Color Press Group company, today the greatest magazine publisher in the region, originated from the monthly student magazine Index, the publication of which was renewed in January 1992 by Robert Čoban, Velibor Đurović and some other students of Novi Sad University. After only two issues, in April 1992, the entire editorial was replaced because of the editorial policy which was not in agreement with the contemporary regime orientated Student Union. Two months later, Index staff started Index Independent in association with their colleagues from The Association of Independent Journalists of Vojvodina. In September 1992, the journalists from Index abandoned the project and started Novi Sad Index because of the different views on the further magazine development. A year later, the magazine changed its name into Svet (The World). The magazine survived the years of hyperinflation by developing its own distribution and by starting the advertisement magazine Svet nekretnina (The World of Real Estate), as well as by means of modest donations in newsprint provided by the Open Society Fund and the European Union.

1994 – 1995

Svet (The World) became biweekly newspaper and was focused mainly on politics, war in the region (Bosnia and Croatia) and crime growth in Serbia. The circulation ranged from 3,000 to 10,000 copies and the magazine was still printed by printing house Forum in Novi Sad.

1996 – 1999

By being transferred to the printing house Borba in Belgrade, the magazine changed its format to tabloid (previosly it was in berliner format) and there was a gradual shift in concept as well, since it became a magazine focused on entertainment, celebrity lifestyles, publishing also some of the first paparazzo photographs in the history of Serbian publishing. In the following years, as a part of the publishing house Svet Press (The World Press), the following editions have been started: Zona (The Zone), Moja tajna (My Secret), Moja romansa (My Romance), Moje srce, (My Heart) and also Teen Story, the first magazine which was printed abroad (Revai Nyomda, Budapest) on glossy paper.

In December 1996, in cooperation with the Open Society Fund, a special edition of Svet was published, dedicated to the crime growth in Serbia and the police torture over citizens in Serbia.

At the beginning of NATO bombing, the magazines were not issued only for a few days, and in April 1999 the complete production was continued, however with a reduced number of pages and material adapted to the new circumstances. The first two enigmatic magazines were started at the time – Skandi svet and Sfinga (The Sphynx). In the months following NATO bombing, culinary magazines Tajne kuhinje (Kitchen Secrets) and Slatke tajne (Sweet Secrets) were also started. However, unlike the rest of the magazines listed so far, they are no longer being published.

In August 1999, Svet Press (The World Press) established the first daughter company in the region called Svet print (The World Print) in Banjaluka. Four months later, another company was established in Podgorica (Monte Color). In 1999, at Frankfurt book fair, Svet Press (The World Press) concluded its first licence contract and started the publishing of the British children’s magazine Junior, which is still being published today.

2000 – 2001

At the beginning of the new millenium, Svet press (The World Press) starts several of its own brands such as monthly magazine Lepota i zdravlje (Health and Beauty) (monthly women’s glossy magazine with the highest circulation in Serbia up to today), Moja beba (My Baby) and the great variety of enigmatic magazines and love stories. A company in Sarajevo was also established. Its basic publication, Svet (The World) magazine, still a biweekly newspaper, increased the number of colour pages and introduced glossy covers which resulted in the incredible rise in circulation – a New Year’s edition from December 2001 was published in 250,000 copies. By the end of the year, European issue of Svet (The World) magazine was started and the company Svet Verlag with headquarters in Hamburg was established as well.

2002 – 2003

In the summer of 2002, negotiations with the German company Heinrich Bauer Verlag from Hamburg were started, which at the end of the year resulted in the publishing of Bravo, teenage biweekly magazine with the highest circulation in Europe. At the same time, at the party celebrating ten years of our company held in Hyatt hotel in Belgrade, we introduced magazines Joy and Lea. Joy, the first women’s monthly licenced magazine in Serbia which was started in cooperation with Swiss company Marquard Media AG, still has the highest circulation in this sector. Biweekly magazine Lea is not being published anymore.

During 2003, the first licence male magazine in Serbia, CKM, was started, also in cooperation with Marquard Media AG as well as Bravo Girl, a monthly magazine for teenage girls. The publication of popular comic book Alan Ford was also renewed by our company, by obtaining a licence from Italian company Max Bunker. Companies in Macedonia and Croatia were also established. A small printing house was founded, which published only crossword puzzles and love stories at the beginning. Today, printing house Color Print, as a part of Color Press Group, publishes over 2,000,000 magazine copies from our portfolio.

2004 – 2006

Company had a dynamic development, starting several dozens of new domestic and licenced editions in Serbia and in the region: TV Novele (TV Novellas), Bravo ScreenFun, FHM, Auto Start, Brava Casa, Lekovito Bilje (Medicinal plants), Astro, Mobi and a large number of children’s, enigmatic and love magazines. In association with Video Top company from Maribor, Color Press Group established JV companies in Slovenia and Croatia, which jointly publish Bravo, Brava Casa, FHM, Lepota i Zdravlje (L&Z), as well as other numerous love story and children’s publications.

2007 – 2008

In January 2007, a party celebrating 15 years of the company (dated from the first issue of „Index“) and the 500th issue of „Svet“ magazine was held at „MB Brewery“ for 1,200 employees and guests. It was also the occasion for filming a five-minute promo-clip about company history, and a special edition of „Svet“ magazine was also published celebrating the jubilee.

On July 19, 2007, a launch party at Beli dvor (Serbian royal residence) celebrated the first issue of „Hello!“ magazine, the most famous and the oldest celebrity magazine (Spanish Hola! was founded in 1944). A variety of magazines were first issued in 2007 as well: a specialized magazine „Moja kosa“ (the license of „My hair“), a monthly magazine with high circulation „Top zdravlje“, magazines „Kuhinjica“ and „Dobra hrana“ (in cooperation with a production company „Skorpion“), Bauer’s biweekly female magazine „Tina“, the publication of Burda, „Moje dete“ and specialized bimonthly magazine „Beauty Expert“.

A company „Color Universal“ was registered in Belgrade, and it includes magazines „Svet“, „Hello!“ and „L’Officiel“.

In June 2008, „Hello!“ magazine which used to be a biweekly magazine started to be issued weekly, and CPG received a prestigious „June Award“ from the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Novi Sad.

CPG had a record circulation (2,930,574 citizens in Serbia) (SMMRI). In the region, after the issues of „Lepota i zdravlje“ for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia had been released, the Macedonian (May) and Croatian (July) issue were also published. In July, the circulation of „Lepota i zdravlje“ in Bosnia reached more than 31,000 copies, which is an absolute record in this country as well.

The project „Lepota i zdravlje“ will go international this year at the fair of magazine licenses in Moscow (organized by FIPP). Namely, for the first time CPG will offer one of its licenses at the international market.

Today, „Color Press Group“ publishes 84 magazines in Serbia and the countries in the region with total monthly circulation of over 2,000,000 copies and annual income of 20 million euros.

Out of 12 magazines with the highest circulation in Serbia in 2007, CPG published six magazines (SMMRI). In 2007, CPG published a weekly magazine with the highest circulation in Serbia (Svet), biweekly (Bravo) and a monthly magazine (Top zdravlje) (ABC Srbija).

CPG includes „daughter companies“ from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia as well as correspondence offices in Frankfurt, Wien, Basel, Paris and many other European cities. CPG has over 350 permanent employees and approximately 150 part-time associates.

In September 2008, company headquarters in Novi Sad were relocated to a new commercial building (owned by CPG) in Temerinska street, for the first time in 16 years.

This year, in December, a party celebrating the 600th issue of Svet magazine and the launch of regional portal which became the most popular showbiz portal in the region within a couple of months, took place in Rich club in Belgrade.

2009 – 2010

In the first quarter of 2009, when the economic crisis had already swept through all the sections of society, and affected the media industry as well, CPG is the only publisher among the great publishers in Serbia that recorded the rise in advertising income amounting to 33%.

Recession, however, forced us to close down several magazines, such as “Moje dete” (My Child), “Pony”, “Lepe princeze” (Pretty Princesses) and “Junior”, and to make FHM and Bravo Girl threemonthy magazines.

In the first half of this year, we launched the sixth regional issue of our most successful magazine brand, “Ljepota i zdravlje” (Beauty and Health), a Montenegrin issue, and female lifestyle portal

The end of 2010 was marked by the take-over of Italian fashion magazine “Grazia” in Croatia as per license of publishing house “Mondadori”. Internet portal was also launched and this year, apart   from the Serbian edition, a Croatian edition of The Economist yearbook “The World in 2011” was published including the licensed quarterly magazine “Perfect Wedding” (“Savršeno venčanje”).


In the first months of 2011, we launched the Bosnian, Croatian and Macedonian edition of magazine “Send the recipe” (“Pošalji recept”). In Serbia, new interactive magazines “Mother’s School” (“Mamina škola”) and “My Story” (“Moja priča”) were also published.

By the end of the year, circulation figure of the Serbian edition of “Pošalji recept” magazine rose up to 300.000 sold copies, and we launched special editions in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia.

Following successful take-over of the Italian fashion magazine “Grazia” in Croatia, CPG was granted a licence for this brand in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia as well, and therefore during September and October, “Grazia” editions were launched in these two countries.

Furthermore, in 2011 we launched the Serbian version of the British celebrity magazine “Star”, as well as the Web portal According to data by ABC Srbija, Color Press Group had 8 out of 10 most sold magazines in Serbia at the end of this year.


In June, CPG signed a contract with the Serbian Olympic Committee on partnership in the new Olympic cycle as well – until the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, scheduled for 2016.

Weeklies “Scandal!” and “Star” with new prices, this summer broke the sales records. For almost two years neither Serbian celebrity weekly managed to reach the circulation over 100.000 copies. The “Scandal!”, issue number 427, which hit the newsstands on July, 30th this year, again crossed the “magic line”. Overall, circulation sold from the aforementioned issue of the “Scandal!” weekly, was 106.942 copies – 88.305 in Serbia, 12.085 in Bosnia-Herzegovina and 6.552 in Montenegro. During the same week, the magazine “Star” broke the previous sales records: the issue number 20, which hit the newsstands on August, 2nd, was sold in 67.131 copies (59.332 Serbia, 5.764 Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2.035 Montenegro).
In November 2012, Color Press Group organized a reception at the hotel “Hyatt” to mark twenty years of business and 800. issue of the “Svet” magazine. In the same month, at the White Palace, traditional “Hello! Person of the Year” awards were granted.

In December, our magazines JOY and Bravo celebrated their 10. birthdays, at parties organized at clubs “Sova” and “Plastic”.

With a promotion at Belgrade’s hotel “Hyatt”, a new edition of the magazine “The Economist: The World in 2013” was publicised.


A big-scale conference of the magazine “Lepota i zdravlje”, entitled “Pro Femine 2013”, which was held on April, 4th at the “Hyatt Regency” hotel, marked the beginning of this year.

In March 2013 an Android application for the Web portal was launched, and the School for journalists and editors at CPG was restarted.

In June, at Salaš 137, a huge regional conference of CPG cooking magazines was held, entitled “Food Talk 2013”. During the same month, the magazine “Star” organized its first “Star Summer Party” at “Bašta kod Juge”, and a month later, the “Lepota i zdravlje” magazine organized a big “Sunset Party” at the beach Purobeach, located within Porto Montenegro in Montenegro. Color Press Group was one of the founders of the National Association of Newspaper and Magazine Publishers, which was founded in June in Belgrade.

Fall has brought new projects, celebrations and conferences to CPG: “Food & Wine Chat ” at the Tourism Fair , ” Roundtable Pro Femina : Women’s Health in Focus” ( Hyatt Regency ) , ” Teen Talk 2013 ” (Dom Omladine), After Work Party at 54th October Salon , “Svet and Style Shopping Weekend” in TC  Usce…
This year’s award Hello Awards at the “Beli dvor” (White Palace) was the most glamorous so far with a number of celebrities from the region.

In November, the CPG and its partners organized a humanitarian action ” Clandestino ” to help centers for asylum seekers in Bogovadja and Banja Koviljaca thus shown that Serbia has another less xenophobic side.

In mid-December, conference, ” The Economist : The World in 2014″ at the Hyatt Regency Hotel has been held which was attended by some of the most prominent economists, analysts and entrepreneurs from the region such as Kori Udovicki , Miodrag Kostc, Nikola Altiparmakov, Dusan Pavlovic and others.

CPG have completed year with a series of corporate and CSR actions from “Beauty Weekend” in the “Decije selo” (Children’s Village) in collaboration with L’ Oréal and visits to homeless shelters in Futog and visit to Elderly care center “Liman”.
At the reception in the “Spomen zbirka Pavla Beljanskog” (Memorial collection of Pavle Beljanski) diploma’s for graduation in CPG School for editors and journalists were awarded.

Employees have ended the year with a series of celebrations – from karaoke parties to Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra concert in the SNP.

End of the year, CPG finished as the leading magazine publisher in the region: according to ABC Serbia data from 20 magazines with highest circulation in Serbia, – CPG issues 15!
In addition to that record has been achieved with internet portals CPG – by the end of 2013 there were 12, including two android applications. The total number of visits in November 2013 was 8.8 million.


“Color Press Group” this year continues to modernize all media platforms it deals with. We have launched several new magazines: “Hausbau”, “Heklanje”, “Modelina”, “Bakina kujna”, “Jamie”…

Our redesigned internet portals register increase in the number of visits, which is currently over 9 million per month. When it comes to organizing conferences and other events in 2014, in addition to conferences in 2013 (Pro Femina, Food Talk, Teen Talk…), CPG organized many new ones: Baby Friendly, Formulas for slenderness and health, Coca Cola Bike Challenge, #Digital 2014, Brava Casa Design Awards…

The project “Maxi Housewife of the Month” from September is held not only in Novi Sad but also in Niš. Furthermore, we have organized many charity activities – from those regular ones at Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, and at Home for Disabled Children and Youths in Veternik, to helping people afflicted by floods (furniture procurement in collaboration with partners) and supervising activities organized by the Charity Foundation “Novi Beograd”. The “Hello” in its issues dated 14th and 21st of July featured global exclusive – photographs from Novak Đoković’s wedding, which led to multiple increase in circulation, rating and number of pages devoted to advertising.

In September last year, CPG company held Digital 2014 conference, which gathered media and telecommunication leaders from the whole region. In the same month, CPG company held two other events: the very first handing of the Brava Casa Design awards and action „Milan Konjović: One painter, 10 photographers – 20 pieces of art“ at the Galery Sava Šumanović in Šid.

The first licenced issues of well-known „Jamie“ magazine were printed in Serbia and Croatia.

In the conference and events segment of CPG company, there were traditionally conferences „Teen Talk“, „Food Talk“, „The Economist“ and „Hello Awards“.
In November last year, CPG organised celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first album of the band Bjelo Dugme.


This year CPG started up many new magazines: „Bella Casa“, „Joga“, „Dekupaž“, „Vegetariana“, „Bašta i vrt“, „Bio Magazin“, „Heklanje“, „Štrikanje“, „Kukičanje“, „Tašne“, „Garderobica“, „To je Italija“…

Apart from traditional events, such as „Pro Femina“, „Food Talk“, „NS Bike Weekend“, „Baby Frinedly“, „Puzijada“ etc,  many brend new events were held in the first half of this year. They include: great conference „Nova energija“, CSR Serbia, „King’s Day“, „Lepota & Zdravlje“ and Coca Cola Marathon at Fruška Gora, „Jamie Gastro Day“ in Zaječar. „Teen Talk“ conference was held in Novi Sad for the first time.

CPG starte up portals and

In the second half of the year, “Food Talk“ in FYRO Macedonia was held for the first time, as well as the conference “Porodične firme“ (“Family businesses“) and the award ceremony for the “Brava Casa Design Awards“ in Belgrade.

In collaboration with the Embassy of Great Britain, in five Serbian towns, the event “Food Is Great“ was held, with the objective to promote the British food, as well as uniqueness of local types of cuisine in Serbia. In cooperation with “Serbia Fashion Week“ and “Mercator“, we organized the event “Designers Christmas Tree“ for the first time.

This year’s “The Economist“ conference was opened by the Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, whereas the award ceremony for humanitarian activities, entitled “Hello! Awards“ was opened by the Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojković.


In February, in collaboration with the Polish Embassy, Novi Sad hosted the exhibition entitled “Plakati ‘Solidarnosti’ 1981.-1989.“ (“Posters of ““Solidarity“ 1981-1989“). During the entire year, all along until the beginning of the Olympic Games, in collaboration with the Olympic Committee of Serbia, the bank “Vojvođanska banka“ and the “Stadion“ Shopping Mall, we organized the event entitled “Odbrojavamo do Rija“ (“Countdown to Rio“).

In March, our first magazine in English was launched, with the title “Diplomacy & Commerce“. The launch party was held in the Residence of the United Kingdom’s Ambassador.

For the first time, the conferences “Auto Forum“ and “Serbia Goes Green“ were held.

In May this year, “Color Press Group“ assumed “Gloria“ weekly magazine, thus expanding its portfolio of celebrity weeklies to five magazines (“Svet“,“Scandal“,“Star“, “Hello! “ and “Gloria“). To mark the addition of “Gloria“ to “Color Press Group“ portfolio, a celebration party entitled “Roman Holiday Party“ was held in the King Petar’s House in Belgrade, following the spirit of the “Roman Holiday“ movie…

During the same month, the special edition entitled “Hello! Travel: Budva” was published. This year, the conferences “Pro Femina“, “Moja kravica Food Talk“, “CSR Srbija“, “Book Talk“, and “Digital“ were held again.

For the first time, we organized the conference “Check – In”, devoted to trends in the hotel business.

Over the last weekend in October, the first “Novi Sad October Fest” was held. It gathered more than 15.000 people for the duration of two days.

In November, the special edition entitled “Hello! Travel: Skijališta Srbije” (“Hello! Travel: Serbian Ski Resorts”) was published, whereas “Ruski doktor” magazine in a matter of few months since its launch managed to become one of the Top five best-selling magazines in Serbia.

In cooperation with “Sakuraban”, we organized the first mutual “Beokon”. On December, 1st at Liberty Square in Novi Sad the event entitled “Novi Sad’s Winter Fest” was opened. It lasted for two whole months.

“Hello! Party” this year returned to the White Palace. The Serbian Parliament Speaker Maja Gojković, Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, and ministers Ana Brnabić and Aleksandar Vulin, addressed the audience at the opening of “The Economist” conference.


After the “Novi Sad Winter Fest”- on February, 2nd Liberty Square hosted the event entitled “Festival ljubavi” (“Love Fest”). From April, 27th until May, 27th the festival of national cuisines entitled “Food Planet” was organized on the same place.

In May, the “Color Press Group” company signed the agreement with the “Burda” company in order to assume “Lisa Moj Stan” magazine for the territory of Serbia and Croatia.

In May, the special edition “Hello! Travel: Montenegro” hit the newsstands.

Traditional conferences and events “Pro Femina“,“Moja kravica Food Talk“, CSR Srbija, “Serbia Goes Green“ were held, as well as “Lepota i zdravlje” path on the Fruška Gora marathon, “NS Bike Weekend” and “Auto Forum”.

“Color Press Group” assumed the control of “Story” weekly in May this year. In the beginning of June, the first “Štrand Summer Fest” was opened at Novi Sad’s river shore “Štrand”.

In July this year, in Serbia and Croatia, “Color Press Group” re-launched publishing of “Lisa Moj Stan” magazine, for which the previous publisher had lost the license six months before. In the same month, at the White Palace, the tenth birthday of the Serbian version of “Hello!” magazine was celebrated. In September, the “Digital” conference again gathered in Belgrade approximately seven hundred professionals from the fields of telecommunications, media, marketing and advertising – from around the region. During the same month, the first issue of “Bakini saveti” magazine was published. The conference #BookTalk2018 – which took place towards the end of September, gathered writers and publishers from the entire South East Europe region. Near the end of September, a book entitled “Izgubljeni u ravnici” (“Lost in the Plains”) by Žikica Milošević was set on sale and promoted in many towns and villages in Vojvodina. In collaboration with the UNDP and the Novi Sad City Assembly, we organized the conference “Creation of digital local self-rule units”.

In October, another “Novosadski Oktoberfest” was held in Novi Sad. For the course of two days, it gathered more than 15.000 fans of beer, Bavarian sausages and good music.

This year, the second “Novosadski Winterfest” was held, and it lasted from November, 21 st until December, 30 th .


In January this year the event entitled “Božićno seoce kod Hrama” (“Christmas Village at the Church”), was held, in collaboration with the Saint Sava’s Church and the City of Belgrade.
During the spring, new magazines “Kineski lekar” (“Chinese Doctor”) and “Ruski eliksir” (“Russian Elixir”) were launched.
Throughout this year, we published four editions from the “Hello! Travel” series, namely – “Zlatibor”, “Vojvodina”, “Srbija (active holiday)” and “Jahorina”. We promoted the magazine “Hello! Travel: Vojvodina” by organizing an exclusive ride for ambassadors and media representatives on Tito’s “Plavi voz” (“Blue Train”) from Belgrade to Sremski Karlovci and back.
In May this year we published the magazine “Daily Mirror: Prince Harry & Princess Meghan Wedding Issue”, and organized the magazine promotion and live broadcast of the wedding ceremony, which took place in London, in the House of King Petar I.
Towards the end of May, we renewed brotherhood relations between Montmartre and Skadarlija from 1977, and organized “Days of Montmartre at Skadarlija”.
In September, we published the Serbian edition of an autobiography by the Russian princess Olga Romanov: “A wild and barefoot Romanov”, and organized “The Russian Imperial Party” in the House of King Petar I. Princess Olga attended the event.
During the same month, we organized the first “Octoberfest Montenegro” in Budva, which was opened by Robert Weber, the German Ambassador to Montenegro.
In October, for the first time the event entitled “Čarde i bande” was held in Novi Sad, whereas in November, the event “November Fest” – a festival which praises sausages and cracklings, took place at the Novi Sad Fair.
Under the patronage of the Republic of Serbia Parliament Speaker, the campaign “Niste sami!” (“You are not alone”) was held. Its objective was to prevent stigma around young people with mental health issues.
Towards the end of November, in collaboration with the cabinet of Nenad Popović, Minister without portfolio in charge of innovations, the first “Innovation Talk” was held, attended by eight hundred people and held in the “Kombank Arena”.
In Novi Sad’s “Sheraton” hotel, a lunch entitled “Women in Business, Media & Culture” was held, gathering fifty influential women and fifty best female students who are interested to engage in these professions.
For the first time, we organized the event “Walking Dinner with Mayor of Novi Sad”, when ten ambassadors from Belgrade walked through the city led by guides. They had their appetizer in “Atina”, the main course in “Lazin salaš”, and the dessert in the city’s oldest cake shop “City”.
In December, “Color Press Group” assumed the “Auto Bild” magazine, making it its jubilar 100th edition in its portfolio.
During this year, traditional conferences and festivals were held on a regular basis: “Pro Femina”, “Food Planet”, “Book Talk”, “Food Talk”, “Novosadski Oktoberfest”, “Novosadski Winterfest”, “The Economist: The World in 2019” and others.


This year saw the launch of the magazines “War History”, “Škola za šivenje na mašini” (“School of machine sewing”), and “La Cucina Italiana”, the first licensed magazine from the “Conde Nest” company in Serbia.
This year, the conference entitled “Vojvodina in 2019” was held in the Vojvodina’s Assembly.
The “Diplomacy & Commerce” magazine launched its edition for Austria (in February) and Slovenia (in September).
The projects “Izbor za najlepšu baštu Novog Sada” (“The most beautiful garden of Novi Sad Selection”) and “Izbor za najlepši maturski tablo Novog Sada” (“The most beautiful graduation tablo of Novi Sad Selection”) were carried out.
Furthermore, we launched two national campaigns – “Žene žive i na selu” (“Women live in villages, too”), under the patronage of the Republic of Serbia National Parliament, and “Osobe sa invaliditetom koje su menjale svet” (“People with disability who changed the world”), in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Veteran and Social Affairs.
During this year, we published three editions from the “Hello! Travel” series: “Zagreb”, “Boka” and “Vrnjačka Banja”.
With “Long table of Graz” in mind as an example, we organized a charity dinner “Večera
kod Miletića” (“Dinner at Miletić’s”), under the open sky, at Novi Sad’s Liberty Square.
The regular conferences “Pro Femina” (for the seventh time), “Food Talk” (for the seventh time), “Digital” (for the sixth time), “Book Talk” (for the fifth time), as well as the festivals “Food Planet”, “Festival ljubavi” (“Love Fest”), “Božićno seoce kod Hrama” (“Christmas Village at the Church”), were held…