on the bank of the river Danube, just below Petrovaradin fortress.

“When we reminiscent today about the events from 15 or 20 years ago, some things look totally unreal. In our publishing business, technologies and circumstances have changed over the past decade or two so much that the environment is entirely unrecognizable, when compared to the times when these people started to work here! It is a great thing that nowadays someone has worked for so long in a private company, especially in terms of the fact that their knowledge and skills must be adapted to changes in market conditions!”, says Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”.

December, 12th 2014

Hello! Person of the Year – the most humane individuals and organizations

The fourth Hello New Year’s Gala Party was held, organized by “Hello!” magazine, and the “Color Press Group” company. On this occasion, the “Crowne Plaza” hotel hosted “Hello!” awards for 2014. The awards were handed in to 24 individuals and institutions, which, according to readers’ and the magazine’s crew opinion, excelled in charity work throughout 2014. The ceremony started by reading a letter written by Javier Junco, the head of Madrid’s “Hola!”, the licence provider for the Serbian “Hello!”. Afterwards, Editor-in-Chief Nadežda Jokić addressed the audience, pointing out that this year’s award ceremony is all about humanity, to everyone’s delight, having in mind that the magazine is part of the “Color Press Group” company, known for organization of various charity activities, through many years. Traditionally, a solemn award ceremony and abundant musical programme where led by a martial couple Nina and Branislav Lečić, whereas celebrities, who, with their presence, added to the atmosphere, handed in the statuettes, designed by Karim Rashid. Among this year’s laureates, there were the following institutions : “Danube Foods Group”, “Avon”, “Telenor” and “Telenor Foundation”, “Belgrade Marathon”, “Laguna”, Humanitarian Foundation “Novi Beograd”, NGO “Dajte nam krila”, Anti-terrorist Unit of the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs, “Belhospice”, Foundation “Ana i Vlade Divac”, NURDOR, handball club “Vojvodina”, “Coca Cola Sistem Srbija”, International Women’s Club, City of Belgrade’s Youth Centre, Association for animal protection SPANS and dog rescue centre “Draževac”. Individuals who excelled in their humanitarian work and received flattering laureate titles were : Filip Vukša for his self-initiative to renovate two bus stops in Belgrade, Jelena Bin Drai for aiding humanitarian projects in Cambodia, Ljiljana Stanojević for her contribution in treating autism, Jovan Milić for his contribution in humanitarian and cultural activities in the city of Niš, Danica Šmic for over 30 years of volunteering at the Red Cross, Nina Žižić for organizing charity activities in Montenegro, and Dragana Rodić Anđelković for activism in implementation of rights of sensitive categories. Celebrities who handed in the awards were Mirka Vasiljević, Goca Tržan, Snežana Dakić, Vesna Da Vinča, Ivana Maksimović, Aleksandar Filipović, Marija Kilibarda, Tijana Dapčević, Dejan Lutkić, Duška Jovanić, Vesna Dedić, Irina Radović, Neda Ukraden, Leontina Vukomanović, Verica Rakočević, Žarko Jokanović, Bilja Krstić, Vlada Mandić, Maja Nikolić Japundža, Emina Jahović Sandal, Minja Miletić, Nataša Bekvalac, Lazar Šećerović, Svetlana Seka Aleksić. Beside them, also present at the Hello New Year’s Gala Party were Radoš Bajić, Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Aleksanadar Šapić, Anabela Atijas, Igor Todorović, royal couple Karađorđević, Crown Prince Aleksandar and Princess Katarina, Sanja Marinković, Frano Lasić, Boško Jakovljević, Tamara Paunović, Mima Karadžić, Bilja Krstić, Suzana Mančić, Ana Nikolić, Srna Lango, Ana Bebić, Danijela Pantić, Milan and Katarina Gromilić, Veselin Jevrosimović, Ognjen Radivojević, Jovana and Željko Joksimović, and many others. The programme was brought to a higher level when Her Royal Highness Princess Jelisaveta Karađorđević addressed the audience, and within the musical programme, alongside Nemanja Nikolić’s band also performed the choir The International Belgrade Singers, Maja Odžaklijevska and Amira Medunjanin, the star of the evening. The guests enjoyed the sweets by “Tintolino Family”, “Moet” champagne, “Campari” and “Aperol” cocktails, and gorgeous decoration by the agency “Svadbena zvona”. Within the established set-up, decorated with flowers by “Flower Company”, a well-known photographer Miloš Nadaždin took photos of all this year’s laureates, and he also took a photo for the cover page of “Hello!” magazine special edition, featuring Jelena Bin Drai, Nataša Bekvalac and Emina Jahović.

December, 8th 2014

Pre-holiday discounts and abundant programme attracted numerous buyers to IMMO outlet centre in New Belgrade

IMMO outlet centre and magazine “Svet” prepared an abundant programme for the visitors during a shopping day.
Alongside discounts to already discounted outlet prices, the guests enjoyed animation for children and grown-ups, presents, musical and stage performances.

The programme started with a holiday workshop for decoupage decoration of New Year items by Aleksandra Krčmar, and a workshop for honey-filled cookies “Verkini medenjaci”. Combination of delicious treat and creative work was enjoyed by parents and youngsters alike.
Well-known writers Simonida Milojković and Jelena Bačić Alimpić promoted their books, published by “Laguna” publishing house. These two ladies attracted much attention by visitors, mostly their fans, with whom they did book signing, and then took photographs and socialized with them.
The youngsters were entertained by a well-known rapper Niggor in the play “Dve novogodišnje jelke i Niggor”, on the behalf of the troupe “Happy theatre”. The toddlers actively participated in this winter fairytale, just like they would in a real small theatre.
Beside favourable shopping, the visitors also enjoyed music played by DJ Fanatik, who played the music until late evening hours, especially for this occasion.
IMMO outlet centre was turned into a New Year idyll, with gorgeous decorations and holiday programme, which continues.

More information can be found at the Web portal


December, 8th 2014

Magical shopping day in organization of “Svet” magazine and SC Stadion

Organized by “Svet” magazine and Shopping Mall Stadion, a shopping day was held, featuring the performance by a pop singer Nataša Bekvalac, to everyone’s delight. Stadion SC was turned into a magical winter fairytale, inspired by the Walt Disney world, and the forthcoming holidays.
Alongside shopping at the lowest prices, throughout “Svet” magical winter, visitors of the SC Stadion enjoyed a specially designed programme.

This magical day kicked off with taking photographs in a popular photo booth, together with interesting items, whereas the youngest visitors of the mall relished the company of Disney’s characters, as well as Disney face painting.
Life coach Nataša Vukoje encouraged the guests to write their motivational cards and thus wish themselves the most beautiful holiday wishes.
“Vulkan” publishing house promoted in its bookstore a new edition “Ona zna”, written by author Žana Poliakov. Žana signed her book, and socialized with her fans, also taking photographs.

Young actresses Tamara Dragičević and Iskra Brajović posed for the editorial in “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine (make up by Aleksandra Orlandić and Sandra Bendić, hair by Dramatics, styling Tijana Jovanović), dressed in clothes by NewYorker, Biliczki, Koton, with Sportina jewellery and Shoe Star footware.

The youngsters enjoyed the most a performance by their peers in the choir “Vrapčići”, and then followed a magician’s performance, during which numerous toddlers were awarded with New Year packages by Dexy Co.

After musical programme for children, the pop star Nataša Bekvalac performed, and visitors of the SC Stadion sang all the songs together with her. Following her mini concert, the singer devoted her time to socializing and taking photographs with her fans.



November, 27th 2014

Ipsos, October 2014: Out of 5 Serbian magazines with the widest circulation – “Color Press Group” publishes 4!

According to data by SMMRI Print Adex, Ipsos Agency, referring to the month of October 2014 – out of 5 most read magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes as many as 4: “Blic žena” (654.057 readers), “Pošalji recept” (568.942), “Lepota i zdravlje” (408.737), “Torte i kolači” (226.525), and “Bakina kujna” (217.272). The first place on the list is secured by “Ringier Axel Springer”, whereas the remaining four magazines are published by “Color Press Group”. In October, among 31 magazines with over 100.000 readers, as many as 14 are published by “Color Press Group”.

November, 22nd 2014

ABC Srbija, September 2014: Great rise in sale by the “Bakina kujna” magazine

According to data by ABC Srbija, in September 2014, on the first position among daily newspapers is still the “Blic” with 84.350 averagely sold copies. On the second place there is the “Alo” with 77.297 averagely sold copies. “Magyar szo” during this month sold averagely 3.290 copies. Daily newspapers “Novosti”, “Politika”, “Politikin žurnal”, “Dnevnik”, “Danas”, “Informer”, “Kurir”, “Naše novine” and “Sport” are not included in the ABC audit. The best-selling print media in Serbia is still the “Pošalji recept”, published by “Color Press Group” with 185.100 sold copies, whereas on the second place there is the “Blic žena” with 131.167 copies. The third place is taken by the “Torte i kolači” with 122.980 sold copies. Throughout this month, out of 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes 17, while “Ringier Axel Springier” publishes 3.

November, 15th 2014

To live up to forty: “Bijelo Dugme Box Set Deluxe” promotion at Belgrade’s “Grand Casino”!

Organized by “Croatia Records” and “Color Press Group”, a promotion of “Box Set Deluxe”, released to mark 40th At the “Grand Casiono” in “Jugoslavija” hotel, over two hundred guests from the world of art and media attended the promotion to support a jubilee of this cult band. The guests had the chance to closely observe and take photographs of the memorabilia that once belonged to the “Bijelo Dugme” band, such as posters, instruments, records…

Special attention was given to “Bijelo Dugme Box Set Deluxe”, situated at the prominent place in the cupboard. Brankica Glavonjić, a journalist, opened the conference with a short, nostalgic speech about the “Bijelo Dugme” band, and all things that it used to represent in the past on the former Yugoslav territory. Afterwards, a documentary film about the band, its formation, significance and history, was streamed. After the documentary, an auction was anticipated.

Forty objects for 40 years of existence, granted by band members, will be sold at the Limundo auction, as of 17th the entire proceedings will go to charity. The auction will symbolically end on the day when Goran Bregović’s concert is scheduled to be held in Novi Sad – 27th Želimir Babogredac, author of the project and CEO of “Croatia Records”, addressed the audience, as well as Siniša Škarica and Dušan Vesić, authors of the book “Bijelo Dugme”, and Brian Rašić, a distinguished photographer, whose photographs follow the group’s work. Each of them in their own way told a short history of the group, remembering the details and memories in connection with it.

“My love for music and photography is blended into one band, and that is “Bijelo Dugme”, which is by far the most significant band in the history of music in our region”, said Brian Rašić, when closing the conference. The cocktail followed the conference, and the guests enjoyed the music programme. The band “Tamara Darling” performed, playing the greatest hits by “Bijelo Dugme”, whereas the singers Tijana Dapčević, Natali Dizdar and Zijo Valentino also gave their contribution. Many celebrities enjoyed the celebration to honour the “dugmići”, among them Kornelije Kovač, Milić Vukašinović, Viktorija, Marina Perazić, Duda Marković, Voja Nedeljković, Suzana Mančić, Nevena Božović, Aleksandar Filipović, Natalija Dević, Monika Romić, Duška Jovanić, Firči, Vesna Da Vinča, just to name a few. anniversary of the band “Bijelo Dugme”, was held.

“Bijelo Dugme Box Set Deluxe” for the first time united all nine studio albums on one 180g vinyl, with a bonus single “Top/Ove ću noći naći blues” (which was released also 40 years ago). This limited, luxurious edition is accompanied by the book “Bijelo Dugme”, written by those who know the band well, collaborators and friends, with great knowledge of pop culture and especially rock music, Siniša Škarica and Dušan Vesić. The promotion was supported by “Tiki drink”, “Audi”, “Amstel”, “Ballantine’s” and “Stamevski”.

November, 14th 2014

“La Mia Boutique“ – new edition by “Color Press Group”!

New edition by “Color Press Group” is a bimonthly entitled “La Mia Boutique”, whose first issue will be launched on 15th The magazine in question, published under the Italian licence, is intended for fans of fashion and sewing. Beside modern models for women, children and men, the magazine also brings news on fashion trends for the upcoming season, as well as suggestions for daytime and evening accessories. The magazine contains 100 pages in full colour, and it will hit the newsstands in the middle part of each odd month. of November.

October, 8th 2014

ABC Srbija, August 2014: Huge rise in sale of all culinary magazines!

According to data by ABC Srbija, referring to August 2014, the first place among daily newspapers is still secured by the “Blic” with averagely 106.368 copies sold. On the second place, there is the “Alo” with averagely 93.956 copies sold. During this month, the “Magyar szo“ sold 6.616 copies on average. Daily newspapers “Novosti“, “Politika“, “Politikin žurnal“, “Dnevnik“, “Danas“, “Informer“, “Kurir“, “Naše Novine“ and “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit. The best-selling print media in Serbia is still the magazine published by “Color Press Group” –“Pošalji recept“ (“Send a recipe”) with 220.728 sold copies (during the previous month 201.113), whereas on the second place there is the “Blic žena“ (“Blic woman”) with 134.676 copies. The third-placed is the magazine “Torte i kolači” (“Cakes and cookies”) with 134.457 sold copies. Interestingly enough, during this month all four leading culinary magazines in the country registered rise in sale figures – “Pošalji recept”, “Torte i kolači”, “Bakina kujna” (“Grandma’s kitchen”) and “Blic Žena Kuhinja” (“Blic woman Cooking”), which had not happened in summer months before, when it comes to this magazine segment. Throughout this month, out of 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes 17, whereas “Axel Springer Ringier” publishes 3.


Average circulation sold in August 2014, according to data by ABC Srbija. The chart does not

include magazines distributed free of charge and magazines which are subdirectories of daily


October, 1st 2014

“Jamie” magazine finally in Serbia!

Fantastic recipes by Jamie Oliver, the best-known television chef in the world, have so far been presented through television programmes, but as of October 1st, you can follow them in the Serbian version of the magazine “Jamie”, launched to the market by the company “Color Press Group”. High-quality, recycled eco-paper, top notch photographs, excellent design, wonderful, unique recipes, and gastronomy-related travel stories will leave the readers gasping for air.

The first issue brings recipes for perfect meals involving curry, specialities with aubergine, Italian delicates, caramel and nuts desserts, but also delicious meat meals. Inspired by picturesque atmosphere in Modena, you can make plans for travelling to that beautiful town in the north of Italy, and try at least one part of its incredible gastronomy offer. In addition, discover the beauty of gardening, learn something about red wine, and try new techniques and tricks which will ease the food preparation for you.

The first issue of the Serbian edition of the magazine “Jamie” hits the newsstands on October, 1st, will be a bimonthly, contains 116 pages, and is sold at the price of 250 dinars.


September, 12th 2014

ABC Srbija, July 2014: the “Hello!” increased its circulation 2.59 times!

According to data by ABC Srbija, in July 2014, as expected, the biggest rise in circulation was registered by the “Hello!” weekly, owing to two issues featuring exclusive photographs from Novak Đoković’s wedding. With average 15.351 in June, the “Hello!” rose to average 39.781 copies in July. The issue number 337 dated July, 14th whereas the next issue, number 338 was sold in 44.811 copies. Among daily newspapers, the first position is still occupied by the “Blic” with averagely 105.044 copies sold. The second-placed is the “Alo“ with averagely 92.175 sold copies. In June, the “Magyar szo“ sold 6.503 copies on average. Daily newspapers “Novosti“, “Politika“, “Politikin žurnal“, “Dnevnik“, “Danas“, “Informer“, “Kurir“, “Naše Novine“ and “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit. The best-selling print media in Serbia is still the “Pošalji recept“, published by “Color Press Group” with 201.113 copies sold, whereas the magazine “Blic žena“ holds the second position with 130.024 copies. The third-placed is the “Torte i kolači“ with 126.561 sold copies. Continuing the trend from the previous month, this month as well, out of 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia, “Color Press Group“ publishes 16, “Axel Springer Ringier“ 3, and “Nedeljnik“ – 1 magazine.


Average circulation sold in July 2014 according to data by ABC Srbija. The chart does not include magazines distributed free of charge and magazines which are subdirectories of daily newspapers.

September, 12th 2014

The “Hola!” magazine celebrating its 70 years: Nadežda Jokić and Nataša Vulin spoke at the international “Hello!” conference in Madrid!

Nadežda Jokić – Editor-in-Chief of the “Hello!” magazine Serbian version

Marking 70 years since the launch of the first issue of the “Hola!” magazine, a global “Hello!” magazine conference was held in Madrid, where editors of international editions, among them Nadežda Jokić, Editor-in-Chief of the Serbian version of “Hello!”, spoke about their experiences and negotiations with celebrities to gain exclusive stories. Among other topics, she held a speech about receiving agency celebrity photographs, and within interactive contact with conference participants, she spoke about all challenges connected to availability of international reports which are assumed from the headquarters in Madrid.

Nataša Vulin – advertising executive of the Serbian version of “Hello!” magazine

Alongside Nadežda, the chance to address the conference participants was also granted to Nataša Vulin, advertising executive of the Serbian version of “Hello!”, who acquainted the conference attendees with the event organized every year at the White Palace by the “Hello!” publisher, the company “Color Press Group” – Hello! Serbia Person of the Year Awards. Furthermore, she spoke about advertising and marketing promotions of the magazine. After official closing of the conference, Eduardo Sanchez Junco, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine “Hola!”, expressed gratitude to representatives of the Serbian version of “Hello!” and announced a visit to tapas bars and a private tour around the famous “Prado” museum for the evening.

Nataša Vulin and Nadežda Jokić, representatives of the Serbian edition of “Hello!”, pose with Eduardo Sanchez Junco, Editor-in-Chief of the “Hola!” magazine

Mrs Mercedes Calderon (93), together with her husband Antonio Sanchez, launched the “Hola!” magazine in Barcelona precisely 70 years ago, in September 1944, when Europe was at war, and Franco ruled in Spain!

Mercedes Calderon with her grandson

From 1956 and the wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince of Monaco, “Hola!” became active in following the international celebrity scene. In 1988 they launched the “Hello!” in the UK, in 2003 “Hello!” in Russia, and in 2007 “Hello!” in Serbia… Today they own 24 editions worldwide, whereas the “Hello!” is a celebrity weekly with the widest circulation globally. Still today, Mrs Mercedes comes every Friday to the Spanish “Hola!” headquarters to check out the magazine’s fashion pages.

September, 10th 2014

DIGITAL RESPONSIBILITY AWARENESS – Regional conference “Digital 2014” has been completed

Organized by “Color Press Group”, regional conference “Digital 2014” on trends in telecommunications and media was held. The “Hyatt Regency Hotel” welcomed over two hundred participants and guests who attended panels and discussions on the subject of regional telecommunication companies, advertising, social networks and emerging media.

The conference was opened by the Serbian Assembly Speaker Maja Gojković, who reminded everyone of the importance of perpetual communication within the Parliament. “By 2020 ninety percent of all professions will have demanded digital skills!”, Maja concluded.

Some of the most interesting findings claim that “Facebook” is today a bigger company than “Coca Cola”, that we are among the countries with the greatest number of media advancing faster than the laws which arrange them, that obsession with social networks is proven to be the same as addiction to gambling, and that in five years’ time there would be fifty billion gadgets, with already today more gadgets than the entire population on our planet.

Digitalization has changed the society, and it is up to us to adjust. We are going to exchange even our telephone numbers with IP addresses, regional companies’ telecommunication experts concluded.

The conference Digital 2014 was supported by Orion telekom, Telenor, Grand Cafe, Knjaz Miloš, Winery Mačkov Podrum, Royal Caribbean, Ford, Prva TV, Studio B, RTV, B92 and Pink TV.

August, 14th 2014

“Modellina” – new magazine for dressmaking and sewing!

Licensed by the German “Sabrina Woman”, the “Modellina” is a special magazine intended for fans of individual sewing. It differs from other magazines in the field, because “Modellina” is written entirely in Serbian. Therefore, the readers will not need a dictionary to read and follow the instructions. All models are produced by well-known German designers, they are made from attractive materials, and all of them follow the latest trends in the fashion industry. Each issue contains at least 40 models, with a handbook and instructions, which are followed by clearly marked drawings. Sewing schemes are precise in a German manner, and above all, they have been validated in practice. The magazine features three parts: colour part, exhibiting high-quality photographs of the sewed models, together with accompanying fashion accessories (32 pages); black and white part (32) which presents precise instructions how to do dressmaking and additional pieces of advice, and inner part, with sewing schemes. The first issue will hit the newsstands on August 30th. It is a bimonthly, sold at the price of 150 dinars.

August, 14th 2014

SMMRI Print Adex, July 2014: Hello! the most read celebrity magazine in Serbia!

In July, the magazine “Hello!” was the most read celebrity magazine in Serbia. According to data by SMMRI Print Adex, each issue of the “Hello!” magazine in July was read by averagely 221.842 Serbian citizens.
On the second place, there is another publication by “Color Press Group” – “Scandal!”, with
183.895 readers.

Behind them, there are “Gloria”, “Story”, “Svet”, “Star” and “Puls”. Furthermore, the “Hello!” magazine, issue number 338, dated July 21st and featuring coverage of Novak Đoković’s church wedding ceremony, was sold in 43.936 copies.

August, 11th 2014

Contract signing to license the “Jamie” magazine

Today at Novi Sad’s “Lazin salaš” a contract was signed to license the “Jamie” magazine in Serbia and Croatia. Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, and Andy Harris, editor of the British version of the famous culinary star’s magazine, shared their experiences on launching the Serbian version of the magazine and its contents.

“The “Jamie” magazine was founded six years ago, and has been published in eight countries so far. Therefore now with the Serbian and Croatian version, we hope to round up that number to ten countries. What connects Jamie Oliver with chefs from your region is a specific Mediterranean cooking style and lifestyle as well – going to markets, constant search for fresh ingredients… Owing to this, I am sure that the “Jamie” magazine in Serbia will find the way to its readers quite easily”, Harris explained, adding that he looked forward to try the dishes from the Serbian and Croatian cuisine.

When asked about the intended target audience for the “Jamie” magazine’s recipes in Serbia, Robert Čoban replied that the target audience is comprised of urbane men and women aged 20 to 40, adding that the magazine would be printed on the recycled eco-friendly paper. “Jamie Oliver is undoubtedly a huge name in the world of cooking and beyond, but we will not rely solely upon that. We will make effort to combine the recipes attractive for our region with his brand’s remarkable name”, Čoban concluded.

The first issue of the “Jamie” magazine will be on sale from October.

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August, 6th 2014

Hello! issue covering Novak and Jelena’s wedding sold with circulation of 69.263 copies!

The Serbian version of the Hello! magazine, as expected, reached an all-time sales record with its issue dated July 14th Out of 73.568 copies that had been printed – as many as 69.263 were sold, thus making the remainders 6.2%.

July, 16th 2014

World exclusive: Photographs from Novak and Jelena Đoković’s wedding only in the “Hello!” magazine!

Licensed in Serbia since July 2007 and now celebrating its seventh birthday, the magazine “Hello!” published world exclusive – official photographs taken at the wedding of the number 1 tennis player in the world, Novak Đoković.

On Thursday, July 10th, Novak tied the knot with Jelena Ristić, following a nine-year relationship, and already on Monday, July 14th, all kiosks in Serbia welcomed the photographs taken at their wedding reception.

Although this issue of the “Hello!” magazine was printed in an expanded circulation of 150 %, further prints had to be provided, because already on the first day of sale, even before noon, it was sold out at most places.

However, the celebration continued. The Đokovićs organized a religious wedding ceremony at church on Saturday, July 12th. Exclusive photographs will be featured in the next issue of the “Hello!” magazine, which hits the newsstands on July, 21st.

July, 10th 2014

British Ambassador pays a visit to “Color Press Group”!

Denis Keefe, new Ambassador of Great Britain to Belgrade, visited “Color Press Group” headquarters in Novi Sad.

With the CPG CEO Robert Čoban, Keefe spoke about current media conditions on the markets of Serbia and the region, as well as about new trends in publishing industry.

The Ambassador showed special interest in magazines licensed to CPG by the British companies – “Hello!”, “Star”, “The Economist”, “Mother & Baby”, as well as the “Jamie Magazine”, which CPG will begin to publish this October, according to a license by Jamie Oliver.

June, 30th 2014

Two new titles by “Color Press Group” : BAKINA KUJNA and HEKLANJE!

As of June, our market is richer for two new publications by “Color Press Group” – the biggest regional publisher.


The best traditional recipes for old, domestic meals, which have been enjoyed by generations, can from now on be found at one place – the magazine entitled “Bakina kujna” (“Granny’s Kitchen”). Thorough instructions on how to prepare the meals, accompanied by plenty of photos (step–by–step), will make it easier for the young and inexperienced cooks, while there is also practical advise on how to maintain hygiene in the house, what natural remedies to use, how to clean the stains, including tricks by older housewives. This entertaining magazine will also feature our suggestions on how to design and decorate kitchen, and enjoyable photo-reports on ethno-houses, flicking through memory books with readers’ family photos.

The magazine is a monthly (twelve issues annually), and is sold at the price of 30 dinars, containing 52 pages. It is distributed in Serbia, Montenegro, FYRO Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the EU. Editor-in-Charge is Ženja Aćimović.


Our market finally welcomes the publication on handcraft by a well-known German brand “Anne” (licensed by the publishing house BPV Medien Vertrieb Gmbh & Co), devoted to sewing, crocheting and knitting, which will satisfy even the pickiest fans of handcraft. On sale is the first of three magazines, whose topic is crocheting, whereas the autumn brings the one intended for fans of knitting, and two months afterwards there will be the launch of the magazine devoted to sewing.

Each issue brings 37 modern, seasonal models with thorough instructions and utterly precise and synoptic patterns. The magazine “Anna heklanje” (“Anna crocheting”) is published every two months (six issues annually), is sold at the price of 150 dinars, and contains 68 pages. It is distributed on the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, FYRO Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Editor-in-Chief is Aida Bajazet.

June, 16th 2014

ABC Srbija, March 2014: Out of 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia – CPG publishes 16!

According to data by ABC Srbija referring to April 2014, the “Blic” still holds the first position among daily newspapers, with averagely 109.169 sold copies. On the second position, there is the “Alo” with averagely 95.989 sold copies, whereas the “Magyar szo” sold 6.910 copies in March, on average.
Daily newspapers “Novosti“, “Politika“, “Politikin žurnal“, “Dnevnik“, “Danas“, „Informer“, “Kurir“, “Naše Novine“ and “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit.
The best-selling print medium in Serbia is still the “Pošalji recept“, published by “Color Press Group”, with 199.874 sold copies, whereas on the second place there is the magazine “Torte i kolači“ with 144.214. The third place among the magazines and at the same time, the first place among the weeklies is taken by the “Blic žena“ with averagely 138.362 sold copies.
Throughout this month, as was the case in the previous month as well – out of 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group“ publishes 16, “Axel Springer Ringier“ 3, and “Nedeljnik“ – one.

Average circulation sold, according to data by ABC Srbija, April 2014. The chart does not include the magazines distributed free of charge and magazines which are subdirectories of daily newspapers.

May, 29th 2014

PDP Conference: Robert Čoban spoke about the state of publishing industry in Serbia!

A student conference in printing, design and photography, PDP Conference, is being held this week in Novi Sad, at FTN. The conference is followed by an exhibition of students’ posters. The topic for posters is free, but – as emphasized by the contest provisions – they must not promote racial, religious, national or any other kind of discrimination.

This year, the theme of PDP Conference is entitled BEYOND, and deals with advanced steps in print industry, design, and photography.

Among the lecturers at the conference, there was also Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, who spoke to the participants about current state of affairs in publishing industry in Serbia, and reasons why most foreign media companies have left our market.

May, 18th 2014

CPG and partners in action: to provide furniture for families who have lost everything in floods!

Due to floods, which have been sweeping away everything on their way in the entire Serbia, many families have lost everything – roofs above their heads, their entire property. Unfortunately, there have been human victims too, which cannot be compensated in any way. However, in effort to provide at least some relief for those affected by the floods, Color Press Group, together with its partners, launches a relief effort to provide furniture for families whose homes have been swept away by floods.

Color Press Group calls for response by all importers and furniture producers to join this activity, and donate available materials, in order to help those afflicted.

The first companies to respond are HomeCenter, Miss Yu agency and Like media, as well as Novi Sad’s restaurant La Morena.

In addition, everyone who is willing to donate garments, canned food, and all items which might alleviate these moments for those who have lost everything, can make a contact via the following E-mail address

The company Color Press Group has so far organized numerous activities aimed at those in need – during October and November, within the Clandestino effort, aid was collected for asylum seekers in Bogovađa (click HERE for the account), and each Christmas and Easter, in collaboration with Lazinim salaš, the company brings festive lunch to the Centre for the Homeless.

April, 2nd 2014

Springtime “Vivaldi Forum” at Mokra Gora: Robert Čoban participating at the panel “Media in Serbia and about Serbia”

Last weekend, Mokra Gora’s Management School organized the fifth, jubilee springtime “Vivaldi Forum” at Mokra Gora, entitled: “Serbian Story + / – 100 years”. The main subject of this year’s forum was the development of a prosperous society, namely the Serbian development 100 years ago, Serbia today and Serbia in 100 years’ time. “Without adequate understanding of the past, decent analysis of the present, we will not be able to understand where we should and must go to in future!”, says Srđan Janićijević, the head of the MŠM.

Numerous panels gathered a large number of entrepreneurs, University professors, economists, historians, professionals from the field of media, marketing and communications: Ljubomir Madžar, Miodrag Zec, Zoran Ćirjaković, Milan Ćulibrk, Predrag J. Marković, Milan Knežević, Nikola Pavičić, Zoran Panović, Robert Čoban, William Montgomery, Vojislav Žanetić, Daniel Boehi, Zoran Ilić, Nenad Milosavljević, Veljko Lalić, to name a few…

“Color Press Group” CEO Robert Čoban participated at the panel “Media in Serbia and about Serbia”, together with the editor-in-charge of the daily newspaper “Danas” Zoran Panović and Nenad Milosavljević from the Web portal

April, 2nd 2014

New records by CPG Web portals: 9.7 million pages, 41 million page views in March!

According to data by Google Analytics referring to March, Web portals by “Color Press Group” ( registered a record-breaking level in terms of number of visits (9.7 million) and number of page views (41 million).

Whopping rise was registered with all Web portals, except the Macedonian portal, which experienced slight fall. Rise is also actual with all three Android applications –, and

Very soon, “Color Press Group” will launch IOS applications for iPhone gadgets.

March, 11th 2014  

ABC Srbija, January 2014: daily newspapers at the standstill, for the first time “Nedeljnik” among top 20 magazines in Serbia!

ABC Srbija, January 2014: daily newspapers at the standstill, for the first time “Nedeljnik” among top 20 magazines in Serbia! The data by ABC Srbija referring to this January, register status quo of circulation figures of leading daily newspapers, followed by rise registered with some magazines. In comparison with last January, daily newspapers faced drop in sales figures of averagely 10% (“Magyar Szo”) up to 20% (“Blic”). On the first place among daily newspapers, there is the “Blic” with 114.224 sold copies on average (January 2013 – 142.976). The second place is secured by the “Alo” with 106.966 sold copies on average (January 2013 – 122.656), whereas on the third place there is the “Novosti” with 101.495 averagely sold copies (January 2013 – 126.814), on a daily basis. In January, the “Magyar Szo“ sold averagely 7.289 copies on a daily basis (January 2013 – 8.122).

Daily newspapers the “Politika“, “Politikin žurnal“, “Dnevnik“, “Danas“, “Informer“, “Kurir“, “Naše Novine“ and “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit. The best-selling print media in Serbia is still the magazine “Pošalji recept”, published by “Color Press Group” – with 230.260 sold copies.

The third among the magazines, and at the same time on the first place among the weeklies, there is the “Blic žena“ with 146.354 sold copies, whilst on the second place is the magazine “Torte i kolači“ with 152.995 sold copies in January 2014. During this month, out of 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes as many as 16, “Axel Springer Ringies” 3, and “Nedeljnik” 1.

top 20 magazines in serbia

Average circulation sold according to the data by ABC Srbija, January 2014. The chart does not include magazines distributed free of charge.

February, 6th 2014

ABC Srbija, December 2013: With 229.438 sold copies, the “Pošalji
recept“ wins by a landslide!

The data by ABC Srbija referring to December 2013 register slight rise in the circulation figures of the leading daily newspapers. On the first position, among daily newspapers, there is still the “Blic“ with averagely 118.739 sold copies (113.737 November, 105.185 October, 113.859, September, 111.858 August, 116.932 July, 115.217 June, 106.783 May, 108.455 April, 114.736 March, February, 132.125, January – 142.976). The second is the “Alo“ with 106.438 (103.267 November, 103.325 October, 106.488, September, 106.418, August, 109.211 July, 105.109 June, 106.981 May, 114.077 April, 119.151 March, 124.864 February). The “Novosti“ went out of the ABC audit last month, but is now included again, and register also slight rise with 101.033 averagely sold copies on a daily basis. “Magyar szo“ in December sold averagely 7.472 copies on a daily basis (6.931 November, 6.768 October, 7.184 September, 6511 August, 6.311 July, 7.264 June, 7.600 May, 7.503 April, 7.803 March, February – 7.947). Daily newspapers “the Politika“, the “Politikin žurnal“, the “Dnevnik“, the “Danas“, the “Informer“, the “Kurir“, the “Naše Novine“ and the “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit. The best-selling print media in Serbia is still the magazine published by “Color Press Group” – “Pošalji recept“ with 229.438 sold copies. The second among the magazines, and at the same time on the first position among the weeklies is the “Blic žena“ with 150.075 sold copies, and the third is the magazine “Torte i kolači“ with 126.320 sold copies in November. During this month, out of 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group“ publishes as many as 15, whereas “Axel Springer Ringier” 3 and “Adria Media” publish 2 magazines within the Top 20.

top 20 magazines in serbia

Average daily circulation, according to data by ABC Srbija, December 2013. The chart does not include magazines distributed for free.

January, 1st 2014

The 11th portal by CPG is online –

CPG publishes the “Star” magazine for the territory of Serbia. As well as its print edition, this Web portal will follow the lives of national and foreign celebrities, revealing all their secrets. Alongside news from lives of the stars, their interviews and paparazzo photographs, visitors of the Web portal will be able to read, once a week, a column written by one of the most intriguing Serbian public figures Stanija Dobrojević, whose first article has already drawn much attention from public.

Other CPG portals –,,,,,, and its regional versions –, and – during the last month of 2013 registered over 9 million visits.