The first #CSR2015 conference was held in Serbia

Yesterday the hotel “Crowne Plaza” hosted the conference: “CSR Srbija: Challenges of corporate social responsibility”. The conference was organized by “Color Press Group”, and was opened by Michel Saint-Lot, UNICEF Representative to Serbia. Beside him, among the guest speakers at the conference there were numerous representatives of companies, institutions and individuals who are engaged in social activities, and work on raising awareness on social responsibility.

The panels encompassed topics on socially responsible journalism, role and aid by the state and government institutions, foundations and their activities, treatment of animals, and many other current issues. Her Royal Highness Katarina Karađorđević, civil activist Filip Vukša and the oldest Red Cross volunteer Danica Šmic, were among the speakers who shared their experiences, and gave their personal opinion regarding social responsibility.

Among the panel participants there were Vesna Dedić, Jelena Tinska, Veran Matić, Aleksandra Radujko, Maja Manojlović, Marina Kosanović, Vladimir Marinković, Dragoljub Žarković, Slađana Paunović, Veljko Lalić, Budimir Plavšić, and many others. This year’s conference sent a message, which can be best reflected in the words uttered by Vesna Savić, who on the behalf of UNICEF in Serbia, said: “Social responsibility implies responsible behaviour by individuals and companies alike.


What matters is especially how employees are treated, quality of service, management, marketing and our relationship with the community. Only an integrated business process enables adequate influence of the company, and creates healthy business environment”.

All presentations by guest speakers are available on the following URL: http://drustvenaodgovornost.rs/csr-srbija-2015/ Videos from all panels and presentations, as well as statements by the conference participants, are available over the upcoming days on YouTube channel administered by “Color Press Group”: