Gemius, May 2023: Six CPG Portals Among the Top 30 Most Read in Serbia.

According to Gemius data for the period from May 1, 2023, to May 31, 2023, out of the top 30 most visited portals in Serbia, an impressive six belong to the Color Press Group. These include (1,197,360 readers), (1,148,496), (1,141,152), (1,064,352), (784,656), and (516,624).

The top positions in the rankings remain unchanged, with (3,639,600) holding the first place, followed by (3,412,656) in second place, and (3,392,928) in third place.

When it comes to publishers, or media owners, in the top 30 rankings, Adria Media has four portals (,,, and; United Media has three portals (,, and; Ringier has two portals ( and; Novosti has two portals ( and, while other publishers have one representative each.

For detailed information on the readership of portals in Serbia, you can refer to the following link: