Social Responsibility

#KnjigeZaNašeStare: Books gifted to the Red Cross Savski Venac, in order to found a mobile library

“Color Press Group” and “HBO Color Media Events”, in collaboration with the Municipality of New Belgrade, organized a socially responsible project entitled “Books for our elderly citizens”, whose objective is to advance non-institutional psycho-social and health care for senior citizens, including support to their integration into the society.


Within the project, 243 various books had been collected, from the publishers “Večernje novosti”, “Dobra knjiga”, “Prometej” and “Agora”, and some of them were granted to the audience on a literature night organized as part of the project (more information HERE). The rest of the books were donated to the Red Cross organization of Savski Venac Municipality, in order to found a mobile library for its protégés.