Arhiva 2015

December, 29th 2015

#KnjigeZaNašeStare: Books gifted to the Red Cross Savski Venac, in order to found a mobile library

“Color Press Group” and “HBO Color Media Events”, in collaboration with the Municipality of New Belgrade, organized a socially responsible project entitled “Books for our elderly citizens”, whose objective is to advance non-institutional psycho-social and health care for senior citizens, including support to their integration into the society. Within the project, 243 various books had been collected, from the publishers “Večernje novosti”, “Dobra knjiga”, “Prometej” and “Agora”, and some of them were granted to the audience on a literature night organized as part of the project (more information HERE). The rest of the books were donated to the Red Cross organization of Savski Venac Municipality, in order to found a mobile library for its protégés.


December, 29th 2015

Special edition by “The Economist” magazine gets a promotion at the Faculty of Political Sciences

The promotion of the special annual edition of the English magazine “The Economist”, entitled “The Economist: The World in 2016” was held at the Faculty of Political Sciences. It was organized by the Faculty of Political Sciences’ Centre for studies of the United States of America, and the publishing house “Color Press Group”. The promotion gathered: Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, the company which publishes this prestigious annual edition for Serbia, Prof. Dragan R. Simić, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Boško Jakšić, commentator for the “Politika” daily about the issues concerning foreign policy, Prof. Dušan Pavlović, PhD, from the Faculty of Political Sciences, and Prof. Ivo Visković, PhD, from the Faculty of Political Sciences. “This special edition of the magazine represents a good catalogue guide, and it is comprised of issues that have marked this year, and predictions about the forthcoming year. The key question is whether the crisis will disappear, or it will deepen”, said Boško Jakšić, foreign policy commentator for the “Politika” daily newspaper. He added that the year 2015 was marked by the Ukrainian, Greek and migrant crises, which is in the eyes of 40 % of Europeans considered the biggest challenge. “The migrant crisis must be solved where it began, namely in Syria, and that means that the area which has been insecure for decades must be stabilized. Possibilities for diplomatic solution do exist, but the problem lies in confronting interests by the USA and Russia”, Jakšić said. The Dean of the Faculty of Political Sciences, Prof. Dragan R. Simić, PhD, said that the prognoses were possible and very important. “We should engage in strategic futuristic science. Individuals and nations who do not plan their future, at least on a short-term basis, are lost in today’s dynamic world”, Simić pointed out. He emphasized that the magazine was of high quality and with plenty of content, and that due to these facts, collaboration with “Color Press Group” would be of importance to the students from the Faculty of Political Sciences. Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, said that this was the seventh consequent special annual edition of the magazine, and that it was the fourth time it was presented at the Faculty. “From the grain of dust, in several years, we made something that positively influences international relations and the position of Serbia. There is the position of national minorities, there are the interests of our country, and the Kosovo issue”, Čoban emphasized. He explained that this type of the magazine had attracted advertisers which so far had not been collaborating with “Color Press Group”, and that now the company looked different reputation-wise. “Weekly editions are very analytic, and there is no weekly that can beat “The Economist”. There is an illusion that the weekly publication deals only with economic topics, but a large part of it is devoted to culture, science, technology, politics, relations between politics and economy, and international relations”, said Prof. Dušan Pavlović, PhD. He believes that by its scope, the magazine should be a necessary consulting reader for each student of political sciences and international relations. “It is hard to make a prognosis, even more so when it comes to complex and problematic relations, and that is why I am sceptical towards prognoses. However, through this magazine, we are getting a wider image which we usually do not have, and the students can learn a lot”, said Prof. Ivo Visković, PhD. According to Visković, during the upcoming year Serbia will have to make arrangements based on outside influence, rather than the influence from within. “Serbia has made a decision to join the European Union. It will suit us on a long-term basis, but on a short-term basis, it will be quite difficult”, Visković believes.


December, 27th 2015

New Year Cocktail Party by “Color Press Group”: Diplomas handed in to attendees of the School for editors and journalists

Last night, a “Spens” conference salon hosted the New Year Cocktail Party organized by “Color Press Group”, and traditionally, diplomas were handed in to the attendees of the autumn course organized at the School for journalists and editors, them being the nineteenth generation which went through the course organized by this company. Fifteen course participants, after three months of training, received awards from their mentor Mirjana Pantoš, whereas the best among them will have the opportunity to prove their skills in the media sky. Several course participants have already had the chance to publish their texts in print media and on portals within “Color Press Group”. All of them will in the forthcoming months do their praxis for the magazine and the web portal “Lepota i zdravlje”. Many guests enjoyed magnificent sounds played by Florijan Balaž and the orchestra “Limanski bećari”, whereas the winery “Zvonko Bogdan” presented their high-quality white whines, thus adding to the good atmosphere. At the end of the programme, there was the draw for the awards – 7 x 2 tickets for Zdravko Čolić’s concert, being held right after the gala evening at the “Spens” big hall. “Color Press Group” provided the concert tickets for its employees as well, thus thanking them for another successful business year.


December, 25th 2015

“Color Press Group” visited the Gerontology Centre “Novi Sad”

After granting presents and socializing with protégés of the Shelter for the homeless in Futog, and a visit to the Daily care centre for autism patients, the “Color Press Group” team, traditionally, saved a little time to visit the elderly citizens – at the Gerontology Centre “Novi Sad”. The Centre’s spokesperson Milena Letić Joveš opened the programme, greeted the audience, and announced the guests: Vera Kovač Vitkai, prima donna of the Serbian National Opera House, who arrived accompanied by her daughter Agota Vitkai, who is an opera singer; Ljubivoje Ršumović, a writer for children, and Robert Čoban, owner of the company “Color Press”. Together with her daughter Agota Vitkai, who followed her on the piano, Vera Kovač Vitkai emotionally touched the audience, by performing Jacques Offenbach’s “Barcarolle” from “The Tales of Hoffmann”, whereas Ljubivoje Ršumović, holding in his hands the book of his poetry, recited several of his children’s poems. One of the senior citizens from the audience shouted that they were also children, just older, to which Ršum replied: “I write for children in people and for people in children”. He was awarded by a big round of applause. The programme was “spiced up” by the band “Limanski bećari”, led by a violinist Florijan Balaž, and they performed, among others, the songs “Svilen konac”, “Makedonsko devojče”, “Moja mala nema mane”, sang by everyone, because the music is liked by all ages! Participants of the humanitarian project “MAXI Housewife of the Month” – Nađa Dojin, Smilja Telečki and Radoslava Beba Dabić, made delicious croissants and strudels, granted to the Centre’s protégés. After singing and dancing, we wished to everyone to have good health, because as the elderly citizens say – to them that is the biggest wish for the New Year’ Eve. Take a look how the gathering looked like:


December, 25th 2015

“The Economist” & “Mikser House” debate: “Serbia in 2016”

In continuation of seventy successfully organized debates, the company “Color Press Group” last night in cooperation with “Mikser House” organized this year’s last debate, entitled: “The Economist: Serbia in 2016”. Three panel discussions revolved around culture, economy and media, whereas over three hundred people in the audience were delighted by each of the speakers. In the culture-related discussion, the most prominent speaker was Biljana Srbljanović. By her witty and ironic descriptions, she presented to the audience her view of today’s theatre, pointing out that Serbia was not Hollywood, and that it would never be so, therefore making every attempt at glamour by the artists – ridiculous. The panel discussion entitled “Culture” gathered Biljana Srbljanović, two cinematography representatives Želimir Žilnik and Stevan Filipović, as well as Ivan Lalić and Vesna Martinović. The speakers in the economy discussion were Dimitrije Boarov, Miša Brkić, Mihailo Vesović, Ivan Stefanović and Miodrag Zec. Professor Zec delighted the audience by his metaphorical comparisons throughout the panel, calling the country “a bride” eager to lose weight before getting married, and using the MMF diet for a short-term goal, but later becoming fatty again. Taking into account reactions from the audience and followers via live stream and Twitter, the media panel gained the biggest attention. Excellent speakers, such as Zoran Kesić, Teofil Pančić, Nebojša Krstić, Ljiljana Smajlović, Žarko Jokanović, Veljko Lalić, and Olja Bećković as a moderator, drew attention from the audience by their sincere and interesting statements. Olja opened the panel with the legendary phrase “Dobro veče” (“Good evening”), and from then on the applause was very loud. When asked who is in control of the Serbian media, the panel participants tried to give answers from their own perspective. Zoran explained that his television station cannot afford to broadcast his TV show until March due to lack of money, Žarko explained why he used the pseudonym for his writings, Teofil revealed that after his appearance Olja Bećković’s TV show was banned, whereas they also discussed editorship policy in “Nedeljnik” weekly and the “Politika” daily. Among the guests and audience present at the debate, there were also Bojan Pajtić, Aleksandar Timofejev, Marina Kosanović, Ružica Đinđić, and many others. Partners of the debate are: “Knjaz Miloš”, “Black ‘n’ Easy” – “Grand kafa”, and “Heineken” beer.


December, 18th 2015

“Color Press Group” visited Daily care centre for autism patients and Shelter for the homeless in Futog

Traditionally, ahead of the New Year holidays, “Color Press Group”, led by its CEO Robert Čoban, visited the Shelter for the homeless in Futog, not far from the city of Novi Sad. Before heading to Futog, for the first time we were guests of the primary school “Milan Petrović” in Slana Bara, which hosts the Daily care centre for autism patients. What leads to autism is still being investigated, and therefore we do not know much about how people suffering from autism actually cope with their everyday life. Each one of their stories is special. We had been led by prejudices that it was hard to work with such patients, but coordinator of the Daily care centre, Daniela Tamaš, assured us that it was a wrong assumption. By visiting their “creative chaos”, filled with love, harmony, and warmth, we encountered wonderfully organized, and primarily clean, classrooms, where the protégés, over twenty of them, cook, sew, make flower pots and candles, make compost from waste materials, and dance exquisitely well, which the author of this text could see for herself when she was shown dance steps by a protégé when the song from the movie “Beauty and the Beast” played. The objective of the Daily care centre employees is to provide social inclusion: to integrate the patients into the society, because they form a part of our community, and therefore it is not rare if volunteers spend time with the protégés, taking them to the cinema, to concerts, to birthday parties… The number of people suffering from autism for the last fifty years increased 15 times. There is one girl suffering from autism born after four boys. In this Daily care centre we also encountered a father who had been driving his son from Ada to the Centre for over a decade, thus travelling eighty kilometres every day just in one direction! As a modest gift, we brought some presents – magazines published by the publisher “Color Press Group”, with support from our industrious home cooks – contestants from a well-known project “MAXI Housewife of the month”, Nađa Dojin, Smilja Telečki and Dijana Miletić, who had prepared sweet and salty “špecije”. After this visit, we moved on to Futog, where the Shelter for the homeless is located. Protégés of this shelter had already been stamping their feet, waiting impatiently for our arrival. They were looking forward to donuts and croissants intended for them, too. We then danced to the waltz rhythms, played by the violin professor from the Novi Sad’s Art Academy – Florijan Balaž and his orchestra “Limanski bećari”, thus, at least for a moment, bringing joy and smiles to those whose lives had not been so favourable. One of the protégés, Danijela Agbaba, read the poem by Fernando Pessoa, entitled “I Don’t Know How Many Souls I Have”, and her autobiographical poem “This Is Me”, and thus managed to bring tears into the eyes of some of the guests.


December, 17th 2015

Skoplje hosted the first regional conference “Profemina 2015”

Yesterday the first regional conference “Profemina 2015” was held in Skoplje, organized by “Kolor media”, publisher of “Ubavina i zdravje”, a magazine with wide circulation. The conference gathered distinguished experts from the fields of medicine, health care and nutrition, who took part in the first panel discussion: “Women’s health prevention”. Successful ladies who broke down the prejudices on women in a men’s world held motivational speeches within the second panel: “Prejudices on women”. The third panel, entitled: “Was Prada taken away by the devil”, gathered renowned fashion designers, stylists and fashion bloggers, who offered to the audience advice on how to be modern with a salary that amounts to 350 euros.

Throughout the fourth panel: “The female keyboard”, eminent female writers, columnists, journalists tried to explain to the audience what a female writing style is all about. The penultimate panel: “How do we grow up together with our children”, gathered celebrity mothers and one father, who talked about how it was for them to raise their children, and what they had learnt from their youngsters. The last panel, entitled “Is physical appearance a priority”, celebrity beauties revealed their secrets to appealing physical appearance, and answered the question how big a priority it represented for them in their professions.

A special guest was the famous Suzana Mančić, who during the conversation with the journalist Irena Spirovska conveyed her own personal experience on what a woman must do and must “survive” if she wanted to be famous. At the end of this whole-day event, one of the ladies from the audience received a diamond from the sponsor “Božinovski“, and among other companies which granted the presents, there were: cosmetics studio “Sikret”, hair parlour “VIP”, winery “Tikveš – official wine partner, publishing houses “Đurđa”, “Tri”, “Matica”, and companies “Golden Rose”, “Dalia Cosmetics”, “Galafarm”, “Merz Spezial”, “Alkaloid”. Among the conference’s partners, there were successful companies: policlinic “Res Humana”, “Sparkasse” bank, “Cryo Save”, hotel “TCC Grand Plaza”, restaurant “Bela”, and also vodka “Putinka”, refresh – partner “Rosa”, and coffee – partner “Black and Easy” (“Grand”). The first regional conference “Profemina 2015” was also supported by the Ministry of Culture.


December, 17th 2015

“The books for our elderly citizens”: Over two hundred books granted to senior citizens and the Red Cross protégés

“Color Press Group” and “HBO Color Media Events”, in cooperation with the Municipality of New Belgrade, organized the project entitled “Knjige za naše stare” (“The Books for Our Elderly Citizens”), whose aim is to upgrade non-institutional psychosocial and health care for elderly citizens, as well as to support their integration into the society. Within the project, 243 books were collected from the publishers: “Večernje novosti”, “Prometej”, “Agora”, “Dobra knjiga”, whilst 130 books were handed in to the elderly at the literature event which was organized in collaboration with The Municipality of New Belgrade Association of Pensioners, and local community “Sava”.


December, 15th 2015

Solemn opening of fairytale Santa Claus’s city at the Stadion Shopping Mall

New Year euphoria started with numerous surprises for all visitors of the Stadion Shopping Mall, followed by special discounts up to 50 % when opening of Santa Claus’s city took place. The central atrium hosts the fairytale scenography, occupying over one hundred metres square of space, and including a magical carriage where the youngsters may take photographs with Santa Claus, the elves and princess Elsa.

Solemn opening of the city devoted to the world’s most famous old man started with a performance by the children’s choir “Raspevane zvezdice”, and then the ballet studio “Simona” performed their dancing routine. Exclusive programme continued with a children’s acting performance “Čarobna jelka” (“A Magic Tree”), including the actors Iskra Brajović, Strahinja Blažić and Aleksandar Vučković. Popular DJ Fantik during the entire day entertained the guests with the most beautiful festive songs, the toddlers enjoyed face painting, whereas the make-up artists team “Kryolan” made their mothers even prettier with their make-up products.

Numerous visitors impatiently waited for the “Tropico Band” to appear on stage. With its temperamental performance, the band delighted the audience, and the guests sang their biggest hits aloud. After this fantastic concert, members of the popular band were taking photographs with their loyal fans, who had been waiting impatiently to meet them. If you visit your favourite Stadion Shopping Mall, you can enjoy festive atmosphere and shopping, because until December, 31st you will be able to socialize every day with Santa Claus, the elves, and princess Elsa.

Face painting for the youngsters is organized between 4 PM and 7 PM, whereas during the weekends there are special creative workshops and New Year performances, starting from 3 PM. This year again, Santa Claus brings New Year magic to the Stadion Shopping Mall!


December, 11th 2015

“Hello! Awards 2015”: We grant awards to those who perform golden deeds!

The fifth “Hello! Awards” ceremony gathered a large number of celebrities, media and companies from the entire region. The event of the season was held at Belgrade’s hotel “Crowne Plaza”. This year again, the company “Color Press Group” and “Hello!” magazine granted the awards to distinguished and socially responsible individuals, embassies, foundations and organizations. Celebrities and media representatives from the entire region responded to the invitation to hand in the statues, designed by Karim Rashid, to award winners of Hello! Person of the Year. During the year 2015 “Hello!” readers and associates honoured twenty five individuals and organizations engaged in social-benefit work in Serbia and the region. This evening, devoted to humanity and stars, was opened by Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojković, whereas the programme hosts were Ana Sofrenović and Slobodan Stefanović. During the solemn award ceremony, there were many touching and inspirational speeches, whereas everyone present could meet the people who had performed golden deeds. The programme started with a performance by the Serbian – Jewish Choral Society, and the music breaks were filled with music performed by “The Frajle”, Tijana Dapčević and the ruling Miss Serbia, Katarina Šulkić. The award ceremony was followed by a cocktail, where the guests were entertained by disco rhythms played by DJ Fanatik, and drinks provided by “Piper – Heidsieck” champagne, “Strongbow” cider, “Gorki list”, “Voda Voda”, and “Cockta”. This year again, the red carpet drew special attention from the event attendees and the media. The stars carefully selected models they would wear for “Hello! Awards”, among them Nataša Bekvalac, Emina Jahović Sandal, Jelena Tomašević, Seka Aleksić, Melina and Haris Džinović, Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Nevena Božović, Snežana Dakić, Suzana Perić, Aleksandar Radojičić, Vlado Georgijev, Milan Gromilić, Dona Ares, Nikolina Pišek, Duška Jovanić, Suzana Mančić, Nevena Madžarević, Aleksandar “Tropico”, Verica Rakočević, Frano Lasić, Tamara Grujić, Lena Bogdanović, Princess Jelisaveta Karađorđević, Kaliopi, Danijel Kajmakoski, Nada Obrić, Duška Vučinić, and many others. General patron of “Hello! Awards” is UNIQA insurance, the company which is a socially responsible member of the community, and which so far has supported dozens of humanitarian projects and has provided help for numerous institutions.The winners of “Hello! Awards 2015” are:

– The Foundation “Magnet za ljubav”

– The Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica

– Vlado Georgijev, a singer

– Colonel Igor Avdić, “Vojni lekar na selu”

– Mirjana Sokolović, a social worker

– Yossi Levi, the Israeli Ambassador to Serbia

– Donna Ares, a singer

– Michel Saint Lot, the UNICEF Representative to Serbia

– Martina Anđelković, “Nahrani psa”

–  “The Frajle”, a music group

– Nenad Pagonis, a sportsman

– Anastas Skakoski, a volunteer

– Tamara Kojić and Tara Zečević, “Kilometar kose”

– dr Zoran Jokić, a humanist

– Miodrag Jurković, a humanist

– Narinder Chauhan, the Indian Ambassador to Serbia

– Nadica Blažić, “Plava školjka”

– Velimir Mladenović, “Kulturno nasleđe grada Smedereva”

– The Serbian – Jewish Choral Society, “Da se nikad ne zaboravi,

Holokaust, da se nikad ne ponovi – muzikom pišemo sećanja”

– Jelena Milentijević, “Darujmo kosu, darujmo snagu”

– Natalija Dabić and Nebojša Petrović, The Association “Zvončica”

– Nataša Kovačević, a sportswoman

– Zoran Arbutina, The Home for Mentally Challenged Children and Youth, Veternik

– Branko Stanković, “Kvadratura kruga”

– Gordan Paunović, a volunteer


December, 10th 2015

#Zdravljeufokusu2015 Serbia at the very bottom in Europe in terms of the number of donors

The conference entitled “Zdravlje u fokusu” (“Health in Focus”), organized by “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine (“Beauty and Health”), was held on December, 9th in Belgrade’s hotel “Hyatt Regency”, in cooperation with “Acibadem Hospitals Group” and the “Hemofarm Foundation”. It raised many questions concerning organ donations, transplantation and in- vitro fertilization. The conference was opened by Turkish Ambassador Mehmet Kemal Bozay, and afterwards, Vera Dražić, Secretary for Health of the City of Belgrade, and Marina Marić, executive editor of “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine addressed the audience.

Prof. dr Sci Med Ülkem Çakır, director of the Nephrology Department at Acibadem University, presented more issues about kidney transplantations from female donors as performed in Turkey, in the form of a case study. Ülkem Çakır: “Every day the number of patients requiring dialysis and kidney transplantation gets higher, and that makes a huge problem.

Transplantation is the best method for patients suffering from kidney issues. In Turkey, kidney transplantation has been increased after the year 2000 because the experts and the state have become very interested in this subject. Owing to support provided by the Ministry of Health, the number of transplantations has been raised, and over the last five years, it reached 3000. Why transplantation? Because it is the most efficient method, it gives better effects, and because it is more favourable than other procedures and methods. Over a course of time, dialysis does not give good results for the patients, because kidneys remain damaged, whereas with transplantation a better quality of life is enabled.”

Organ donation was the topic on the first panel, entitled: “Extend life with all your heart: How to get more donors”, and including dr Sci Med Nenad Milojičić, director of Biomedicine Bureau, Sanda Savić, on behalf of the “Hemofarm Foundation”, and Sandra Stojanović, member of the association “Sve za osmeh” (“All for a smile”), who is a patient with a transplanted kidney, and who shared her experiences with the audience. Sanda Savić, director of corporative issues and communications in “Hemofarm”, said: “After more than two decades since it had been founded, the “Hemofarm Foundation” decided, WITH ALL ITS HEART”, as the Ministry of Health’s partner, to support the campaign of organ donation. Unfortunately, Serbia is at the European bottom in terms of the number of donors. It does not mean we are not human. It just means that as a society we do not have sufficient awareness, or education, to perceive that donation is the highest expression of being human. We wish to position this topic on the top of social importance in public. It is not easy, taking into account that the only arguments we have are appeals for conscience and empathy. It is even harder, because this is a process which will last for years. Therefore it is important that conferences such as this one, or “ProFemina”, partly devote time and attention to this important subject. It is not a matter of statistics, number of donor cards being signed, it is a matter of saving and extending lives”. The panel “It is not all the same when babies are coming” launched many issues concerning in-vitro fertilization in Serbia, and the support that the state, experts and surroundings should give to future parents, as well as preventative medical examinations. The last panel, entitled “What does health tourism offer?” focused on spa tourism in Serbia, but also on Serbia’s potential, which, together with experts, Serbia possesses, but does not use sufficiently. The conference once again raised the issue of importance of prevention and preventative examinations for young people, which is a taboo topic not discussed publicly. Furthermore, it was pointed out how significant are the media when it comes to educating citizens. The “Hemofarm Foundation” a few days ago visited “Color Press Group”, whose employees signed the donor cards. The same opportunity was left to those attending the conference. General patron of the event “Acibadem Hospitals Group” is a leading medical center in Turkey which offers to our citizens the possibility to be treated abroad, whereas its partners are the the “Hemofarm Foundation”, “Nectar” and “Turkish Airlines”, which has been proclaimed the best European airline company for the fifth year in a row. Big regional conference “ProFemina 2016”, scheduled for April next year, will consider these and other important health-related topics.


December, 9th 2015

Sweet roulades for the end of the year: MAXI Housewife of December is Valentina Đorđević

Novi Sad’s restaurant “Fontana” this weekend hosted this year’s last “MAXI Housewife of the Month” event. This time the topic was – sweet roulades, and the housewives did their best to design numerous delicious desserts with nice creams and festive decorations. The jury was comprised of members of the band “Exploziv”, Milana Kadrić, RTV ”Vojvodina”, and a young actor, Dušan Stojanović. After degustation of amazing desserts, the jury brought a decision to reward Zlata Stojanović with the third prize, the book “Jamie Oliver 15-minute meals”, granted by “Vulkan” publishing house; the second prize, a present by “Jolly tours” travel agency, 7-day accommodation at the villa “Jana”, Kopaonik Mountains, for two people, was granted to Smilja Telečki; whereas the first prize, a MAXI voucher amounting to 10.000 dinars, as well as the title “MAXI Housewife of the Month of December” went to the hands of Valentina Đorđević, whose recipe can be found in “Pošalji recept” magazine, the issue which will hit the newsstands on December, 15th. After the degustation and award ceremony, sweet roulades were distributed to the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica. If so far you have not joined our humanitarian project, the right time to do it is after the holiday break! The February topic will be – salty strudels.

December, 7th 2015

Holidays have begun at IMMO Outlet Centre

This year, Santa Claus first knocked on the doors of IMMO Outlet Centre. During the shopping weekend held at IMMO Outlet Centre, all visitors were treated to a joyful festivity ambience. In addition to holiday discounts, the favourite beard-man also came to IMMO. There was a big red armchair waiting for him, situated alongside the cottage surrounded by snow. During two days, all visitors had a chance to take photographs with Santa Claus in his corner, whereas the youngsters cheerfully answered the age-old question if they were behaving well throughout the past year. The youngest visitors enjoyed the show about Katica Prljavica and her holiday adventures. Together with well-known actors Tanja Petrović, Marija Veljković and Peđa Filipović, on stage there was also a magical Christmas tree, and Santa Clause, who after the performance stayed to hear holiday wishes by his audience. A photo contest was opened, and it is scheduled to last as long at the festivity magic lasts. Everyone who publishes their photograph, taken at the holiday corner, and adds a hashtag #IMMOHOHOHO can take part in the competition. The author of the most creative photograph can look forward to spending a weekend at Kopaonik Mountain this winter. IMMO Outlet Centre was transformed into a magical place for the best holiday shopping!


December, 3rd 2015

Designers Christmas Trees also opened at the shopping mall “Westgate” in Croatia

Last night the shopping mall “Westgate” brought the real Christmas atmosphere. For the first time in nearly ten years, a local version of “Grazia” magazine, best-selling fashion magazine in Croatia, in collaboration with some of the most famous names from the field of Croatian fashion design, organized the project entitled “Designer Christmas Trees”.

This implies a festivity event gathering ten Croatian designers to create their Christmas trees, and decorate them in harmony with their work aesthetics. The trees were laid in the “Westgate” shopping mall’s hall, and will remain exhibited until January, 6th 2016.

As “Grazia” organizes activities involving a humanitarian note, this project “Designer Christmas Trees” has humanitarian character as well. All big Croatian companies are invited to auction for unique Christmas trees, whereas the entire income will be donated to associations the designers choose. Below is the list of designers taking part in the project, and associations waiting for donations by big Croatian companies.

Ivan Alduk ‒ Association “Šapa u srcu”, Gospić
TWINS by Begović & Štimac ‒ Association Lunjo, Zagreb
Sonja Lamut ‒ Association “Bubamara” (for helping people with special needs), Vinkovci
Sovilj ‒ Sport associations of handicapped students “Senzacija”, Zagreb
Lei Lou by Aleksandra Dojčinović ‒ SOS children’s village Croatia
Lokomotiva ‒ Home for children and youth “Ivan Goran Kovačić”, Zagreb
Klisab ‒ Association “Krijesnica”, Zagreb
Etna Maar ‒ Association “Zvono”, Belišće
Ana Marija Ricov ‒ Association “Prijatelji životinja”, Zagreb
Krie Design ‒ “Crveni nosevi”, Zagreb

December, 2nd 2015

#MercatorDesignersChristmasTrees in Novi Sad as of today

As of today, all visitors of the “Mercator Centre” in Novi Sad, will be able to see the exhibition of designer-made Christmas trees, entitled “Designers Christmas Trees”. The exhibition is organized by “Hello!” magazine, in collaboration with Serbia Fashion Week. Gorgeous trees decorated by well-known international and Serbian designers, will decorate the “Mercator Centre” until January, 15th and all those who are interested, will also be able to buy them. The entire income from the sale will be directed towards humanitarian projects. Designers who made it possible for Novi Sad to glow with a festivity note include: Mladen Milivojević Baron, Marija Šabić, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada from Spain, and many others, and all visitors of the “Mercator Centre” will witness how gracious the trees are. The exhibition “Designers Christmas Trees” is a great opportunity for the visitors to take photographs beside the tree that they like the most, but also to bring joy to someone by buying them a New Year card.

December, 1st 2015

#MercatorDesignersChristmasTrees: Humanitarian exhibition of designer-made Christmas trees opened in Belgrade’s “Mercator Centre”

The exhibition entitled “Designers Christmas Trees”, organized by “Hello!” magazine and Serbia Fashion Week, was opened in the “Mercator Centre” in New Belgrade. Within the exhibition, well-known designers exhibited their hand-made Christmas trees with characteristic motifs.
All trees will be exhibited until January, 15th whereas socially responsible individuals and companies can make direct donations to institutions of their choice, by buying one of the trees.
During the exhibition, the visitors will be able to get familiar with the designers, and take photographs beside the trees. Several popular designers have already presented their works at the exhibition opening in Belgrade’s “Mercator Centre”, thus announcing the programme the visitors can expect in the upcoming two weeks.

The exhibition is also going to be opened in Novi Sad’s “Mercator Centre”, as of Tuesday, December, 2nd from noon.

December, 1st 2015

Over one hundred babies participated at “Nivea Baby Puzijada 2015”

On the last day of November, the sixteenth “Puzijada” was held in Belgrade, organized by magazine “Mama & Beba” and general patron of the event, “Nivea Baby”. Over one hundred babies, accompanied by their parents, gathered at the shopping centre “Delta City” in New Belgrade. The babies, separated in two groups, aged up until ten months and older, competed in crawling. The fastest baby in the group, who crawled along the “Nivea Baby” crawling-lane from one parent to the other, i.e. from start to finish, entered the selection for the best overall time. All crawling styles were allowed, as well as all kinds of calling to attract the baby. In a younger group, until nine months of age, the fastest baby was Mihajlo Trkulja, who reached the finish line in 11 seconds, whereas he was followed by Mihajlo Lakičević on the second place, and Aleksa Cvijović who came the third. This, sixteenth “Puzijada” brought about the record holder of all “Puzijada” events in an older group, aged over nine months – Ognjen Mladenović, who crawled along the entire lane in just 3 seconds. Marija Grujić followed on the second place, whereas the third was Vuk Kostić. The winners, as well as all participants, received valuable goody bags filled with “Nivea Baby” products, and parents enjoyed as much as their children, supporting and entertaining them with various items. Older brothers and sisters played in the “Nivea” kids’ corner, which on this occasion was specially designed for them. The next “Puzijada” will be held in spring, and everyone is already looking forward to the new sweetest race in the town!


November, 30th 2015

Flavours and traditions of the Mediterranean: “Greek Days” in the Stadion Shopping Mall

From 27th until 29th of November, Stadion Shopping Mall hosted the event entitled “Greek Days”. During this 3-day event, the visitors enjoyed animations, Greek music, specialties and entertainment programme. On behalf of “Color Press Group” Vanja Kovačev opened the event, whereas Sofia Tzamiha, chief of the commercial sector of the Greek Embassy, Sofia Lazaridou, managing director of the Tourist Organization of Greece, and Vasilis Kakagiotis, on behalf of the Hellenic economy association in Serbia also addressed the audience. After the opening, the visitors were greeted by students of the Neohellenic studies from Belgrade’s Faculty of Philology, who performed Greek dances wearing traditional national costumes. “Greek Days” cannot go without Greek national instrument, the bouzouki. Branko Kamenković together with his band gave an excellent performance, which delighted all fans of Greek music.

The youngest visitors enjoyed creative language workshops, organized by the Hellenic culture foundation, face painting, and honey buns decoration. A great number of Stadion Shopping Mall visitors, during all three days that the event lasted, visited promo booths by popular tourist agencies, such as “Kon Tiki Travel”, ”Big Blue” and “Belvi Travel”, where they could learn useful information about the most beautiful travel destinations in Greece. “Roda Market” provided for all visitors a degustation of Greek cheese, olives and pastry, as well as a 30 % discount for buying Greek products and wine. All cooking fans received a culinary magazine “Jamie Oliver” as a gift. On the occasion of “Greek Days” a well-known master chef from the Mezestoran Dvorište –Mediterranean Greek restaurant, presented a food show ahead of the students from New Belgrade’s High School for Tourism, and if you are interested in little secrets by the Greek cuisine revealed during this show, you can search for the video on YouTube.

Dinamika & DJ Ekspres with their performance presented an interesting fusion between classical and traditional Greek music. During the event, the Greek Embassy to Belgrade and Tourist Organization of Greece organized a promotional activity entitled “Christmas in Athens” on Facebook and Twitter pages belonging to the Greek Embassy. If you answer the question which is your favourite destination in Greece, and which other Greek destination you would like to visit, you are automatically a participant in this promotional activity. At the end of the last day of this socializing event, in the spirit of Greek tradition and customs, the name of the winner was announced. A four-day stay in Athens for two people is won by Olivera Milojković. The company “Aegean Airlines” rewarded with gift vouchers for plane ticket the winner and one more lucky visitor of “Greek Days” in Stadion Shopping Mall.

November, 20th 2015

Norwegian Embassy opens a new season of CPG & Metro cooking classes

CPG & Metro cooking classes from this season started another cycle, entitled “Diplomatic Edition”, within which foreign embassies located in Belgrade are going to present their specialties. Gorgeous ambience at “Metro Horeca Centre” hosted the first presenter – Norwegian Embassy, which had the honour to be the first to present its gastronomy allure, whereas main activists were the Ambassador Arne Sanes Bjornstad with his family, Embassy employees, as well as representatives of Norwegian companies in Serbia, together with Uroš Urošević, chef of the “Horeca Centre”, and Dejan Maksimović, chef at the Norwegian Embassy.

The topic of the event was “Christmas meals in Norway”, whereas the menu included the inevitable salmon in combination with omelette and shallots, which irresistibly resembles Serbian omelette with onions, then as a main dish pork ribs with stir-fried cabbage and potatoes, a fantastic combination of salty and sweet characteristic, and at the end, a dessert – sweet rice cooked in a typically Norwegian manner. Interestingly enough, for Christmas it is common to place an almond inside these rice desserts, and whoever finds it in his or her portion is believed to be lucky throughout the entire year. In Serbia, this custom corresponds to finding a coin in the “česnica” bread, which indicates that to some degree traditions do intertwine.

This wonderful gathering was, as usually, followed by consuming top class wines provided by the winery Tikveš”. All participants had the chance to enjoy the red wine “Vranec”, white wine “Muscat Ottonel”, and rose wine “Alexandria Couve”, which ideally combine with specialties offered at the presentation. To sum up, the conclusion is that this Nordic beauty, alongside spectacular mountains and fjords, is recognizable for very delicious food as well!

November, 19th 2015

Night of design and architecture #GorenjeBCDA

“Jugoslovenska kinoteka” hosted the second award ceremony to grant “Brava Casa Design Awards”, which was organized by “Brava Casa” magazine. Following the launch of the print version of the magazine, Internet portal and specialized editions – since last year “Brava Casa”, in collaboration with the “Gorenje” company organizes “Gorenje Brava Casa Design Awards” – awards for best interior design. The statue designed by a young Serbian architect Aleksandar Popović was granted to winners in five categories for best design, whereas the jury was comprised of distinguished experts – Nenad Šekularac, PhD, extraordinary professor at the Department for architectural technologies, Aleksandar Šavikin, Studio “Šavikin”, Dragana Stevanović and Oliver Stanković, Studio “S”, Nevena Pivić, Tijana Vitomir, Vanja Otašević and Zorana Vasić, Studio “Fluid”, Aleksandar Osei – Lartey, Studio “Synthesis Quatro”, Andreja Buđevac, “Arhitektura Buđevac,” Aleksandar Popović, designer of the statue “Brava Casa Design Awards”, and Goran Sorak on behalf of the company “Gorenje”, Belgrade. Prestigious awards were granted in the following categories:

– Biljana Pujo, Studio “Pujo”, an apartment up to 45 metres square

– Špela Modic, Studio “Prostorama”, an apartment between 40 and 100 metres square

– Marjetka Lužovec Hrvatin and Mateja Lužovec, studio “Detajl in celota”, an apartment over

100 metres square

– Studio BRIGADA, business premises

– “Terminal gastro bar”, authors of interior design: A4 Studio, HORECA interior, i.e. interior

of catering facilities – hotels, restaurants or cafes

After the official portion of the programme, guests from around the entire SEE region, celebrities, nominees and prize winners, relished the cocktails by “G3 spirits”, sweets by “Tintolino Family”, and salty bites by “Terminal gastro bar”. Each winner and all guests present at the event received goodybags by the “Gorenje” company.


November, 18th 2015

#Foodisgreat – Subotica presented local specialties and beauties of its region

Beautiful ambience of the Salaš “Jelen” at Palić hosted another event entitled “Food is great”, organized by “Color Press Group” in collaboration with British Embassy in Serbia, and including a panel discussion and food degustation. Following the events organized in towns of Zaječar and Sjenica, local specialties from the Subotica region were presented, together with characteristic beauties and customs. Furthermore, local restaurateurs, journalists, and celebrities, enjoyed the opportunity to degustate specialties by British cuisine, and learn more about British customs. Before the panel discussion, a young actor from Subotica’s National Theatre Miloš Stanković addressed the audience, and recited verses by Shakespeare, both in English and in Serbian. After this pleasant surprise, the panel discussion was held, including: HE Denis Keefe, British Ambassador to Serbia, Aleksandar Pavlović, chef at the British Ambassador Residence in Belgrade, a TV hostess and writer Suzana Mančić, managing director of the Tourist Organization of Subotica Ivana Anđelković, and Jelenko Vukičević on behalf of the Salaš “Jelen”. Upon completion of the panel discussion and food degustation, the guests remained to enjoy ethno ambience and scent of home at the Salaš “Jelen”, only one kilometre away from Palić lake, surrounded by woods and plains. Delegation of the British Embassy, including the Ambassador, organizers and representatives of “Color Press Group”, visited the Home for mentally challenged children “Kolevka” in Subotica, and brought them the food specialties prepared for this occasion, symbolic gifts and a donation. Subotica will be remembered for excellent strudels, fish stew and wine, and within the project “Food is great”, by next April, two other Serbian towns will have been presented.


November, 16th 2015

Aleksandar Vučić will be a guest speaker at the conference “The Economist: The World in 2016” scheduled for December, 17th in Belgrade

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has confirmed that he will participate at the conference “The Economist: The World in 2016”, scheduled for December, 17th at Belgrade’s hotel “Metropol”.

Other guest speakers who so far have confirmed their participation include:

Irena Vojáčková – Sollorano, UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia – UN’s First 70

Michel Saint – Lot, UNICEF Representative

Freek Janmaat, EU Delegation to Serbia

Hans Friedrich Schodder, Head of the UNHCR Delegation to Serbia

Maja Gojković, Speaker of the Serbian National Assembly

Ivica Dačić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Serbian Government

Zorana Mihajlović, Deputy Prime Minister in the Serbian Government

Aleksandar Vulin, Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy in the Serbian Government

H.E. Axel Dittmann, German Ambassador to Belgrade

H.E. Hendrik G.C. van den Dool, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Belgrade

Christine Moro, French Ambassador to Belgrade

Gordan Markotić, Croatian Ambassador to Belgrade

Vera Jovanovska – Tipko, Ambassador of FYRO Macedonia to Belgrade

Anthony le Roux, Uber, Executive Director for Eastern Europe

Laza Kekić, The Economist Intelligence Unit, London

Nebojša Katić, economic analyst, London

Srđan Šaper, I & F McCann Group

During the conference, the participants will join discussions throughout several panels:

1. Clandestino: What have we learnt from the migrant crisis

Participants: Minister Aleksandar Vulin, representatives of NGOs, Red Cross, UNICEF, Ambassadors of neighbouring countries (FYRO Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary…)

2. EU future of Serbia: Maja Gojković and Ambassadors of EU countries

3. Kosovo 2016: Expectations and challenges

Participants: representatives of NGOs and media from Priština, Kosovska Mitrovica, Gračanica and Belgrade

4. Brain Drain: Young professionals who returned to Serbia and those who do not want to return share their experiences

5. Energy perspectives of the South East Europe region: What will the year 2016 bring – Regional leaders from the energy sector

Programme details and instructions how to apply are available at the following URL:


November, 11th 2015

#Foodisgreat – Sjenica presented beautiful nature and delicious food

Within the project “Food is great”, organized by “Color Press Group” and British Embassy to promote local and British specialties around Serbia, the British Ambassador, journalists and celebrities visited the town of Sjenica. On the first day, at the “Borovi” restaurant within the complex that bears the same name, and which hosted the guests, a panel discussion was held, including food degustation. The programme was opened by a greeting speech of Sjenica’s mayor Hazbo Mujović.

Denis Keefe, British Ambassador to Serbia, followed with his speech. After a promotional video about Sjenica, a panel was organized, including: singer and actor Frano Lasić, local housewife Barhija Zekić, actor and writer Žarko Jokanović, chef of the “Borovi” restaurant Besim Stupljanin, and the British Ambassador Denis Keefe. After the panel, specialties made by local home cooks and the chef from the British Embassy, were taken to the centre “Povetarac”, which hosts children and adults with special needs. On the second day, a visit to the ski centre “Žari” was conducted, including visit to a location that allows a spectacular view over Uvac natural reservoir, and a ride across Sjenica lake, together with a visit to the Ice Cave. Several dozens of journalists, diplomats and celebrities will bear the fondest memories from a visit to Sjenica, and introduction to its culture and gastronomy.



November, 5th 2015

“Color Press Group” at the seminar “Museums and Communication”

On the third day of the seminar entitled “Museums and communication”, organized by National Committee of the International Council of Museums (NK ICOM Serbia), and held at Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection headquarters (SZPB), a round table gathered museologists, art historians, experts from the field of public relations in culture and other accompanying professions similar in kind to this sphere of social issues. The topic was “What media expect from museums”, and the largest Serbian magazine publisher was represented by Robert Čoban on behalf of “Color Press Group”, together with editors-in-chief Lidija Ćulibrk (“Lepota i zdravlje“ magazine) and Žikica Milošević (“Nova energija“ internet portal). Greeting the audience and other interested parties, managing director of SZPB (which, together with Matica Srpska Gallery GMS, Belgrade’s Artis Centar, and CPG supported organization of the event), Jasna Jovanov, PhD, emphasized that she hoped that through this king of gathering, a new era in museum-related segment of the country would begin. She added that the seminar “Museums and communication” was likely one of modalities through which we might finally achieve having the museums as we would like them to be. Tamara Ognjević, as a very skilful moderator, pointed out that CPG found good, creative and original ways in terms of cooperation between this publishing house’s print and electronic publications with many institutions and culture-related bureaux in Serbia. “Starting from an idea that culture-related topics should be presented to a wider audience and population larger than mere 1% of overall number of inhabitants (according to the Bureau of Culture this percentage corresponds to participation of people interested in culture and its “products” in Serbia), in CPG we have launched several projects which faced huge turnout and were warmly greeted by the audience. In these projects we have collaborated with SZPB, GMS, Šid’s Gallery of Sava Šumanović’s paintings, and Sombor’s Gallery of Milan Konjović’s works. Taking this into account, at the Home of Serbian Army in Belgrade, in cooperation with SZPB, we exhibited “Velika Iza”, a masterpiece by Vlaho Bukovac. In joint projects with Šid’s Gallery of Sava Šumanović’s paintings, and Sombor’s Gallery of Milan Konjović’s works, and our magazine “Lepota i zdravlje”, we have conducted the projects “One painter, 10 photographers, 20 works or art”, which, as the title suggests, should have put, and I might say I believe they have put great names of Serbian painting Sava Šumanović and Milan Konjović into a new context, as seen through cameras by well-known Serbian photographers and photojournalists, who used the works of these important figures in our culture to create new works in modern settings”, said CPG CEO.

Accentuating that within CPG scope of activities also featured is organization of conferences and so-called events, i.e. happenings that bear social significance, he said that the company had become one of the regional leaders in this field, including collaboration with institutions of culture. “One of these events, entitled “Book Talk” was held in GMS and SZPB!”, said Robert Čoban. Editor-in-chief of “Lepota i zdravlje“ magazine Lidija Ćulibrk emphasized, as an example of positive campaign, the magazine editorial devoted to fresco painting, which was, through fashion, conducted together with Tamara Ognjević, MA, and Belgrade’s National Museum. Furthermore, editor of the internet portal “Nova energija” Žikica Milošević pointed out that without questioning and following modern circuits how to launch art production and cultural heritage, every battle with “schund” sub-culture patterns is lost even before it begins, which also means that elitism should not be introduced in institutions of culture if thus attracting new audience is harmed. Participants of the seminar agreed that museums and pinacothecas, being an ever-flowing source of narratives, must modernize their approach towards media as mediators, and followers of their work, but also towards audience who would thus visit these institutions on a regular basis, seeing in them more than just spectacular sculptures and grand architectural sites. This would mean regarding them as active agents in a society, owing to programmes and exhibitions held there.


November, 5th 2015

“The Frajle” promoted their new album: “Color Press Group” is a media patron of concerts in Belgrade and Novi Sad, with a humanitarian note

The second part about love since yesterday has been in front of “The Frajle” fans. With their album “B strana ljubavi”, produced by PGP RTS, “The Frajle” band again made a step forward, brining new sounds, songs sung in Spanish and French, and collaboration with Ante Gelo, Alka Vujica, Goran Karan and Magnifico. Vojislav Aralica once again was the producer. “The past year has been a very interesting one, filled with travels, love, meeting new people. You never know where inspiration might hit you. It hit us in all those places, we took the best from it and included it in every song. This is wonderful, because through our songs we share all those moments with the audience. We are glad that this story had achieved another good – humanitarian side, the brave and incredible Nataša Kovačević”, “The Frajle” accentuated. “B strana ljubavi” is going to be available for sale at “Lilly” drug stores, whereas the promotion featured presentation of the fifth “The Frajle” member, a basketball player Nataša Kovačević and partners, who are together with these four charming ladies in a new humanitarian role, including “Lilly” drug stores, “Coca Cola”, “Color Press Group” and “Naxi” radio station. Every compact disc sold will bring 150 dinars to the Nataša Kovačević Foundation. On the behalf of “Color Press Group”, the audience was greeted by Milica Đokić, director of corporative communications: “In our publications, we have always been ready to include all those who are willing to give away a part of their profit to aid those in need, solve a problem, or stimulate positive issues, in this case, women’s sports. With our projects and CSR activities we are making effort to justify the trust our readers have in us.” The concerts scheduled for December, 3rd in Belgrade, and December, 6th in Novi Sad, will bear a humanitarian note. Every ticket sold will bring 200 dinars to the Nataša Kovačević Foundation. The album “B strana ljubavi” is diverse, and the fans will be able to start with the song “Menjam dane”, then move to “Imala je lijepu rupicu na bradi” and “Vo kosi da ti spijam” by Toše Proeski, and reach completely different sounds in “Tajna“, “Luda za tobom”, “Sarajevo“, and ballads “Zašto ljubav mora da se krije“ and “Moli me, moli“. A unique song entitled “Nevolja“ will be a true magnet for the audience, whereas the cherry on the cake are the songs “Štiklice” (“Tacones”) with lyrics in Spanish, and “Je suis folle de toi“, intended for guitar fans, and performed in collaboration with Stochel Rosenberg. Creative team including Sever Zolak, a photographer, and designer Nikola Vučićević, made the album visually recognizable. Yet again, style is in charge of Srđan Šveljo, a stylist, and Norbert Horvat, a magician for hairdo. ”B strana ljubavi” is available for sale as of today, in “Lilly” drug stores in Belgrade, and from November, 14th in other towns and cities throughout Serbia.


November, 4th 2015

Number of visits to “Color Press Group” internet portals increased by 8 % in October!

According to data by Google Analytics, almost all “Color Press Group” internet portals ( registered rise in number of visits throughout October. Overall rise is 7.92 %.

In total, in comparison with the previous month, the increase was for almost half a million, whereas the number of page views increased for approximately 2 million!

The internet portal registered its all-time record, with over 3 million page views and 817.000 visits.

The internet portal also registered its all-time record, with over 300 thousand visits.

In addition, the internet portal reached its record-breaking level of 4.5 million visits, whilst the portals and are also on the rise.


November, 2th 2015

“Color Press Group” at the first Media Market within the Book Fair

The Belgrade Book Fair every year gathers 150.000 visitors. Within the Book Fair, from October, 28th until November, 1st for the first time Media Market was organized, gathering the largest media houses, publishers, marketing agencies… At the “Color Press Group” book stand, in Hall 3 of The Belgrade Fair, each day an editor of one CPG magazine was socializing with readers, together with their guests: fashion designers and stylists, YouTube stars, writers, nutritionists, doctors, and many others. Each day, at the CPG book stand one Serbian winery was presented, whereas at 3pm every day a cocktail with light food was served. On the first day of Media Market at the “Color Press Group” book stand, a large number of teenagers appeared, because the magazines BRAVO and SCREENFUN were promoted. Editor-in-Chief Vladimir Gošić socialized with readers and responded to their questions. The second day of Media Market was marked by promoting a new publication within “Color Press Group”, intended for photography fans. The magazine in question is “Digital Camera”, the leader among photography magazines around the world. Editor of this publication Saša Mihajilović socialized with best photographers and experts in the photography field, Nemanja Sekulić and Đorđe Arambašić, as well as with visitors. On the third day of Media Market within the Book Fair, the “Color Press Group” stand welcomed media professionals, editors, PR experts, as well as loyal readers of JOY magazine, who socialized with the editorial team, stylists and fashion designers. Hostess of this gathering was Olivera Krajnović, editor of JOY magazine. Olivera’s guests were Srđan Šveljo, fashion editor and stylist, and our well-known fashion designer Bata Spasojević. The three of them were eager to socialize with JOY’s loyal readers, and visitors of the Media Fair. During the third day, “Color Press Group” organized two panels in the conference hall, entitled: “CHANGE OR DIE: Strategies used by the Serbian media in order to survive” and “WHAT DO WE MISS AND WHY WE DO NOT HAVE IT: Media and PR agencies on their relations to media”. Participants of the first panel were: Ratko Dmitrović, “Novosti”; Dragan J. Vučićević, “Informer”; Stevan Ristić, “Vreme”; Pavle Savović, “Telegraf”; Veljko Lalić, “Nedeljnik”, whereas the moderator was Marina Kosanović. Participants of the second panel were: Dina Janevski, “Telenor”; Marija Matić, “Direct Media”; Đorđe Odavić, “Ruskin & Hunt”; Vladan Anđelković, “New Media Ideas”; Aleksandra Radujko, “New Media Team”. Moderator: Marina Kosanović. Presentation of “Lepota i Zdravlje” magazine (“Beauty and Health”) at the “Color Press Group” book stand on the fourth Media Market day, gathered a large number of female visitors, who read this magazine, and are ladies who practice a healthy lifestyle. Visitors of the book stand had the opportunity to talk to editors Lidija Ćulibrk and Jasmina Ubiparip, as well as to practice yoga with Marijana Rodić, a certified yoga instructor, Yoga Association of Serbia, get nutrition advice from a nutritionist Đorđe Pejić, Center dr Gifing, get advice about skincare and body care from Mr sci. med dr Violeta Skorobać Ašanin, who is a specialist in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, Specialized clinic “Diona”, and talk to Marko Braković, a psychotherapist and author of the novels “Facebook predator” and “Tablet”. Within the Media Fair, and after the promotion of “Lepota i Zdravlje” magazine, at the “Color Press Group” book stand, Jelena Bačić Alimpić signed her new book “Noć kada su otišli svatovi” (“The night when wedding guests left”) for the first time. On the last day of the Media Fair, organized within the Book Fair, visitors of the “Color Press Group” book stand had the opportunity to socialize with Mirjana Pantoš, editor of romance editions, i.e. love stories: “Moja tajna” (“My Secret”) and “Moja sudbina” (“My Destiny”). Author of love stories Rajko Dvizac, together with Mirjana, socialized with visitors. Many celebrities and colleagues from other media also visited the “Color Press Group” stand, including: Dragoljub Žarković, Editor-in-Chief of “Vreme” weekly, which has just celebrated the twenty-fifth birthday, Slobodan Georgijev from BIRN, Gordan Markotić, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Belgrade, and many others…


October, 15th 2015

Real Life of Teenagers Online #TeenTalk2015

The conference TeenTalk2015 held at Belgrade’s Youth Center (Dom many teenagers, participants, students and their lecturers. BRAVO magazine, which organized the conference in collaboration with the company Telenor, for the third year in a row, through interesting panels and discussions, raised important questions surrounding teenage life. The conference was officially opened by Vanja Udovičić, Minister of Youth and Sports, who was greeted by delighted audience. Young stars from YouTube channels and gamers presented themselves to their peers, and everyone in the audience had the opportunity to learn more about fun clubs in Serbia. The subjects covered at the conference TeenTalk2015 will be for a long period retold by the youths which gathered in a crowded «Americana» hall. Participants, experts and celebrities tried to provide them advice about how to choose future job vocation, and answer their questions about bulimia, anorexia and sexual education. Short refreshment and lunch breaks included drinks provided by «Coca – Cola» and meals provided by «McDonald’s». «Ljubičice», a brass band from Pančevo, presented their piece of minimalist music genre, unique in Serbia. The movie about them was broadcast on the 19th of October on Telenor YouTube channel  and forms part of the series of movies #mladiheroji, which brings the stories regarding enormous energy, optimism and modesty of young people who achieved great success, and who are supported by «Telenor» through its pre-paid campaigns. Through two panels, the topic that attracted much attention, bullying among peers, sent a clear message that all forms of violence should be condemned, and that violence should be reported. During the last panel, a «Facebook» application “Biraj reči, hejt spreči” was promoted. This application is somewhat of a SOS service to report online violence. Conclusion of the conference is that, just the same as in real life, there is no simple solution for the young people to meet new people and socialize on the Internet, and that there is no pre-made solution how to be protected from bullying. What all of us can do together is to make continuous effort to educate the young, and others, how to use modern technologies for their own sake. Digital media offer plenty of possibilities for the young in Serbia today. Online world only represents a new, digital appearance of «off-line» world with the same set of rules and system of values. Among celebrities who took part in the conference, socializing with the young, and offering support in terms of education of teenagers, there were Sara Jovanović, Nevena Božović, Jovana Gligorijević, Aleksandar Radojčić, Tatjana Vojtehovski, Darko Ivić and Stevan Filipović .


October, 15th 2015

Women’s issue discussed in Podgorica – “Platinum Beauty ProFemina 2015” was held

The first regional conference entitled “Platinum Beauty ProFemina 2015”, held at Podgorica’s hotel “Ramada” attracted much attention from Montenegrin audience and media. Organized by the Montenegrin magazine “Ljepota & Zdravlje”, it featured one case study and five panels concerning the subject “Women’s issue in focus”. The conference was opened by Lidija Ćulibrk, Editor-in-Chief of “Lepota & Zdravlje” magazine, and Vesna Čađenović, Editor-in- Chief of its Montenegrin version, “Ljepota & Zdravlje” magazine. The first panel, entitled “Prevention leads to health”, focused on prevention and battle against breast cancer. Jasmina Gajić, a specialist for corporative communications for Serbia and Montenegro in the “Avon” company, presented the following data: “The Ministry of Health informs that we are not holding the first position in Europe in terms of people coming down with this mortal disease, but we do hold the first position when it comes to mortality caused by it. I believe that the situation in Montenegro, region and throughout the Balkans is the same”. The case study on non-invasive surgery performed at an exclusive salon “Platinum Beauty” followed, and then followed the second panel, which brought the discussion entitled “To what extent do prejudices influence our lives?”. “Montenegrin society is patriarchal, and therefore prejudices are present to a large extent in almost all life spheres”, said the director of the “Women’s shelter” Ljiljana Raičević. During the third panel, “To stay or to leave?”, the discussion was focusing on the timeless dilemma, whether to leave one’s homeland because of job opportunities, studies and professional development. Then came the fourth panel, which raised the question “What do our children eat?”. Everyone in the audience was pleasantly surprised by an appearance of a guest speaker, a Belgrade’s journalist Irena Mišović, who gave an excellent introduction to the last panel discussion, entitled “How big a priority is the way we look”. The conference “Pro – Femina” has been successfully organized in Belgrade for the past three years, gathering a large number of successful business women, mothers and housewives, and now for the first time it was held in Montenegro. The conference launched the topics and issues which are in focus of every woman living in the region. The conference was supported by: “Platinum Beauty”, “Dama drogerija”, “Vila Natural Wood”, “Avon”, “Cosmetics market”, “Optika Optimum”, “Allegra krstarenja”, “Nescafe Dolce Gusto”, “Expo Commerce”, “Vijesti” and PRVA TV.


October, 15th 2015

“Color Press Group” present on the world’s biggest congress of magazine publishers in Toronto!

FIPP, International Federation of Periodical Publishers (, this year organized its big Congress in Canada’s city of Toronto. The Congress gathered over 600 delegates from six continents, including CEOs of the largest publishing houses on the planet: “Condé Nast”, “Hearst”, “Axel Springer”, “G + J”, “Bauer Media”, “Burda International”, “The Huffington Post”, “Mondadori”, “Egmont”, “Hola!” / “Hello!”, “Lagardere”, “Rodale”, “Time Inc.”, “Sanoma”, “The New York Times”, and others… “Color Press Group” is the only publisher from the Western Balkans region to take part in the conference. Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, spoke to numerous licensing partners on continuation and expanding of collaboration, and agreed on several new projects from the field of licensing and syndication, including print and digital segment alike, but also including event organizing, which prompted “Color Press Group” to become a regional leader, with over 50 conferences and other events throughout the year.


October, 13th 2015

Exclusive: The conference “The Economist: The World in 2016” brings “Über” to Belgrade!

Invited by “Color Press Group”, Anthony Le Roux, CEO of “Über” for Eastern Europe, will come to Belgrade in December to reveal details regarding regional plans of this alternative taxi company. The conference “The Economist: The World in 2016” will take place in Belgrade’s hotel “Metropol Palace” on December, 17th and will gather a large number of diplomats, politicians, economists and leading businessmen from Serbia and the region, but also including a few lecturers from other countries. “”Über” is surely enough coming to Croatia and Serbia, namely Zagreb and Belgrade, because our goal is to be everywhere where people need secure and cheap transportation”, confirmed a few weeks ago Anthony Le Roux, CEO of “Über” for Eastern Europe. “The decision when to introduce “Über” to the Serbian and Croatian market has not been made yet, we are searching for local solutions, because “Über” is trying to adjust its business model everywhere. On every market we are expecting to have some resistance, and due to this, we are carefully studying regulations before our arrival, but we do not think that markets in this region are more challenging than the others”, says Le Roux, adding: “”Über” is definitely a technological transportation platform, not a transportation company, because it does not possess vehicles”, Le Roux emphasized, pointing out that people working with the company are not employees, but entrepreneurs. “Über” is an interesting example of a new definition of work and employment. The technology has advanced from classical employment, by transforming the employees to entrepreneurs. Working hours schedule does create significant problems, but “Über” enables flexibility and opens new possibilities. Our associates averagely make more money than the competition, and that is what makes “Über” stand out”, claims Le Roux. Details concerning the programme of the conference: “The Economist: The World in 2016”, as well as instructions how to apply can be found at the following Web address:

October, 5th 2015

“Germany Days” held at the STADION Shopping Mall

At Voždovac’s shopping centre “Station”, between October 2nd and October 4th, an event entitled “Germany Days” was held. During three days, visitors enjoyed promotions, animations, workshops and entertainment programme. The event was opened, on the behalf of “Color Press Group”, by Vanja Kovačev, whereas Mrs Doris Danilović, coordinator of German – Serbian economy society, and Tijana Đuričić, PR of the Tourist organization of Germany – Regional branch in Belgrade, also addressed the audience. After the opening, the visitors enjoyed the performance by “Family Band”, a mini concert of German rock and pop music, while afterwards they relished “Weifert” beer and “Wurst” sausages. During these three days, members of the fairer sex flocked to visit NIVEA skincare consultation rooms, numerous visitors received information on language learning programmes organized by the school “Inlingua Galindo”, were presented attractive bank services by “ProCredit Bank” – the only bank in Serbia with 100% German capital, got introduced to the latest titles in magazines “Bravo” and “Joy”, and an interesting tourist offer for Germany, and enjoyed very delicious products by “Dr. Oetker”. The youngest visitors enjoyed creative language workshops provided by the language school “Inlingua Galindo”, face painting, preparation of honey cookies, degustation of “Ciobar” hot chocolate, small cakes, “Dr.Oetker” pizzas, etc. German fashion brands which have shops in the “Stadion” Shopping Mall, were presented at a fashion show, organized by a modelling association “Fashion”, whose models wore clothes by brands TAKKO FASHION, C&A, ORSAY and TOM TAILOR. String quartet “Manojlović” presented classical music composed by German composers, whereas the exhibition of photographs taken in German towns, and a collection of beer glasses, brought a touch of German tradition and customs to the “Stadion” Shopping Mall.


October, 3rd 2015

New semester of the CPG School of journalism has started

New generation of future journalists and editors at CPG today had its first class. Twelve attendees of the CPG School of journalism had their introductory lesson, by Mirjana Pantoš. Over the forthcoming three and a half months, students of this School will attend lectures by numerous colleagues from CPG, as well as journalists from other media houses. All details regarding the CPG School of journalism are available at the following Web Site:


October, 3rd 2015

Opening of the exhibition “MILAN KONJOVIĆ: One painter, 15 photographers, 30 works of art” in Sombor

One of the most beautiful towns in the Province of Vojvodina last night welcomed over two hundred fans of art and works by one of the greatest Serbian painters, Milan Konjović. Organized by “Color Press Group”, magazine “Lepota i zdravlje” (“Beauty and Health”), and Sombor’s Gallery “Milan Konjović”, the exhibition “MILAN KONJOVIĆ: One painter, 15 photographers, 30 works of art” was opened, and it will be on public display for the next two weeks. The aim of the project was to decentralize cultural events, and present items of culture around Serbia. Magazine “Lepota i zdravlje” started this project last year, when works by Sava Šumanović were presented in Šid, in collaboration with the Gallery “Sava Šumanović”. Last night in Sombor, fifteen modern photographers from Serbia were presented. They participated in the project by shooting modern photographs, as reminiscence of one of Konjović’s paintings exhibited in the gallery. The photographers who took part in the project, and presented themselves last night to the audience were: Vukica Mikača, Dragan Kujundžić, Predrag Uzelac, Aleksandar Radoš, Đorđe Arambašić, Milica Mrvić, Jaroslav Pap, Bojana Andrić, Radivoj Hadžić, Aleksandar Kamasi, Senja Vild, Mirko Tabašević, Luna Jovanović, Boris Bajčetić and Danilo Mijatović. Peter Raković, curator of the Gallery “Milan Konjović”, addressed the audience first, and then an expert associate Nebojša Grujić spoke about life and works of the famous painter. The exhibition was officially opened by Province’s secretary for culture and public information Slaviša Grujić. This project created a link between past and present, between one of the greatest Serbian painters and modern Serbian photographers, with emphasis on popularizing the gallery and its treasures. After the official opening, a cocktail was organized, and guests enjoyed the paintings, i.e. the photographs, and wine provided by Winery “Milisavljević”.

October, 2nd 2015

“Challenges of energy stability”: This winter, Serbia has no reason to worry!

The regional conference entitled “Challenges of energy stability” was held, organized by “Color Press group” and companies from energy sector. CEO of “Srbijagas” Mr Dušan Bajatović attended a press conference, ahead of the conference opening and panels. In his introductory speech, Dušan Bajatović anticipated transformation of “Srbijagas” from a national gas company to a national energy company.

“We made arrangements with “Gazprom” to construct the second phase of Banatski Dvor storage section, and the negotiations for Itebej are currently underway, this being an exclusive piece of information! We will get an independent transporter and a gas distributor, which will work on their own from 2016”, Mr Bajatović emphasized. On the behalf of the Serbian Government, Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antić greeted the guests, and officially opened the conference. Organizer of the conference and CEO of “Color Press Group” Robert Čoban addressed the audience, and introduced the guests to the conference programme.

Then followed Russian Federation Ambassador Alexander Chepurin with his speech, and a special guest Elena Burmistrova, CEO of “Gazprom Export” from Moscow. During the first case study, a journalist Nataša Miljković spoke with the CEO of the Serbian Electric Power Industry Aleksandar Obradović, whereas the first panel, entitled “Restructuring of the national gas company” was moderated by Milan Đukić, on the behalf of the “Srbijagas” company. Within the second case study, entitled “Energy challenges in 2016”, Dušan Bajatović spoke. Towards the end of the conference “Challenges of energy stability”, an award ceremony took place.

The awards were given on the jubilee occasion, to mark 10 years of “Srbijagas”, and Dušan Bajatović granted the awards to the workers. During the celebration, all guests had the opportunity to enjoy the wines produced by “Zvonko Bogdan” winery, whereas the band “The Frajle” performed. Guests of the conference were eminent experts from the sectors of energy, economy, business, media, and diplomacy and politics: Minister of Defence Bratislav Gašić, Montenegrin Ambassador Branislav Mićunović, Toma Fila, a lawyer, state secretary at the Ministry of Energy and Mining Mirjana Filipović, president of Socialist Party of Serbia’s Executive Board Branko Ružić, CEO of “Telekom Srbija” Predrag Ćulibrk, representatives of embassies of the Netherlands, Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary, and many others. The conference was supported by patrons “Srbijagas”, “Gas Invest”, “Millennium team”, “Bobar Beška”, and “Lavazza”.


September, 28th 2015

Parliament Speaker, ambassadors, winers and journalists gather at the Obrenovićs’ villa in Smederevo!

Organized by “Color Press Group”, National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and Municipality of the city of Smederevo, a presentation of local wineries and specialties was held at the villa “Zlatni breg” in Smederevo. The visit to Smederevo was another one in the line of events hosted by “Jamie” magazine and “Color Press Group”, in order to promote diversity of Serbian gastronomy and winery in different regions in Serbia. Diplomats, ambassadors, journalists and wine experts relished the wines produced by six local wineries: “Janko”, “Jeremić”, “Dobrava”, “Vodnjanka”, “Ilić” and “Dionis”. The guests especially took time to tour the gorgeous estate, vineyard and villa, which used to belong to the Obrenović dynasty. Montenegrin ambassador Branislav Mićunović, Algerian ambassador Abdelhamid Chebchoub, HRH Mihailo Karađorđević, and representative of the Norwegian Embassy Ivana Stambolić, enjoyed local wines and talked to the press, wineries and organizers of the event, Republic of Serbia Parliament Speaker Maja Gojković and “Color Press Group” CEO Robert Čoban. After a tour round the “Zlatni breg” villa, Maja Gojković and Robert Čoban paid a visit to employees and protégés of the Centre for daily care of disabled youths “Sunce”. They symbolically granted them the sweets made by readers of “Pošalji recept” magazine, as well as numerous editions published by “Color Press Group”. This visit and introduction to the work of this centre is related to Maja Gojković’s role as a president of the National Assembly Council for children’s rights. “Sunce” protégés on this occasion organized a programme and demonstrated their skills within a bakery workshop, where they prepared cakes and delicious pastry.


September, 26th 2015

Robert Čoban’s speech in Rovinj: We are talking in digital terms, whilst politicians within a minute take us back to the Middle Ages!

At “Weekend Media Festival” held in Rovinj, participants in the panel “Pogled preko plota” (“A View Across the Fence”) were: Miro Bižić (“Fox International Channels”, Croatia), Robert Čoban (“Color Press Group”, Serbia), Lejla Dautović Čaić (“Atlantic Group”, Croatia), Ivana Galić (“Nova TV”, Croatia), Jovan Stojanović (“Direct Media Serbia”, Serbia) and Marijana Novak (“Pro media group”, Croatia). At the panel’s opening, Robert Čoban said: “I have been visiting this Festival since its first year – 2008, and we are constantly talking in digital terms, lecturers from “Facebook” and “Uber” have been lecturing here, and then it happens that politicians, by pressing one button, take us back to the Middle Ages within a minute. Policy still rules over our lives in this region, and our politicians’ brains are analogue, not digital. Therefore, this time it happened that we, participants from Serbia, come to Rovinj by treading on goats’ paths, and travel for ten hours! This is a very important issue to mention, before we proceed to discussions regarding media industry in this region!” Panel participants agreed that each market in regional countries was – too small, and that thus it was necessary to work more often on regional productions and marketing campaigns. This year again, “Weekend Media Festival” gathered over four thousand people from media and marketing industry throughout the entire SEE region.


September, 16th 2015


The conference #Digital2015, organized by “Color Press Group” and “The Economist” magazine, gathered over two hundred participants and fifty panellists from the world of media, telecommunications, marketing, public relations and business.

In a crowded hall of “Metropol Palace” hotel, through five panels and six case studies, there were discussions on the topics such as where we were and how far had we advanced in the digital world, one year following the conference Digital2014.

On trends in telecoms, social networks, international relations, protection of copyright, media, advertising and digital communications, spoke the distinguished speakers from the entire SEE region.

The conclusion was drawn that in a space of one year, we had advanced in all spheres of digitalization, and this means that also we had become slaves to digital media and communication means. Participants of the conference #Digital2015 were: Minister of Culture and Information Ivan Tasovac, British Ambassador Denis Keefe, Swiss Ambassador Jean-Daniel Ruch, Indian Ambassador Narinder Chauhan, CEO of “Telenor” for Serbia Ove Fredheim, CEO of “Telekom Srbija” Predrag Ćulibrk, CEO of “VIP Mobile” Dejan
Turk, CEO of “Deutsche Telekom” Ivica Mudrinić, on the behalf of “Orion telekom” Slobodan Đinović, Srđa Popović, Dejan Ljuština, Boško Jakšić, Marina Kosanović, Željko Mitrović, Manja Grčić, Željko Ivanović, Žarko Ptiček, and many others.

This project was supported by the Province’s Secretariat for Culture and Public Information, and among the conference’s partners, there were: “Samsung”, “Microsoft”, “Orion telekom”, “FOX international”, “Sat – Trakt”, “Schneider Electric”, “Scipps networks”, “Craft marketing”, “Dunav NET”, “Knjaz Miloš”, “Aqua Viva”, “Buzz”, “Lavazza”, “Calsberg Srbija”, “Wizard” and “Cards Print”.


September, 14th 2015

Ipsos Print Adex, August 2015: The best-selling lifestyle magazine in Serbia is “Lepota & Zdravlje” with over 415.000 sold copies!

According to data by SMMRI Print Adex by Ipsos Agency referring to August 2015 – out of five best-selling magazines in Serbia, “Color Press Group” publishes three. The ranking is: “Blic žena” (590.371 readers), “Lepota i zdravlje” (415.225), “Pošalji recept” (371.126), “Bakina kujna” (255.741), and “Enigma” (205.660).

Overall readership of cooking magazines “Pošalji recept” and “Bakina kujna” reaches over 626.000. Following the trend from the previous month, “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine is the best-selling women’s monthly, with over 415.000 readers.

According to data by SMMRI Print Adex by Ipsos Agency, out of 50 best-selling magazines in Serbia, “Color Press Group” publishes 18, with overall readership audience being over 2.296.000.


September, 10th 2015

The first #TeenTalk2015 in Niš

Another Teen Talk conference was held, organized by BRAVO magazine, and supported by “Telenor”, at the location of “Kupina” cinema. The conference began at ten o’clock, and already before nine, there were a lot of young people gathered, thus making Balkanska Street, small as it is, very crowded. The hostess of the programme Danijela Stamenović and magazine Editor-in-Chief Aleksandra Dudvarski gave an opening speech, and then the host
Branko Krsmanović, cordially greeted the audience. Branko also presented the young Culture Ambassadors, who started their activities last year. The project “Kultura za znanje” (“Culture for Knowledge”) was created in order to connect the young people from around the world.

The first panel discussion, entitled “Inovatori iz školske klupe” (“Innovators from the school desks”), marked the start of the conference. Young panellists presented their incredible successes, and medals won at various competitions from the field of computer science, robotics and mathematics. After the break, during which the teenagers enjoyed “Frikom” ice – creams and drinks by “Coca – Cola”, the second panel began. Its title was: “Put do uspeha: Ko utiče na njega – i kako?” (“A Road to Success: Whose influence it receives – and how?”), and it was supported by “Telenor”. Together with a music star Niggor, the panellists talked about their successes, how they were acquired, what they consider successful, and what not, and also about what it takes for somebody to be successful. Everybody agreed that beside charisma and effort, the most important factor for success is: loving what you do! The third and last panel was entitled: “YouTuberi, blogeri & Co.: Ko su i kako funkcionišu mlade
zvezde novih medija u Srbiji” (“YouTubers, bloggers & Co.: Who are and how function young stars of new media in Serbia”). Throughout this panel, we got the opportunity to find out how these young people had launched their YouTube channels and blogs, what inspired them to do so, and we also found out what it takes for a YouTube channel or blog to be successful. The conference was closed by one of panellists, Anita Abedinović, who sang the song “Set Fire to the Rain”.

After organizing the Teen Talk conference in Niš, BRAVO magazine editorial crew will hold the next conference in Belgrade’s Youth Center, scheduled for October, 21st.


September, 8th 2015

Food Is Great: British and Serbian specialties presented in the city of Zaječar!

“Food Is Great” is a project of humanitarian character, which through promoting British and Serbian cuisine provides aid for institutions taking care of those in need, in social and health terms.

After Novi Sad, the city of Zaječar hosted four associations of local home cooks and the main  chef of the British Embassy, who presented their specialties at “Stara vodenica” restaurant.

Alongside degustation of these specialties, all those who were present had the opportunity to listen to a panel involving Denis Keefe, British Ambassador to Serbia, actress Ana Sofrenović, main chef of the Embassy Aleksandar Pavlović, representative of the winery “Raj” Ljubinka O’Connor and four representatives of home cooks associations.

Through the project “Food Is Great”, organized by “Color Press Group” in collaboration with the British Embassy, Zaječar’s institution “Oblutak”, devoted to mentally challenged children, received a donation.

Alongside panel participants, together with children there were Chairman of Zaječar City Assembly Saša Mirković, City Mayor Velimir Ognjenović, TV hostess Kristina Radenković, and “Color Press Group” CEO Robert Čoban.

Following Zaječar, and within the project “Food Is Great”, another four cities in Serbia will receive donations, and each donation will be followed by an organized degustation of specialties and panel discussion.


September, 7th 2015

#BookTalk2015: Gathering of publishers and writers from the entire region held in Novi Sad

After three days devoted to literature, the first regional conference entitled “BookTalk 2015” has been completed. It was organized by “Color Press Group”, and supported by the City of Novi Sad, and Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

Over sixty participants from the entire region took part in discussions grouped in seven panels, whereas the halls in Matica Srpska Gallery and Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection were full. The conference gathered distinguished writers, publishers, journalists, book critics and book store owners.

Readers from the entire region carefully watched via Live Streaming the panels whose topics were literary prizes, literary injustices, the Great War, the future of publishing, responsibility of intellectual elite, and the attitude of the state and the politics towards books, i.e. literature.

On one place, “BookTalk 2015” gathered big and popular names, such as Svetislav Basara, Olja Bećković, Zvonko Marković, Gorislav Papić, Olivera Kovačević, Laslo Vegel, Dejan Papić, Teofil Pančić, Denis Kuljiš, Marko Vidojković, Aleksandar Gatalica, Branko Rosić, Nihad Hasanović, Goran Samardžić, Lejla Kalamujić, Veran Matić, Ekrem Dupanović, Jelena Trivan, Marina Krleža, Žarko Jokanović, Nenad Šaponja, Ljiljana Dirjan, Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Vesna Dedić, and many others.

The conference was anticipated by an activity to grant books free of charge in the City of Novi Sad, which was organized with collaboration from Novi Sad city transportation company (GSP). Throughout three days, citizens of Novi Sad spotted to read books while using the public transportation, were granted over three hundred new books. The aim of this activity was to promote book reading, and it shared this objective with the conference itself.

On the first and the third day of the conference, the guests from around the region attended the lectures and a concert within the event entitled “Leto u vrtu galerija” (“Summer in the garden of galleries”), which was organized mutually by the Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection and Matica Srpska Gallery. The guests were given a tour around Deurić Winery, situated at Mala Remeta, where the traditional lunch with wine tasting was organized.

Friends of the conference are publishing houses “Prometej”, “Laguna”, “Samizdat”, “Vulkan”, “Buybook”, as well as “Jamnica”, “Grand kafa”, Mačkov podrum Winery, Temet Winery, beer “Guverner”, and a restaurant “Sokače”.


August, 15th 2015

#BookTalk2015: Over 60 best writers and publishers from the entire region gather in Novi Sad as September starts!

The biggest regional magazine publisher encompassing 64 magazines, 11 Internet portals and more than 50 conferences and other events throughout the year, “Color Press Group” organizes in Novi Sad, from September, 3rd until September, 5th “Book Talk 2015”, a regional literary conference which will gather writers, translators, publishers and readers from the entire region. “So far, this is the biggest such gathering of writers and publishers from the entire region in Novi Sad. We are organizing the conference with support from the City and the Province, and it is my pleasure to say that the city of Novi Sad, and the Province of Vojvodina, although this is merely the first such conference – recognized the importance of a writers’ gathering of this kind! “The state as the book’s (fren)-emy”, “Did our shadows frighten the lords, or merely wandered across the court”, “When is it justified to ban a book”, “Literary awards and literary injustices”, “Is there such literature free of political stance”… are among the panel titles, which will cover the latest topics from literature and publishing fields in the region”, says Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”. The conference takes place at several various locations in Novi Sad and at Fruška gora Mountain: Andrevlje (accommodation of participants), Matica Srpska Gallery, Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection, castle “Eđšeg”, Winery Deurić… Among panel participants who so far confirmed their presence at the event, just to name a few, there are: Ante Tomić, Svetlana Slapšak, Žarko Jokanović, Teofil Pančić, Dejan Papić, Veran Matić, Laslo Vegel, Muharem Bazdulj, Biljana Srbljanović, Marko Vidojković, Aleksandar Gatalica, Branko Rosić, Laslo Blašković, Sava Damjanov, Oto Oltvanji, Balša Brković, Nihad Hasanović… Panel moderators are: Olja Bećković, Olivera Kovačević, Gorislav Papić, Andrej Ivanji, Teodora Ž. Janković, Erzika Pap Reljin and Jovana Gligorijevic.


August, 2nd 2015

COOL SUMMER at IMMO Outlet Centre

Fashion, women and shopping always go together. That is exactly how the COOL SUMMER weekend, organized by IMMO Outlet Centre for its buyers, began.

Preparations were underway when a distinguished stylist Srđan Šveljo started doing make-up and hairstyling for models, which drew a lot of attention from those who were present. He continued with a performance in which he was dressing the models just like they were live dolls, and providing advice for best summer fashion combinations.

Alongside with summer fashion outfits, Isidora Make Up and Tina Friz made the models look attractive, and the visitors were eager to take photos with them. The models wore outfits provided by the following brands: “Ivko”, “Luna”, “Benetton”, “Extreme Intimo”, “Legend WW”, “Springfield”, “Atrativo”, “Beosport”, “Sport Vison” and “Sportina Outlet”.

Vesna Dedić and Lea Imširagić, PhD, came earlier, so that they could relish the offer at IMMO Outlet Centre, whereas later they were taking photographs and socializing with fans within the event entitled CELEBRITY CHAT. Jelica Greganović was also socializing with her book fans, within the event entitled BOOK TALK. With a lemonade, Jelica talked to her fans, signed her books and they took photographs together.

On the second day of the COOL SUMMER weekend at New Belgrade’s IMMO Outlet Centre, visitors enjoyed animations for children and grown-ups alike, while the event where guests were gamers and You-Tubers, was the centre of attention for teenagers.

Socializing began with a family quiz “How well do we know each other”, where families answered the questions, and two families with the highest number of correct answers as a reward received a trip to Jahorina Mountain. Families Jeremić and Jelisavčić were the most successful families in the quiz.

Teenagers gathered to meet and socialize with popular gamers and You Tube stars. The “online” generation had plenty of questions for Vladimir and Nikola Dolapčev and Vojislav Perić, i.e. “Supreme Nexus”, who were glad to answer them, whereas social networks became richer in certain attractive, mutual photographs. Žarko Jokanović, a well-known writer and screenplay author, was another guest at the event BOOK TALK, and he signed the books for his loyal readers. Together with his wife, Milica Milša, Žarko stayed until the closing hours of IMMO Outlet Centre, drinking coffee, and socializing with his fans at the coffee shop “Coffee, Tea and Sympathy”. Good company and great discounts attracted also a well-known ballerina and TV hostess Drina Pešić, together with her family.


July, 28th 2015

Ipsos Print Adex, Jun 2015: Over 2.5 million people in Serbia read CPG magazines!

According to data by SMMRI Print Adex, Ipsos Agency, referring to the month of June 2015 – out of 5 best-selling magazines in Serbia – the company “Color Press Group” publishes as many as 3. The list goes as follows: ”Blic žena” (557.283 readers), “Lepota i zdravlje” (373.489), “Pošalji recept” (365.617), “Bakina kujna” (217.257), and “Sat plus” (191.436).

Overall readership figures for cooking magazines “Pošalji recept” and “Bakina kujna” reach over 570.000. Magazine “Lepota i zdravlje”, as was the case in the previous month, is the best-selling women’s magazine, with over 370.000 readers.

According to data by SMMRI Print Adex, Ipsos Agency, out of 50 best-selling magazines in Serbia, “Color Press Group” publishes 21, whose overall readership reaches more than 2.526.000.


June, 14th 2105


Gastro-experts in the cradle of good food and hedonism, on September, 18th at lake Matka near Skopje!

After a successful regional food conference entitled “Food Talk” held in 2013, 2014 and 2015, at Salaš 137 and Ribarsko ostrvo near Novi Sad, and the event “Jamie Gastro Day” in Zaječar – “Color Press Group” for the first time organizes a big gastro event in FYRO Macedonia.

“Food Talk Macedonia!” will be held on Friday, 18th of September, in a spectacular ambience of the restaurant situated on the bank of lake Matka, not far from Skopje. Lake Matka is surrounded by high rocks, and with its crystal clean waters represents one of Macedonia’s greatest tourist attractions.

Gastronomic specialties and wines from Macedonia, chefs, restaurant owners, winers, gastro-bloggers, TV hosts and other experts from this field, as well as guests from around the region, will gather for this event.

Honorary guest of “Food Talk Macedonia!” will be Oliver Mlakar, the famous TV host who used to host the show “Male tajne velikih majstora kuhinje” (“Little secrets by master chefs”).


June, 12th 2105

Regional experts in gastronomy gather at the conference “Moja Kravica FoodTalk”!

The conference “Moja Kravica FoodTalk”, the third in a series, has been held at Ribarsko ostrvo near Novi Sad, gathering fans and connoisseurs of food and wine, hedonists and gourmands. The entire region, with support from guests coming from Great Britain and America, gathered at the biggest regional food conference, whose participants were the best chefs, winers, gastro – bloggers, and celebrities. Alongside specialties made by foreign guest chefs, the visitors also tasted specialties prepared by home cooks from throughout Vojvodina Province.

During the day, all those who were present, had an opportunity to follow interesting panels in the conference room, whereas outside there were culinary and wine presentations going on. The famous chef Chris Williams, American chef and owner of Houston’s restaurant “Lucille”, was one of presenters whose specialties were tasted by visitors. In the hall, the best-known Croatian gastro – expert Rene Bakalović greeted the audience, and introduced them to several regional young cooking stars, and some legends from this industry.

A well – known writer from Zagreb Igor Mandić spoke about his marital culinary menu, whereas a panel about gluten draw lots of attention, being somewhat like a trend for some, while being a real obstacle for those battling the gluten intolerance. This year’s conference “Moja Kravica FoodTalk” was inspired by the topic “Hrana na mreži” (“Food Online”), and therefore the most popular gastro – bloggers from the region addressed the audience.

A memorial collection by Pavle Beljanski exhibited ten reproductions on the food topic, which are also included in the digital application that the audience could view from outside the gallery as a premiere. The association “Bač u srcu Bačke” traditionally organized the event to demonstrate how the brides “šokačka”, “bačka” and “bunjevačka” were embellished. This performance speaks in the name of multiculturalism cherished in Vojvodina Province.

Ahead of the music programme, journalists and guests from the region enjoyed a boat trip along the Danube river, and during it, they could see many beauties of the Srem river bank and Petrovaradin Fortress.

Towards the end of the day, music band “Frajle” and frontman of the band “Love Hunters” Milan Mumin gave a mini – concert, and as a premiere, performed their duet song, live. The event ended with beautiful tambura sounds, performed by best players from the “Tamburica Fest”.

General sponsor of the conference is “Moja Kravica Kuhinjica” by the “Imlek” company, with its products: fluffy cheese, double cream and sweet double cream.

Partners of the conference are : Veterinary Bureau of Subotica, “Laguna”, “Ribella”, “Hleb i kifle”, “Ford”, “Dijamant”, Province’s Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry Secretariat, and the Tourist Organization of Novi Sad.

Official refreshment water is “Mivela”, beer “Carlsberg”, vehicles “Ford”, and wine “Vinarija Kovačević”.

“Moja Kravica FoodTalk” also gathered, as guests and participants : Jelena Blečić, Mihailo Bukvić, Tanja Pujin, Suzana Mančić, Cile and Beba Marinković, Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović, Ksenija Mijatović, Tanja Banjanin, Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Srna Lango, Đorđe Pavlov and many others.


June, 5th 2015

60. Sterijino pozorje & Hello! Party

Like some former “White party” by Yugoslav actor and singer Fran Lasić in a famous “gospar” house, at Dubrovnik Summer Festival, would be, in a nutshell, the conclusion about last night’s “Hello!” party, organized to honour the Theatre, actors, jury and audience of this year’s jubilee, 60. Sterijino pozorje, in Novi Sad’s hotel “Centar”.

On a hot, summer temperature at Novi Sad’s asphalt, and ahead of the play ”Balkanski špijun“, directed by Tsuyoshi Sugiyama, and performed by “A la place” troupe from Tokyo, “Color Press Group” and “Hello!” also made an intro, having in mind that CPG traditionally grants the Prize for best supporting role, within the competition programme of the most influenced and the longest drama festival in Serbia.

Among numerous guests, who refreshed themselves with aromatic wines produced by “Belo brdo” and relished sweet lollipops from French cheese and strawberries with chocolate, we came across, seated at theatre and champraz divans, Vojvodina’s Secretary of Culture and Information Slaviša Grujić; judge Miroslav Alimpić with his wife, a TV hostess Jelena Bačić Alimpić; designer and a pioneer of eco fashion in this region Tijana Popović Pješčić, who was engaged in “outfit” themes with a Novi Sad’s journalist and fashion style icon Vesna Farkaš, and an architect Vladimir Rakić. However, guests connected with theatre and Thalia temple had their topics, and among them there were former managing director of Sombor’s theatre and Serbian National Theatre Milivoje Mlađenović; poet, essayist, theatre and literary critic, one of the leading conceptualists of Novi Sad’s art scene, selector of MES and Sterijino pozorje on more than one occasion, and today director of Vojvodina’s Bureau of Culture, Vladirmir Kopicl, with his wife, a multidisciplinary philologist specialized in the field of gender studies, and founder of Videomedeja festival, Vera Kopicl.

We also met the famous volleyball player Andrija Gerić, doctors Dragana Bogdanović- Stojanović and dr Nikola Milovančev, journalists Milka Katišić, Vera Korponaić, Aristea Stakić, actress and the laureate of “Sterijina nagrada” prize Sonja Damjanović, and many other guests, who added to the atmosphere of this event, thus expressing all the width of Novi Sad’s “grande bellezza”.


May, 26th 2015

The first #TeenTalk2015# held in Novi Sad – The science is “in” again!

In organization by “Bravo” magazine, Novi Sad’s Cultural Centre hosted the first conference devoted to teenagers named TeenTalk.

TeenTalk is a conference traditionally organized in Belgrade’s Youth Centre, and this time it was held for the first time in Novi Sad and Niš.

Stevan Gojkov, Editor-in-Chief of “Bravo” magazine, opened the conference with these words: “TeenTalk first was formed as an idea in spring 2013, and was realized for the first time that same year in Belgrade. From its beginning, it has been building its reputation on current, careful and sometimes controversial programme. This year we went one step further, or two steps, to be precise. We will organize the conference and present ourselves in front of young people in Niš and Novi Sad, as well as in Belgrade”.

The topic of the conference was at the same time the message of this year’s conference: Live your dream! Thoughts regarding what young people in Serbia dream about, and how their dreams come true, were shared by over twenty guest speakers during two panels and two case studies.

Among the themes, there were culture in social networks, robotics, perspective of young scientists, digital services which ease everyday life for the young, and who are, and what are like stars of Serbian new media.

At the end of the conference performed Choir Glee Srbija, a non-profit organization which free of charge gathers and educates young singing talents.

The conference’s partner is Telenor, whereas throughout breaks and panels, the participants used refreshments provided by Coca-Cola.


May, 22nd 2015

The first #CSR2015 conference was held in Serbia

Yesterday the hotel “Crowne Plaza” hosted the conference: “CSR Srbija: Challenges of corporate social responsibility”. The conference was organized by “Color Press Group”, and was opened by Michel Saint-Lot, UNICEF Representative to Serbia. Beside him, among the guest speakers at the conference there were numerous representatives of companies, institutions and individuals who are engaged in social activities, and work on raising awareness on social responsibility.

The panels encompassed topics on socially responsible journalism, role and aid by the state and government institutions, foundations and their activities, treatment of animals, and many other current issues. Her Royal Highness Katarina Karađorđević, civil activist Filip Vukša and the oldest Red Cross volunteer Danica Šmic, were among the speakers who shared their experiences, and gave their personal opinion regarding social responsibility.

Among the panel participants there were Vesna Dedić, Jelena Tinska, Veran Matić, Aleksandra Radujko, Maja Manojlović, Marina Kosanović, Vladimir Marinković, Dragoljub Žarković, Slađana Paunović, Veljko Lalić, Budimir Plavšić, and many others. This year’s conference sent a message, which can be best reflected in the words uttered by Vesna Savić, who on the behalf of UNICEF in Serbia, said: “Social responsibility implies responsible behaviour by individuals and companies alike.

What matters is especially how employees are treated, quality of service, management, marketing and our relationship with the community. Only an integrated business process enables adequate influence of the company, and creates healthy business environment”. All presentations by guest speakers are available on the following URL: Videos from all panels and presentations, as well as statements by the conference participants, are available over the upcoming days on YouTube channel administered by “Color Press Group”:


May, 19th 2015

Baby Friendly conference has been held

Yesterday the “Metropol Palace” hotel hosted the second Baby Friendly conference, organized by magazine “Mama i beba” (“Mother and Baby”) and “Color Press Group”.

The conference was opened by Prof. Vesna Kopitović, PhD, Province of Vojvodina’s Secretary for Health System, Social Policy and Demography, whereas Jelena Bačić Alimpić was a conferencier during the rest of the programme.

Vojvodina’s Secretary spoke about in-vitro fertilization and the struggle for a growing number of couples to have offspring. At the beginning of the conference, she sent a clear message: “Serbia is among ten countries with the oldest population in the world. The number of births has decreased by 44 %. All married couples today face a problem to solve the infertility issues. Our country provides two free attempts with in-vitro fertilization, which I believe is not enough. For that we have to fight, and women must get free IVF attempts. Our objective is to have one healthy baby born at the right time.”

The rest of the panels and case studies featured discussion and education about problems which the couples face in the process of planning the family, as well as problems during pregnancy, delivery, motherhood and parenthood in general.

The conference participants were given advice regarding all medical disciplines, such as gynaecology, obstetrics, paediatrics, endocrinology, psychology and many others.

The greatest commotion was caused by the panel devoted to discussion about pros and cons of vaccination. Maja Volk, a TV face, musician and dramaturge, spoke about her own negative experience:

“My child was seven months old at the time of the vaccination, which later, as it turned out, caused her hearing loss. I did audio recordings of my child, and as it was confirmed later, she could hear everything perfectly until seven months old. When she received a vaccine, for a long time she had a high temperature which we could not lower, and her ear nerve was burnt. That year, four children in Belgrade went deaf because of the vaccine. I am not absolutely against vaccination, but I am against the Law which prescribes compulsory vaccination”.

On the other hand, paediatrics specialist Ljiljana Abramović Savić presented doctors’ point of view when it comes to vaccines: “It is my personal belief that there is no rivalry regarding this subject. We should all be on the children’s side, because we all wish best of all to them. I think that polemics is a result of insufficient information, and that correct information does not come to the surface. In the past, we faced epidemics which claimed lives of the children who had not been vaccinated, and on the other hand, number of complications with vaccinated children decreased parallelly with development of vaccines”.

The youngest conference participants came from the fond “Deca deci” (“From Children to Children”) and Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra, whose musical performances anticipated the concert scheduled for May, 28th at the Kolarac Foundation.

The conference gathered numerous doctors and experts, but also there were a TV hostess Sanja Radan, Maja Volk, Nataša Vukoje, Roksanda Babić, Aida Đedović, Jelena Gajšek, Danijela Mladenović and many others.

The conference’s partners are Loreal Mixa, Genoma, Laguna, Humana, Voda Jana, Lilly and Lindex.


May, 13th 2015

ABC Srbija, March 2015: No daily newspaper with over 100.000 sold copies!

According to data by ABC Srbija, referring to March 2015, on the first place among daily newspapers there is still the “Blic” with 99.690 averagely sold copies. The second place is secured by the “Alo” with 83.443 averagely sold copies. Daily newspapers “Novosti“, “Politika“, “Politikin žurnal“, “Dnevnik“, “Danas“, “Informer“, “Kurir“, “Naše Novine“ and “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit. The best-selling print media in Serbia is still magazine “Pošalji recept”, published by “Color Press Group”, with 157.310 sold copies, whereas “Blic žena” holds the second position with 129.066. The third position is secured by “Torte i kolači“ with 105.032 sold copies. Sales figures of three culinary editions published by “Color Press Group” (“Pošalji recept”, “Torte i kolači” and “Bakina kujna”) went beyond a 300.000 mark in March. The best-selling lifestyle magazine is still “Lepota i zdravlje” with almost 30.000 sold copies. Throughout this month, among 20 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group“ publishes sixteen, “Axel Springer Ringier“ three, and “Nedeljnik” – one.

May, 9th 2015

NS Bike Weekend by Coca-Cola

On May, 9th an event entitled “NS Bike Weekend” was held, the starting point being Novi Sad’s Sunny Quay. All participants who enrolled for the event, had an opportunity to ride the bike through the city of Novi Sad, on a tour which lasted forty minutes. The event was supported by Novi Sad’s Cycling Initiative, whereas the refreshments were provided by Coca-Cola.

After the bike ride, in front of the Indeksova tribina Café, our well-known singer Tanja Banjanin drew a lucky winner who was surprised with a prize – seven days of free accommodation at Kopaonik mountain!

Robert Čilić, who had not expected the prize, received a trip to Kopaonik. He says he uses a bicycle as a transportation vehicle to go to work every day.

“I was not expecting to get this prize, but it seems like I was lucky. I will take my wife to Kopaonik”, the winner said.

Interestingly enough, for some participants Novi Sad was just one stop on a pre-planned route.

“My friend and I started the bike tour from Apatin, along the Danube route which encompasses the entire Serbia, from Bački breg to the Hungarian border, and then via Negotin to Bulgaria. Novi Sad was on our way, and that is why we joined the event”, said Maksim Polovina.

This event was supported by popular citizens of Novi Sad – Tanja Banjanin and Nenad Pagonis.

“Today I am here to promote healthy lifestyle, and Novi Sad makes an ideal place for bike rides”, said our famous sportsman Nenad Pagonis.

“I use the bicycle as a recreation tool, and as a transportation vehicle as well. I ride it every day to get to work, and later to come back home”, says Tanja Banjanin.

Citizens of Novi Sad who use the bike in a regular recreation mode also joined the event.

“I am almost always on the bike, for six years in a row I take part in events connected with cycling” says Milan Mišić.

On the other hand, for some participants, motivation for taking part in the event is linked to winning a prize.

“Last year, I won a trip to Zlatibor mountain, and that is why I applied for this year’s event, too, because I hope I will be lucky again”, says Vanja Vujović, one of the youngest participants.

“I have come to enjoy this beautiful weather and to win a trip to Kopaonik”, says Darija Vujović.

Editorial team of magazine “Lepota i zdravlje” (“Beauty and Health”) for the second year in a row organize this sport weekend event, with the aim to promote healthy lifestyle.

“NS Bike Weekend is one of activities promoted by “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine within its slogan “Be beautiful, slender, healthy and fit”. Workouts and fitness in the open, especially in springtime, cannot be swapped for anything. Beauty treatments cannot make up for what human psyche and mood can benefit from nature and activities, and a bike ride is perfect for that”, says “Lepota i zdravlje” Editor-in-Chief, Lidija Ćulibrk.


May, 8th 2015

UNICEF and “Color Press Group” sign a cooperation agreement

At Belgrade’s Youth Centre, “Color Press Group” and UNICEF’s branch in Serbia signed a cooperation agreement today.

This cooperation comes with mutual satisfaction, as was stated by contracting parties, namely Mr Robert Čoban on the behalf of “Color Press Group”, and Mr Michel Saint-Lot, UNICEF representative to Serbia.

Through cooperative initiatives and mutual activities, “Color Press Group” and UNICEF will promote children’s rights, and social responsibility in business, with focus on children, culture of giving and generosity.

Mr Saint-Lot, UNICEF representative to Serbia, wished to “Color Press Group” welcome to a big family belonging to this organization, pointing out one more time how important it is to have social and personal responsibility.

“Color Press Group” CEO Robert Čoban used the opportunity to familiarize the attendees with details of the conference CSR Srbija: Challenges of corporative social responsibility, which “Color Press Group” will organize on 21st of May in “Crowne Plaza” hotel.

It was also anticipated that collaboration and support to Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra in Belgrade would be continued. Among the audience present when signing the agreement, there was also an activist Filip Vukša, who will participate at the conference CSR Srbija.


April, 20th 2015

ABC Srbija, February 2015: Magazines “Torte i kolači” and “Lekovito bilje” register a rise in sales figures for over 13%!

According to data by ABC Srbija, referring to February 2015, the first position among daily newspapers is still secured by the “Blic”, with 103.043 sold copies on average. On the second place, there is the “Alo” with 82.921 averagely sold copies.

Daily newspapers “Novosti“, “Politika“, “Politikin žurnal“, “Dnevnik“, “Danas“, “Informer“, “Kurir“, “Naše Novine“ and “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit.

The best-selling medium in Serbia is still the magazine “Pošalji recept”, published by the “Color Press Group”, with 150.250 averagely sold copies, whereas on the second place there is the magazine “Blic žena“ with 124.640 copies. On the third position, there is “Torte i kolači“ with 114.472 sold copies. Magazines “Lekovito bilje” and “Torte i kolači” register rise in sales figures for over 13%.

Out of 15 best-selling magazines in Serbia, ”Color Press Group” publishes 12. Monthlies published by CPG are dominant, because out of 10 audited monthly magazines, only one is not published by “Color Press Group”.

Throughout this month, among 25 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes 21, whereas “Axel Springer Ringier” publishes three, and “Nedeljnik” one magazine.


April, 20th 2015

ABC Srbija, February 2015: Magazines “Torte i kolači” and “Lekovito bilje” register a rise in sales figures for over 13%!

According to data by ABC Srbija, referring to February 2015, the first position among daily newspapers is still secured by the “Blic”, with 103.043 sold copies on average. On the second place, there is the “Alo” with 82.921 averagely sold copies.

Daily newspapers “Novosti“, “Politika“, “Politikin žurnal“, “Dnevnik“, “Danas“, “Informer“, “Kurir“, “Naše Novine“ and “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit.

The best-selling medium in Serbia is still the magazine “Pošalji recept”, published by the “Color Press Group”, with 150.250 averagely sold copies, whereas on the second place there is the magazine “Blic žena“ with 124.640 copies. On the third position, there is “Torte i kolači“ with 114.472 sold copies. Magazines “Lekovito bilje” and “Torte i kolači” register rise in sales figures for over 13%.

Out of 15 best-selling magazines in Serbia, ”Color Press Group” publishes 12. Monthlies published by CPG are dominant, because out of 10 audited monthly magazines, only one is not published by “Color Press Group”.

Throughout this month, among 25 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes 21, whereas “Axel Springer Ringier” publishes three, and “Nedeljnik” one magazine.

April, 10th 2015

Belgrade’s hotel “Metropol Palace” hosted the third regional “ProFemina” conference, with the topic “What women want?”

Answers to this question, throughout various subjects, were provided by numerous guests from Serbia and the entire SEE region. The conference started with a current topic regarding misogyny, featuring, as speakers, dramatist Biljana Srbljanović, Jadranka Miličević, an activist, co-founder of the CURE foundation (Sarajevo); Sanja Sarnavka, president of the organization B.a.B.e, long-time hostess of the programme “Žene i mediji” (“Women and Media”), hostess of the Human Rights Programme (Zagreb); Dženeta Agović, an activist (Tutin); Nataša Miljković, TV author and announcer (Belgrade); Gordana Suša, member of the REM Board (Belgrade).

Afterwards, there was a VIP interview with Sanja Doležal, who spoke about challenges in parenthood. Case Study about anti-age cosmetics, yoga and healthy lifestyle also drew much attention. Dejan Nikolić on the behalf of Belgrade Marathon and Nedeljko Rodić on the behalf of Fruška Gora Marathon spoke about sport, as a pre-condition for healthy life, body, skin and beauty. Elizabeth Kuroki, wife of Japanese Ambassador to Serbia, Beatrice Grozdanić, Vice President of the International Women’s Club, and Christine Moro, French Ambassador to Serbia, spoke about the battle for women’s equality with men.

Beside these, modern topics of the contemporary world, participants and audience discussed also modern technology, hormones as an ever-lasting topic amongst women, future of the female sex and determination of parameters which make up a good looking and satisfied woman nowadays. As a surprise guest, Branislav Lečić appeared, and amazed the audience when speaking about how women are capable of beating all male criteria.

Within this event, a painter Danica Marinković exhibited her works, expressing her own point of view with collages made up of magazine cut-outs.

This year’s conference, organized by “Lepota i zdravlje” (“Beauty and Health”) magazine, gathered many celebrities as well: Gorica Nešović, Duška Jovanić, Aida Đedović, Vesna Dedić, Bojan Perić, Danijela Dimitrovska Amidžić, Cile Marinković, Đorđe Kortina, Zorana Jovanović, Jelena Ivanović, Nataša Miljković, Brankica Sebastijanović, Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović, Marko Branković, Tihana Harapin Zalepugin…

Partners for this year’s conference include: “Voda Jana” and “Mg Mivela”, “Frikom”, “Vichy”, “Dietpharm”, “Foundation Dukukino”, “Bioten”, “Lavazza”, “Alegra”,
“Bailys”, “Samsung”, “Escapelle”, “Vulkan bookstores”, “AllMe” and Serbia Fashion
Week, and wine cellar Aleksić.

April, 3rd 2015

Why the Israeli Ambassador is the one to open the conference “Nova energija”

The conference entitled “Nova energija” (“New Energy”) is scheduled to be held from April 29th until May 3rd at Kopaonik Mountain. However, it will not be opened by any of Serbian politicians or ministers, but the organizers decided to give this honour to Israeli Ambassador to Belgrade. Why will Yossef Levy open the conference entitled “Nova energija”?

Ambassador Levy will share Israel’s experience, as a country which by the mid-eighties was a country whose economy relied on tangerine export and fabrication of diamonds.

Azorim High-Tech park, Petah-Tikva

In July 1985, annual inflation rate in Israel was, for that time, a record-breaking 480%. Prime Minister Shimon Peres made a decision to create conditions for development of the IT industry, and everything that is known today as “Silicon Wadi” (Wadi – the Arab word for “valley”). This decision had crucial effect to the country’s economy. For less than 10 years, Israel completely changed its economy profile, and today is, alongside all challenges of economic slowdown and hostile surrounding – the 25th economy in the world, with 36.000 dollars per capita. Israel’s annual export is worth 600 billion dollars, and half of that amount falls on export of high technology products.

Matam High-Tech park, Haifa

Ambassador Levy spoke about this issue on the “The Economist” conference, which was organized last December by “Color Press Serbia”, and his speech featured the comparison between Israel and Serbia: “We have not got any oil, we have not got any gas, we have not got long rivers and huge forests! We have got more history than water! We have got two lakes, and one of them is completely dead – the Dead Sea, whereas the other one is dying – Sea of Galilee. We do not posses vast territory, and the only thing we do have is the people! People are our greatest treasure! I think that Serbia is in a similar position”, Levy said.

IBM building, Petah-Tikva

The conference will make an attempt to provide answers to numerous questions from this field: What Serbia needs to do in order to ease the IT-industry business, to accelerate e-management, to enable e-commerce; what are current trends in online marketing, what is going on with celebrities present at social networks, and is e-revolution possible? Those are just some of the themes that will be discussed by over 1.000 participants at the conference “Nova energija”, coming from Serbia and the entire region.

More information is available at the Web Site:

April, 3rd 2015

Robert Čoban spoke at the “Vivaldi Forum” at Mokra Gora

The biggest obstacle for the development of entrepreneurship in Serbia is still business environment, concluded the entrepreneurs who gathered at springtime “Vivaldi Forum” at Mokra Gora.

They expressed dissatisfaction with the treatment that the country is exercising towards entrepreneurs in terms of taxes.

Over the past few years, most commonly people in Serbia started their own private business because they could not get employment, or because they wanted to spend their time as they wished, by effective organization of work, rather than by working for an employer – concluded the participants at the panel “Initiative in entrepreneurship”.

The entrepreneurs present at the forum expressed their dissatisfaction with business environment in Serbia, claiming that it still was not good, and also dissatisfaction with the treatment exercised by the country towards entrepreneurs in terms of tax duties.

“In Serbia, being an entrepreneur means being resourceful”, said Dragan Radić, founder of the company “Ninamedija”, complaining that unfortunately, if you wished to make business progress in Serbia, you would have to, at least, be on good terms with the ruling elite, and preferably have direct connections with them.

CPG’s representative Robert Čoban shared “Microsoft” experience from Serbia, that most IT engineers would not want to leave the country for the salary which is higher for 400 up to 500 euros, as they would get in the Western countries.

Nevertheless, the situation drastically changes when an expert in question gets his own children – because then he decides to leave.

Čoban said that the country over the past few years had become a generator of negative relationship with domestic entrepreneurship.

Curiously enough, at one point, all panel participants said “no” when asked if they would accept to work at Smederevo’s Steel Factory at the position of a Chief Executive Officer, for the monthly salary amounting to 10.000 dollars.

April, 2nd 2015

Tradition and tastes from Eastern Serbia: the first “Gastro Day” held in Zaječar

Last October, “Color Press Group” launched the “Jamie” magazine in Serbia and Croatia, published by the license granted by the famous British chef Jamie Oliver.

Within activities organized by this magazine, and with the aim to de-metropolize gastronomy and cultural events, on March 31st Zaječar’s beautiful “Euroklub” hosted the first in a series of events entitled “Jamie Gastro Day”, gathering numerous celebrities, television hosts, gastro bloggers, chefs and winers. The participants were greeted by a video message shot by the famous Jamie Oliver himself.

The conference included the topics concerning gastronomy, correct diet regime, GMO food and various culinary skills and habits, whereas all the attendees and guests had the opportunity to try the characteristic specialities of the Eastern Serbia region, which were made by local home cooks, but also to try wines from this area.

According to Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, the aim of this gastro event is, in collaboration with local tourists organizations and local self-rule units, and with help from celebrities from Belgrade and the SEE region, to promote gastronomy offer of a certain area, because, according to him, many towns in the region have a lot to offer when it comes to gastronomy.

Special guests at the conference were the legendary Oliver Mlakar, who during the seventies and the eighties hosted a cult television show “Male tajne velikih majstora kuhinje” (“Little secrets by master chefs”), and Sava Vukojev, the famous chef who prepared meals and banquets for Josip Broz Tito and his distinguished guests. On this occasion, Sava Vukojev also promoted his book “Tito – fascinacije hedonizmom” (“Tito – fascinations by hedonism”). Amongst celebrities for whom Vukojev prepared food over the last ten years is also the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The panel where celebrities who take cooking as hobby spoke about their cooking skills and favourite food, drew much attention from the audience. This panel featured Jelena Bačić Alimpić, Vesna Da Vinča, Ivan Golušin, Đorđe Kortina, Milica Milša and Žarko Jokanović, whereas the moderator of this entertaining panel was Nataša Ilić.

President of the Zaječar Assembly Saša Mirković said that organizing such gastronomy event added to a tourist offer of the city, and the entire region of Timočka krajina. Mirković also welcomed Bojana Stamenov, Serbian representative at this year’s “Eurosong”, and singer Dijana Janković. On this occasion, the two of them anticipated a duet song in English, which would be released in near future.

After the city of Zaječar, throughout 2015 this event will be held in nine regional centres in Serbia, and negotiations with towns in former Yugoslav republics are currently underway. The next destination which this gastro caravan will visit is Novi Pazar.

March, 19th 2015

Sava Vukojev, Tito’s and Putin’s chef – special guest at “Jamie Gastro Day” on 31st of March in Zaječar!

Dinner for Moroccan king Hasan II, at the “Galeb” ship – prepared by Sava Vukojev “Color Press Group” starting from last October publishes “Jamie magazine” in Serbia and Croatia, licensed by the famous British chef Jamie Oliver. Within the activities of the magazine, with the aim to un-metropolise gastronomy and cultural events – the organizers are planning to hold “Jamie Gastro Day” in 9 regional centres throughout Serbia during 2015. The events will also be held in other countries belonging to the same region (Skoplje, Banjaluka, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Hvar, Budva and Ljubljana). A guest country to present its gastronomical and touristic potential will be Great Britain. The first “Jamie Gastro Day”, scheduled for 31st of March in Zaječar, alongside numerous celebrities, TV hosts, gastro-bloggers, chefs and winers, will include as a special guest the legendary Oliver Mlakar, host of the TV show “Male tajne velikih majstora kuhinje” (“Little secrets of master chefs”), which was broadcast during the ‘70s and ‘80s in the entire former Yugoslavia. Furthermore, participant at one of the panels will be Sava Vukojev, the legendary chef of Josip Broz Tito. From 1965 until 1979 Sava Vukojev was a permanent associate at the President of State’s cabinet, in charge of gastronomic specialties, especially in terms of banquet arrangements prepared for Josip Broz Tito, Jovanka Broz and their guests, distinguished people in the second half of the twentieth century. Among the celebrities for whom Vukojev cooked over the previous 10 years is also the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

March, 19th 2015

Regional leaders from the energy sector gather in Belgrade on March 26th!

In collaboration with companies from Serbian gas and energy sector, and under the supervision by Ministry of Energy and Mining in the Serbian Government, “Color Press Group” organizes the conference: Energy perspectives of the region. The conference will be held at Belgrade’s “Hyatt Regency” hotel on Thursday, 26th of March. At the conference opening, alongside Minister of Energy and Mining Aleksandar Antić, representatives of the EU delegation to Belgrade, and the Russian Federation’s Embassy will express their views on energy perspectives of Serbia and the region, whereas the view of the USA will be presented by Ana M. Bulos, an economy advisor at the US Embassy to Belgrade. The four panels will feature as topics impact of fall in oil price on energy perspectives in the region, the forthcoming re-structuring of the national gas company “Srbijagas”, comparison analysis South Stream vs. “Turkish Stream”, whereas Dušan Bajatović will talk to Jelica Putniković about geo-strategic implications of energy state of affairs in the region. The conference will gather representatives of energy companies from Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece. Programme of the conference is available at the following URL: The Economist – forum: Energetske perspektive regiona

March, 17th 2015

Ipsos Print Adex, February 2015: “Lepota i zdravlje” is the best-selling women’s monthly with over 350.000 readers!

According to data by SMMRI Print Adex by Ipsos agency, referring to February 2015 – out of 5 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes 3: “Blic žena” (620,321 readers), “Pošalji recept” (458,021), “Lepota i zdravlje” (356,790), “Bakina kujna” (287,358) and “Hrana i vino” (228,149). “Lepota i zdravlje” throughout this month was the best-selling women’s magazine with over 350.000 readers, whereas cooking editions published by “Color Press Group” had over 900.000 readers. Out of 30 best-selling magazines in Serbia, “Color Press Group” publishes 13, “Adria Media” 6, “Politika AD” – 3, “Novosti” and “Europa Press” 2 each, “Ringier” one, and other minor publishers one each.

March, 17th 2015

First cooking lesson within CPG & Metro cooking school has been held

The magic has begun! On Thursday, 12th of March, the first cooking lesson by CPG and Metro cooking school was held, entitled “Viva Italia”, where our participants had a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine from experts. In gorgeous ambience at Metro HoReCa Centre, they attended the presentation how to make gnocchi, sauces, while amazing pasta of various kinds left no-one indifferent. According to them, three hours passed really quickly, because they were actively engaged in cooking, received plenty of advice, and finally, accompanied by high-quality wines, enjoyed the fruits of their new experience coming to life.

Our next gathering is scheduled for March 20th, and we are sure that the topic “Chocolate desserts” will continue the magic we started!

If you wish to be a part of our school, and open entirely new cooking horizons, together with top class chefs, please submit an application HERE

The lessons are held at Metro HoReCa Centre at Vidikovac, 20 Ibarski put, from 18:00 until 21:00. The price is RSD 3.000 per lesson, and by applying for 4 courses, you are entitled to a discount amounting to RSD 10.000.

Take a look at the account of an adventure taken by our first participants:

February, 25th 2015

New lifestyle magazine: “Natural Living” has arrived

From today, you can find on newsstands the first issue of “Natural Living”, new lifestyle monthly on our market, published by “Color Press Group”.

In each issue, “Natural Living” will feature primarily “women’s” topics, such as nutrition, health, beauty, wellness and psychology, alongside unavoidable celebrity interviews.

– Our primary wish is for the readers to enjoy every day of their lives, learning when to slow down, and finally be happy – says Jasmina Ubiparip, Editor-in-Chief.

February, 11th 2015

ABC Srbija, December 2014: 11% rise in sales figures for “Bakina kujna” and “Torte i kolači” magazines!

According do data by ABC Srbija, in December 2014 the first position among daily newspapers was still held by the “Blic” with 106.924 averagely sold copies. On the second place there is the “Alo” with 84.329 averagely sold copies, whereas “Magyar szo” averagely sold 7.056 copies during this month. Daily newspapers “Novosti“, “Politika“, “Politikin žurnal“, “Dnevnik“, “Danas“, “Informer“, “Kurir“, “Naše Novine“ and “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit.

The best-selling print medium in Serbia is still “Pošalji recept“, published by “Color Press Group” with 174.298 sold copies, whereas on the second place there is “Torte i kolači“ with 133.632 copies. The third position is secured by “Blic žena“ with 130.571 sold copies. Magazines “Bakina kujna” and “Torte i kolači” registered a rise in sales figures of 11%! Throughout this month, among 25 best-selling magazines in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes 21, “Axel Springer Ringier” three, and “Nedeljnik” – one.

February, 7th 2015

The best May 1st holiday ever: Internet economy conference #NovaEnergija at Kopaonik!

From 29.04. until 03.05. a huge regional conference on internet economy entitled #NovaEnergija will be held (more information is available at the internet portal The conference is organized in cooperation with Zoran Torbica, who gathered over the previous years more than 2.000 participants at conferences “Tvitomanija” and “Blogomanija”. This year’s conference “Nova Energija” will be held at MK Mountain Resort at Kopaonik, involving over 1.000 participants from the entire region, 30 panels and presentations, many open-air activities and 4 parties at the “Grand” hotel.

A special section within the programme will be connected to sharing the Israeli experience, because that country in mid-‘80s developed its economy exactly by investing in people, education, knowledge and IT technology, and therefore from a tangerine exporter this country became 25. economy in the world (GDP per capita, IMF 2013). MK Mountain Resort offers to the participants daily half-board accommodation at the price of EUR 25 per person, which will additionally motivate many participants to spend the holidays in April-May enjoying attractive scenery at Kopaonik, surrounded by creative people from around the region.

Here you can find some of the programme details, and over the upcoming weeks we will publish more information at the Web portal

February, 5th 2015

Jamie & Metro cooking classes

If you had been at the HoReCa center of the “Metro Cash & Carry” yesterday, you would have thought that shooting of a top-class television show was taking place over there, featuring celebrity participants. In fact, you wouldn’t be that wrong, only that this was not the case of a TV show, but the first lesson of “Jamie & Metro” cooking school, presented by well-known and renewed chefs – Uroš Urošević and Jovica Jovičić, whereas the participants were celebrities such as sportsmen, musicians, TV announcers, actors, fashion experts…
Attached to the stove, we met Nenad Pagonis, world champion in kick boxing, and fashion designer IgorTodorović, who was brought back to his days in Italy by smells and tastes of Italian dishes, part of the first “lesson”. Milan Mumin, known for his skills as an amateur cook, was trying to further develop his knowledge, as well as Maja Odžaklijevska, Tanja Vojtehovska, Danijela Mladenović, Sanja Radan, Nemanja Velikić…

Nina Lečić was moving away from the stove from time to time, in order to give answers to numerous journalists, whereas the most frequent question was – what is the favourite food of her husband Leka and son Lav. Iva Štrljić was taking good care of each ingredient on her menu, but it did not prevent her from learning more about how to prepare top quality pasta. Each interesting event hides some absolutely unexpected guest in stock, which was proven this time, too. You would not expect from a fashion blogger Zorana to appear at the cooking lesson, however – she was listening carefully to what Jovica and Uroš had to say. We have already mentioned at the beginning that this was the first lesson of the “Jamie & Metro cooking classes”, whose participants will be able to get familiar with specialties, tastes and secrets of the most famous cuisines in the world.

Everyone who would like to take part, could submit their applications through the Web site and Facebook pages METRO Cash & Carry, HoReCa Center, and “Color Press Group”, or directly


January, 13th 2015

ABC Srbija, November 2014: Out of 25 best-selling magazines, CPG publishes as many as – 21!

According to data by ABC Srbija referring to November 2014, on the first place among daily newspapers there is still the “Blic” with averagely 102.298 sold copies. The “Alo” holds the second position with 80.049 averagely sold copies. Throughout the aforementioned month, “Magyar szo” averagely sold 6.738 copies. Daily newspapers “Novosti”, “Politika”, “Politikin žurnal“, “Dnevnik“, “Danas“, “Informer“, “Kurir“, “Naše Novine“ and “Sport“ are not included in the ABC audit. The best-selling print medium in Serbia is still “Pošalji recept”, published by “Color Press Group”, with 187.213 sold copies, whereas on the second place there is the magazine “Blic žena” with 138.408 copies. The third place is secured by “Torte i kolači“ with 118.397 sold copies. Yet again this month, “Bakina kujna“ registered a sale rise of whopping 18 %. Throughout this month, among 25 magazine bestsellers in Serbia – “Color Press Group” publishes 21, “Axel Springer Ringier” three, and “Nedeljnik” – one.


January, 6th 2015

December 2014: All-time record by “Color Press Group” Web portals!

Internet portals within “Color Press Group” in December registered all-time record, when it comes to number of visits and page views. Absolute record of overall number of loaded pages is 41.5 million (applications + portals), and 8.3 million visits. In addition, an absolute record at in terms of visits and loaded pages was recorded – 4.7 million visits, and 23.5 million loaded pages, with 10% rise in the number of unique users at In December, according to “Gemius” measuring, an increase of 120.000 unique visits was registered at The Android application had a 30% rise in number of users! (for the first time, over 7 million loaded pages). Most other portals by “Color Press Group” (see the chart for details) registered rise in comparison with the previous month. The portal kicked off 2015 with new design, significantly easier to view and adapted for reading on cell phones.


January, 6th 2015

The redesigned Web portal was launched

The redesigned Web portal was put up today!

On one place, you can read everything concerning your beauty and general health, but also the latest news from the celebrity world. The portal Lepota i zdravlje yet again this year informs, educates and grants prizes. Check out why we are leaders throughout the region.