The 15th anniversary of Ubavina&Zdravja marked with the most desirable party in town

May 1st is a date that will remain etched in the memory of the 800 guests who attended the birthday celebration of Beauty and Health for a long time.

The most desirable lifestyle magazine in the region, Beauty and health in the Macedonian version of Ubavina i zdravje, celebrated its 15th birthday with friends, associates, colleagues, jet setters and celebrities.

On Wednesday, the PURE discotheque in the City Park of the Macedonian capital was the epicenter of one of the most beautiful celebrations in the city, which was attended by a large number of guests, who danced to great music and had a great time.

The general sponsor of the event was Mentos, who made sure that the guests stayed fresh until late into the night, as long as the Yes to fresh party lasted, which followed the official part, during which 13 awards were presented to humane people and socially responsible companies.

Catrice, which was the silver partner of the party, promoted all the latest makeup trends at its stand in the experience zone, and the dermocosmetic brand CeraVe provided guests with the opportunity to try their requested products.

Revalid®, a well-known Swiss brand of products for healthy hair and a good friend of “Beauty and Beauty”, offered guests a new, complete approach to solving hair problems at its stand in the experience zone.

The birthday celebration was supported by Dreem Creem – Enisa Kadri, a new innovative, luxurious face cream that will soon be available to consumers in Macedonia.

The organizers especially thanked their friends Kromberg & Schubert and the construction company ZSF for their support of this important jubilee.

Over the years, we also founded the U&Z AWARDS project, through which we show respect and attention to people or highlight products that deserve attention. And it is at our birthday celebrations that the U&Z awards go to good people. For their good, big or small humanitarian deeds, which is why they are really special to us, pointed out the chief and responsible editor of Ubavina I zdravdja Jovana Stojmenović.

Socially responsible companies and humanitarians and activists who by their example encourage us to dare to do a good deed ourselves are: A1 Makedonija, Eurofarm, Skopje Brewery, University of Skopje, Wholesaler Septima for the Vichi brand, Dr. Gorica Davčevska, Maksim Kaeski, Orce Gjorgjievski , the TV show “Srce na dlana”, Leon and Slađana Vasileski, the Association of Persons with Cerebral Palsy and Other Disabilities – Veles, the musical duo DNK – Pančo and Andrej and Lila Filipovska.

The awards ceremony was followed by the YES TO FRESH party with the support of the general sponsor Mentos, which was opened by the Brass Brothers.

The second part of the party was led by DJ Boogieman, with a fire show by Robi Rej’s LED robot.