News Archive 2016

December, 2nd 2016

Novi Sad’s Winter Fest opened: We do not need to go to other cities to experience what we can experience here!

The first Novi Sad’s Winter Fest was opened at Liberty Square, accompanied by children’s choir performance, fireworks and a great number of Novi Sad’s citizens.

The festive event was solemnly opened by Miloš Vučević, mayor of Novi Sad, who thanked the organizers, “Color Press Group” and “Ninamedia” company, and revealed how the idea to organize such event had come to their minds:

“The idea for this kind of event came from the wish to have our city during festive days full of lights, events, beautiful things. We want to draw the winter magic closer, because we believe that Novi Sad deserves a great number of events, and also to be bright, with lots of people in the streets, so that we do not need to travel to other countries and cities to experience what we can experience here.”

The first Novi Sad’s Winter Fest started with a unique Singing Christmas Tree and a performance by the “Čuperak” children’s choir from Kikinda, together with the legendary Minja Subota. Cheerful and joyfully singing choir “Čuperak” was “sticking out” from the tree, together with always friendly Minja, whom we associate with children’s television shows we had watched while we were growing up. With his songs and his performance, he softened and excited the citizens of Novi Sad who attended the event, and even more so the youngsters.

The festive atmosphere was enhanced by spectacular fireworks, and after the youngest performers, the central stage welcomed the original, Serbian “ABBA Real Tribute Band” from Zrenjanin, which delighted everyone with their costumes and choreography, and continued to entertain the visitors not just with their music, but also with their performance on stage. The evening ended with a performance by DJ XLX.

Festively decorated wooden houses welcomed wine drinkers, whereas the visitors enjoyed various meals, strudels, smornes, profiteroles, sausages… Over the forthcoming days the citizens of Novi Sad will have the opportunity to enjoy these specialties, and to buy different souvenirs, handmade jewellery, decoupage items.

Some visitors managed to bring back their memories, whereas the others had the opportunity for the first time to be driven by a carriage, as worded by one seven-year-old child “a little bit strange kind of coach”. The carriage was last employed at the streets of Novi Sad in 1986.

Starting from 6 PM tonight, the choir “Zvončići” from Pančevo will perform, whereas DJ Aleksandar Mladenović will appear as a guest on Novi Sad’s Winter Fest. When we contacted him, he said he believed that it was high time for Novi Sad to get the Winter Fest event, similarly to other big cities

“The entire concept: accessibility, socialization and variety in each sense of the word… The right step towards my “secret” wish for the city to become the city of festival spirit (365 days a year)”, Aleksandar says.

The central stage will host the band “Live Vinyl Act” at 7 PM.

“The band “Live Vinyl Act” is a combination of a live performance and the DJ programme. Their performance at the Winter Fest will be based on evergreen hits from the nineties! Such set list will surely inspire the audience to dance and have fun. Good music, warm drinks and chilly weather make ideal conditions for the audience to get moving and to turn the New Year market into great entertainment, as is already the case in metropolises around the world during the holiday season!”

The end of the evening programme, from 9 PM until 10 PM, is reserved for music coming from the Radio O, chosen by its music editor.

Over the next 7 days, citizens of Novi Sad will be able to visit the exhibition of photographs by the “Dnevnik” photo reporter Radivoje Hadžić. Seen through his lens, we will see Fruška gora, Novi Sad, the Danube. The posters also present works of art from Novi Sad’s museums and galleries.

We remind you that holiday magic lasts until February, 3rd 2017, whereas all visitors will find the programme details on the official Web site of the festival or the Facebook page Novosadski Winter Fest.

December, 2nd 2016

Novi Sad’s Mercator Center gathered fashion designers and journalist for the Fashion Christmas Trees exhibition!

Novi Sad’s Mercator Center, in collaboration with the Serbia Fashion Week and “Hello!” magazine, for the second time in a row organizes the project entitled Fashion Christmas Trees.

Christmas trees decorated by well-known designers will be on display for visitors as of today in Novi Sad. This exhibition in the Mercator Center will close on January, 15th 2017.

Last night, the atmosphere in the Mercator Center was truly festive, and in good mood fashion designers “dressed” their Christmas trees in original and unusual creations. Sparkling wine provided by the Kovačević Winery was a perfect match to sushi, whereas DJ Mia additionally embellished the atmosphere with her set.

Fifteen Christmas trees will be on display at the Mercator Center until January, 15th and all proceeds garnered from the trees sold will be given to charity.

This project in Novi Sad gathered the following fashion designers:

Sarah Jessy Jones ( Argentina )
Belma Tvico Stambol ( Bosnia-Herzegovina )
Dair ( The Netherlands )
Marta Miljanić ( Montenegro )
Catch Michelle ( Romania )
Danijela Božić ( Serbia )
Aleksandar Gavrić ( Serbia )
Milica Tričković ( Serbia )
Marija Šabić ( Serbia )
Vasilije Kovačev ( Serbia )
Lidija Orza ( Serbia )
Nina Karlavaris ( Serbia )
Equi ( Serbia )

December, 2nd 2016

VIP cocktail held on the occasion of opening the exhibition “Fashion Christmas Trees” at the Mercator Centre

VIP cocktail held on the occasion of opening the exhibition “Fashion Christmas Trees” at the Mercator Centre. Belgrade’s and Novi Sad’s Mercator Centre, in collaboration with the Serbia Fashion Week and “Hello!” magazine this year again will organize the project entitled “Fashion Christmas Trees”.

Trees decorated by famous designers will be exhibited from December, 1st in Belgrade and from December, 2nd in Novi Sad. The exhibition in both Mercator Centre branches will be on display until January, 15th 2017.

Last night the designers personally decorated their Christmas trees at Belgrade’s Mercator Centre, accompanied by the media and friends. All those who were present enjoyed sushi bites, sparkling wine provided by the winery Kovačević, and a DJ set. Therefore, in addition to having a good time they had the opportunity to feel the holiday spirit surrounded by decorations, presents and Christmas trees.
Tonight the designers will decorate their trees in Novi Sad’s Mercator Centre, and until the end of the exhibition all interested parties will be able to donate money for charity, by buying one of those Fashion Christmas trees.

1. Anna Fendi (Italy)
2. Sanja Veličković (Slovenia)
3. Sanja Bobar (Montenegro)
4. Miro Mišljen (Spain)
5. Hana Sirćo (Bosna – Herzegovina)
6. Carmichael Byfield (The Netherlands)
7. Milena Radović (Serbia)
8. Maja Krsmanović (Serbia)
9. Maja Marukić (Serbia)
10.Katarina Andrejić (Serbia)
11.Ana Vasiljević (Serbia)
12.Snežana Dakić (Serbia)
13.Ivana Nikolić (Serbia)
14.Prik (Serbia)
15.Suzana Perić (Serbia)
16.FTDC (Serbia)
17.Bata Spasojević (Serbia)
18.Valentina Vidal (Serbia)
19.Ivana Garić (Serbia)
20.Bojana Dolamić (Serbia)

Greet the holidays with style!


November, 29th 2016

The UŠĆE Shopping Mall hosts “Italian Day in Belgrade” – a mini fair of Italian flavours, tourist offers and a concert of Italian music

On Saturday, 26th of November, within The International Week of Italian Cuisine (21.11. – 27.11.), the UŠĆE Shopping Mall hosted a promotional event entitled “Italian Day” – a mini fair of Italian flavours, tourist offers and a concert of Italian music.

The event was organized in cooperation with the Italian Embassy, Association of Italian entrepreneurs in Serbia – Konfiindustrija, Italian – Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and the Italian Cultural Centre in Belgrade. Visitors of the UŠĆE Shopping Mall relished the promotion of Italian flavours, in charge of extraordinary Italian brands “Monini”, “Rio Mare”, “Lavazza”, “Mulino Bianco” and “Barilla”, as well as the Serbian brand “Aleksandrija”, which presented its gluten-free pasta. The Italian Cultural Centre promoted Italian language courses and Italian culture, whereas marvels of the Italian tourist offer were presented to the visitors in a wonderful way by leading travel agencies “Kon Tiki” and “Big Blue”. The event “Italian Day” gathered guests of honour: Sergio Monti, deputy of the Italian Ambassador to Belgrade, who greeted the audience, Fabrizio Cosimi, commerce attaché of the Italian Embassy, Marija Savić, on behalf of the Italian – Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and Irena Brajović, executive of Konfinudstrija – Association of Italian entrepreneurs in Serbia. Music performance granted as a present to the visitors by the “Italian Day” organizers drew huge attention. An amazing concert of Italian music was given by the Italian artist Mattia Zanate, with Slobodan Bijelić playing the guitar, whereas after the concert the video entitled “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” was shown.

November, 17th 2016

IPSOS, October 2016: CPG 24, other publishers 16!

The IPSOS survey conducted with a sample featuring 4.589 participants between 1st and 30th of October 2016 revealed that out of 40 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes 24, whereas all other publishing houses have 16 representatives when put together: “Adria Media Group” – 5, “Ringier Axel Springer” 4, “Politika AD” – 3, while “Novosti”, “Delicious Plus”, “Nedeljnik” and “Sat Media Group” have one representative each.

November, 11th 2016

The top of Belgrade hosts the promotion of Serbia’s most beautiful mountains

The beautiful rooftop of the hotel “88 Rooms” hosted the promotion of a luxurious, two-language edition of “Hello! Travel : Skijališta Srbije” magazine. All fans of mountains, skiing and snow will be able, as of yesterday, to find their copy of this unique magazine on newsstands. The opportunity to flick through it as a premiere was given to guests present at last night’s cocktail party. The guests were greeted by a gorgeous TV hostess Maja Manojlović, who announced the evening’s hosts: Žikica Milošević, Editor-in-Chief of this magazine, Dejan Ćika, CEO of “Skijališta Srbije”, and Svetlana Kostić, marketing manager of the MK Mountain Resort. Special surprise of the evening was a prize winning game, where Tatjana Pujić, who gave the greatest number of correct answers about the Serbian mountains, was granted a weekend at Kopaonik Mountain and a free ski-pass. It is a well-known fact that celebrities enjoy winter sports. Dejan Pantelić, Dalibor Andonov Gru, Andrej Kulundžić, Djordje Pavlov, Ivona Pantelić, Monika Romić, Andrijana Čortan, Natalija Dević, Iva Chu, Milan Vučičević, Vesna Da Vinča, and many others by their presence at the promotion of “Hello! Travel : Skijališta Srbije” magazine supported the launch of the magazine. The guests relished the wines provided by “Zvonko Bogdan Winery”, “Carlsberg” beer, “Somersby” ciders and water manufacturers “Jana” and “Mivela”. Mountain bites were prepared by the company “Zlatiborac” and “Kristina” workshop from Novi Sad.

November, 11th 2016

IPSOS: Out of 40 best-selling magazines – “Color Press Group” publishes 22

According to a survey conducted by the IPSOS agency in September 2016, “Color Press Group” publishes more than a half of a total number of best-selling magazines in Serbia – namely 22 out of 40. “Adria Media Srbija” had their 5 magazines among the top 40, “Ringier Axel Springer” – 4, “Politika” AD – 3, “Novosti” – 2, and several smaller publishers one magazine each. The survey was conducted between 01.09. and 30.09. involving 4.447 citizens.

November, 9th 2016

Digital era for the entire family – The fourth #TeenTalk conference held in Belgrade

As the “Americana” hall of Belgrade’s Youth Centre was swarming with visitors, the fourth conference devoted to teenagers – #TeenTalk was held, organized by editorial crew of “Bravo” magazine, and supported by the “Telenor” company. More than 200 teenagers spent a day full of excitement, entertainment, education and new friendships. The conference, which is the only one of its kind in the region, devoted to young people, was opened by Minister of Sport and Youth Vanja Udovičić, who accentuated how important were the issues of responsibility and peer-to-peer bullying, which composed a central theme of this year’s conference: “One word can mean a lot, whether it is nice or a bad word. We all are representatives of our parents and surroundings, therefore be responsible!” Together with him, the programme host was a popular television host Galeb Nikačević. The panel which focused on a generation gap concluded that the greatest gap between parents and teenagers was that one of digital nature. Right then the UNICEF presented its new project entitled “The Facers” (“Fejseri”), which is aimed to promote young people involved in socially beneficial activities, thus promoting the work that UNICEF does. The panel that covered the theme how to be cool and safe online attracted a large teenage audience. Social networks as a media type also present a serious psychological test, because they reveal all aspirations and affections of their users. The young received the message that it was important to stay in contact with reality whilst they build themselves as a brand on social networks. A new “Telenor” service called “Capture” was presented. This service is unique because it allows the users to safely keep their photographs online. Vast majority of young people present in the hall already marked this service as their favourite, having in mind that this is a safe way to share their photographs with friends. Educational panels followed, focusing on first sexual experiences, role models for the young and bullying in schools. Afterwards the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the musical performance by the guitar philharmonic orchestra of “Duško Trifunović”. Traditionally, the conference was closed by the panel regarding the YouTube stars. “Teen Talk 2016” was supported by many celebrities, who are idols of the young generations. This year, teenagers had the opportunity to meet: Luka Raco, Sara Jovanović, Boris Trivan, Tatjana Vojtehovski, Igor Todorović, Aida Đedović, Milan Vučičević, Ružica Čupić, Daško Milinović, Čaba Silađi, Ivona Pantelić and many others. The conference was supported by “Coca-Cola”, “BIG Pica”, “Unicef”, Belgrade’s Youth Center and “Bambi”.

November, 9th 2016

Digital era for the entire family – The fourth #TeenTalk conference held in Belgrade

As the “Americana” hall of Belgrade’s Youth Centre was swarming with visitors, the fourth conference devoted to teenagers – #TeenTalk was held, organized by editorial crew of “Bravo” magazine, and supported by the “Telenor” company. More than 200 teenagers spent a day full of excitement, entertainment, education and new friendships. The conference, which is the only one of its kind in the region, devoted to young people, was opened by Minister of Sport and Youth Vanja Udovičić, who accentuated how important were the issues of responsibility and peer-to-peer bullying, which composed a central theme of this year’s conference: “One word can mean a lot, whether it is nice or a bad word. We all are representatives of our parents and surroundings, therefore be responsible!” Together with him, the programme host was a popular television host Galeb Nikačević. The panel which focused on a generation gap concluded that the greatest gap between parents and teenagers was that one of digital nature. Right then the UNICEF presented its new project entitled “The Facers” (“Fejseri”), which is aimed to promote young people involved in socially beneficial activities, thus promoting the work that UNICEF does. The panel that covered the theme how to be cool and safe online attracted a large teenage audience. Social networks as a media type also present a serious psychological test, because they reveal all aspirations and affections of their users. The young received the message that it was important to stay in contact with reality whilst they build themselves as a brand on social networks. A new “Telenor” service called “Capture” was presented. This service is unique because it allows the users to safely keep their photographs online. Vast majority of young people present in the hall already marked this service as their favourite, having in mind that this is a safe way to share their photographs with friends. Educational panels followed, focusing on first sexual experiences, role models for the young and bullying in schools. Afterwards the audience had the opportunity to enjoy the musical performance by the guitar philharmonic orchestra of “Duško Trifunović”. Traditionally, the conference was closed by the panel regarding the YouTube stars. “Teen Talk 2016” was supported by many celebrities, who are idols of the young generations. This year, teenagers had the opportunity to meet: Luka Raco, Sara Jovanović, Boris Trivan, Tatjana Vojtehovski, Igor Todorović, Aida Đedović, Milan Vučičević, Ružica Čupić, Daško Milinović, Čaba Silađi, Ivona Pantelić and many others. The conference was supported by “Coca-Cola”, “BIG Pica”, “Unicef”, Belgrade’s Youth Center and “Bambi”.

November, 8th 2016

“BeoKon – Belgrade Comic Con” held: fans of the pop-culture fandom take delight

Audience in Serbia again this year had the opportunity to attend the conference in Belgrade devoted to all fandoms of the current pop-culture. From 4th until 6th of November, the visitors enjoyed numerous lectures, tribunes, projections and a fair where a large assortment of handmade products and thematic goods were offered for sale by Serbian artists and distributers. The first day was opened by the projection of the first two episodes of the “Westworld” television series, which is more and more favoured by TV viewers. Soon afterwards, a story about the television series “Game of Thrones”, a global phenomenon from the HBO production, followed. The tribune had already got a name popular with domestic audience – “GoTovanje”.

This name comes from the famous, brutally sincere and uncensored blog written by Isidora Vlasak on the Web site For those who are not fans of dragons, the second hall hosted a tribune about the science fiction writer Roger Zelazny. Furthermore, it is necessary to point out that the event included another “Shock Corridor”, which holds a special place in the hearts of elder audience. The first day ended with presenting the main “Beokon” guest, the writer Stephen Ericsson, whose main work is “Malazan Book of the Fallen”. Saturday, the second day of “Beokon”, kicked off right after midday with a lecture about one of the most popular television series from the FOX production – “The Walking Dead”.

The lecturers approached the subject with a more serious tone, having in mind that the participants were the anthropologist Marina Mandić, psychologist Marko Dacić, and blogger Goran Mirković. Relaxation time for the audience followed, including a special by the franchise “Star Wars”, within the humorous and witty contest “My film is better than yours”, hosted by Sofija Vuković, Miloš Petrik and Miloš Cvetković. Another phenomenon in the current pop-culture found its place on the festival, namely mentally fragile anti-heroes. This topic was organized by Draško Roganović, and was discussed from academic, socio-psychological point of view, whereas the audience was delighted by a mini cosplay contest to select the best Deadpool and Harley Quinn. The evening in the big hall was ended with a highly interesting tribune with a guest Stephen Ericsson and the current trends in science fiction. The audience had the opportunity to ask questions and communicate with the writer, who, to our great delight, exclusively anticipated some new happenings. In the “Americana” hall, the programme was opened by a lecture on H. R. Giger, during which Nemanja Paleksić guided us through extraordinary and nightmare worlds of the father of “The Alien” franchise monster. Then in a nostalgic fashion, lamenting about childhood and teenage years followed, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the movie “Labyrinth”, including a review of the movie’s deeper meaning, which made it become a classic. After presenting a Serbian game “Gekokuđo”, we spoke about abundant career of the American writer Michael Crichton, who is now very popular due to a TV series “Westworld”. Finally, a connection between the metal music and epic fantasies was accentuated. This connection marked the music taste for many of the geeks. Saturday was marked by a projection of the movie “Warcraft”, which will be remembered by visitors because of somewhat curious “evening gymnastics”, having in mind that they had to hold the gifts received from “Computerland” under their chairs. The third and last day of the convention kicked off with a great start during the tribune which again gathered two opposing teams when it comes to the geek audience – fans of Marvel’s superheroes and fans of Disney’s heroes. The focus was on TV series which had been launched since 2010, and which captured the hearts of the viewers.

Another comic which was turned into a TV format this year – “The Preacher” came into focus. During that time, a long queue was formed, featuring couple of dozens of metres in front of the booth where Stephen Ericksson was signing his book. The audience had the opportunity to talk to another guest of the conference – a cosplayer Choro from Greece. According to tradition, a cosplay contest was held towards the end of the event. It gathered a record number of participants – 56, which made it hard for the judges to choose the best ones, faced with a great deal of high-quality masks. The third place was won by Jelena Ćopić with a Geraint costume from the video game “Dragon Nest”. The second place was won by Anja Zlatanović with a Jack Sparrow female version costume from the series of movies “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. Bojana Vukotić won the first place with a costume of Regina, the evil queen, from the series “Once upon a time”.

October, 31st 2016

“Color Press Group” present at the Media Fair

For the second year in a row, within the Book Fair, held from 26th until 30th of October, the Media Market was organized. This media fair gathered the biggest media houses, publishers and agencies.

“Color Press Group” on its booth located in the Hall 3 created pleasant atmosphere for its visitors, offering them a cup of coffee and the most popular magazines in Serbia and the SEE region.

On the first day of the Media Market, the visitors of the “Color Press Group” booth had the opportunity to participate in the entertaining “Instagram” activity, organized by women’s magazine with the widest audience – “Lepota i zdravlje” (“Beauty and Health”). With a hashtag #zelimimogu, all visitors of this booth had the opportunity to take photographs with light installations and publish their photographs on Instagram. The owner of the photograph with the highest number of “likes” will be rewarded with a goody bag provided by “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine team.

On the second day of the Fair, now already the well-established and popular B2B magazine “Diplomacy & Commerce” for its collaborators and advertisers organized the Wine Matinee, where wines provided by the “Deuric” winery were offered.
On the third day of the Media Market, the booth belonging to “Color Press Group” was turned into a somewhat interesting classroom, where new attendees of the CPG School for journalists held a class, led by the famous television host Aleksandar Filipović.

The fourth and the fifth day saw the promotion of the well-known conference “Beocon”, which will be brought for the first time to Belgrade and Serbia by the company “Color Media Communication”, an event planning agency within “Color Press Group”. Visitors of the booth had the opportunity to amuse themselves with taking photographs with an interesting structure from the hit television series “The Walking Dead”.

October, 30th 2016

Leaders in the hotel industry and tour operators from around the SEE region attend the first #CheckIn2016 conference!

The first regional conference on trends in the hotel business, entitled “Check In 2016”, was held on Friday, 28th of October, in the “Master centar” hall within the Novi Sad Fair, gathering a wide audience.

Leaders from the hotel industry and tour operators from the entire SEE region attended the conference and spoke about problems in this field of industry, trends, digitalization, safety challenges and other current topics. All participants agreed that the state, hotel industry, travel agencies and workers in the field of tourism should put mutual effort into improving the current state of affairs.

The conference was opened by – on behalf of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Dragan
Šabić, and CEO Robert Čoban on behalf of the organizer, “Color Press Group”.

The first panel gathered ambassadors and we had the opportunity to hear how tourism is regarded in their countries, which strategies they apply, and what Serbia is still missing. The panel included: H.E. Dr Alona Fisher Kamm, Ambassador of Israel to Belgrade, H.E. Gordan Markotić, Ambassador of Croatia to Belgrade, H.E. Mrs. Narinder Chauhan, Ambassador
of India to the Republic of Serbia.

The other panels followed, gathering general managers of the leading regional hotels – “The World Is Not Enough: To be or not to be the part of an international chain” and “Truths and myths in hotel business mathematics: Does the increasing number of guests correspond to the higher ADR”. The participants spoke about competition, relations between the hotel industry and the state, investments in infrastructure and future plans.
Furthermore, they spoke about education of hotel staff and whether diplomas provide advantages or not, and these topics were included in the panel “Who teaches us: Education in the hotel industry”.
The hotel business companies and tour operators had a discussion and shared their views during the last two panels, entitled “Between the growth and instability: What are the common problems of the regional hotel industry companies?” and “From the perspective of a tour operator: What do we need from hoteliers and why we (do not) obtain it”.

In addition to experts, the conference also gathered students from the field of tourism and hotel business, who found the conference rather significant.


October, 29th 2016

6.500 people attended the first day of the “Oktoberfest” in Novi Sad: Today the performances by “Štikle i vikleri”, “Jurassic Rock”, “Orthodox Celts” and “Gift”!

On Friday, 28th of October, the aula of the “Master centar” within the Novi Sad Fair hosted the opening of the first “Oktoberfest” in Novi Sad. The opening included the speeches by: Miloš
Vučević, mayor of Novi Sad, Alexander Jung, deputy chief of mission of the German Embassy in Belgrade, Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, representatives of the German – Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and representatives of the German national minority in Serbia.
Following the official addressing to the media and the audience, mayor Miloš Vućević, using the wooden hammer, opened the beer barrel and thus symbolically opened the event, which is organized for the first time in Novi Sad, by “Color Press Group” and the Novi Sad Fair, with support from the City of Novi Sad.
The hall of the “Master centar” was full, because the tickets for the first day of the festival had been sold out the day before, followed by another package of 500 tickets, which also sold out in a record-breaking speed.

Friday was marked by performances of Zvonko Bogdan, “The Frajle” and the band “Ničim Izvazvan”, whereas, in addition to great music, 6.500 visitors had the opportunity to try out beer presented by hundreds of brewery companies, delicious Austrian and German sausages, and crunchy pretzels coming from the furnaces of the best Serbian bakeries.
The singer Ivana Jordan hosted the programme, which also included fast beer drinking competition and the longest beer mug holding competition. Girls and boys exercised their excellent skills, whereas the competition continues tonight. All you have to do is to submit an application at the souvenir shop located at the hall entrance. The winners will be rewarded with beer.

Today the visitors can expect a whole day programme featuring some of the best Serbian DJs, whereas in the evening there will be performances by “Štikle i vikleri”, “Jurassic Rock”, “Orthodox Celts” and “Gift”. The tickets for tonight’s event were also sold out within two hours from the moment when counters of the “Master centar” had been opened. There are only a few available tables left. The seats are sold at the price of 1.000 dinars. For further information, please dial: 065 500 60 30.

October, 26th 2016

The race which gathers the youngest participants and their families!

Organized by “Mama & Beba” magazine, and supported by the brand “Nivea Baby”, the eighteenth “Puzijada” (“Crawling race”) was held in Belgrade.
The Shopping Mall “Delta City”, located in New Belgrade, became the meeting point for families and babies who crawl. The participating babies were divided into two groups: babies under the age of ten months, and babies above the age of ten months. They competed in crawling, whereas their parents and family members cheered for them. Three fastest babies in each group were taken by their proud parents to the podium, where special awards provided by NIVEA Baby Cosmetics were granted to them.

In the younger group, the fastest babies were Petar Šljukić and Ema Mandrapa and the winner Sara Radulović.

In the older group the winner was Zoja Višković, followed by Andrej Lukić and Veljko Stanojević.

The participants were granted “Mama & Beba” magazine copies, whereas from the NIVEA company they received balloons, fairytale books and products from the NIVEA Baby brand.
The parents equally enjoyed the event as their toddlers, cheering for them and animating them with various items. This year, as well as before, at the finish line there were the children’s favourite toys, cell phones, TV remote controls, clothes that belong to their mummies and daddies, tablets, sweets and various favourite items to which the babies joyfully crawled.
Older siblings played in a specially organized NIVEA Children’s Corner, within which there was a painting workshop, and a specially prepared ambience for taking amusing photographs.

All information about this and the forthcoming “Puzijada” can be found in “Mama & Beba” magazine, and on its Facebook page, as well as on the networks of the “Nivea” company and “Delta City” Shopping Mall.


October, 25th 2016

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić opens “The Economist: The World in 2017” at the Serbian National Assembly!

The conference “The Economist: The World in 2017” is scheduled for the 15th of December at the Serbian National Assembly.

The same as in previous years, the conference’s organizer “Color Press Group” will gather leading figures from the Serbian Government, Vojvodina’s Government, Ambassadors, economists and distinguished businessmen from Serbia and around the region.

The following participants will hold a speech at the opening:

Aleksandar Vučić, Prime Minister in the Government of the Republic of Serbia (confirmed)

Ivica Dačić, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia

Zorana Mihajlović, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure (confirmed)

Ana Brnabić, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government (confirmed)

Igor Mirović, President of the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina  (confirmed)

Opening speeches will be followed by the Panel no.1 – Migrant crisis, year second

Introductory speech: Aleksandar Vulin, Minister in the Serbian Government

Hans Friedrich Schodder, UNHCR Representative to Serbia

Michel Saint-Lot, UNICEF Representative to Serbia

Ivan Lalić, “Mikser House”

Radoš Đurović, director of the Center for protection and aid to asylum seekers

Laza Kekić, The Economist Intelligence Unit, London (confirmed), this year will hold a presentation entitled: “The Year of Living Dangerously: Geostrategic risks in Europe in 2017”.
The Panel no. 2 will deal with the integration of Serbia into the EU: “Exit Through the Gift
Shop”: This is how we appear on the road to Europe, and the Europe that awaits for us

Introductory speech: Maja Gojković, Serbian Parliament Speaker (confirmed)

Moderator: Aleksandar Simurdić, The European Movement in Serbia

Tanja Miščević, Chief Negotiator for Serbia’s accession to the EU (confirmed)

Aleksandra Joksimović, Center for foreign policy (confirmed)

Jelena Milić, Center for Euro-Atlantic studies (confirmed)

Goran Svilanović, Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council

After lunch, Nebojša Katić, an economic analyst from London, will express his predictions for the year of 2017. (confirmed)

The Panel no. 3 will deal with future of the SEE region in 2017 in terms of energy, whereas the Panel no. 4 is entitled – Pink Economy: Impact of LGBT rights on the development of tourism and foreign investments.

The ultimate Panel no.5 will focus on another current topic: “Belgrade does (not) believe to the tears”: Challenges of de-metropolization of Serbia

Aleksandar Šapić, President of Novi Beograd City Municipality

Branimir Guta Grubački, “Zeleno zvono”, Zrenjanin

Milivoje Jovanović, NGO ENEKA, Niš

Detailed programme of the conference and instructions how to apply for participation can be found here :


October, 24th 2016

“German Days” organized at the “Stadion” Shopping Mall 21-23/10 2016

Last night at the “Stadion” Shopping Mall a traditional event entitled “German Days” was opened, organized in collaboration with the Serbian – German Chamber of Commerce, The Tourist Organization of Germany, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany to Belgrade, and Goethe Institute.

Guests of honour at the opening were Secretary of the German Embassy Jurgen Schmidt, who is in charge of collaboration in economy, Martin Knapp, executive member of the Management Board of the German – Serbian Chamber of Commerce, PR of the Tourist Organization of Germany, Tijana Djuričić and Dr Bernd Schneider, vice chairman of the Goethe Institute and head of the German language department. Vladimir Savić addressed the audience on behalf of the event’s host, the “Stadion” Shopping Mall.
The event’s opening ceremony brought the spirit of “Oktoberfest” through the performance of the band “Oberkrainer” from Novi Sad, whereas the visitors had the opportunity to listen to the enjoyable performance by the Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra.
During a three-day event, until Sunday 23rd of October, citizens of Belgrade will be able to enjoy promotional activities devoted to Germany, German brands and the German language, photographs of the German cities, landscapes, as well promotion of Germany as a popular travel destination, music, dances, degustation of “Paulaner” beer, wurst sausages, pretzels and kuglofs.
Throughout Saturday and Sunday, the visitors have the opportunity to attend concerts, entertaining activities for children and creative workshops for masks, organized by the company “Dreamland”. Today at 6 PM there will be C & A and “Takko fashion” fashion shows organized by the “Fashion” association, whereas on Sunday there will be a concert of the German music played by the “Family band”. The concert is scheduled to begin at 6 PM, whilst on the same day at midday, there will be a performance of little ballerinas from the studio “Leonesa”.
Furthermore, there is a whole-day NIVEA studio for skincare, sweet Kuglof Corner by Domaćica za vas, “Roda” “Oktoberfest” promotional activities, “Paulaner” promotion and delicious wurst sausages – all in one place, on the square located on the ground floor of the “Stadion” Shopping Mall.
Tourism-related promotion is in the hands of the Tourist Organization of Germany and the “Big Blue” and “Kon Tiki” travel agencies who will reward the visitors with a tour “Gratz – Chocolate Fairytale” as a trip for two people.
Goethe Institute is in charge of promoting the German language, being a cultural institute from the Federal Republic of Germany which is active around the world in helping and advancing the German language acquisition abroad, while also nurturing international cultural cooperation. Goethe Institute also translates the overall image of Germany through information on cultural, social and political life.

There will be more surprises – The Tourist Organization of Germany in collaboration with the company “Lufthansa” offers the possibility to take part in an interesting activation entitled “Feel the magic of German nature”. In the period between the 20th of October and 14th of November, by visiting the presentation you will be able to answer five questions about the Federal Republic of Germany. If you give correct answers to all five questions, you can win a return ticket to Frankfurt in the economic class and accommodation with breakfast included for two people. This promotional activity will last until the 18th of November, when it will be revealed who wins the trip to Germany.


October, 7th 2016

“Teen Talk 2016” broke records in Niš!

Yesterday the city of Niš hosted the second conference “Teen Talk 2016”, which was held in the cinema “Vilin Grad”, and organized by “Color Press Group”, “Bravo” magazine, and traditionally through partnership with “Telenor” company. As it happened last year, records were broken again, in terms of the number of visits. Students from primary and secondary schools and Universities were interested in talking to their peers who had achieved extraordinary results during their education, but also in talking about peer-to-peer bullying whose presence in schools is on the rise.
This year’s “Teen Talk” gave the opportunity to children to talk and ask questions to well-known talented children from Niš, such as Jovan Krstić, Kristina Petrović, Aleksandar Mladenović, Dušan Živanović and Nikola Blagojević, who brought many medals to the city of Niš from international competitions. The children were primarily interested in asking questions about their further education, whether they were financially supported by the state, where they would like to pursue their studies, and why they had made a decision to engage in science.
Visitors of the panel focused on bullying had the opportunity to hear advice from professors Ana Veljković and Bojana Golubović, and from Bratislav Timotijević, representative of the Niš police, on how to protect themselves from bullying and how to prevent the bullying. Dragana Janković, whose son Aleksa had tragically lost his life by committing suicide after having suffered constant peer-to-peer bullying, spoke on the conference, and the children had plenty to say to Aleksa’s mother.
The panel which focused on what today’s children are ready to do in order to obtain a “like” gathered popular You-Tube presenters from Niš, such as Nikola Mladenović, Nemanja Arsić, Igor Rakoci and Filip Milenković. When some of them appeared on stage, the audience was thrilled to see them.
After successful conferences held in the cities of Novi Sad and Niš, “Teen Talk 2016” moves to Belgrade and Podgorica. The upcoming destination is the Youth Center (Dom omladine), and the conference is scheduled for the 8th of November. See you there!

October, 7th 2016

Forum “What defines us, What unites us?” held at Novi Sad’s City Hall

On Thursday, 6th of October, City Hall in Novi Sad hosted an interesting forum entitled “What defines us, What unites us?”(“Šta nas definiše nas, šta nas ujedinjuje?”), organized by the foundation Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, European Movement in Serbia, and “Diplomacy & Commerce” magazine.
The forum was devoted to West Balkans integration into the European Union, and challenges faced by the EU: Brexit, migrants, the East, presidential elections in the USA. The forum gathered many distinguished guests, among others Her Excellency the French Ambassador Christine Moro, and former foreign minister of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SRJ) Goran Svilanović.
Final notes were presented by Norbert Bekmann-Dirkes, director of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation in Belgrade, Aleksandar Simurdić, secretary general of the European Movement – Novi Sad, and Žikica Milošević, editor-in-chief of “Diplomacy & Commerce” magazine.

September, 26th 2016

The conference #CheckIn2016 brings to Novi Sad – Marcos Torres, global sales director of “Trump Hotel Collection”!

The conference “Check In 2016”, scheduled to be held in Novi Sad on October 28th will gather leaders in hotel industry and tour operators from the entire SEE region. The conference will discuss the latest hotel trends – digitalization, safety challenges and other current topics.

In one of the panels, Ambassadors from the countries with abundant tourist offer – Montenegro, Croatia, Turkey, Brazil, Israel and India – will speak about the problems which this important economy branch faces in turbulent times.

Alongside the speakers from the region, the conference will gather some big international names from this field. One of the lecturers will be Marcos Torres, global sales director of “Trump Hotel Collection”, a hotel empire owned by the American presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The conference programme and application options are available at the following URL:


September, 19th 2016

#FoodTalkMacedonia2016 gathered a number of celebrities and Ambassadors!

On the second regional food and wine conference, entitled “Food Talk 2016”, held last Saturday at the stunning setting of the “Elektra garden” restaurant in Brvenica, FYRO Macedonia, the company “Color Media”, gathered, on the same place, a number of food fans, eminent experts, diplomats, gastro-chefs, celebrities and media representatives.
From the morning until late at night, there were discussions about food, good and bad food habits, wine and desserts. Top-class gastro-chefs revealed some of their best-kept secrets. The friends of the conference presented at their booths something for everyone to enjoy: delicious bites made from the best Macedonian types of cheese, produced by the dairy producer “Zdravje Radovo”, cured meat products made by the “Uka-komerc” company, delicious puddings produced by a well-known manufacturer “Podravka”, original French fries produced by the famous brand “McCain”, offer by the best-known coffee brand “Nescaffe”, and wines provided by the “Bovin” winery. Refreshing-partner of the conference was “Jana” water, whereas the company “Zepter International” rounded up the whole-day gathering with a presentation of their newest generation of pots and pans, which included a prize-winning game as well.
During lunch break, the guests had beer refreshments provided by a well-known brand “Skopsko”. The conference was also supported by the company “Teta Violeta”, which promoted their brand “Parex”.
Jovana Stojmenović, a popular TV personality, opened the conference, inviting the mayor of Brvenica Municipality, Enver Pajaziti to greet the wide public gathered at the “Elektra garden” restaurant. The programme was extensive and educational, made up of five panel discussions and five case studies, including interesting presentations by well-known cocktail experts, and discussions about gastro bon ton, but the most entertaining part for sure was the presentation carried out by the best Macedonian gastro-chefs, who prepared their specialties live.
Among the panel participants, there were many celebrities – Boki 13, pop singer Viktorija Loba, folk singer Marjan Kocev, TV faces Andrijana Alački, Irena Spirovska, Sneže Velkov, Eli Peševa and Aleksandra Panovska, editor of daily newspaper “Večer“ Ivona Talevska, and Ambassadors to Macedonia: the Hungarian Ambassador Laszlo Dux spoke about the Hungarian cuisine and took part in the fifth panel discussion, whereas the British Ambassador Charles Garrett, accompanied by his wife, took time to taste delicious specialties presented at the conference.

Until late at night, the guests enjoyed delicious food, good drinks and music performed by the band “Bionda”.


September, 19th 2016

“Food Talk” held in Bač, within the event “European Heritage Days”

This weekend, the town of Bač hosts the amazing traditional event “European Heritage Days”, held for the thirteenth time, and marked by rich cultural and music programme. The event started on Friday and will continue for the next three days.

Solemn opening of the event today was attended by Aleksandar Vulin, Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy, and Maja Gojković, National Parliament Speaker, who pointed out that Bač possessed an enormous potential in touristic and agricultural sectors, and that as such should be a point of reference, keeping in mind that it is a very special place, because the Croats, Serbs, Slovaks and other nationalities live over there together in the best terms possible.

After the opening ceremony, a “Food Talk” panel was held, entitled “Think global, eat local”, organized by “Color Press Group”, and involving a number of celebrity guests. Tijana Dapčević, Nenad Pagonis, Eržika Pap – Reljin, Đorđe Čavić, Karmen Krivokapić and Tanja Banjanin shared their opinions about food, discussed whether it was just a modern-day trend to eat healthy food, and agreed that our domestic food would be the one with the highest quality, irrespective of being vegetarian or not. Ivana Đorđević, as a panel moderator, stimulated the guests by asking them inspirational questions to confront their points of view, and this is why this panel raised a lot of interest in the audience.

At the end of the panel, rewards were granted for the food prepared by home cooks, which was tasted, and then evaluated by panel participants. The first position – a 7-day accommodation at Kopaonik for two people, provided by the company “JollyKop”, was won by Radmila Đukić from Bač, whereas Jelica Podraščanin from Bukovac was the runner-up, and the third-placed was Radoslava Dabić from Novi Sad. They received, as a reward, annual subscription to “Color Press Group” cooking publications.
The company’s CEO, and also Bač-born, Robert Čoban, said that the event “Food Talk” had become a brand in its own right and spread across the region, to Montenegro and FYRO Macedonia, thus proving that food talks are always interesting and innovative.

September, 19th 2016

The conference that conquered the Internet and the region – #Digital2016

This year’s regional conference on trends in telecommunications and media, “Digital 2016”, for the first time was held as a two-day conference, featuring over sixty experts from the SEE region and elsewhere in the world.
The beautiful “Geozavod” building evoked digital atmosphere, over two hundred guests followed the panels via LED and TV screens, the drone was filming activations in the garden, and all those who were not able to attend had the opportunity to watch the event in a form of a live stream. The audience submitted their questions to the participants via Twitter, whereas the most interesting tweets were presented on the screens located in the hall.

On the first day, the conference was opened by Mr Denis Keefe, the Ambassador of Great Britain to Belgrade, whilst during the opening of the second day of the conference, Mr Kyle Scott, the Ambassador of the United States of America to Serbia, held a speech.
“Pay attention to the speed of changes in the digital world, second by second. “Digital” means battling against the ISIS, promotion of human rights. Unfortunately, in the past year, few serious events put our branches on a test. Digital diplomacy is just another way to fulfill our regular diplomatic activities. Our duty is to adapt the information we use”, said Denis Keefe.
“Many would want to get on this fast digital train, and if they fail to do so, they risk staying in the past. It is clear that digital world is shaping the way we work, the way we live, the way we interact with our friends and family. Robots are doing the work instead of humans, whilst virtual reality goes hand in hand with our reality. In politics, however, social networks have huge impact in pre-election campaigns.

Candidates adapt their messages in accordance with feedback information they get. In the business world, a computer and an idea is all you need. Young entrepreneurs now have the advantage of using new technologies in order to reach the investors”, Kyle Scott said.
Throughout these two days, within ten panel discussions and six case studies, many important issues of today were analyzed, and the speakers were some of the most eminent names from the field of media, social networks, telecommunications, economics, law, art and sports.
The visitors had the opportunity to hear lots of interesting facts, prognoses and educational stories about electronic banking, protection of copyright, TV programmes and the future of the advertising sector, role of media in the USA presidential elections, national broadcasters, trends on social networks and many other current topics.
Salim Mukadam, general manager and vice president of BBC for the CEE region, drew much attention from the public with his speech, and presented new and aspiring forms of this media house for the upcoming season.
During their one-on-one conversation, featuring a journalist Marina Kosanović and a writer and marketing consultant Lazar Džamić, the audience had the opportunity to hear many pieces of concrete advice from the expert who worked with the “Google” corporation, lived and worked in London, and on the conference “Digital2016” shared his knowledge with our guests.

““Google” is not just work, it is lifestyle. You live through this job 24 hours a day. When I was younger, I was eager to learn, and there were many other circumstances involved as well. In my opinion, everyone should live abroad at least for a while to learn and get familiar with the system. Now the time has come to try something different. The only thing you cannot buy is time, time is more expensive than heroin, than uranium, it is the most expensive item in Britain. Many people must go through the hell, which lasts twenty to thirty years, in order to have that time”, Lazar Džamić said.

At the conference, for the first time, the legendary Serbian TV series “Andrija i Anđelka” was presented, in a completely new way, which drew much attention from the audience. Everyone had the opportunity to hear all peculiarities and details, before, during and after the shooting, from the creative team which worked on this TV series, led by Anđelka Prpić.

The conference entitled “Digital” is taking place for the third time in a row, and alongside trends concerning the topics it covers, the conference creates new tendencies in the field of organizing similar events in the SEE region.

Among the partners of this year’s conference, there are: VISA, “Disney Channel”, “Disney Junior”, “Disney XD”, “Waterfront”, “ORION telecom”, “Viasat World”, “FOX International Group”, HBO GO, “Scrippsnetworks”, “Ninamedia”, N1television channel, “Carslberg Srbija”, and “Voda Voda”.



September, 13th 2016

On the last day of “24 Hours of Elegance” Chivas Regal & Gloria Party was held

Closing party of the event “24 Hours of Elegance” was held at Belgrade’s Diva
Lounge Grand Casina, and was devoted to one of the most famous world’s whiskeys “Chivas Regal Extra”. The party was organized by “Gloria” magazine.

Together with the motto “Welcome to the next level party”, ambassador of the most popular Scottish drink, Ken Lindsay, greeted the guests and invited them to relish in luxurious aroma and cocktails made from this whiskey.

Partner of the event, Clubbing TV was in charge of music, played by Aleksandra Duende and Dućo Lopresto from “Three singers music”.

Among the guests there were the well-known Italian tailor Carlo Andreachio, painter Milan Cile Marinković accompanied by his wife Beba, journalist and writer Branko Rosić, actress Iva Štrljić.


September, 13th 2016

Out of 40 best-selling magazines in Serbia – CPG publishes 22!

A survey conducted this August by IPSOS, and involving 4.783 Serbian citizens, showed that out of 40 magazines with the highest rating in Serbia – CPG publishes as many as 22. “Adria Media Srbija” and “Ringier Axel Springer” publish 4 magazines each, while “Politika AD” and “Novosti” 3 publish magazines in the “Top 40”. The best-selling magazine is still “Blic žena”, whereas on the first position among celebrity weeklies there is “Scandal!”, and the first-placed among glossy magazines is “Gloria”, from three months ago also the part of the CPG portfolio.

September, 13th 2016

CPG team this year again on the UNICEF Fair Play Tournament

The traditional UNICEF Fair Play tournament in basketball, held at Kalemegdan today, garnered RSD 900.000 to support the functioning of the Parental telephone line (0800 007 000) – free service which enables parents to have professional aid in overcoming day-to- day troubles while they raise their children. The tournament featured 24 teams, company representatives, and due to their participation new donations were collected, in order to help the Parental telephone line, which is currently open between 5 PM and 8 PM every day (except Monday), to work in full capacity. The first position was won by the “Telekom Srbija” team, which in the final beat the “VIP Mobile”. The third placed was the “Nordeus” team, whereas the fair play award was granted to teams from the companies “Endava” and “Telekom Srbija”. Together with them, also competed on the field representatives of the companies “Actavis Zdravlje”, ”Atlantic Group”, “Coca-Cola HBC”, “Color Press Group”, “Endava”, “Eurobank”, “Gorenje”, “L’Oreal”, “Manpower”, “NLB Bank”, “Nordeus”, “Roda”, “Saga”, “Siemens”, “TeleGroup”, “Telekom”, “UniCredit Bank”, “Vip mobile”, and “Wiener Stadtische”. Participants of this year’s Fair Play Tournament were particularly inspired by success of our basketball team at the Rio Olympic Games, whereas all teams together promoted values of sports, basketball, team spirit, cooperation and fair play. “UNICEF has a long tradition of organizing and participating in sports activities, in Serbia and globally as well. This is why this event is an important chain in marking seven decades since we were founded and started operating. Sport is uniting us and reminds us of the importance of solidarity, tolerance, team spirit and good cooperation. Owing to this Fair Play Tournament, UNICEF, together with partners from corporative sector, made a team which is performing good deeds for our children. This year, we collected the money to support the free Parental telephone line. This is how we directly helped parents and well-being of every child in our country”, said Vesna Savić Đukić, chief of the Department for cooperation with the private sector of UNICEF Serbia. She expressed gratitude to all participants of the Tournament.

September, 3rd 2016

The second regional book conference #BookTalk2016 has been held

The Pavle Beljanski Memorial-Collection in Novi Sad, on September 1st and 2nd hosted some of the most significant names from the world of literature and publishing at the conference Book Talk 2016, organized by “Color Press Group”.
For the second year in a row, this conference was preceded by “Book Week” (“Nedelja knjige”), during which, from August 29th until September 2nd books were granted free of charge to all those citizens who were spotted by “Color Press Group” volunteers to be reading books while using the public transportation.

The conference was opened on September 1st at 7 PM by the first panel, entitled “Could the freedom sing – 25 years on – regional intertwining and barriers in culture”. Throughout this panel, the discussion was focused on the topic whether the notion of “region” implies euphemism, and about the location where we stand today in terms of cultural collaboration among the countries that once formed the old Yugoslavia.
The second day of the conference was opened by Deputy Province’s Secretary for Culture and Information Nebojša Kuzmanović. In his introductory speech, he pointed to significant contribution of this conference to overall art and cultural ambience, not only in Vojvodina, but in the entire Serbia as well. He pointed out that it was very important to emphasize the importance of books in an era marked by high technologies, computers and smart phones, adding that the Province’s Secretariat would more strongly from now on support the Serbian publishing industry.
After the opening ceremony, the publishers had their panel to exchange views on the topic which had entered the last year’s conference – whether the regional countries act differently in terms of their publishing production, and how much instability in Serbia and in the neighbouring countries might influence politics and attitude towards literature. How we keep memories of deeds by great names in our culture, and whether signs on the streets, sculptures and monuments are everything that our societies do in order to keep memories of those great names, were the topics of the third panel, entitled “An artist and his monument”.
The following panels centered on publishing rights and translations, possible ways to arrange the Balkan market, experiences of celebrities who engaged in writing books. There was also the discussion on how the intellectual Europe dealt with challenges encountered amidst the migrant crisis, terrorism and Brexit, and about the social status of the cultural elite.
This year the conference was comprised of two parallel programmes, thus in the hall on the ground floor two more panels were organized, one devoted to science fiction, and the other to literature for children in the digital era.
Among the participants there were: Teofil Pančić, Lazar Džamić, Nele Karajlić, Duško Ljuština, Branko Rosić, Ivan Ivanji, Ante Tomić, Borka Pavićević, Muharem Bazdulj, Isidora Bjelica, Marko Vidojković, Andrija Terzić, and many others.

During the conference, the visitors had the opportunity to choose their favourite writer present on the conference, and to walk with him or her around the city, within the project entitled “Walk & Talk”. Isidora Bjelica gathered the highest number of votes, and the organizers did their best for the walk to run smoothly, to the delight of Isidora’s readers, who enjoyed talking to their favourite writer on this occasion.

August, 11 th 2016

2016 IPSOS, July 2016: Out of 40 best-selling magazines in Serbia “Color Press Group” publishes 23!

During July, 4574 Serbian citizens took part in the survey conducted by IPSOS and aimed at discovering bestsellers among the magazines. The same as in June, over half of best-selling magazines in Serbia are published by “Color Press Group” (23 out of 40).
“Axel Springer Ringier” and “Adria Media Grupa” publish 4 top magazines each, whereas “Novosti” and “Politika” each have 3 representatives on the list.

Among the best-selling magazines, cooking publications still dominate, while high ratings were also registered by women’s magazines, teenage monthlies, celebrity weeklies, magazines about health, pregnancy, gardening and many others.

July, 29th 2016

Hello! Travel Pool Party gathered celebrities in Budva

Roof top swimming pool within the “Budva” hotel last Thursday was a location of an exclusive party organized by “Hello!” magazine and the Tourist Organization of Budva to celebrate successful collaboration on publishing a magazine in English, entitled “Hello! Travel: Budva”, which presented to readers from around the region and to foreign tourists all peculiarities of the Budva Riviera.

Jelena Rađenović, managing director of the Tourist Organization of Budva, and Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, anticipated new joint ventures, the first of which will be the conference “Food Talk: Budva”, scheduled for the 9th of September.

Many local guest from Montenegro, as well as guests from the fields of music, cinema and media who were Budva’s guests on that day, enjoyed cocktails and gastronomic specialties made by chefs from the “Budva” hotel.


July, 14th 2016

IPSOS, June 2016: Out of 50 best-selling magazines, “Color Press Group” publishes 29!

According to data by IPSOS Strategic Marketing based on a survey, conducted from 01.06. until 30.06., and featuring 4.403 participants, out of 50 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes as many as 29.

“Adria Media” publishes 5, “Novosti” 4, “Axel Springer Ringier” 4, “Politika” 3, and other publishers one magazine each. All five weekly newspapers published by “Color Press Group” (“Svet”, “Scandal”, “Hello!”, “Star” and “Gloria”), are among the top 50, reaching over 90.000 readers.


July, 12th 2016

The last Olympic weekend at the Ušće Shopping Mall

During the weekend of 9 th and 10 th of July, all visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the weekend devoted to the forthcoming Rio Olympic Games on a platform in front of the Ušće Shopping Mall.

This event was organized by “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine and the Serbian Olympic Committee. On Saturday, 9 th of July, from 5 PM until 8 PM, a presentation of an exciting Olympic sport discipline was organized, and all the guests had the opportunity to try kayak.

Both weekend days, from 12 o’clock until 8 PM, on the Central Square of the Ušće Shopping Mall, the Olympic card issued by Vojvođanska bank was promoted, as well as a Facebook activation. By taking photographs disguised as well-known Olympic athletes, all visitors had the opportunity to win a tablet.


July, 8th 2016

The evening of friendship and thankfulness: A reception was held to bid farewell to Israeli Ambassador Yosef Levy

On July, 7 th “Color Press Group” and “Diplomacy & Commerce” magazine, in collaboration with the Jewish Community of Belgrade, “Strauss Adriatic d.o.o.” and “Doga d.o.o.”, organized a reception to bid farewell to Israeli Ambassador to Serbia, His Excellency Yosef Levy, who completed his five-year term in Belgrade. The reception was held in the grounds of Belgrade’s Synagogue “Sukat Shalom”.

This festive event was attended by senior government officials and members of the diplomatic corps, whereas the Jewish Community of Belgrade presented a medal and a plaque of appreciation to His Excellency Yosef Levy. Among the guests, there were Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojković, Interior Minister Nebojša Stefanović, Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin, Minister of Culture Ivan Tasovac, and Director of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Đurić. The ceremony, as a present of Minister Zoran Đorđević and the Serbian Army, was made even greater by Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence “Stanislav Binički”, which accompanied Israel’s opera star, Mrs. Yael Sayag, and an opera singer Bojan Bulatović when performing national anthems

. Advisor to the Serbian Prime Minister in terms of regional cooperation and religion Vladimir Božović addressed the audience on behalf of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić and thanked the Ambassador Levy for all his efforts aimed at advancing relations between Serbia and Israel, adding that Levy was a friend of the Serbian people ever since his first visit to Serbia in 1999. Vice President of the Jewish Community of Belgrade Jakob Salom said that Ambassador Levy had an important role in creation and implementation of the Law on remedying the consequences of seizure of assets of Holocaust victims with no living legal heirs, and was present when all important dates in Serbian and Jewish people’s history were marked. He granted a plaque and medal of appreciation to the Ambassador, dubbing it “medal of friendship”.

Israeli Business Association in Serbia also expressed gratitude, and on its behalf Mr. Zoran Stojković addressed the audience. Among the guests there were also the chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community in Serbia Isak Asiel, the Serbian Crown Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević and Princess Katarina, high official of the Democratic Party Dragan Šutanovac, members of the diplomatic corps, and many figures from the public and cultural sphere.

This evening of friendship and music was organized in order to thank Ambassador Levy, who had spent five years working devotedly and committed to advance the relations between Israel and Serbia.

He was representing universal mankind values, promoting equal rights and opportunities for all, setting up solid foundations for heartfelt communication which would lead to deeper relations between the two countries. Together with expressions of gratitude to friends, the evening was wound up with fireworks and to the sounds of music performed by a string quartet.


July, 1st 2016

Final event of the project “Three corners of culture”: Charity multimedia exhibition

On June, 29th the project “Three corners of culture” was completed by organizing a charity multimedia exhibition entitled Belgrade – Vienna – Budapest at New Belgrade’s “Dom kulture Studentski grad”. This project was organized by the association “HBO Color Media Events”, “Color Press Group” and “Color Media Communications”.
One of the project’s partners was the LG company. A multimedia exhibition was presented on LG televisions sets, and segments from the world of cinema, fashion, music and other areas of culture of Hungary, Austria and Serbia were shown. One of the principal moments was the auction of works made by children who attend New Belgrade’s School for comics and caricature.

“The LG company for years already have been supporting charity events, and this is why we immediately made a decision to support this project. Owing to it, together with the Humanitarian Foundation New Belgrade we will be able to help the children in need, and to bring numerous smiles to their faces. We are glad to know that citizens had the opportunity to enjoy cultural characteristics of Serbia, Austria and Hungary, whose destinies have been intertwined through history. This is why the LG company provided to all the guests an enjoyable travel by time-machine, having in mind that our OLED television sets showed film, music and other visual contents in perfect authenticity, trustworthy and clearly”, representatives of the LG company said.
All the means collected during the project “Three corners of culture” will be transferred to the account of the Humanitarian Foundation New Belgrade, and “Color Press Group” will continue its charity activities through other projects.
Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum Mr Johannes Irshik and PR of the Humanitarian Foundation New Belgrade Milica Vojtek expressed their positive impressions and contentment that they were part of an event like this one.

General objective of the project is to contribute to better quality of life of New Belgrade’s citizens through establishing and advancing partnership among distinguished citizens, embassies, self-rule units, institutions of culture, organizations and individuals, distinguished workers from the field of culture and from the Humanitarian Foundation New Belgrade.

The project was supported by the “Coca – Cola” company, which provided refreshments for the participants.


June, 29th 2016

IPSOS, May 2016: Out of 40 best-selling magazines in Serbia, CPG publishes 23!

According to data by IPSOS Strategic Marketing referring to May 2016, out of 40 best-selling magazines in Serbia, “Color Press Group” publishes more than half – as many as 23.

Among the best-selling magazines there are also “Gloria” (17.) and “Hej” (38.), which are part of the “Color Press Group” portfolio as of the previous month.

“Axel Springer Ringier” and “Adria Media” publish four magazines in the Top 40 each, whereas “Politika” publishes three magazines, “Novosti” two, and other publishers one magazine each. The publisher “Attica Media” does not have any magazine in the Top 40. The research was conducted between May, 1st and May, 31st including 4.253 survey participants.


June, 25th 2016

The second part of the project “Three corners of culture” held at the School for comics and caricature

“Within the project “Three corners of culture”, conducted by the association of citizens “HBO Color Media Events” in collaboration with the Municipality of New Belgrade, “Color Press Group” and “Color Media Communications”, the School for comics and caricature at New Belgrade hosted the second cultural “corner”.
This School, led by Mileta Miloradović, a distinguished caricaturist from “Jež” magazine, was founded in 2001, and until today over four hundred children have been its pupils. Every year another twenty students start attending the School, whilst the most talented and industrious students, during these fifteen years, have won over fifty prizes around the world. Their works are well-known in Belgrade and throughout the entire Serbia, in many European countries, and even so far as in Tokyo.
Depending on the means received throughout the year, they organize the competition “Strip kaiš”, whereas during summer they organize free workshops aimed at children aged seven to nineteen.
They were happy to take part in the project “Three Corners of Culture”, and with the temperature of over forty degrees, they did their job perfectly well. Knowing that this project, in addition to promoting culture and its values also has a humanitarian note, and that the second “corner” had the slogan “Deca-deci” (“From children to children”), straight from the heart they granted their works to the humanitarian aid project.
Auction of these great caricatures and comics segments will be held on June, 29th 2016 at 7 PM, at New Belgrade’s “Dom kulture Studentski grad”, within the humanitarian multimedia exhibition Belgrade – Vienna – Budapest. The collected means from the auction will be transferred to the account of the New Belgrade Humanitarian Foundation.


June, 17 th 2016

“Roman Holiday Party” at King Petar’s House

“Roman Holiday Party”, an event organized to mark one hundred years since the famous actor Gregory Peck’s birth, was held at King Petar’s House, Senjak. Peck starred in the movie “Roman Holiday”, alongside Audrey Hepburn.

“Color Press Group”, whose portfolio as of this month includes “Gloria” magazine, organized a party which corresponds to the spirit of the “Roman Holiday” movie. While promoting love, as well as the Italian food, wine, music and lifestyle, the company made an effort to bring back the Italian spirit of the fifties to all the guests.
The guests were welcomed by hostesses dressed in dresses from this period, whereas all the guests had the opportunity to take photographs alongside old-timers and old Vespa scooters, enjoying the Italian music, which added to the atmosphere in this gorgeous garden at Senjak.

Ivana Jordan, a singer, greeted the guests, and together with “Gloria” magazine Editor-in-Chief Boris Jakić, drew the name of the winner who would be granted a trip to Rome, provided by the “Ponte” agency.

Throughout the entire party, the guests had the opportunity to leave their messages of love by hanging them with “Jana” padlocks on a special “LOVE” construction.
“The open-air cinema”, put up at the lawn in front of the villa, presented the movie “Roman Holiday”, whereas inside the house, the fairer sex members had the opportunity to get their hair and make-up done by experts from “L’Oreal” make-up studio and “Baron” hair parlour.

Among numerous guests there were the Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojković, Italian Ambassador to Serbia Giuseppe Manco, accompanied by his wife, Slovene Ambassador Vladimir Gasparič, accompanied by his wife, actor Ivan Bekjarev, actress Vesna Čipčić, “The Frajle” band, singer Aleksa Jelić, TV hostess Mira Adanja Polak, writer Suzana Mančić, actress Iva Štrljić, journalist Duška Jovanić, painter Cile Marinković, accompanied by his wife and daughter, and many others.

All the guests were flipping through the fresh issue of “Gloria” magazine, alongside “Tikveš” wines, “Somersby” ciders, and ice-cream from “Poslastičarnica”.


June, 14th 2016

After Obrovac and Bač, the project “Teen Alarm” arrives to Novi Sad

After being held in primary schools “Žarko Zrenjanin“ in Obrovac and “Vuk Karadžić“ in Bač, the tribune devoted to peer-to- peer bullying was presented in front of the pupils attending the school “Jovan Popović” from Novi Sad. During the lecture, which lasted the same amount of time as one school class, pupils attending the fifth and seventh grade, and unlike their peers from Obrovac and Bač, had the opportunity to hear, in addition to educative stories, the story about a pupil named Aleksa, who had left the Novi Sad school “Đorđe Natošević“ exactly because of being bullied.

Unfortunately, this project is a clear indicator of a growing need to talk to students at schools as much as possible about peer-to- peer bullying and how to recognize it. Furthermore, this project and similar projects should be continued in the forthcoming academic years. The project “Teen Alarm” whose topic is peer-to- peer bullying is adapted to teenagers, and was launched by the company “Color Press Group” in collaboration with the Province’s Secretariat for sport and youth and an NGO “Color Media Events”.


June, 10th 2016

The project “Food Is Great” presented wines from Šumadija and British specialties

British Embassy, together with Šumadija’s Winery Association and “Color Press Group” yesterday in the Elsie Inglis House (residence of the British Ambassador) organized the event “Food Is Great”, which coincided with the visit by Darrel Joseph, a distinguished wine expert and one of the authors in “Decanter” magazine. The event kicked off with an interesting panel discussion featuring:

– Darrel Joseph, expert in wine from the region of Central and Eastern Europe

– HE Denis Keefe, British Ambassador to Serbia

– Veselin Despotović, owner of “Despotika” winery, representative of Šumadija’s Winery Association

– Don McCulloch, owner of British – Serbian Winery “McCulloch”

After the panel, the guests had the opportunity to taste specialties prepared by Aleksandar Pavlović, chef from the British Ambassador’s residence. Aleksandar presented to the guests a number of typically British specialties, whereas the Winery Association presented specialties from the region of Šumadija. Darrel Joseph will hold a master class on June, 11 th in Topola, with the subject “Wines from Šumadija”, within the Third Festival of Wines from Šumadija, organized by Šumadija’s Winery Association. In addition to British – Serbian wineries “McCulloch” and “Raj”, members of Šumadija’s Winery Association had their presentations in front of the guests, including: “Kraljevska Vinarija”, Winery “Aleksandrović”, Wine cellar “Radovanović”, Winery “Despotika”, Wine cellar “Stari hrast”, Winery “DeLena”, Winery “Rogan”, Winery “Art Wine”, Winery “Arsenijević, Winery “Tarpoš” and Winery “Madžić”. The event was organized as part of the project #FoodIsGREAT, which is conducted by the Embassy in collaboration with “Color Press Group”.


June, 8 th 2016

“Teen Alarm”: Lecture on peer-to- peer bullying

Within the project entitled “Teen Alarm”, organized by the company “Color Press Group”, The Province of Vojvodina Secretary for sport and youth and an NGO “Color Media Events”, on June 2 nd and 7 th two lectures were organized on the topic of peer-to- peer bullying. Pupils from primary schools “Žarko Zrenjanin“ from Obrovac and “Vuk Karadžić“ from Bač were the first who had the opportunity to attend the lecture and get educated about peer-to- peer bullying, how to recognize it, and of course – how to prevent it. During the lecture, pupils from the fifth, sixth and seventh grade had the opportunity to hear more about the forms and levels of bullying, what can be regarded as bullying, how to recognize the bullies and victims, too, what is discrimination, what sanctions can the minors face, and how to react in situations when we witness the bullying. Daniela Stamenkovič, member of the parental board in Novi Sad’s primary schools and Andrea Silić were the lecturers.


June, 6 th 2016

Songs, dances and entertainment for the youngest accompany a three-day event “Days of Slovenia”

From Friday, June 3 rd until Sunday, June, 5 th , at the Stadion Shopping Centre at Voždovac, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia and Slovene Business Club, a promotional event entitled “Days of Slovenia” was held. Visitors of Belgraders’ favourite hot spot, in addition to shopping, could feel the spirit of Slovenia in Belgrade, visit the exhibition of photographs taken in towns in Slovenia, and find out about more in terms of culture, music, language and tourism regarding this country.

The event also had a humanitarian note, because on Sunday, June, 5 th from 10 AM until 2 PM a sales exhibition was organized featuring artwork with Slovene symbols made by protégés of the “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” Home, with the NLB Bank initiative, and artwork by protégés of the Daily Centre for mentally challenged children and youth, with initiative by “Triglav Insurance” Belgrade branch. By buying their items, the visitors helped these institutions’ work. On Friday, June, 3 rd “Days of Slovenia” event was opened by His Excellency Vladimir Gasparič, Ambassador of Slovenia, and then followed the concert of Slovene music by the band “Društvo Kredarica” from Novi Sad, and folklore dances performance by KUD from Kostolac. Visitors of “Days of Slovenia” also had the opportunity to visit the mini-exhibition of the Slovene painter Majda Zorko – Gasparič, who is the wife of the Slovene Ambassador to Belgrade. Traditionally, this being the fourth such event of national character, it was accompanied by promotions of food, drinks and desserts of the country in question. This time, visitors of “Days of Slovenia” had the opportunity to try out traditional Slovene delicacies – Prekmurska gibanica and Bledska krempita, prepared by professional top pastry chefs from Belgrade’s hotel “Life Design”. Gastronomic experts from the Slovene premium brand “Kras” were in charge of mortadella and prosciutto degustation. In addition to high-quality cured meat products, “Kras” also served the amazing famous Slovene wine “Teran”. The most popular Slovene beer brand “Laško pivo” provided refreshments after the degustation event for all visitors. The brand “Gorenje” from Slovenia presented their palette of products and the NLB Bank presented their attractive bank services to visitors, whereas on Saturday, June, 4 th at noon, the NLB Bank presented a puppetry entitled “Princ Marcipan” for the youngest audience. “Triglav insurance” presented their offer of a number of insurance policies. The Tourist Organization of Slovenia and Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia to Belgrade presented Slovenia as an attractive destination for tourists.

Visitors had the opportunity to take part in creative language workshops and watch promotional videos how to learn the Slovene language, which was organized by the Department of the Slovene language. A ballet studio “Leonessa”, devoted to modern and jazz ballet for children aged 3 to 14, on Saturday, June, 4 th gave a spectacular performance featuring its charming ballerinas. Ballerinas gathered in this popular studio, after having participated in many competitions in Serbia and abroad, where they were awarded with lots of trophies, medals and diplomas, for the visitors of the Stadion Shopping Mall presented 18 different dance routines. Their performance thrilled the audience who gave them ovations, took photographs and shot videos with their cell phones. During Saturday and Sunday the youngest visitors of the shopping mall enjoyed face painting workshops organized by children’s playroom “Dreamlands”, and on Sunday they relished another puppetry – “Lutkarev put”. Association of Slovenes in Belgrade – “Sava Association” presented their activities and the choir from this association performed on Saturday, June, 4 th at 6 PM.


June, 5 th 2016

The first “Family Day” held in Skopje

On Saturday, June, 4 th , the capital city of FYRO Macedonia hosted the first “Family Day”, organized by “Color Media”, publisher of the female magazine with the widest circulation “Ubavina i zdravje” and Dyslexia Association “Einstein”. A three-hour gathering at the city park was supported by the foundation “Dajte mi krilja” and the company “Planinska rosa”, whereas the event’s host was the popular Marko Noveski. The objective of “Family Day” is for the entire family to socialize and have a good time, through playing children’s games, which we all played as children and now they are almost forgotten. Among many entertaining games, enjoyed by children and grown-ups alike, there were jumping over the rope, jumping in sacks, pulling the rope, hula-hoop, dart board, rubber band, and many others. A free aerobics class was organized by professional coaches from the fitness club “Triniti”.


June, 4 th 2016

Diplomas granted to the twentieth generation of the Color Press Group School for journalists and editors

During the regional conference “Moja Kravica Food Talk 2016”, organized by “Color Press Group” and held on June, 3 rd 2016 in Novi Sad, diplomas were granted to students of the spring semester at the Color Press Group School for journalists and editors. Tijana Čubrilo, Ivana Veljović Pereula, Milica Kovačević, Danijela Vejnović, Magdalina Milanović, Ivana Zlatanović, Varvara Maletić, Anđelka Matijević, Vladimir Papić, Stefan Petrović and Miloš Zeljković completed their three-month education. When seeking employment at “Color Press Group” candidates who completed their education at the School for journalists and editors are preferred. Throughout three months and fifty-five classes, they cover the most important segments of work under the company system and adapt to the way of conducting business in showbiz and lifestyle magazines, which are published by CPG. The groups are comprised of twelve to fifteen students, whereas the lecturers are experienced editors, redactors and journalists from “Color Press Group” Lidija Ćulibrk, Jelena Bačić- Alimpić, Robert Čoban, Mirjana Pantoš, Angelina Čakširan, Aida Bajazet, Žikica Milošević, Jasmina Ubiparip, but also colleagues from other media: Aleksandar Filipović, Marina Kosanović, Vesna de Vinča, Eržika Pap Reljin, Branka Opranović, and many others. “Color Press Group”, being the biggest magazine publisher in the region, with a portfolio featuring 64 editions, 11 Internet portals and 70 conferences and various events in six republics that once formed the former Yugoslavia, each year employs a certain number of new journalists and editors who later get involved in projects and publications within the company. New semester of the School will be organized during autumn. Further information can be found soon at the following Internet address:


June, 4 th 2016

The entire region enjoyed food and wine at the conference “Moja Kravica Food Talk 2016” in Novi Sad

The food and wine conference entitled “Moja Kravica Food Talk 2016”, under the slogan “Food Revolution”, organized for the fourth time in a row by “Color Press Group” was yesterday held at the tourist complex Ribarsko ostrvo in Novi Sad. Oliver Mlakar, the legendary TV host, this year was the presenter, whereas the French Ambassador to Serbia Christine Moro opened the conference.

During her introductory speech, Moro introduced the audience with how influential the French cuisine is, and spoke about its beginnings: ”In 2010, UNESCO made an entry for the French cuisine in the list of world heritage items. Ever since the Renaissance, the country’s identity and cuisine have been strongly linked, and this identity is famous around the world”, the Ambassador said, adding that the first guidebooks, which later led to the first cookbooks, were written in France.

  Conference opening was attended by Goran Sečujski, member of the Novi Sad City Council, who said that food and wine for the regional countries present great potential. He pointed out that in addition to conditions in Serbia in terms of food growing and wine production, the Serbian producers possess rich experience and knowledge regarding seeds production, agriculture, how to prepare food and how to celebrate with food and wine. Sečujski added that the City of Novi Sad, over the last six years had been supporting production of organic food, as well as of products with marked geographical background, cabbage from Futog, and linden honey from Fruška gora.

Then Ženja Aćimović, Editor-in- Chief for all cooking-related publications within CPG, greeted the audience, as well as Secretary General of the association Association de la Sommellerie Internationale – ASI, Michele Astrom Chantome. The conference began with the case study about yeast in cooking led by the company “Lesaffre”, whereas the amazing Duška Jovanić presented the best chefs and owners of the most popular gastronomy parlours in Belgrade. Throughout the second case study led by Tamara Ognjević, the audience had the opportunity to hear many interesting facts regarding the French cuisine. “From 1850, when the first stove, powered by the wood, was launched, and until nowadays, philosophy about good taste and relation towards the food changed drastically. Everything began right after the French Bourgeois Revolution and the first public meals date back from that period.

Today, the French cuisine is setting up standards and vocabulary for food in all cuisines in the world”, said Tamara Ognjević, an art historian. Nevertheless, Vojvodina can nowadays boast about a number of specialties, prepared by home cooks especially for this occasion. The association “Bač u srcu Bačke” organized The Vojvodina buffet, helped by the Municipality of Bač and the Province’s Secretariat for Agriculture. The objective of the “Food Talk” conference is to promote international cuisine, but also to promote specialties of cuisines of all national minorities that live in Vojvodina. The Vojvodina buffet offered a real feast from Vojvodina to the guests. Pies, bread-rolls, various types of pastry, sarmas made of sorrel, cakes with poppy seeds, walnuts, sour cherries… The cooks smiled because the plates were being emptied in no time, and when the eyes and stomachs are full, there is always positive atmosphere. Therefore, everyone present at the food and wine conference was smiling.

The panel regarding guests who visit restaurants gathered regional chefs and bloggers. Master chef Maja Mačković from the Croatian Association of Master Chefs said that food placed in the mouth should trigger any sort of sensation. “We possess such riches that we could make an international brand, and yet we are somehow ashamed of our own food in the region. Instead of “fast food”, we should be selling “traditional food”, and yet we do not do that”, said Mačković, adding that nowadays guests who consume meals made by top-class chefs appreciate honesty above anything else, and so when there are certain “failures” in the kitchen published on social networks, the guests witness that even the best chefs are only humans who make mistakes.

At the end of the panel, we were introduced to the youngest author of cookbooks in Serbia, a sixteen-year- old Aleksa Žujović, who presented his cookbook entitled “Serbia in my hands”, containing thirty recipes. The importance of proteins was discussed, as well the new line of “Imlek” products, throughout the third case study, which was led by this company’s technologist Ivan Zorić. Patron of this year’s conference is “Moja Kravica Kuhinjica” from the company “Imlek”. “Moja Kravica Kuhinjica” launched new products from its range, namely “Sladoled Mix”, a dairy mixture used to prepare ice-cream at home, in three flavours: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. All the guests present at the conference had the opportunity to try out this ice-cream, which is produced from the mixture, rich in dairy fats, and has recognizable milky taste and creamy structure. The two ultimate panels, entitled “Sweet Revolution” and “La traviata”, introduced the audience to current trends in terms of cupcakes and wine.

Cupcakes made according to latest confectionery trends were presented, as well as candies made according to the recipe which is over one hundred and twenty years old. Also presented for degustation were wines from the wineries “Aleksić” and “Chichateau”, and over a glass of good wine, the topics were new labels in the region, trends in wine production, audience who enjoys wine and festivals. “In a short span of time, wine production flourished in Serbia, but we are still behind the likes of Slovenia and Croatia, which belong to the same region”, said Dragana Janjić, co-owner and CEO of the winery “Aleksić”. During the entire day, all guests present at the conference left the messages of love and hung them together with “Jana voda” padlocks to the “LOVE” construction, which celebrates love and life.

Towards the end of the conference, diplomas were granted to students from the spring semester at the “Color Press Group” School for journalists and editors. The diplomas to the twentieth generation of students were granted by coordinator Mira Pantoš. After the conference, dinner was organized in the “Alaska Barka” restaurant, whereas the band “Apsolutno romantično” was in charge of providing excellent atmosphere. That we are all connected by love for food and wine was proved by many celebrities, media, winery and restaurant owners, who visited the event.

Among them, there were: journalist Duška Jovanić, writer Jelena Bačić Alimpić, legendary TV face Oliver Mlakar, TV announcer Nataša Ilić, influencer Milan Vučićević, singer Tanja Banjanin, fashion designer Mladen Milivojević, journalist Marina Kosanović, musician Bojan Gluvajić, and many others. Partners of the conference are: “Moja Kravica Kuhinjica”, “Lesaffre” and “Mesimo Zajedno”, ILLI Company and restaurant “Bata Pežo”, “Jana” and “Mg Mivela”, “Hleb & Kifle”, “Amstel”, “Ford”, winery “Aleksić”, “Marlenka torte”, “Grand kafa”, the City of Novi Sad and Tourist Organization of Novi Sad.


June, 2nd  2016

Promotion of the luxurious edition of magazine “Hello! Travel: Budva”

Last night, Belgrade’s “Zepter Hotel” hosted the promotion of the first number of the luxurious edition of “Hello! Travel: Budva” magazine, organized by the company “Color Press Group” and Tourist Organization of Budva. The magazine is devoted to the Budva Riviera. The guests were greeted by Robert Čoban, CEO of the company “Color Press Group”, and Jelena Rađenović, CEO of TO of Budva. The magazine “Hello! Travel: Budva” is in English and can be bought throughout the region. Its 180 pages contain everything of interest to tourists: beaches, restaurants, food, celebrities, history of Budva and Sveti Stefan; domestic and international stars who visit this destination, local big wigs, artists, sportsmen, chefs and fishermen; adrenaline adventures, monasteries and museums; fashion editorials, attractive festivals… In addition to last night’s promotion in Belgrade, “Color Press Group” and TO of Budva will organize the magazine promotion in Sarajevo, and towards the end of July a huge “Hello! Travel Party” in Budva. The party was attended by numerous guests from Serbian cultural and public sphere: Montenegrin Ambassador to Serbia – Branislav Mićunović, actors Branislav Lečić and Milutin – Mima Karadžić, TV hostess Marija Veljković Milovanović, journalists Snežana Dakić and Vesna Dedić, fashion designer Bata Spasojević and his colleague Suzana Perić, painter Milan Cile Marinković accompanied by his daughter, young artist Danica and his wife Beba, Saša Plećević – Dr Feelgood, actresses Tanja Pujin and Iskra Brajović, model Jelena Ivanović Tomašević, Vesna de Vinča, whereas Maja Manojlović from TV Pink hosted the programme.


May, 30th  2016

Three Corners of Culture

Within the project “Three Corners of Culture”, organized by the Citizens’ association “HBO Color Media Events” in cooperation with the city municipality New Belgrade, Embassy of Poland and other partners, the first such “corner” was held on May, 28 th  2016 at “Bašta kod Juge”, New Belgrade. The event was entitled “Culture of Poland and Serbia”, and it was organized following the example of a traditional European event “Night of Museums”. The event was opened by the choir from Belgrade’s Cultural Centre. The children made tremendous atmosphere, whereas everyone went home with a smile. Alongside the music and short movies on the video beam, promotional material and a wonderful exhibition of posters, we made an attempt to present more closely the culture of Serbia and Poland. General objective of the project was to contribute to a higher quality of life for New Belgrade citizens, through establishing and developing a partnership between local self-rule units, institutions of culture, organizations of civilian society and individuals, distinguished workers in the sector of culture, embassies, media and others. The project “Three Corners of Culture” has humanitarian characters and all the collected means will be granted to the Centre for daily care of children and youth “Sunce”. Meet us again at the two remaining “corners”, let’s provide help for those in need together.


May, 29 th 2016

Danica Maksimović, Tatjana Vojtehovski and Vanja Bulić thrilled the visitors of the third BIG tribune!

Yesterday, in front of numerous visitors of the BIG Shopping Centre, the third BIG tribune was organized, featuring amazing guest-speakers Danica Maksimović, Vanja Bulić and Tatjana Vojtehovski, who shared their experiences in terms of parenthood, mental hygiene and finding balance between private and professional life. They thrilled the entire crowd! This amazing trio of successful and professionally acclaimed people got much applause and smiles because of their interesting confessions. As a gentleman, Vanja Bulić assumed to role of a host and together with Danica and Tatjana made this tribune a very pleasant one. In terms of mental hygiene, Vanja said that now the events from the nineties are taking their turn, because people are snapping and have less patience, and that they do not look for help. – Taking part in the warfare in Vukovar changed me as a person, I lost 11 kilos in one month, I could not sleep for nights, I had nightmares and I did not know what to do. I read in the newspapers about the method to relieve stress, and when I started applying it I realized that it was my own fault, and that I was the only one who could solve my problem. I gained knowledge that changed my life. One of the best methods is to count to ten in every potentially critical situation. Believe me that you will feel better. Tatjana Vojtehovski said that she was not so calm as today up until a few years ago. She said she had been extremely tense and nervous: – In the past, I was concerned that people thought about me, and therefore I reacted to it, whereas nowadays I do not pay attention to what others may think. Some time ago I met M. P. who taught transcendental meditation. She told me that basically this technique promotes finding inner peace no matter what happens around you. In the beginning, I did not believe it, but very quickly I realized that it was possible, on my own examples. I realized that when you work on yourself, then the situations change, and the point is that you adjust to them in a different way. When it comes to mental hygiene, Danica Maksimović said that she was always “going smoothly” in this subject. – I learnt that in life you must solve your own problems and at one point I sought help from a professional. When you find yourself in that situation, it is hard to admit to yourself that you have a problem. I went there alone, determined to help myself, because if I felt good and healthy, and I would be good for my family and friends. I think that physical activities also contribute to stress management, and sometimes you should go somewhere and just scream, getting it out of your system. Also, it is good to walk, because sitting down to a TV and reality programmes at home is the worst that can happen to you. You must be aware of yourself and see the true you when you look in the mirror. You should know your position, and what you want from yourself and your life. The second subject, about balancing private and professional life, is undoubtedly in focus today, because our jobs demand absence from home over a period of time. How to make a balance, when in certain banks, girls sign the contract that over the next two years they would not get pregnant, said Vanja in his introductory speech. As an actress whose work day sometimes lasts up to 24 hours, Danica shared with us how she managed to make a balance between home and family on one side, and work on the other: – This is the hardest thing in our job, to live your life in such a way. In this job it is almost impossible, but there is leisure time with your family during holidays. I relax and do all the things I ordinarily cannot do. Tanja Vojtehovski said she had found balance because her mother was taking care of her child. – I do not know if my career would be like this if there was not for my mum to take care of my child. For example, when I was attending business dinners, I was asked how old was my child and who was taking care of her! I have never heard of a man being asked the same question, because it is implied that women would stay home, except in Vanja Bulić’s case, because who took maternity leave when he got his twins. In terms of parenthood and upbringing of children, Danica Maksimović said she was proud of her son Miloš Lolić, who is a successful European parent, and that she was happy he came out more successful than his parents, which is the greatest success. This is how she described it: – When we had theatre tours all around the former Yugoslavia, I would immediately go to the office of the head of the theatre to call my son by telephone. That is how I was controlling if he had fulfilled his obligations. During his rocky adolescent years I was afraid he would mix up among bad crowds, so I would dress up as a man, with moustache, and get into the clubs where he was hanging out, to see how he behaved. As a parent of a daughter, Tanja got help from her mother, who has master’s degree in psychology: – I must say that it was hard to raise Tijana, especially those first few times when she went out. We get along very well and we went together to some concerts, and there is no generation gap. I was young when I got her, and due to my profession I had to stay “hip”. I was stressed and anxious when she would come home, and that is why I told her to shake me a bit when she comes, so that I could get proper sleep. Up until that moment, I was sleeping with one eye closed, and one eye open. Vanja Bulić, who practiced volleyball in his youth, believes that sport is the right direction: – I introduced my children to sports from the age of five, first karate, then football, basketball and volleyball. Everybody, especially my wife, was surprised that I go to their training every evening. I went there because I knew that from 8 PM until 10 PM it was dangerous, so I wanted to be with them and take them home. They were not fond of school, so I kept saying that the link to sports must be maintained, so that I do not lose them. They are successful today and their professions are connected to sports, which makes me very proud. This completed another BIG tribune, organized by “Color Press Group” and SC BIG, which cheered up the crowds and provided valuable life lessons in the tropic temperatures!


May, 29 th 2016

NS Bike Weekend: Great number of participants proves that Novi Sad is a city of bicycles and noble people

Organized by “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine, Novi Sad’s Cycling Initiative, and citizens’ association “Shelter of life”, yesterday for the third year in a row the event “NS Bike Weekend” was held, gathering a huge crowd of cycling fans of all ages. The event’s programme kicked off at 5 PM when cyclists, after enrollment, left their contribution but also their data in order to take part in the prize-winning game. In the aftermath of their exciting ride, on a route eight kilometers long, the lucky winners were drawn and they were granted the prizes. Refreshments provided by “Coca-Cola” waited for the participants both at the start line and at the finish line. Three gift cards with 10.000 dinars for purchase at “Sport Vision” stores went to the hands of three ladies, whereas the men won 7-day accommodation at Kopaonik and Jahorina. Consoling prizes, packs by “Coca-Cola” went to the hands of another three cyclists, and this marked the end of the official part of the programme. With the wish and idea to show through examples that Novi Sad really is the city of cycling, but also the city of cordial and noble people, this year the organizers gave a humanitarian note to the group recreational ride, taking into account that within the project also donations were collected to help a young Novi Sad citizen Teodora Milić to get medical treatment.


May, 25 th 2016

Luxurious edition of “Hello! Travel: Budva” on newsstands across the region!

“Color Press Group” in collaboration with the Tourist Organization of Budva published a special luxurious edition of “Hello!” magazine devoted to the Budva Riviera. “Hello! Travel: Budva” magazine in English will hit the newsstands around the region on Thursday. Across its 180 pages there is everything that tourists might be interested in: beaches, hotels, restaurants, food, celebrities, history of Budva and Sveti Stefan; domestic and international stars who visit this destination, local big wigs, artists, sportsmen, chefs and fishermen; adrenaline adventures, monasteries and museums; fashion editorials, attractive festivals… Over the forthcoming days, “Color Press Group” and the Tourist Organization of Budva will organize magazine promotions in Belgrade and Sarajevo, whereas towards the end of July, a huge “Hello! Travel Party” will take place in Budva.


May, 25 th 2016

#CSRSrbija2016 – Social responsibility is every individual’s assignment

 Organized by “Color Press Group” and “Diplomacy & Commerce” magazine, Belgrade’s hotel “88 Rooms” hosted the second annual conference #CSRSrbija2016 – “Challenges of corporative social responsibility: The best experiences”. The conference was opened by the Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojković, who pointed out that social responsibility corresponded to true care for the society’s well-being. After her inspirational speech, the audience was addressed by Deputy Representative of UNICEF to Serbia, Mrs Severine Leonardi. Then Ljiljana Jevremović from “Delta Foundation” held a presentation on strategic investments in the development of social communities. Representatives of Vojvođanska banka, official bank of the conference #CSRSrbija2016 spoke about the project “Be your own person”, intended for young people without parental care. Furthermore, Vojvođanska banka is the first financial institution in whose offices communication is adapted for persons who are deaf or with hearing impairment, which makes a good example. Inspirational and useful lecture “Early years – foundation for proper development of children” was, on the behalf of UNICEF, presented by Stanislava Vučković and Nataša Krstić, whereas Mr Nathan Koeshall from “Catalyst Balkans” spoke about corporative philanthropy. Throughout three panels, participants in the discussion spoke about the role of digital media in promoting socially responsible business, the best volunteering praxes in companies, and estimation how far we are from well-developed countries in terms of viable development. The conference was supported by the following partners: “Vojvođanska banka”, “Telenor Fondacija”, “Delta Fondacija”, “Carlsberg Srbija”, “Doncafé”, “Aqua Gala” and UNICEF.


May, 18th 2016

#IAFC2016: Experts, representatives of state and embassies take part at the first “International Agriculture & Food Conference”

 Within the Agricultural Fair, which is taking place at The Novi Sad Fair, between May, 14 th and May, 20 th 2016, “Color Press Group” in collaboration with magazine “Diplomacy & Commerce” for the first time organizes “International Agriculture & Food Conference”. The conference was opened by the First Secretary of Embassy of the Republic of Italy, Mr Marco Leone.

On the behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection State Secretary Mr Zoran Rajić greeted the audience, followed by Mr Frank Janmaat, head of the economy department of the European Union Delegation to Serbia, and Mr Jean Pierre Gastaud, advisor for economy in the French Embassy in Belgrade. During three panels and four case studies, the greatest experts from the food industry, agriculture and farming, spoke about current topics in agriculture, agricultural mechanization, unions, farming in Serbia, experiences from well-developed European agricultures and GMO food.

Among the speakers, there were Prof. Miodrag Dimitrijević, PhD, Prof. Miladin Ševarlić, PhD, Jelena Bizonj, Radiša Radisavljević, Branislav Gulan, Milan Prostran, and many other experts. Julka Toskić from “Delta Agrar” and Marija Kalentić, regional director of the “Dunav Soja” company, presented their companies and their work and experiences. The conference was supported also by “Victoria Group” and “NS Seme”. Many interested visitors had the opportunity to learn something new and get answers to some of the most important questions from the field of agriculture.


May, 16th 2016

Fast and adorable: For the first time “Puzijada” held in Skopje

 Organized by the best-selling magazine “Ubavina i zdravje” and “Color Media”, company which is part of Novi Sad’s “Color Press Group”, the first “Puzijada” was organized in Skopje on Saturday. The event was held in Skopje’s “City Mall”, within the Children’s Fair. It started at 12 o’clock when a panel discussion entitled “Baby Friendly” began, featuring distinguished medical experts: Dr Aspazija Sofrijanova, the head of the Pediatrics Clinic, Dr Antoni Hristovski, pediatrician-neonatologist (“Acibadem Sistina”), specialist in dermatology and allergology Nataša Jakovljević (Clinic for skin diseases), and Prim Dr Ivanka Stefanovska (“Re-medika”). After the panel discussion which drew much attention, the sweetest race of this spring started. Absolute winner was David Manojlovski, who won the main prize – child car seat, granted by the shop “Krš”. Among other friends of the “Puzijada” event, which provided valuable presents for all participants, there were also: “Teta Violeta”, “Ideal Šipka”, “Podravka”, “dm-marketi”. The race gathered more than 70 children as participants, until 24 months of age, and beside the winner David Manojlovski, there were Aleksej Ristovski and Muhamed Aliu on the second and the third place. Well-known Macedonian actor Sašo Tasevski hosted the first “Puzijada” in Skopje, whereas media support was also provided by the Internet portal sezadeca.


May, 13 th 2016

New H&M store opened in Novi Sad downtown

 The famous Swedish fashion brand H & M opened its second store in Novi Sad, in the magnificent Dunđerski Palace building, located at Kralja Aleksandra Street. One of the most beautiful and biggest stores of this brand in Serbia expands to three floors and occupies 2.200 square metres of space. Solemn opening was attended by a large number of distinguished citizens of Novi Sad, whereas the clothes by H & M were worn, as a premiere, by Jelena Bačić Alimpić – writer, Mara Skendžić Reljić – announcer at the Vojvodia Radio Television, Cveta Majtanović – former winner of the musical show programme “Idol”, and Vladimir Cvetković – fashion model. “We are proud to have opened a new store in Novi Sad, where we will, owing to great ambience, present the H & M brand in comfortable and beautiful interior. The Dunđerski Palace is very special and impressive. We are extremely keen on keeping the shopping process enjoyable in all its segments, and because of this we believe that with this location, its vast area and interior we can provide another fashion destination of inspiration and trends to fashion fans. By doing this, we continue to bring about the vision of providing fashion and high quality at the best price for our buyers, and in a sustainable manner”, said Claudia Oszwald, H & M Country Manager for Serbia, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. “New H & M store in Novi Sad resembles the most beautiful shops that this brand has in Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, and as a citizen of Novi Sad I am very proud of that. I am a true fan of the H & M clothes, and I am happy because I will be able to enjoy shopping in this beautiful space”, said Jelena Baćić Alimpić during the solemn opening. “Novi Sad deserved to have a store like this, by one of international brands with worldly spirit. It is amazing how its interior matched the brand itself and clothes arrangements. I look forward to shopping, because summer clothes are already in stock and I have chosen a summer dress for tonight’s event”, said Mara Skendžić Reljić to the media. “I love H & M and with this brand I frequently find the items that suit my temperament and style. I am especially happy that now there is a store in Novi Sad downtown, and that they have enabled us to have a special feeling while selecting and buying the clothes”, Cveta Majtanović pointed out. Vladimir Cvetković also expressed his excitement about opening the store by one of the most popular international brands in the heart of the city. “I am thrilled with its interior, which is modern, but on the other hand, the beauty of space is preserved and accentuated. My outfit that I am wearing tonight implies continuation of a nice relationship with H & M, because I feel very comfortable wearing their clothes. At the same time, everything is always modern and in harmony with the world trends”, Cvetković said. This new and eighth H & M store in Serbia will be open for all visitors from Thursday, 12 th of May, as of 11 o’clock. Wide offer range will include various clothes for women and men, as well as collections for teenagers, children and babies. Pieces belonging to already famous lines, such as “Best basics and classics”, “Modern Classic”, “Divided Collection”, ” Logg”, “Sport”, “Denim”, “Underwear”, “Accessories´” and others, will be included. The Dunđerski Palace which now hosts the new H & M shop was built in the middle of the nineteenth century, and is regarded as a crown jewel in the architecture of Vojvodina’s capital city. Its uniqueness is reflected in, among other characteristics, painted ceilings and incredible details, which from now on all citizens of Novi Sad will be able to enjoy. The new H & M store is located at 3 Kralja Aleksandra Street.


May, 11 th 2016

IPSOS, April 2016: Out of ten best-selling magazines in Serbia, “Color Press Group” publishes seven!“Color Press Group” takes over the “Gloria” weekly

According to data provided by IPSOS, out of ten best-selling magazines in Serbia in April 2016 – as many as 7 are published by “Color Press Group”. On the list including 40 magazines, as many as 23 are published by “Color Press Group”, and together with “Gloria” magazine, which was in the meantime assumed by CPG, that makes a total of 24. In April, the highest rating was registered by the following magazines: “Blic žena”, “Pošalji recept”, “Bakina kujna”, “Lepota i zdravlje”, “Lekovito bilje”, “Torte i kolači”, “Scandal”, “Hrana i vino” and “Uradi sam”. The survey was performed according to a new, modern methodology implemented since February 2016, and included 4.664 participants from the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


May, 6 th 2016

“Color Press Group” takes over the “Gloria” weekly

Last week, “Color Press Group” assumed the popular weekly newspaper “Gloria”. The company’s CEO Robert Čoban said on the occasion: “Last week we signed an agreement of licensing the magazines “Gloria”, “Hej” and “Gloria Glam”, as well as the Internet portal “Gloria” magazine was the first of its kind on the Serbian market, and until today it has maintained good reputation and wide audience! “Gloria” will be the fifth celebrity weekly in our portfolio, including the magazines “Svet”, “Hello!”, “Star” and “Scandal”. Our plan is to keep most of the employees, refresh the concept with new content, and invest in the Internet portal and events organized by this brand!”

“Gloria” magazine has been published in Serbia since 2003. In addition to the aforementioned three magazines taken over this week from the Croatian company EPH, the company “Color Press Group” published 68 magazines throughout the SEE region, administers 15 Internet portals, and organizes over 80 conferences on an annual basis.


April, 23 rd 2016

#SerbiaGoesGreen2016 –Adoption of laws on ecology for Serbia means breaking new ground!

The Earth Day saw the conference entitled “Serbia Goes Green”, organized by “Color Press Group” and “Diplomacy & Commerce” magazine.

Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antić opened the conference, and then spoke Stana Božović, State Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, the Swiss Ambassador Christer Asp and the Indian Ambassador Narinder Chauhan. The panel discussion on investment potentials through renewable sources followed. Causes, effects and solutions regarding global warming were discussed by experts and professors from these fields.

The topic of energy efficiency in civil engineering, i.e. the so called smart homes, drew a lot of attention from the audience, who wanted to know which materials are best to be used when building these objects. It was concluded that energy efficiency in civil engineering becomes profitable as early as two years after the investment. Through discussion in the third panel, the importance of recycling was emphasized, because in that way each individual, institution or company may contribute to environmental protection.

Another important issue accentuated was that of bio-mass and bio-gas, fuels of the future. Milica Rebić, manager in the “Marbo Product” company, “Pepsi Co”, West Balkans, presented through the case study innovative eco-friendly solutions which can be of help in this company’s determination to protect the environment. Potential solutions for the issues of industry waste and waters were mentioned in the third panel, entitled “Management of waste and environmental protection”. “We are pleased to see young people in the audience, and we recommend to everyone to use this weekend intelligently and plant a tree”, this message was sent by the participants to the audience. Partners of the conference are: “Henkel”, “Carslberg Srbija”, “Marbo”, “Black'n'Easy” coffee, and “Voda Voda”.


April, 18th 2016

Olympic weekend at the UŠĆE Shopping Mall

Ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio, another thematic weekend was organized by the Olympic Committee of Serbia and “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine at the Ušće Shopping Mall.
All visitors had the opportunity to view the unique exhibition, which guided them through the history of the Olympic Games, whereas the youngest visitors participated in workshops to make Olympic medals and bracelets in the colours of Serbia and Rio. Special attention was drawn to the Olympic athlete Aleksandar Kukolj, who will represent Serbia in judo at the forthcoming Games in Rio. Aleksandar socialized and took photographs with the fans, signing the Vojvođanska banka balloons, this bank being one of the sponsors of the Serbian Olympic Committee.

During the month of May, visitors of the Ušće Shopping Mall can expect new gatherings with Olympic athletes, as well as numerous activities which will also take place throughout this month in the open air, in front of the shopping mall.


April, 17th 2016

The second BIG tribune: Women’s issues discussed by Tanja Peternek Aleksić, Suzana Mančić and Ljiljana Stjepanović

Yesterday, Novi Sad’s BIG Shopping Mall hosted the second tribune with our successful and well-known ladies to public, Ljiljana Stjepanović, Suzana Mančič and Tanja Peternek Aleksić, who shared their secrets to successful life with a huge crowd of visitors and discussed issues of importance in every woman’s life.

Ksenija Balaban appeared in a role of a hostess, and by moderating the event, contributed to the tribune being interesting and dynamic. As everyone in the audience was listening to amazing stories told by popular TV personalities, the time really “flew away”.
Tanja Peternek Aleksić is the author of one of the TV shows with the widest audience, entitled “TV lica kao sav normalan svet” (“TV personalities as any of us”), which will mark its fourteenth anniversary this May. She is also a mother of two daughters.
– My daughters are grown-up now, the older one graduated from the acting school, whilst my younger daughter attends the eighth grade of an elementary school. Therefore, after eight years, I am now again preparing my child for the entrance exam, which certainly, implies a sweet challenge. I would rather choose to do something for my children than for myself. Bringing up children is our decision, and when you make that decision, it means that you will put the children as your priority, and yourself on the second place.
Ljiljana Stjepanović is a celebrated Serbian actress, from the Theatre Pozorište na Terazijama, and she has had a number of roles both in movies and in theatre. Although she retired, she is still active, a mother of two sons, and a proud grandmother of four grandchildren.
– I am a mother of two grown-up sons, I still give them kisses and hugs, and I tell them I love them. In my opinion, love is equal to motherhood, with an equality sign between. I believe that we love our children unconditionally, but I must add that it enters pathology. I am absolutely devoted to my granddaughters, I love them so much, and I have much more patience around them than in the past when my sons were children.

Suzana Mančić is an actress, a singer, TV hostess, a mother of two daughters, multimedia personality whose unfulfilled dream is to perform at a solo concert.
– I have two daughters and I am the boss in our home! Unconditional love for me does not exist, it is a two-way street, and it must be given back. You cannot love unconditionally even your children, this is my belief, and I am like that! I think that we should basically love ourselves, because if we love ourselves, we can share that love with our surroundings.
On the topic of puberty, and how they had gone through that period with their children, our guest speakers had different experiences.
Ljiljana Stjepanović said that she had gone through a very difficult period at that time, especially in terms of having a permanent home. Her sons were in puberty when she was in early menopause, simultaneously with all the problems that she was experiencing.

Suzana Mančić lost her mother when her daughters were in puberty, and the experience was terrible to her. She started gaining weight, because she did not have much time for herself, in order to take some time to devote it to controlling her children throughout this difficult period.
On the other hand, Tanja said her own puberty had been filled up with tears, whereas it was different with her daughters. The older daughter was a rebel, whereas the younger one was sad, just like she had been, experiencing to say to her daughters the things that she hated the most.
When asked about their affection rituals, Suzana Mančić said:

– Our ritual is to have a fight and squabble every now and then, and that after 10 – 15 minutes one of us comes to the other and invites her to have a cup of coffee on the terrace. Then we have a nice conversation and tell each other how much we love each other.

Ljiljana, however, said that now she “terrorized” her daughters-in-law with love, too:
– I am the type of person who loves endlessly and likes to express love, I like kissing and caressing the members of my family, although nobody would say that, when they hear my harsh voice. To me, affection rituals happen when we get together for a Sunday lunch, it is not hard to me to make pancakes in the middle of the night if my granddaughters want it, and to me such things are the things that I do with so much love for the people I love.

Ksenija pointed out that mental hygiene is a very important factor in our lives, and it corresponds to acceptance of ourselves as we are. Then she asked her guests if they had any “release method” to let go of the stress.
– I treat private issues with my work, which I adore, and problems in professional sphere I treat with the family love. Those are my two fundamental methods of relaxation. I write song when I feel sad, I like to hang out in a kafana with my friends. I like singing in the bathroom and I feel relaxed afterwards, although I do not know if my neighbours find it pleasant – Ljiljana said.
– For three years now, I have had the pleasure of attending yoga classes on weekends, and yoga has taught me to bring peace to my being. I am sorry that I did not discover it earlier, because in any situation you can bring peace to yourself with the use of breathing techniques. My second big pleasure is a garden in the centre of the city, which is unfortunately surrounded by buildings. I go digging and planting the tulips, and it is a big pleasure to welcome the guests in my garden, Tanja pointed out.

At the end, the topic was the look of modern women in a traditional society, and whether women are slaves to fashion trends, family and work:
If we speak about tradition on the Balkans, we said goodbye to the tradition a long time ago, we started creating an independent woman in a communist period. There is no such a thing as a traditional woman today. A modern woman has no time to rest, to think about her husband, children, work, and today she is the pillar of the house, but who can be the pillar for that woman, I really do not know – Suzana said, and thus completed the second tribune organized by the BIG Shopping Mall and “Color Press Group”.

Saturday afternoon surely was an excellent choice for visiting the BIG Shopping Mall, where a large number of ladies who went shopping could hear plenty of useful pieces of information from our celebrity guest speakers!

April, 15th 2016

The oldest Serbian Web portal presented its new additions

This year’s conference “Pro-Femina”, successfully organized for the fourth time in a row by the company “Color Press Group” and “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine, was in harmony with the event’s slogan – “What women want?”, and coincided with the jubilee celebrated by the most popular regional women’s magazine – 15 years since it was launched.
Editor-in-Chief Lidija Ćulibrk in her introductory speech briefly reviewed the magazine’s 15 years of history, and then Zorana Mihajlović, Deputy Prime Minister of the Serbian Government, officially opened the conference.

Then a representative of the UNICEF to Belgrade, Vesna Savić Đukić, gave a speech, and reminded the audience of importance of fighting for children’s rights, in Serbia and elsewhere in the world.
Panel-discussions included the most important issues in the life of modern women, such as equality of the sexes, participation of women in politics, protection of women who were exposed to violence, balance between private and professional sphere, women’s health, care and beauty, family and partnership relations.
Participants of the first panel agreed that we might need a female prime minister, and that it was necessary for leading positions in Serbian companies to be occupied by women to a greater extent.
“When I hear that many women are included in the employment structure, at once, unfortunately, I know that such company or institution is not so significant in Serbia”, said Aleksandra Jerkov, a politician from Novi Sad.
For the first time, “Pro-Femina” conference included a “five minute participation” of men, in the form of the panel entitled “Men speak”, which included six male celebrities who addressed the audience of over two hundred women. They revealed what they actually wanted, providing open discussion in terms of difference between men and women when it comes to life perspective, career, partnership relations, emotions and friendship.
“When I am tired and moody, I want to have a woman by my side, with whom it feels good just to be silent”, said Aleksandar Radojičić, an actor, while Marko Radojković said that he had been inspired to write novels because of a breakup with a woman who left him for another men. “Women know what they want in all occasions, except in a situation when they have to choose a wedding dress”, said Igor Todorović, a fashion designer.
Among the topics, there was the issue of how beauty standards and ideals changed through history, women’s battle for equality, feminism of today, and also what life was like in good, old times, when, unlike in today’s digital era, bon ton, empathy, family gatherings, mattered. “Only recently have I come to the conclusion that the best times were those when I felt the worse”, said Jelica Greganović, a journalist, who shared with the audience the account of brave women in her family, who had fought through history. “After every war, men are considered heroes, and women – collateral damage. Women are civilians, whereas in reality they are fighters who feed, look after and raise children, keeping an eye on the household”.

To mark the jubilee, the Pro-Femina Award was granted for the first time, and it went to the hands of Nataša Kovačević, a brave basketball player, who inspired the audience to think of the most important issues in life. Then winners of “Lepota i zdravlje” competition, who were born in 2001, i.e. the year when the first issue of the popular magazine was launched, greeted the audience. They presented their talents, which made them stand out in this competition.

For the first time, the conference organized the “Experience Zone”: in a creatively designed ambience, the guests had the opportunity to try out new products by beauty brands, such as “Nivea”, “Oriflame” and “Koozometik”, to attend the presentation by Dr Mehmet Mutafa, a specialist of reconstructive surgery at the Acibadem Clinic, and get the advice of health experts from the company “Pharmanova”, using “Oestrofact E”. The foundation “Magnet for love” also presented its work. “Maybelline” in its unique corner used their make-up products and presented the hair styles on the guests.
The special “Food” corner presented new tastes of “Rumenko Smoothie” ice-cream by “Frikom”, desserts by “Dr Oetker” and the “Dukat” restaurant, whereas refreshments were provided by “Aqua Viva” and “Black’n’Easy” coffee. Special attention was drawn by a fashion corner in which well-known Serbian fashion designers presented some of their latest models.
New additions to their work were presented by UNICEF, “Allegra krstarenja”, “Kon Tiki Travel”, the “Big Blue” agency, and the company “Ford”, which presented to the guests their latest model “Fiesta”.

The after-party gathered many public figures, including: Olja Bećković, Slavica Đukić Dejanović, Vesna Dedić, Srđan Dinčić, Miloš Šaranović, Gorica Nešović, Iva Kobler, Duška Jovanić, Una Senić, Jelena Tinska, Snežana Dakić, Nina Radulović Lečić, and many others. The amazing female band “Štikle i vikleri” heated up the atmosphere, whereas “Carlsberg” beer and “Somersby” cider provided the refreshments.


April, 13th 2016

The oldest Serbian Web portal presented its new additions

To mark the re-launch of the oldest Serbian Internet portal,, the “Color Press Group” organized a party in Belgrade’s club “Promenada”. The guests from the fields of media, marketing, diplomacy, sport and arts were greeted by a host, Ivan Golušin, and then editor of the portal, Boris Jakić, addressed the audience. Martina Vrbos was in charge of providing the great ambience, whereas the guests enjoyed the wines provided by the “Temet” winery. Everyone took part in the tablet survey “The magnificent seven”, to guess the order of the first seven lists for the forthcoming elections in the Republic of Serbia. After opening the poll boxes, the guests with the highest number of correct answers will be awarded the cruise, by the agency “Allegra”. Official automobile of the event was “Ford”.



April, 13th 2016

The oldest Serbian Web portal presented its new additions

To mark the re-launch of the oldest Serbian Internet portal,, the “Color Press Group” organized a party in Belgrade’s club “Promenada”. The guests from the fields of media, marketing, diplomacy, sport and arts were greeted by a host, Ivan Golušin, and then editor of the portal, Boris Jakić, addressed the audience. Martina Vrbos was in charge of providing the great ambience, whereas the guests enjoyed the wines provided by the “Temet” winery. Everyone took part in the tablet survey “The magnificent seven”, to guess the order of the first seven lists for the forthcoming elections in the Republic of Serbia. After opening the poll boxes, the guests with the highest number of correct answers will be awarded the cruise, by the agency “Allegra”. Official automobile of the event was “Ford”.


April, 8th 2016

Distinguished experts from Serbia and abroad spoke about unavailability of innovative medicines for patients in Serbia

Today the “Metropol” hotel hosted the conference entitled “How close are we to having modern treatments in Serbia”, organized by “Diplomacy & Commerce” magazine, in collaboration with London’s magazine “The Economist”.

The topic was advancement of availability of modern medical treatments for patients in Serbia. The event gathered distinguished experts from Serbia and abroad, who presented system solutions for transparent, modern and efficient List of medicines in Serbia – the so called “System for pragmatic evaluation of value – Price-volume Agreement, the PVA system”. If introduced, it could solve the problem of a long-term blockage of new therapies entering the List of medicines, thus enabling the patients in Serbia to get access to modern therapies. Regarding this issue, Serbia sits on the bottom of the European list, having in mind that in five years’ time the List of medicines did not have any new entry in terms of innovative therapies.

The results of a special case study about Serbia and comparative analysis of health systems in the Balkan countries, conducted by the international publication “The Economist”, were presented at the conference. The event was opened by Liselott Martynenko Agerlid, advisor and deputy of the chief of mission of the Swedish Embassy. She greeted state officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps, international institutions, medical science and pharmaceutical industry, academic and civil society, patients’ associations and many others who were in the audience.

“The Ministry of Health puts much effort into providing the best possible care for citizens, and the medicines that have not been added to the List of medicines for a long time are especially important”, said Zoran Mihailović, Docent Dr, and assistant to the Minister of Health, during the opening of the conference. David Danko from Corvinus University, a distinguished expert in the field of politics of public funding of medicines, presented the criteria and logics of the system that he had created, the PVA system.

The PVA system is a simple scaling system used for evaluation of health technologies, which includes all relevant aspects in the decision-making process. It can be quickly and easily implemented without additional costs, and with minimal alternations in the regulations. Professor John McDonough from Harvard University, a well-known expert in health politics, who took part in creation and adoption of Obama Care, presented the results of the independent PVA system, realized by a group of Harvard experts. “Our conclusions mark the system as efficient and good for the countries such as Serbia. Its introduction would enhance availability of medicines and transparency in the decision-making process, which is beneficial for the inhabitants of Serbia”, he said

On behalf of patients, Jelena Čugurović, representative of the “Initiative for innovative approach to advancement of availability of new medicines in Serbia”, addressed the audience, and made an appeal to state organs to accelerate the process of availability of modern treatments. After her speech, a panel discussion was held, including Professor McDonough, Professor Danko and his colleagues from Crovinus University, Professor Mark Molnar, an expert in the field of health economy, Martin Koehring from “The Economist”, and Serbian experts from the Pharmaceutical Faculty, Professor Dr Nataša Bogavac Stanojević, and Dr Sc Dragana Lakić. The conclusion of the panel is necessity to have a transparent process to improve access to innovative therapies. Among the topics discussed, there was also the possibility to implement the PVA in the existing praxis of adding the medicines to the List of medicines.

A survey conducted among the conference participants revealed that 74.1 % of the audience believe that it was necessary to urgently introduce a system solution for the issues in question, whereas 90 % people regard the PVA system as a credible and applicable solution in the present form, or with slight alterations in the criteria. Full results of the survey and a detailed report from the conference, minute after minute, is available HERE. Martin Koehring, a senior editor in the “Economist Intelligence Unit”, a special department within the distinguished magazine “The Economist”, presented the results of the case study regarding Serbia, and of the comparative analysis of health systems in eleven countries belonging to the Balkan region.

“Serbia lacks a transparent and thorough system to evaluate and finance health-care technologies. It is obvious that consumption per capita is huge with respect to the health-care system, whereas the results are not proportional to consumption”, Mr Koehring emphasized, adding that full results of the study would be published in near future.


April, 5th 2016

Visits to CPG portals in March increased for as much as 58 %!

According to data by “Google Analytics”, Internet portals within “Color Press Group” registered a record breaking number of visits. In comparison with the previous month, number of visits increased for as much as 58 %, which means 10.8 million visits and 37.2 million page views with 4.3 million “unique visitors”. A huge rise was also registered in the number of visits to regional Internet portals – 80 %, and – 90 %; number of visits to the Internet portal after a 30 % rise in the previous month, increased for another 55 %; registered a 36 % rise; hellomagazin with a rise of 23% reached a historical record of 1.4 million visits, and 4.3 million of page views, whereas a significant 15 % rise was registered with the new Internet portals: and The Internet portal, which was assumed by CPG on March, 1st – registered a 23 % rise.


April, 1st 2016

The first conference “The Economist: The World in 2016” held in Skopje

Yesterday the Faculty of Economics in Skopje hosted the first conference entitled “The Economist: The World in 2016”, organized by “Color Media”, part of the greatest regional publisher “Color Press Group”. After publishing a special annual publication by the distinguished British magazine “The Economist”, with the title “The Economist: The World in 2016”, the Macedonian edition of the magazine, “Svetot vo 2016.” was presented at the British Embassy in Skopje. 

The conference “The Economist: The World in 2016” was opened by the dean of the Faculty of Economics, Professor Ljubomir Drakulevski, PhD, who greeted the wide audience and organizers, the “Color Media” company. Within four panel discussions, panelists, professors, ambassadors, politicians, leading entrepreneurs, journalists… exchanged their views on the following subjects: “The World in 2016: Expectations and challenges” Moderator: Ljubiša Nikolovski, editor at “TV Nova”. Panelists: Ernesto Massimino Bellelli – Italian Ambassador to Macedonia, Seamus Taggart, PhD – OSCE Representative to Macedonia, Antonio Pešev – Macedonian Chamber of Commerce. “What have we learnt from the migration crisis” Moderator: Milka Smilevska, journalist and correspondent for “Al Jazeera”. Panelists: Dušanka Divjak Tomić – Serbian Ambassador to Macedonia, Rajae Msefer Berrada – UNICEF Representative, Mersiha Smajilović – LEGIS, Kastriot Redžepi – NUN Kultura, Ivica Bocevski – advisor to the president of the Republic of Macedonia. “Life on a loan: Macedonian economy in 2016” Moderator: Biljana Vasileva Trendafilova, editor – journalist at “TV Nova”. Panelists: Taki Fiti – Chairman of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljube Trpeski – University Professor, former minister and former governor of the Central bank, Savo Aštalkoski – University Professor, Grigor Bišev – CEO of Sparkasse bank. “Macedonia’s European future through the prism of money” Moderator: Mladen Čadikovski, editor of “Fokus” weekly. Panelists: Fatmir Besimi – Deputy Prime Minister in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, in charge of European integrations, Martin Klaucke – EU Delegation to Skopje, Radmila Šekerinska – Vice President of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, Daniela Mamučevska – University Professor. Conferencier of the conference was Jovana Stojmenović, a well-known TV hostsess, whereas the moderators were distinguished journalists from the field of economics, politics and entrepreneurship. General patron of the conference is Sparkasse bank.


March, 29th 2016

#WinterFest2016 gathered hundreds of enology and gastronomy experts, journalists, celebrities and hedonists at Kopaonik Mountain

““Color Press Group” and “Interfest” organized a wine and gastronomy festival at the most beautiful mountain in Serbia. The festival gathered a large number of fans of wine, delicious bites, snow, skiing and hedonism. “WinterFest” was held at gorgeous ambience of the MK Mountain Resort, and Ljubica Radan, a certified lecturer from the London School of Wine had the opportunity to open the festival. During her two-hour lecture, she presented wine bon ton. The guests were soon in a position to implement their newly acquired knowledge at the salon of wine and gastronomy, during which the best-known wine companies from Serbia and the region presented over 150 best-quality wines and gastronomy specialties. Several hundreds of guests visited the wine salon during the first two nights, and beside the wines, they had the opportunity to taste specialties from central Serbia, snails raised at the “Hengert” company and characteristic meals prepared by the Embassy of Switzerland. Wineries and distilleries that held their presentations at this year’s wine salon are: Winery “Kovačević”, Winery “Zvonko Bogdan”, Winery “Aleksić”, Winery “Dibonis”, Winery “Tikveš”, Winery “Spasić”, “Bačina Wine”, Distillery “Marinković”, Winery “Čoka”, Winery “Belo Brdo”, Winery “Belo Brdo”, Winery “Tikveš”, Winery “Rubin”, “Stara Sokolova”, “Plantaže”, Wine house “Minić”, Wine cellar “Rašković”, Wine house “Rakičević”, Winery “Živković”, Cellar “Braća Rajković”, Winery “Nikolić”, Cellar “Đorđević”, Winery “Vila Vina”, Distillery “Milenković and Marinković”. On the first day, the popular “The Frajle” band additionally heated up the already hot atmosphere after the salon, and raised it to the maximum. A few hundreds of people sang along, danced and enjoyed music and wine. “The Frajle” sang an encore several times, including their new and old hits. During the next two days, guests at the festival enjoyed drinking sparkling wine by “Radgonske Gorice” at the top of the Karaman cliff, with a view over the entire Kopaonik Mountain. A competition in beans preparation was organized by “Bean Fest” at the “Vučja staza” restaurant. Wine and gastronomy panels drew a great deal of attention. The most skillful chefs, enology journalists, producers and sommeliers discussed the topics of wine marketing, sale and export of wine, international and Balkan cuisine. A workshop on how to combine food and wine, guided by chef from the “Madera” restaurant Zoran Stevanović, and sommelier from the restaurant “Kalemegdanska tersa”, Željko Gasparević, evoked a harmony of tastes and smells to all the people present. On behalf of the “Dibonis” Winery, a workshop on how to combine wine or rakija with “Eugen” chocolate was lectured by sommelier Pavle Radanović. Lectures about food and wine, presented by Tamara Ognjević, on behalf of the “Artis Centar”, and an enology journalist Paul Balke drew a great deal of attention not only from the participants, but from the media as well. Interesting facts regarding wine and gastronomy during the panel were accompanied by degustation of wine from Piedmont, Switzerland and Serbia.

Among this year’s “WinterFest”, there were: painter Janoš Mesaroš, chef Filip Ćirić on behalf of the “Homa” restaurant, chef of the “Sqaure Nine” hotel Goran Kovačević, Editor-in-Chief of “Vino & Fino” magazine Igor Luković, author of the best wine blog in the world, Tomislav Ivanović, chef from the Embassy of Switzerland, Mišo Jeverica, and many others.


March, 27th 2016

#Winterfest2016 at Kopaonik came to an end accompanied by tambura music and wine

“WinterFest”, organized by “Color Press Group” and “Interfest”, over the past three days offered highly interesting content within the MK Mountain Resort. After the fair of wine and gastronomy, which was marked by degustation of best wines and a fantastic concert by “The Frajle” band, on the second day we had the opportunity to listen to various case studies and panel discussions regarding gastronomy tourism, wines and food from Piedmont, new tastes of the Balkans, but also to try sparkling wine “Radgonske Gorice” at Vučja staza, with a spectacular view over the mountain peak Pančićev vrh. The last day of “WinterFest” was marked by wine degustation. Combining food and wine was the topic of the first case study, where, with various dishes, the corresponding wines were combined, under the supervision of the “Madera” restaurant chef Zoran Stevanović, and sommelier from the “Kalemegdanska terasa” restaurant Željko Gasparević. The panel entitled “Wine marketing” gathered: CEO of “Color Press Group” Robert Čoban, co- owner of the “Aleksić Winery”, Dragana Janjić, author of the wine blog “Zapisi jednog Merloa”, Perica Radović, Elena Jelenić on behalf of the “Tikveš Winery”, and Stevan Kostreš from the “Kovačević Winery”. The moderator Igor Luković, editor-in-chief of “Vino & Fino” magazine, talked to his fellow speakers about the importance of marketing in the wine business, whereas the panelists agreed that each wine should have its own story behind, and that although they do not posses big budgets, the wineries should be creative and introduce their brands at places with a tremendous echo, such as fairs of this type. It was pointed out that culture of wine consumption should be nourished, not only in restaurants, but also in households. The conclusion is that future lay in joining of wineries, in order to present Serbia in the best possible light at the international stage. A gastro panel “Food Around The World” gathered the panelists: a painter Janoš Mesaroš, chef from the Embassy of Switzerland Miša Jeverica, Jelena Ignjatić, “Ukusi Beograda”, and author of the blog “Hleb i lale”, Nevena Zelunka – Cvjetić. Their experiences, connected to food around the world, were very interesting, and the participants made a conclusion that there were no rules in gastronomy, because the best pizza could be found not in Italy, but in America. Alongside degustation of wine sent by the Swiss Ambassador, this panel was completed, and then the guests had the opportunity to relax at the “Vučja staza” restaurant, where a competition in cooking beans was organized by “Bean Fest”. During the educational workshop of combining wine and rakija with chocolate, we had the opportunity to see how this unusual combination can look like in reality, whereas Pavle Radanović, sommelier of the “Dibonis Winery” revealed the secrets of this adventure in hedonism. “Winterfest” came to an end by a gathering of participants and guests at the “Vučja staza” restaurant, alongside wine and tambura music.


March, 26th 2016

The second day of #WinterFest2016 marked by an excellent panel discussion and degustation of sparkling wines with the view over the entire Kopaonik Mountain

“WinterFest”, organized by “Color Press Group” and “Interfest”, offered highly interested activities within the MK Mountain Resort. After the wine and gastronomy fair, which was marked by degustation of best wines and a fantastic concert by “The Frajle” band, the second day of “WinterFest” started with an interesting lecture given by Tamara Ognjević, who lectured about postulates of gastronomy tourism. Tamara’s excellent speech continued when she was joined by Goran Kovačić (restaurant “Square Nine”), and then Filip Ćirić (restaurant “Homa”), Aleksandar Samardžija, owner of the “Salaš 137”, manager of the restaurant “Piknik”, Dejana Crveni, and the chef from the “Klub književnika” restaurant, Stefan Ristović. Thus began the panel discussion entitled “Novi ukusi Balkana” (“New Tastes of the Balkans”). All participants agreed that the menu is somewhat influenced by guests themselves, because they come to restaurants with their own demands, but the essence remains unchanged. It is necessary to introduce the forgotten ingredients to food preparation, and therefore intertwine tradition and modern approach in gastronomy, which is definitely a key to success in attracting domestic and foreign guests alike. The conclusion was made that every location should have its own authentic dishes, and offer what is best in the tradition of a certain region. Paul Balke, a journalist and wine expert from the Netherlands spoke about the offer of food and wine from Piedmont, and then about sale and distribution of wine spoke Tomislav Ivanović (“Vinopedija”), Milan Spasić (Winery “Spasić”), Stevan Kostreš (Winery “Kovačević”), Dejan Maslovar (“Wine & Pleasure”). All this was spiced up by comparative degustation of the best wines from Piedmont, and premium label of the “Zvonko Bogan” winery “Cuvee No1″. The biggest attraction was the panoramic ride by funicular and degustation of sparkling wines by “Radgonske Gorice” at the path called Vučja staza, which allows for a spectacular view of the mountain peak Pančićev vrh. Lecture about liqueur wines and late wine harvesting was held by an enologist from the “Rubin” winery, Marko Malićanin, whereas the wine and gastronomy salon for the second time offered high-quality wines and rakijas to the festival guests to enjoy. The Swiss Embassy presented the Swiss cuisine by a spectacular cheese melting process, whereas the hedonists enjoyed the snails, served by the “Hengert” company, which grows the snails. Afterwards, the after party was organized at “The Camelot” restaurant, featuring disco rhythms and promotion of the “Minić” winery.

March, 25th 2016

#Winterfest2016 opened by a spectacular concert by “The Frajle” band

Organized by “Color Press Group” and “Interfest”, the wine and gastronomic festival at Kopaonik Mountain has begun. The festival gathered a large number of fans of wine, delicious bites, snow, skiing and hedonism. “WinterFest” is taking place in the gorgeous ambience of the MK Mountain Resort, whereas Ljubica Radan, a certified lecturer of the London School of Wine, opened the festival. During her two-hour lecture, she presented wine bon ton. The guests had the opportunity to immediately apply the knowledge that they had just acquired, because then followed the wine and gastronomy salon, where the best-known wineries from Serbia and the region had their presentations, featuring more than 150 high quality wines and gastronomic specialties. The event was completed by the snow which kept falling throughout the whole day, therefore making the first “WinterFest” day a magical one. The end of the day was beautiful as well, marked by the concert of “The Frajle” band. The popular “Frajle” members additionally heated up the already hot atmosphere. Several hundreds of people sang along, danced and enjoyed music and wine. “The Frajle” sang an encore for a few times, including their old and new hits. Over the next three days, the programme of “WinterFest” will offer to every participant educational content, various degustation opportunities, and plenty of entertainment!


March, 23rd 2016

“Color Press Group” has been granted a thank-you note for acts of humanity and unselfish help to the Humanitarian Foundation “Novi Beograd”

The Old Palace yesterday hosted the solemn ceremony to mark a two-year anniversary of the Humanitarian Foundation “Novi Beograd”. Many of the Foundation’s protégés, primarily children, attended the ceremony, together with public personae who are the Foundation’s Ambassadors, and representatives of media houses, which, by providing support, contributed to this humanitarian mission reaching out to a growing number of people in the country and abroad. One of these is our company “Color Press Group”, which was granted a thank-you note for acts of humanity and unselfish help to the Foundation of the Municipality of New Belgrade. While presenting the Foundation’s results, its founder Aleksandar Šapić said: – In these two years that the Foundation exists, we have collected more than 170 million dinars, with more than 1 million received SMS messages, which was of help in order to enable 56 protégés to receive medical treatment. Furthermore, with our transparent methods, we managed to become to most credible organization in the country, and I believe that to many people we brought back the faith and hope in the field of humanitarian work. This Foundation has a unique operations manner in Serbia, because so far there has not been any foundation enabling the protégés to find the much needed means, in a simple way and according to the Foundation’s motto “equal opportunities for everyone”. Simultaneously, those who provide help at any given moment know how the activity proceeds and how much money has been garnered. This became possible owing to a launch of the Web portal, where all those who seek help can have their own page, sub-account and number, with a unique, mutual SMS number 3030. The money from the Foundation’s account is sent directly to institutions, i.e. not through any individual. On a daily basis, it is published on the Web portal how much money has been garnered for each help seeking person. When all the necessary money has been collected, it is transferred to the account of the institution or the company in question, in order to reach the objective (medical treatment, procurement of medical apparatus, and alike). After 18 months of service, the Foundation expanded its capacity of helping the protégés by opening humanitarian auctions via the Web portal Its founder, the famous water polo player Aleksandar Šapić was the first to offer at the auction his 24 medals, won throughout a very successful sports career. In only one month and a half, 10 medals were sold, and the amount of over 60.000 euros was collected! Afterwards, other celebrities from the world of sports and other spheres of life called to support the activity. At the ceremony, Šapić handed in the first 10 medals that had been sold to the buyers. Among those who bought medals, thus helping someone to get medical treatment, there were the footballer Dejan Deki Stanković, and numerous companies, whereas three medals were bought by Aleksandar Šapić himself. Right there on the spot, he granted them to the children who are in the medical treatment programme, and who were present when marking the Foundation’s two years of service. – I am very happy that my medals have won two times. For the first time, when I won them on tournaments, and today when selling them means collecting the money to cure children. After all the medals have been sold, which I believe is going to happen soon, there will be no happier person than me, because by that they will definitely go down in history, and the money will end up with those who need it the most. I would like to thank everyone who has supported the Foundation’s activities. I believe that every anniversary will be more successful, from the aspect of the means collected, and in the aspect of the number of protégés, i.e. the children that we managed to cure. Humanitarian work is an endless issue, and everyone who is in a position to get involved in it should do so, as long as they are alive and available to help – Šapić said. The video about the children who had been cured owing to the Humanitarian Foundation’s help was shown at the solemn anniversary ceremony.


March, 17th 2016

The Duchess of Cornwall attended the event “Food Is Great”, organized by “Color Press Group”

During her stay in Vojvodina today, the Duchess of Cornwall, within a one-day visit to Novi Sad, attended, among other events, a gastronomic event entitled “Food Is Great”, organized in her honour by “Color Press Group”. The Apicultural Museum in Sremski Karlovci hosted the event, where the highly distinguished guest from the British royal family had the opportunity to try out specialties made by local home cooks, who read culinary magazines published by “Color Press Group”, such as “Pošalji recept” (“Send a Recipe”). Alongside gastronomic delicacies, the Duchess of Cornwall enjoyed viewing handcrafts made by housewives who live in Vojvodina, as well as the ritual “kićenje snaša”, during which the women were dressed in national costumes belonging to various national communities from the northern province of Serbia.


March, 16th 2016

In the honour of the Duchess of Cornwall, “Color Press Group” organizes the event “Food Is Great”

During their visit to Serbia, The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall proceeded from Belgrade to Novi Sad, Kovilj and Sremski Karlovci. On this occasion, “Color Press Group” is organizing an event entitled “Food Is Great”, devoted to gastronomy. The couple’s visit to Novi Sad will set off by participation in a cultural programme at Katolička porta, where a memorial plate to honour British humanitarian workers will be revealed. Afterwards, the guest from Great Britain will visit the Matica Srpska Gallery, and meet the curators and children who are gathered around the project “Moving Museums”, organized by the British Council. The Prince of Wales will then visit the Kovilj Monastery, while the Duchess of Cornwall will take part in the event “Food Is Great” at the Apicultural Museum in Sremski Karlovci. During this visit, the highly distinguished guest will have the opportunity to try out specialties made by local home cooks, who read culinary magazines published by “Color Press Group”, such as “Pošalji recept” (“Send a Recipe”). Alongside gastronomic delicacies, the Duchess of Cornwall will have the opportunity to see handcrafts made by local housewives, as well as witness the ritual “kićenje snaša”, during which the women will be dressed in national costumes belonging to various national communities that live in Vojvodina. In the afternoon, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will be heading back to Belgrade, where they are going to attend a reception at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

March, 15th 2016

“Ženske priče” live at BIG: Come to a gathering which features Maja Volk, Gorica Nešović and Jelena Bačić Alimpić

On Saturday, 19th of March, starting from 5 PM, all visitors of the BIG Shopping Mall, will have the opportunity to socialize with three ladies well-known to public, Maja Volk, Gorica Nešović and Jelena Bačić Alimpić. SC BIG in collaboration with “Color Press Group” organizes an event featuring these three ladies, who will speak on four different topics: healthy nutrition, love and motherhood, mental hygiene and being successful and single. Maja Volk is a dramaturge, fado musician, double PhD, a sculptor and a mother of three. After many years of battling a serious disease – cancer, she turned to vegan diet. For seven years already, she has been consuming only raw food. Her advice to people battling cancer is that there are no insurable diseases, just incurable patients. She works hard on raising awareness in people that development of their own illnesses or healing depends on themselves. She points out that a disease is a consequence of bad thoughts and suppressed feelings, and that it appears when a person loses the sense. Therefore, she believes that planning and taking the responsibility for your own life is a key to success and healing. She is divorced and a mother to three children. Gorica Nešović is a popular journalist, writer and radio and TV hostess. During her career expanding to several decades, she gained much affection from numerous listeners who followed interesting subjects from everyday life that she was dealing with in her programmes. Her books, focusing on the warmest and deepest emotions in women, became very popular. She is divorced and a mother to one child. Jelena Bačić Alimpić three years ago made a decision to replace the cameras and journalism with writing books. Soon she became number one Serbian author in terms of circulation. She has received numerous awards for her TV programmes and journalism. She is a huge gourmand and hedonist, and she lives and works in Novi Sad. She is married and a mother to two children. Come to this unique women’s event because SC BIG is a place to have women’s stories!


March, 14th 2016

The spring semester at the School for journalists and editors within “Color Press Group” has begun

The spring semester of the School for journalists and editors within “Color Press Group” began at the premises of “Color Press Group” in Novi Sad. Over the next three and a half months, ten students of this School will attend lectures by colleagues and editors from “Color Press Group”, as well as journalists from other media houses. Aleksandar Filipović, editor of the TV programme “Tabloid”, which is broadcast on the Radio- television Vojvodina, last weekend held the class and introduced the students to television journalism. Curiosity of this semester is that there are ten students, and only four of them from Novi Sad, while the rest travel on Saturdays to Novi Sad from Belgrade, Loznica, Čačak, Žagubica. Over the forthcoming weeks, the lecturers will be Lidija Ćulibrk, editor-in-chief of “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine, Jelena Bačić-Alimpić, writer and journalist, Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, as well as other colleagues from CPG: Mirjana Pantoš, Angelina Čakširan, Aida Bajazet, Žikica Milošević, Jasmina Ubiparip, Zoran Torbica. The classes will be also lectured by colleagues coming from other media houses: Marina Kosanović, Vesna de Vinča, Eržika Pap Reljin, Branka Opranović, Teodora Janković, Jakša Šćekić, and many others. The classes take place every Saturday, and throughout the semester the students will have the opportunity to go through the praxis in different publications published by “Color Press Group”. Some of them will even have a chance to secure employment, as was the case with all previous generations of the School. All details about the CPG School for journalists, as well as impressions by the previous generations and interviews with the lecturers, can be found HERE.


March, 12th 2016

Regional forum on trends in automobile industry #AutoForum2016 scheduled to be held on March, 21st in Belgrade

“Color Media Communications” and “Color Press Group” for the first time organize a business forum entitled #Auto Forum 2016, on 21st of March at the “Radisson Blu Old Mill” hotel in Belgrade. This is the first forum in the field of automobile industry that will not focus on characteristics by automobiles, but on marketing and communication and sale strategies in automobile industry. #AutoForum2016 will be opened by Zorana Mihajlović, Deputy Prime Minister in the Serbian Government, and His Excellency Ambassador of Germany Axel Dittmann. Representatives of the companies “Euro Petrol”, “Euro Gas”, “SAT Media Group” and representatives of automobile industry will have the talks concerning challenges faced by companies from this sector, in terms of market conditions, import, and the role of the state in this field. Throughout the panel discussion, the participants will talk about crisis communications and ways to communicate during mega crises in automobile industry. In addition to the panel discussion, within the segment in a form of a case study, representatives of the “Ford” company will present their praxis when it comes to sale and post-sale of automobiles on the Serbian and regional market, representatives of the “Opel” company will speak on the subject of optimal marketing and communication strategies for positioning the car brand, whereas the audience will have the opportunity to hear how to use old-timers as an instrument of promotion. Programme details, list of participants and applications can be found at the official Web portal of the forum, on the following URL:


March, 19th 2016

Cooking School 2016: A three-day cooking course organized during the weekend in Skoplje

The company “Color Media”, publisher of culinary magazines with the widest circulation in FYRO Macedonia: “Isprati recept”, “Torti i kolači”, “Babina kujna”, ”Hrono-gotvač”, for all cooking fans organized a three-day cooking course – Cooking School – in Skoplje. The course started on Friday at the “Vero” Shopping Mall, and it was opened by Vlatko Ognenovski, who is a gastro – chef at the “Forca” restaurant. He was answering the questions by participants, visitors and passers-by. Six participants, who had previously applied for taking part in the event, had the opportunity to work with him and learn plenty of useful tips. On Saturday, the second day of this Cooking School, Mare Janevska, a gastro – chef from the British Residence to Skoplje, shared her gastronomic experience and advice. On the third and the last day of the cooking course, the owner of the pizza – restaurant “Četiri sezone”, chef Dejan Hristovski, organized the class, and socialized with all the enrolled participants, offering them advice, teaching them to prepare fast and healthy meals, and answering visitors’ questions. Patron of the first Cooking School in Skoplje is “Ideal šipka”, manufacturer of the most delicious dairy products, whereas the company “Planinska rosa” also contributed.


March, 19th 2016

“Ženske priče” at the BIG Shopping Mall: Women of Novi Sad enjoyed small talk with Maja, Gorica and Jelena

In organization by “Color Media Communications” and the BIG Shopping Mall, this popular shopping centre hosted a true women’s event, entitled “Ženske priče” (“Women’s stories”). The event featured three ladies well-known to public, Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Maja Volk and Gorica Nešović. Many women who live in Novi Sad enjoyed interesting and current topics, regarding parenthood, mental hygiene, nutrition and many other interesting accounts, where they had the opportunity to learn about personal experiences of our guests, who shared their experiences, attitudes and habits, in a direct and humourous way. A mother of three, Maja Volk, said that it was, from time to time, normal to have negative feelings to our children, which make the mothers feel awful. “It is a consequence of what we call unnatural human upbringing, because in nature there are no bad mothers, there are no assaults, no punishment, no emotion blackmails. Here even the Santa Claus means emotional blackmail, in order for our children to be good. Beginning of a change and good parenthood is to have a free and creative, and not just well-trained child, whom we insert into our designed mould. With the first child you make mistakes, it is a little easier with the second one, whereas the third child is raised all by himself or herself.” On the topic of parenthood, Gorica Nešović, who is a mother to one son, pointed out that when you have only one child then you simply pay more attention to him or her than in a situation with more children. “I tried really hard to understand my child when he was crying just three months old, without the cramps, in order to realize what he was trying to say, and afterwards, as he grew up, I attempted to understand what makes my son happy, why he was doing something, why he was feeling sad.” Jelena Bačić Alimpić is, according to her words, experiencing “tough time”, not because of her son Marko who is now of 21 years of age, but because of her daughter Dunja who is 16 years old. “As a mother of two children, who are not of the same sex, I noticed that there was a huge difference in puberty, and that it was harder with girls. My mission and my objective is not to cut their wings, but let them choose their way on their own!” Mental hygiene is very important in the life of every individual, and Maja Volk is convinced that the root of it lies in joy: “Mental hygiene implies awareness of your own body, you must have a foundation in joy, in order to know who and what you are. Generally speaking, we are unfortunate as a nation because of the lack of money, and our misfortune rises from a large quantity of coffee we drink, because it damages the brain.” In Gorica’s opinion, mental hygiene is a form of facing yourself: “I know that I could not ever be a model, and that is why I have never been fond of that idea. You should face who you truly are, and what we are like, and then I can notice my good and bad characteristics, which might be fixed. I look for the ways to fix those things that cause problems. For example, I used to have the jitters, but I worked on myself and managed to overcome this issue. Dealing with yourself in order to feel comfortable in your own skin is what, in my opinion, mental hygiene is all about.” Jelena Bačić Alimpić is sticking to her own mental hygiene, and in her case, it is writing: “After everything I had been through and everything I had done, including the things I wanted and some of those I did not like, I think that to me writing is a true psychotherapy, because otherwise I would have ended up in the “Laza” mental institution or with a very good expert in psychotherapy. I think that the word “stress” has become a frequent one in our language, and I have a feeling that we are adopting an attitude that stress implies consequences of all our negative decisions!” In terms of nutrition, Jelena said that although she ate everything, she wanted to leave certain food out, and that sometimes, before lunch, she would drink rakija, or a glass of wine after lunch. “I believe that a person should be moderate in everything, I do exercises, I practice yoga on a regular basis, and I tend to spend as much time as possible out in nature.” Maja Volk and Gorica Nešović said that they did not eat meat, and we also found out that Maja’s husband had left her because she did not know how to cook. Today, she writes books that abound in recipes. “I do not eat after nightfall, and to my menu I added rice almost on a daily basis, in combination with vegetables. I excluded potatoes, and I feel great”, Gorica said. Pleasant social gathering at the SC BIG, as a form of a pause from shopping, was useful to everyone who was there to hear “Women’s stories”, and we are convinced that the visitors heard many useful pieces of advice!


March, 12th 2016

“Energy perspectives and challenges”: Serbia between East and West strategies and interests

The regional conference entitled “Energy perspectives and challenges” was held on March, 11th at the Novi Sad Fair’s Master Center, within the second day of the event “International days of energy economics and investments”. It was organized by “Color Press Group”, in collaboration with energy companies from Serbia and around the region. Taking into account that a huge number of Serbian energy companies have their headquarters exactly on the territory belonging to the Province of Vojvodina (“Srbijagas”, NIS, “Gazprom”, “Transnafta”, “Banatski Dvor”, “Euro Petrol”, and many others), we decided, after two conferences held in Belgrade, to organize the first energy conference in 2016 in the City of Novi Sad. On behalf of the Serbian Government, Minister of Energy Aleksandar Antić opened the conference and emphasized the importance of joint strategies in the region and elsewhere, adding that Serbia is a country with good connections to other countries, thus balancing between the EU members and non-EU countries. “Serbia is the first country, member of the Energy Community, to implement the Third energy package. Ahead of Serbia is the task to complete modernization of its energy sector, primarily its electro – power industry. Furthermore, we should use renewable energy sources, especially the energy of wind, which has high potential in Vojvodina. By 2020, Serbia should reach 27 % of energy consumption from renewable sources, which is a part of our plan to reduce pollution. The Trans – Balkans corridor has been started, leading from Ukraine and Moldova do Bosnia – Herzegovina and Montenegro and Southern Italy. This is a highly important project, because we must shift cheap electro – power energy from the Eastern part of Europe to the West, where it is much more expensive”, minister Antić said. Then Hendrick G. C. Van den Dool, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Belgrade, addressed the audience, praising the Serbian Government for introduction and implementation of laws in the energy sector. The Netherlands helped in building of a biomass center in Banat, which marks a turn to greener and more sustainable technologies. Frank Janmaat, the Head of the Economy Department of the EU Delegation to Serbia, then addressed the audience, and emphasized the importance of infrastructure. He said that the Commission would provide the means, as well as international organizations, which would aid Serbia financially. Anna M. Boulos, on behalf of the Economy Department of the Embassy of the United States of America, spoke at the end of the opening ceremony, and said that the US and EU would provide a great amount of help to Serbia to become less vulnerable in terms of energy safety. The first panel was entitled “Roads and sideways of oil in 2016”, and it focused on the oil market. It gathered Tomislav Mićović, The Association of Serbian oil companies; Branko Radun, a political analyst; Dragan Govedarica, PhD, Department of the oil and petrochemical engineering, Novi Sad’s Faculty of Technology; Vera Kalinić, EURO PETROL, whereas the moderator was Jovana Gligorijević. After the first panel, CEO of the company “Srbijagas” Dušan Bajatović presented the case study, saying that “Srbijagas” was pinned the label of a “loser”, but that the company had saved many enterprises, thus preventing the drop in economy activities in the country. “The payments increased to 80 %, and we have ceased to deliver the gas which is not being paid for. We have managed to get the payment for certain old debts. In my opinion, this is not a thing to brag about, but we have managed to decrease the number of employees by 8 %. Social benefits, if there are any, should be clearly defined. Gas deliveries below the price, or to those consumers which do not pay, will no longer be possible. Conversion into the capital is a money irrevocably lost, which the company had to make up for from external sources by getting a bank loan”, Bajatović said. The second panel, entitled “Gas puzzle, South, Turkey, Bulgaria, Krk…”, gathered Sergey Komlev, head of Contract Structuring and Price Formation Directorate of the Directorate for “Gazprom Export”; Jovica Budimir, executive director of JP “Srbijagas”; Tomislav Vojnić Purčar, founder and CEO of the company EURO GAS, Subotica, Serbia. The moderator: Milan Đukić, “Srbijagas”. The third panel, entitled “Electro – power energy in the region of Tesla’s heirs” gathered the following participants: Dejan Stojčevski, technical director of “Seepex”; Mirjana Filipović, state secretary at the Ministry of Energy and Mining; Cvijetko Žepinić, executive director of “Elektroprijenos”, Banja Luka; Nikola Petrović, CEO of JP “Elektromreža”; Seka Kuzmanović, CEO of ZP “Elektrokrajina” a.d. Banja Luka. The moderator: Professor Sanja Filipović, PhD, Economics Institute, Belgrade. The case study entitled “Global energy warfare” was presented by Konstantin Simonov, CEO of the Fond for National Safety, Russia, whereas the last panel, entitled “Balkan Goes Green” gathered Igor Aleksandrovich Majnitsky , chief of department of “Gazprom Export”; Professor Vladimir Katić, PhD, Faculty of Technical Sciences; Miloš Colić, CEO of “New Energy Systems Vetropark”, Kovačica; Nikola Zdravković, a journalist. The Moderator: Jovana Gligorijević. Partners of the conference are: “Srbijagas”, “Euro Gas”, “Euro Petrol”, “Gas Invest”, “Energo Sistem”, “Millenium Team”, “Rasina Energogas”, “Promont Group”, “Elektrotehnika Južna – Bačka”, “Heineken”, “Coca – Cola”, “Black N Easy”.


March, 4th 2016

Residence of British Ambassador to Serbia hosts the promotion of new magazine “Diplomacy & Commerce”!

To mark the launch of “Diplomacy & Commerce” magazine, published by “Color Press Group” in collaboration with London’s “The Economist”, the reception was held at the British Ambassador’s Residence. Together with the hosts, Mr Denis Keefe and his wife Kate, the guests were greeted by “Color Press Group” CEO Robert Čoban, Ruža Ristanović, magazine director, and Žikica Milošević, Editor-in-Chief. The reception also gathered Maja Gojković, Serbian Parliament Speaker, Ambassadors of Turkey, Croatia, FYRO Macedonia, Romania, Australia, Canada, and many other countries, Peter Burkhard, Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, Michel Saint – Lot, UNICEF Representative in Serbia, Frik Janmat, Head of the Economy Department within the EU Delegation to Serbia, Saša Janković, ombudsman, Lukrecija Đeri, state secretary at the Ministry of Commerce, Slaviša Grujić, secretary for culture and information at the Government of Vojvodina, and a number of managers from large companies and media agencies.


March, 3rd 2016

The press conference ahead of the fair “International days of energy economics and investments”

The press conference, held today at 11 o’clock at Conference Salon of the Novi Sad Fair, ahead of the forthcoming event “International days of energy economics and investments”, gathered a large number of media representatives. Organizers and partners in this event presented their schedule and programme for the first Fair event of the year, pointing out the importance of topics which will be analyzed and discussed on 10th and 11th of March. This event will be organized by The Central European Development Forum – CEDEF, Secretariat for energy economics and mineral resources of the Province of Vojvodina, the company “Color Press Group” and the Novi Sad Far. In addition to exhibitions and other fair- like events, it will include 30 professional meetings, approximately 2.000 participants, and the regional conference “Energy perspectives and challenges”. It is expected that representatives of the Serbian Government, the European Union Delegation to Serbia, Embassy of the Netherlands, Embassy of the United States of America, and the most influential businessmen in the energy sector in Serbia and around the region will participate at this conference.

Professor Ana Bovan, PhD, president of the Central European Development Forum – CEDEF, emphasized that a growing number of organizers and partners indicated that the idea lying at the foundation of the event was obviously a very good one, turning the unity of energy economics, investments and positive energy of this project into a winning combination: “A couple of days ago, OECD published the report on competitiveness of South East Europe, and among other issues, it states the energy economics as a very important factor.

However, although energy efficiency was a motif to bind us together this year, on this event we will cover not just this topic, but also the so called green energy, certain cleaner technologies, and an issue that we care about the most, for us and for our children – the combat against climate change.” Professor Marijana Dukić – Mijatović, PhD, chief of Department for local economic development of the City of Novi Sad, pointed out that the City recognized the importance of this event, adding that in the past Novi Sad had granted much attention to the topic and field in question. Reminding the audience of the strategy of sustainable development, which would be present in the next five-year period, including as many as 163 projects, she mentioned a large number of those orientated towards energy efficiency, and the advancement of energy economics and the green energy.

Having in mind that the Province of Vojvodina is a place where the headquarters of almost all, if not really all, Serbian energy companies are located, CEO of “Color Press Group” Robert Čoban, pointed to a logical chain of events, and the decision to hold this year’s conference in Novi Sad, which is a place of excellent synergy. This year’s conference will be directed towards the analysis of geo-political and geo-strategic aspects of energy economics: “The world that we live in today, and fast changes happening on a global level, demand that we, coming from small and medium-sized countries, follow closely what is going on, trying to predict certain steps on that geo-political scene. In my opinion, these places are of great importance, so that we, coming from other industry branches, could pay attention to what we can expect to happen in the forthcoming period.”


February, 29th 2016

Aromas and tradition of the Orient: “Turkish Days” at the Stadion Shopping Mall

The event entitled “Turkish Days”, held at the Stadion Shopping Mall, has been completed. During three days, between 26th and 28th of February, the visitors enjoyed an exhibition of photographs of the most beautiful Turkish towns, promotion of Turkish specialties and desserts, culinary presentations. They were introduced to the enchantment of the Turkish language and culture, and were delighted with Oriental dances and music. This event was solemnly opened by His Excellency Mehmet Kemal Bozay, Turkish Ambassador to Belgrade, whereas the children from the Municipality of Beočin, within the project “Srbija u ritmu Evrope” (“Serbia in the Rhythm of Europe”) performed both the Serbian and Turkish national anthem. Selim Aslantash, on behalf of the Turkish Cultural Centre “Yunus Emre”, addressed the audience on opening and closing ceremony, and familiarized the guests with the center’s activities and creative language workshops that they organize.


February, 28th 2016

And the Oscar goes to…: FEST & Hello! Party gathered celebrities from the fields of cinematography, fashion, music…

On the day following the opening of the International Film Festival (FEST), and ahead of the Oscar award ceremony, Fest and “Hello!” magazine organized a cocktail entitled “And the Oscar goes to…” at Kralj Petar I’s house in Belgrade. A number of celebrities enjoyed the movie premiere by our well-known fashion photographer Miša Obradović, entitled “Endless” and inspired by the history of fashion and film. Among the first guests at the cocktail party, our popular actor and director Radoš Bajić came accompanied by his son Nedeljko. Furthermore, among the guests there were Ana Štajdohar, accompanied by her husband Nikola Demonja, Duška Jovanić, Ivana Đorđević, Boban Spasojević, actors and actresses Lena Bogdanović, Monika Romić, Vladimir Aleksić, Hristina Popović, accompanied by her colleague Janko Popović Volarić, photographer Miloš Nadaždin, Nenad Radulović, Snežana Dakić, many regional celebrities and many others… Fest’s creative director Jugoslav Pantelić came accompanied by the Minister of Culture and Information Ivan Tasovac, and the gorgeous actress Victoria Abril. With tremendous entertainment, refreshments provided by “Somersby” cider, “Knjaz Miloš” mineral water and wines by “Aleksić Winery”, the guests also had the opportunity to vote for: The Best Motion Picture, The Best Director, The Best Actor and The Best Actress of the year.


February, 24th 2016

Exhibition “Solidarity Posters 1981 – 1989” opened: Huge number of visitors left touched by ideals of freedom and bravery to fight for it

Last night at 19h, a solemn opening ceremony of the exhibition “Solidarity Posters” took place at the “Archive of Vojvodina”, to honour the memory of the biggest non-violent protest in the European history, and the time when the idea of freedom was stronger than tamed, withdrawn and forbidden right to have a voice, an opinion and hope for better future. Organized by the Polish Embassy and “Color Press Group”, and owing to collaboration with the “Archive of Vojvodina” and the director Branimir Andrić, who helped to conduct the project, the exhibition of 30 posters created at the period of war turmoil in Poland, and the birth of the “Solidarity” movement, will enable the citizens of Novi Sad to become familiar with an important part of the world’s history, and meet the trails of times gone by. Pointing out that unfortunately, even today we encountered the situation which calls for ideals of freedom of speech and reminds us of the importance of solidarity among people, CEO of “Color Press Group” Robert Čoban, with melancholy spoke about his early youth, and particularly of Sunday, 13th of December 1981, when the news broke out around the world that emergency state was established in Poland. Remembering the singer Džoni Štulić and the song “Spring falls on 13th of December”, he emphasized that the generation from the sixties and early seventies definitively remained marked by ideas and faith which lay in the foundation of these posters, but also with hope that the same wave would arrive to our country as well. Secretary for culture and information at the Government of Vojvodina, Slaviša Grujić, pointed to the fact that posters once represented a powerful tool for the fight, and that lack of one such manifesto embedding a clear message, but also including a space for personal attitude development, was definitely perceivable in the society and reality of today, which are characterized by tabloid magazines and reality show programmes. “Back then, the poster had several dimensions and the ability, through simplicity and powerful emotions, to send a message which the Poles and many other nations in the Eastern Europe had longed for. The people believed that another period would bring new happiness, as suggested by the posters. I would like to see posters in the streets of Novi Sad. I would like to see posters all around Serbia. Political posters are important, not in the sense to get hold of us, but to indicate certain issues”, Mr Grujić concluded. In spite of their modest graphical form, poor printing techniques and the fact that they had been produced secretly, the posters contained three notions – information, illustration and inspiration. Hana Dalevska – Grenj, Chargé d’affaires of the Polish Embassy to Serbia, emphasized their huge historical impact, confirming that those posters had priceless value as testimony of socio- cultural and political changes in this country: “The “Solidarity” Movement contributed, both indirectly and directly, to freedom of one big European country. These posters express, and in a way represent, the story of how “Solidarity” was formed, and the current affairs from those difficult times in Poland.” Following the introduction speeches, a short documentary film of “Solidarity Museum” was shown. Not long ago, it was awarded with a prize by the European Council for the best museum in 2016. Its existence and success represent an indisputable proof how this story was still alive among the Polish people.

Solemn atmosphere of the exhibition opening was fulfilled by appearance by the crew of the “Državni posao” programme (“Government Job”), who briefly addressed the audience in their unique, characteristic manner, and presented the episode inspired by this topic. Everyone interested in setting on a short trip via time machine to peek at the period of amazing courage and unity of people, and ideals which survived in circumstances when it is easiest to break the human spirit, will be able to see the exhibition until 28th of February, at 35 Dunavska Street.


February, 23rd 2016

“Turkish Days” at the Stadion Shopping Mall about to start

From Friday 26th until Sunday 28th of February, the Stadion Shopping Mall, located at Voždovac, will host an interesting and interactive event entitled “Turkish Days”, organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey. Visitors of this shopping mall frequented by many Belgraders, in addition to shopping will be able to feel the Turkish spirit in Belgrade, visit the exhibition of photographs of Turkish towns, and find out more about culture, language, tourism, ancient calligraphy and painting on water – Ebru. On Friday, 26.02. at 18h, the event will be solemnly opened by His Excellency Mehmet Kemal Bozay, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey. A mini concert of Turkish music and the movie “Girls in high heels” (Tur. “Kızlar Topuklu Ayakkabılarla”) will follow. The film was made by students of the Turkish language from Novi Sad. Tee-house “Small Tree” will organize a mini tea-party. Children from the Municipality of Beočin, within the project “Srbija u ritmu Evrope” (“Serbia in the Rhythm of Europe”), will perform the Serbian and Turkish national anthems. Degustation of traditional Turkish food and oriental desserts from the “Dukat” restaurant will also be included in the event, and in the entertainment portion of the programme, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy music performed by the band “Mister Akustik”, and oriental dances by “Bellyrina Dance Lab”. Visitors of “Turkish Days” at the Stadion Shopping Mall will be able to make reservations for their holidays in this spectacular country, and glance at the programmes prepared by travel agencies “Kon Tiki” and “Big Blue”. The Turkish “Halk” bank will promote its services and products. By participating in the promotion organized by “Turkish Airlines”, an airways company which flies to more countries than any other, the visitors will be able to win plane tickets for Istanbul, New York, Miami, Barcelona, Malta, Dubai, Mauritius, Bangkok, Tokyo or Manila. All visitors will be able to take part in creative language workshops, organized by the Turkish cultural centre “Yunus Emre”, and enjoy cooking presentations by chefs from the Turkish restaurant “Dukat”. Department for culture and tourism of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey to Belgrade will present Turkey as a popular destination in terms of culture and tourism. Agencies “Kon Tiki” and “Big Blue” will prepare more surprises for visitors of this event, as well as plenty of useful information on early booking for travelling to Turkey. Throughout the event “Turkish Days”, 26. – 28.02, the Stadion Shopping Mall will be a place of tremendous entertainment via presentations of the Turkish culture, customs and tourism. The film: Short film “Girls in high heels” (Tur. “Kızlar Topuklu Ayakkabılarla”), 31’, 2016. Directors: Tanja Stanojev and Vukašin Živaljević. The film is a joyful story about trust, tolerance and persistence. Three girls meet in a local coffee shop. Although they are very different, they are connected through friendship and powerful will to pursue their dreams. Take a look how their adventures are, and giggle at their, sometimes, somewhat unusual ideas.

February, 22nd 2016

“Countdown to Rio” began alongside Olympic athletes, a quiz, an exhibition and workshops

The Ušće Shopping Mall, The Olympic Committee of Serbia and “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine began its joint venture “Countdown to Rio”. On Saturday, 20th of February, visitors enjoyed the exhibition of posters from the previous Olympic Games, and during the day, the youngsters could take part in body art devoted to the Brazilian colours. At the end of the day, Olympic athletes entered the Ušće SC, and drew much attention from the visitors. Milica Mandić, Andrea Arsović, Zorana Arunović, Damir Mikec and Dimitrije Grgić greeted the audience, took photographs with the visitors, and signed autographs. The official mascot of the Serbian Olympic Team, the famous Srećko (Lucky) walked through the Ušće SC to greet the visitors, and then joined the Olympic athletes in taking photographs with fans.


February, 17th 2016

Exhibition “Solidarity Posters 1981 – 1989” opens in Novi Sad on February, 23rd

From 23rd until 28th of February 2016, citizens of Novi Sad will be able to visit an exhibition in the “Archive of Vojvodina”, entitled “Solidarity Posters”, and organized by the Polish Embassy and “Color Press Group”. The exhibition is comprised of 30 posters created between 1980 and 1989, at the time when important changes in Poland were taking place. Author of this exhibition is Warsaw’s National Centre for Culture. The exhibition “Solidarity Posters” from the aforementioned period represents a unique collection of works which stand out because of an incredible power of art expressiveness, emotional charge, and simplicity of graphical forms. At the same time, it is an art document of the time when Solidarity was born, the time of emergency state in Poland, as well as of everyday life of that period and social – cultural changes taking place in Poland back then. Solemn opening of the exhibition is scheduled for February, 23rd at 19h, at the “Archive of Vojvodina”, 35 Dunavska Street. The opening ceremony will include speeches by Hana Dalevska – Grenj, Chargé d’affaires of the Polish Embassy to Serbia, Slaviša Grujić, Secretary for culture and information at the Government of Vojvodina, and Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”.


February, 17th 2016

Countdown to Rio!

This weekend, on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of February, a countdown to Rio begins, a project organized by the Ušće Shopping Mall, Serbian Olympic Committee and “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine. Every month, and ending with July, the Ušće SC will during one weekend of the month promote Olympic sports and Olympic sportsmen who will compete in Rio. On Saturday, 20th of February, starting at 6 PM, all visitors will have the opportunity to socialize with the Olympic athletes and take photographs next to the famous torch and Srećko (Lucky), an official mascot of the Olympic Committee of Serbia (OKS). The Olympic athletes who will socialize with visitors of the Ušće Shopping Mall this weekend are: Milica Mandić, taekwondo, the Olympic champion from London, Andrea Arsović, shooting – the champion of the European Games in Baku 2015, Zorana Arunović, shooting – the champion of the European Games in Baku 2015, Damir Mikec, shooting – double champion of the European Games in Baku 2015, and Dimitrije Grgić, shooting. Within the programme, the visitors can expect creative workshops, body art, exhibitions of Olympic posters and mascots, and many other surprises!

SATURDAY 20.2.2016

10h until 21h Exhibition of original posters from the previous Olympic Games

12h until 14h Body Art “In the Brazilian colours”

18h until 21h Socializing with Olympic athletes, presentation of the OKS mascot, and taking photographs next to the Olympic torch from London

SUNDAY 21.2.2106

10h until 21h Exhibition of the Olympic Games mascots: “Mascots: time machine”

12h until 13h Educational workshop for children “The Olympic quiz”

17h until 18h Art workshop for children “Create your mascot”


February, 17th 2016

“Solidarity posters” from Poland between 1980 and 1989 to be exhibited in Novi Sad

Throughout the period 23 – 28.02.2016, in the “Archive of Vojvodina”, citizens of Novi Sad will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition entitled “Solidarity posters”, organized by the Polish Embassy and “Color Press Group”, and containing 30 posters made between 1980 and 1989, at the time when important changes were taking place in Poland. The exhibition “Solidarity posters” from the aforementioned period is an extraordinary collection of works which stand out because of an incredible power of art expressiveness, emotional charge, and simplicity of graphical forms. At the same time, it is an art document of the time when Solidarity was born, the time of emergency state in Poland, as well as of everyday life of that period and social – cultural changes taking place in Poland back then. Solemn opening of the exhibition is scheduled for February, 23rd at 19h, at the “Archive of Vojvodina”, 35 Dunavska Street. The opening ceremony will include speeches by Hana Dalevska – Grenj, Chargé d’affaires of the Polish Embassy to Serbia, Slaviša Grujić, Secretary for culture and information at the Government of Vojvodina, and Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”.


February, 9th 2016

The portal increased by 463 %, by 34 %!

According to data by “Google Analytics” referring to January 2016, in comparison with December 2015, a decrease was registered in the number of visits to internet portals and

Decrease in the number of visits to is connected with completion of the reality show “The Farm”, whereas the internet portal “yielded” the portals and, which until January, 1st 2016 had been within

All other web portals within “Color Press Group” register a huge rise, some even over 400 %. The internet portal had over 2 million page visits, with a record-breaking 6.06 page views per visit; had a historical record of over 1.2 million visits, registered the best score ever with 370.000 visits…

An enormous increase in the number of visits was registered with Web portals (463 %), (34 %), (34 %), and (27 %).

February, 6nd 2016

#Winterfest2016 – The best regional wines, leading chefs and gastro-bloggers gather at the most beautiful winter destination in Serbia

The ultimate weekend in March is reserved for hedonism, relishing wines and food, skiing and having a good time. From 24th until 27th of March, “Winterfest” will gather representatives of over twenty wineries from Serbia and the SEE region, chefs from the most popular restaurants and gastro-bloggers. This year, “Color Press Group” organizes the festival together with “Interfest”, which once a year organizes the best-known wine festival in Novi Sad.

For those who are fans of Kopaonik Mountain and skiing, “MK Mountain Resort” prepared special package deals, whereas “Skijališta Srbije” grants a twenty percent discount for ski pass throughout the duration of the festival. “Winterfest Ski & Wine Festival” for the third year in a row takes place at Kopaonik during the last weekend in March. As well as in previous years, this year too, the programme will be diverse. Alongside wine education and salons, the festival got two gastro panels as well. From wine and food degustation to after parties and skiing, everybody will be enjoying themselves. The festival’s objective is to educate participants through wine and gastronomy panels, interactive workshops, wine-related excursions, cooking competitions, a wine salon, and a short course about wine.

Participants and presenters of this year’s “Winterfest” are representatives of the most distinguished restaurants, professional magazines, blogs, internet portals, as well as celebrities who take pleasure in food and wine. Just to mention a few, Filip Ćirić, on behalf of the “Homa” restaurant, Janoš Mesaroš, Jovica Jovičić, Igor Luković, on behalf of the magazine “Vino i Fino”, Milan Spasić on behalf of the “Spasić” winery, Paul Balke, Stevan Kostreš, on behalf of the “Kovačević” winery, Goran Kovačević on behalf of the hotel “Square Nine”, and many others.

Information on accommodation prices, reaching from 69 euros for a three-day stay (the price includes “Wine passport”) at “MK Mountain Resort” or “Jolly Kop” apartments, discounts, wine passport and the programme can be found at the following internet portal:

Enjoy with all your senses at #Winterfest2016 and reserve your place on time!

Information regarding accommodation and transportation:

Information regarding the programme and presenters:


February, 2nd 2016

Opportunity for studying and working: Enrollment process for the spring semester of the School for journalists and editors by “Color Press Group” has begun

Ceremony of granting diplomas to attendees of the autumn semester at the CPG New Year Cocktail, 26.12.2015

Spring semester of the School for journalists and editors at “Color Press Group” begins on Saturday, 5th of March. This semester, the school’s twentieth generation will be enrolled. As the largest regional magazine publisher, with 64 publications, 11 internet portals and 70 conferences and diverse events organized in 6 republics that once were the part of Yugoslavia, “Color Press Group” each year employs a certain number of new journalists and editors, who later move on to work on some of the projects and publications within the Group. When hiring new staff, advantage is given to candidates who have completed their education at the CPG School for journalists and editors, in which the attendees throughout three months and 55 classes, get acquainted to all the most important segments of work within the company system, and adjust to the way of work in showbiz and lifestyle magazines that CPG publishes.

Out of each generation, 4 – 5 most successful students get employment at CPG. The latest generation of students had the opportunity to participate in projects conducted by “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine, which this year celebrates 15 years since its launch, and also within the internet portal Most of them at the moment work on internet portals and magazines published by CPG. The groups are comprised of 12 – 15 students, whereas the lecturers are editors, redactors and journalists who have been with “Color Press Group” for a number of years, Lidija Ćulibrk, Jelena Bačić-Alimpić, Robert Čoban, Mirjana Pantoš, Angelina Čakširan, Aida Bajazet, Žikica Milošević, Jasmina Ubiparip, but also our colleagues from other media houses: Aleksandar Filipović, Marina Kosanović, Vesna de Vinča, Eržika Pap Reljin, Branka Opranović and many others.

The classes are held on Saturdays, from 10,00 until 15,15 at “Color Press Group” premises,

Temerinska 102, Novi Sad.

11 Saturdays, 5 classes per day – 55 classes in total:

10,00 – 12,00 – 1 – 2. class

Break: 15 min

12,15 – 13,15 – 3. class

13,15 – 15,15 – 4 – 5. class


“Color Press Group” grants one scholarship to one participant, male or female, belonging to Roma population, and one participant with disability.

After paying a participation fee – please photograph or scan the attested receipt and together with your personal data (Name and surname, date and place of birth, completed education, language skills, prior work experience if any, and cell phone number), and one photograph, send to the following E-mail address:

Number of places is limited. All enquiries regarding the CPG School can be sent to the following E-mail address:


January, 24th 2016

“Diplomacy & Commerce” – new magazine in English in CPG portfolio!

On March, 1st “Diplomacy & Commerce”, the first issue of the new magazine in “Color Press Group” portfolio, will come out. The magazine in English is intended for diplomatic and business community in Belgrade, and “Color Press Group” will publish it in collaboration with London’s “The Economist”, whose texts will be featured in “Diplomacy & Commerce” exclusively. Editor-in-Chief is Žikica Milošević, whereas the magazine director is Ruža Ristanović. A launch party to mark the first issue of “Diplomacy & Commerce” magazine will be held on March, 3rd at Elsie Inglis House, residence of British Ambassador in Belgrade.


January, 19th 2016

Exhibition “Designers Christmas Trees” in Mercator Centres has ended

During December and January, all visitors of Mercator Centres in Belgrade and Novi Sad could enjoy festive and extraordinary exhibition entitled “Designers Christmas Trees”, organized by “Hello!” magazine in collaboration with Serbia Fashion Week. Gorgeous Christmas trees were decorated by well-known international and domestic designers. Up until January, 15th they served as decoration in Mercator Centres, whereas its humanitarian character is what makes this exhibition so special. The entire income garnered from the Christmas trees sale is directed towards those who really need it. Among the designers who made it possible for Belgrade and Novi Sad to host the exhibition just like those in metropolises around the world, there are Jean Paul Gaultier, Bata Spasojević, Mladen Milivojević Baron, Marija Šabić, Agata Ruiz de la Prada, Zvonko Marković, just to name a few. A well- known fashion designer from Novi Sad Mladen Milivojević Baron, donated the income from his tree to the National Association of parents whose children suffer from cancer – NURDOR. “As soon as I heard about the occasion and objective of holding the exhibition “Designers Christmas Trees”, I confirmed that I would participate. My tree was inspired by my latest collection named “Cirkus”, including motifs of the city of Novi Sad, where I live and create. I was delighted to hear that my tree was the first one to be sold, and without delay we organized the aid to be brought to the National Association of parents whose children suffer from cancer – NURDOR. I hope that I fulfilled the expectations by organizers and followers of my work, but most importantly, we have helped to someone and brought them some holiday joy”, said Mladin regarding his participation in this exhibition.

January, 15th 2016

#BIGRaspevanaJelka: Over 400 children and 16 choirs made the holidays even better to citizens of Novi Sad

Taking into account similar examples from metropolises around the world, the company “Color Press Group” in cooperation with UNICEF and “Hello!” magazine organized the New Year Children’s event entitled “Raspevana jelka” (“A Singing Tree”), held at the BIG Shopping Mall. During the event, which lasted 19 days – from December, 15th until January, 8th we hosted over four hundred children and young adults. The “Raspevana jelka” gathered sixteen choirs from Novi Sad’s primary schools, language schools, and music schools’ choirs. Among solo performers who joined this New Year fairytale where was also Teodora Stanković, winner of the show programme “Ja mogu sve” (“I Can Do Everything”), which was broadcast on TV RTS. Together with the youngsters, there were also many celebrities, including Tijana Dapčević, Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Ljubivoje Ršumović and the crew of the children’s programme “Fazoni i fore”, Slobodan Trkulja, Tanja Banjanin, Ena Popov, actor Goran Podlipec, TV announcer Nataša Ilić, and many others. Alongside its entertaining role, “Raspevana jelka” also possessed humanitarian character. As a matter of fact, during the period starting from December, 15th and until the end of the end, clothes were being collected in order to be granted to the Futog Centre. Socializing with children, celebrities, parents and guests of the BIG Shopping Mall for this year, was brought to an end by a performance by the National Dance Foundation and the choir “Kulturno sklonište” led by Saška and Petar Jelić.

January, 8th 2016

“Color Press Group” and the “Lazin salaš” restaurant prepared special Christmas lunch for the homeless

As in previous years, at the Shelter – Daily Care Center for the homeless in Novi Sad, the “Lazin salaš” restaurant staff and “Color Press Group” employees, served special lunch for those who are left behind when it comes to holidays. A delicious holiday feast was served by the chefs from the famous Novi Sad’s restaurant “Lazin salaš” to citizens of our city, who had lost their home and family, whereas they were also delighted by newspaper publications granted by “Color Press Group”. Our company continues to nurture tradition of care and aid to those in need, while at the same time it appeals to all goodwill people who are able to help to participate in similar projects. They can write to the following E-mail address: In addition, if you have old clothes in good condition, you can deliver them yourself to any of the shelters for the homeless.

January, 6th 2016

Excellent collaboration with The Yoga Association of Serbia

On January, 2nd The Yoga Association of Serbia organized the New Year celebration, and among the guests, yoga instructors and members of this association from the entire country, there were also the representatives of “Color Press Group” – CPG Managing Director Bojan Vulin and editor of “Yoga” magazine Angelina Čakširan. On this gathering, President of The Yoga Association of Serbia (JSS) Predrag Nikić granted a special award to us, a Thank-You note for media support to activities conducted by the Yoga Association of Serbia throughout 2015. In addition, JSS and CPG are planning to hold a meeting to set out the details concerning long-time cooperation.