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December 29, 2008

Bravacasa brakes all the records

Bravacasa brakes all the recordsAccording to the latest research of Strategic Marketing, Brava Casa magazine has achieved circulation of 212,460 readers, more than any Home&Garden magazine in Serbia ever.

According to the data of Strategic Marketing, December issue of Brava Casa published by Color Press Group has beaten all previous records by exceeding the “magic limit” of 200,000 readers, which has never been achieved by any Home&Garden magazine in Serbia. In December 2008, Brava Casa also made it to the top ten magazines with the highest circulation in Serbia. Out of 212,460 readers, two thirds (152,941) are women, and one third (59,519) are men.

The majority of readers lives in cities and has high school or university education. This is a particularly great success for Brava Casa, especially because two rival magazines have just appeared at the market – Casa Viva and Elle Décor.

December 24, 2008

“Ljepota i zdravlje” (Health and Beauty) – after only four issues made it to the list of top ten monthly magazines in Croatia!

'Ljepota i zdravlje' posle samo četiri broja ušla među 10 najčitanijih mesečnika u Hrvatskoj! “Ljepota i zdravlje”, which has been published in Croatia since July 2008 by Color Press Group, made it to the top ten list after only four issues. With 4.2 rating, according to the research of Media Puls agency in November, the only agency that regularly follows the rating of printed magazines in Croatia, “Ljepota i zdravlje” reached the ninth position, and thus came ahead of similar magazines which have been present at the Croatian market for a number of years, such as Grazia, JOY, The Best Shop, Elle, Sensa, Vita… “Ljepota i zdravlje” is mainly read by women, as is the case with markets in other countries (rating among female population reaches 7.2 %). According to this research, the most readers are between 20 and 39 of age, the most have an income ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 kunas and live in a city with a population of more than 100,000.

Reminder: “Ljepota i zdravlje” has been the top monthly magazine for the past seven years, and Macedonian issue “Ubavina i zdravje” reached the same status two months ago. “Ljepota i zdravlje” in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been a top magazine among all the magazines in the country, while Slovenian edition “L&Z” also belongs to one of the top five monthly magazines.

With such rating in five out of six republics of ex-Yugoslavia (Montenegrin issue will be launched in spring), “Lepota i zdravlje” became the most widely read and the magazine with the highest circulation in the region.

December 19, 2008

600th issue of “Svet” magazine

With a fabulous party in “RICH” club in Belgrade, in the company of the greatest stars of Serbian show business, “Svet” magazine celebrated its 600th issue.

Many will remember December 17 for a fabulous party of “Svet” magazine organized in “RICH” club in Belgrade as a celebration of its 600th issue. The latest interactive edition of internet portal of “Svet” magazine was also launched on the occasion (, and has attracted a record number of visitors in a short period of time. 

Numerous guests were greeted by the editorial team of “Svet” magazine: Nikola Golubovic, Sasa Tosic i Vesna Milanovic as well as by the company president Robert Coban and the director of „Color Media Universal“, Sreten Radovic. The biggest stars in the region such as Svetlana Raznatovic, Jelena Karleusa, Seka Aleksic, as well as the guests from the region like „croatian soap opera king“ Roman Majetic , wished the editorial staff of „Svet“ to remain the most popular tabloid in the following period on the territory stretching „from Vardar to Triglav“ (the territory of former Yugoslavia).

Having wished guests good time on behalf of CPG, the director of corporate communications, Milica Milic, thanked all the readers and advertisers of this tabloid, with a special thanks to the celebrities which appear in „Svet“. After the official part of the programme, Darko Radovanovic took care of music, as well as the great atmosphere which improved with every new song. Good atmosphere attracted the guests, so the most popular singers took turns at the microphone, and the youngest singers broke the ice. The contestants of the popular „Operation Triumph“, who came to our party straight from the academy, started singing first, and were followed by Dado Polumenta, Indy, Goca Bozinovska, Mia, Neda Ukraden and many others. The editorial staff of „Svet“ blew the candles on a big birthday cake at midnight and thanked all the people who supported this weekly magazine in the last 17 years. At the same time, the visitors to the new internet portal,, were able to feel a part of the atmosphere, by looking at the pictures and reading the text.

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December 15, 2008

The new outline of “Moja kosa” (My Hair) magazine

Moja kosaStarting from January 2009, readers of top magazine for stylish hairstyles “Moja kosa” (My Hair) will be able to enjoy the new outline of this popular magazine.

New luxurious and modern design will provide a much more attractive look to this publication, while its content will be enriched by abundant advice and suggestions about the best hair care products.

The new, redesigned issue of “Moja kosa” (My Hair) magazine, with a new logo and in a new format, will be available at the newsstands starting from January 2009.

December 10, 2008

The editor of the Serbian edition of FHM at a conference in Thailand

November 17-21, 2008

FHM KONFERENCIJA Editors from 34 countries in which FHM is published, held a fourth conference in Phuket in JW Marriott Hotel at the end of November.

The representative of Serbia was Momir Borocki, the editor of Serbian edition of FHM. The publishing leaders in the domain of male magazines had the opportunity to reveal information concerning the specifics of their issues, markets, as well as their international experiences.

“The topics of the conference, ranging from the problems of the small markets such as the Estonian (total population 2 million) to the brilliant examples of fighting censorship in Singapore, have confirmed our belief that we are all an integral part of a rapidly developing world and that our contribution is considerable”, Momir Borocki said. He returned from Thailand only a day after the start of the blockade at Bangkok Airport. Also, FHM Collection, which was launched by the Serbian edition of FHM this year, has been elected as the best innovative project in FHM network in 2008. 

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December 5, 2008

“Teen addition” of “Bravo” magazine starts in “Novosti”

“Teen addition” of “Bravo” magazine starts in “Novosti” As a result of cooperation of the two companies, “Novosti” and “Color Press Group” starting from December 6, a regular teen addition will be issued in “Novosti”. The addition is edited by the editors of the three teenage magazines with the highest circulation in Serbia: Bravo, Bravo Girl and Bravo Screen Fun, under the licence of “Bauer Verlag” from Hamburg, and issued by “Color Press Group”.

Teenage addition issued on Saturdays will cover the scene of teen music and films, then deal with topics and dilemmas girls (readers of “Bravo Girl”) usually have, such as fashion, love and the like, and finally, present the latest video, internet and PC games for boys from “Bravo” magazine.

November 28, 2008

„Svet“ and „Ubavina i zdravlje“ – two magazines with the highest circulation in Macedonia

'Svet' i 'Ubavina i zdravje'The latest research results of the survey conducted by „Strategic Marketing“ in Macedonia between October 1, 2008 and October 31, 2008, reveal that the two magazines published by „Color Media“, the member of „Color Press Group“ ( are positioned at the top of the list.

Macedonian issue of „Svet“ magazine is first with rating of 6,47, while monthly magazine „Ubavina i zdravlje“ (the issue of „Lepota i zdravlje“ in Macedonian) is second with rating of 5,92. Our two magazines are followed by „Hrana i vino“ with 4,94, „Fokus“ (3,3) and „Oglasnik M“ (1,98)

November 27, 2008

Licensed magazine “Armband Uhren”

Coming up from December 15 – a new issue of CPG

Ručni satoviUnder the licence of the German company Heel Verlag GmbH, from the middle of December our company will launch the new magazine entitled “Rucni satovi“ (original title “Armband Uhren”).

Magazine will be published quarterly (four times a year) at the price of 200 dinars and will feature the news from the world scene of wrist watches and jewellery.

The first issue features a special jubilee of one of the greatest brands at the wrist watches market – a centenary of “Rolex”. Readers may find out why black and white are still an absolute must have when it comes to wrist watches in the “Trends” column.

November 25, 2008

Out of five most read magazines – three CPG issues

Ratings of magazines in Serbia in October 2008 (SMMRI)

Vesna MilanovićVesna MilanovićVesna MilanovićAccording to the research results of magazine ratings in Serbia in October 2008, the first was “Blic žena“ with 14.5 rating, followed by the three magazines of CPG publishing company, „Lepota i zdravlje“ read by 385.066 Serbian citizens (7.1), „Svet“ (322.036) and „Bravo“ (300.423), and „Gloria“ (248.132) 

Apart from the three abovementioned magazines, Color Press Group has the following titles in the range of „above 100,000 readers“: CKM, „Moja beba“, „Kuhinjica“, JOY, „Bravacasa“ and „Top zdravlje“. 

CPG magazines have higher total circulation than magazines of the second rated Ringier and the third rated Adria Media publisher

November 3, 2008

Vesna Milanovic as reinforcement to the “Svet” magazine team

Vesna MilanovićVesna Milanovic, one of the best journalist from Belgrade who covers show business and who, until recently, was the editor of the celebrity column in “Gazeta”. After this daily newspaper ceased to be published, she joined the editorial team of “Svet” magazine. Vesna has also worked in the “Ekskluziv”, “Nedeljni telegraf” and “Kurir”.

On occasion of joining the Serbian tabloid with the highest circulation, she said: “It is a great pleasure to be a part of the team who, in my opinion, creates the most prestigious Serbian weekly magazine with the highest circulation. Since tradition is very important to me, and “Svet” has a long tradition, as well as the respect from the Serbian public, it is with great joy, but also with a great professional attitude, that I will try to contribute to the quality of this magazine, i.e., that there will be even more exclusive, accurate and current information that our readers like the most. I hope I will stay with this company until I retire.”

November 3, 2008

Headquarters of Color Press Group moved to a new building

Color Press GroupAfter almost 17 years of existence and change of several addresses, Color Press Group company has finally moved into its own headquarters – a new building in Temerinska street 102 in Novi Sad. The building is located at the entrance of Novi Sad (from the direction of Belgrade), a few hundred metres from Tempo shopping mall, and within the same distance of the future Delta City shopping mall. 

The new business space occupies 1,600 square metres and it is functionally adjusted to the needs of the dynamic company that coordinates the work of its daughter companies throughout the region: in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia, and the work of its representative offices in the countries of European Union: in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France. 

There are currently 190 employees in the Temerinska street 102 in Novi Sad, and there are also 50 employees at the company branch located in Belgrade, Color Media International. There are 80 employees at the printing house Color Print located in Novi Sad. In the companies throughout the region and in the EU, there are another 45 employees, so there are approximately 365 employees in total in CPG. 

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October 10, 2008

School for journalists and editors „Color Press Group“

Novinarsko urednička školaSchool for journalists and editors integrated in „Color Press Group“ company has been active for four years and this autumn the ninth class will be enrolled.

School for editors and journalists has been founded with the goal to educate young people who wish to take part in this attractive profession. With a modern and dynamic approach, our teachers inform students about all the stages in the development of a magazine ranging from writing a newspaper text to editorial duties.

This enables students to perform different jobs in the media. During a three-month course, teachers, experienced journalists and editors of our company, will try to pass their knowlegde to the students, and their knowledge is credited by vast circulation of the magazine editions they work for. Some of the teachers at the course are: editors Mirjana Pantos i Angelina Caksiran, PR of the company, Milica Milić, long-time editor of the tabloid with the highest circulation “Svet”, Svetislav Stojanovic, the head of production of teenage editions, Aleksandra Prusina and many others. After they have completed the course, the students with the best results will have a chance to be included in our company as assistant journalists or assistant editors (as a starting position) in some of our numerous editions, and become a part of our successful team.

Some of the former students are putting their knowledge into practice by editing some of the editions with the highest circulation of CPG: Marko Cavic is the editor of “Mobi” magazine, Jelena Nadas is the editor for “Bravo Girl”, Ivana Stanisic is the editor of “TV Novele” and Maja Tadic is the editor of “Lekovito bilje”.

September 24, 2008

CPG at Media Weekend Festival in Rovinj

Robert Čoban na panelu 'Celebrity kultura u regiji' Weekend Media Festival“, the first seminar which connects media experts and the entire communications industry in the region, was held from September 18 – 21 in Rovinj. „Weekend Media Festival“ lasted three days and the most significant experts in the domain of communications in the world and from the region presented themselves, and so did communications experts from Serbia – Aleksandar Tijanic (the director of national television RTS), Dragan Bjelogrlic („Cobra film“), Dejan Restak (the director of website), Ivan Vlatkovic (vice-president and marketing director of TV Pink), Vladimir Krulj (general manager of „Pristop“ agency), Robert Coban (the president of Color Press Group), Ivan Stankovic (the owner and the director of „Cosmunis“) and many others.

Apart from many lecturers from the region, many world famous stars were also present: Blake Chandlee, the originator of Facebook in Europe and the commercial director of this popular social network in Great Britain; Joseph Jaffe, one of the most sought after advisers of great global corporations and the lecturer on the topic of the new media; Ira Kurgan, one of the leaders of „Fox Broadcasting Co“ with more than 20 years of experience at the top of TV business in the world.

„Weekend Media Festival“ hosted 100 top students from different universities in the region, who attended lectures and discussions about the specific situation of the media in the region, about public and cable television. They exchanged their experiences about authors’ rights, journalism education, internet, internet-radio and celebrity culture in the region.

The most attended panel discussions, with more than 1,000 people interested, were the ones in which the directors of state TV stations from Serbia and Croatia took part, Aleksandar Tijanic and Vanja Sutlic (respectively) (topic – Public Television: Servant or Master of the Public?) as well as the panel entitled „Celebrity Culture in the Region“, in which Serbia was represented by Robert Coban.

Apart from some minor beginner’s mistakes, the first MWF was organized perfectly in the grand space of an old tobacco factory in the centre of Rovinj. The owner of the factory is the general sponsor of the festival, „Adris group“, i.e. Tvornica duhana Rovinj (Rovinj tobacco factory). The attendance hit the record, which is also due to the fact that Rovinj is the town which arouses positive emotions in its citizens as well as in representatives of the media from former Yugoslavia.

Apart from educational topics, the organizers tried not to neglect the entertainment part, so one of the sponsors of this manifestation, Croatian daily „24 sata“ (24 Hours) organized a party at TDR (Tvornica duhana Rovinj). All the men received Hawaiian hats at the entrance and all the women received floral garlands which they carried around their necks. A special treat was the visit to „Meneghetta“ in the center of Istra, located in the town called Bale. A glamourous cocktail and wine tasting was organized there for the lecturers at WMF.

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September 16, 2008

CPG at FIPP conference “Passport to Transformation” in New York!

Donald KumerfeldThe president of Color Press Group, Robert Coban, participated in the last week’s conference of International Federation of the Periodical Press (FIPP) in New York, entitled “Passport to Transformation”. The subject of this counselling was primarily news in the domain of b2b magazines (business-to-business), as well as the expansion of the digitalization in all magazine sectors.

The conference was held at the legendary “Roosevelt Hotel” and it gathered more than 100 of the greatest publishers in the world. The opening ceremony was held at the terrace of the Palace UN restaurant on East River, and the closing ceremony was held at the luxurious “World Yacht”, which cruised around Manhattan in the evening.

In his opening speech, the president of FIPP, Donald Kummerfeld expressed his belief that most publishers will overcome economical crisis, or the “storm”, as he referred to the growing recession and inflation in many countries, as well as to the crisis on the monetary market. “However, publishers must adapt rapidly to the changes ranging from digitalization to the ones expected by the readers and advertisers, in order to adapt to them in the best possible way, but without jeopardizing the very essence of their own media”, Kummerfeld said.

September 10, 2008.

Record ratings of „Svet“ magazine


Hello! magazin„Svet“ magazine has beaten all previous records achieving the rating of 8.3 % in the last week of August (for period between August 25 and August 31, Strategic marketing), which means that the issue was read by 449,821 Serbian citizens.

„Svet“ is the most popular among the readers of age between 20 to 29 (rating 15.9 %), followed by teenagers (age 12 – 19) with rating of 12.5 %, followed by readers in their forties (age 40 – 49) with rating of 7.0 % and readers of age between 30 and 39 (6.7 %). The highest rating is recorded in Belgrade (11.1 %), followed by the region of central Serbia (7.7 %), and Vojvodina comes third (7.4 %).

„Svet“ is almost equally read both in urban (8.0 %) and in rural areas (8.9 %). The rating is evenly distributed across educational categories: readers with primary school education (8.8 %), readers with secondary education (7.9 %) and readers with university degree (8.7 %). Women (11.6 %) read „Svet“ more than men (5.0 %).

August 23, 2008.

Astonishing publicity of HELLO! made by twins of Angelina and Bred!


Hello! magazinLast edition of Serbian Hello! magazine which had celebrity couple Pitt-Jolie on its cover together with their twins, broke a record about the number of readers. According to the last week survey of the agency “Strategic Marketing”, the overall number of readers was 109.809 in Serbia and instantly Hello! magazine gained for the first time the audience which exceeds the number of magical 100.000 readers.

In addition, this edition of the magazine had significantly larger number of advertisers, especially when we take into consideration that most of advertisers have modest marketing campaign during July and August.

After the announcement about the outstanding publicity of the magazine, in only two days the number of advertising pages has grown from 12 to 28 pages.

August 06, 2008.

The first family photos of the most famous acting couple


Hello! magazinMagazine “People” has got all rights for publishing long awaited first photos of Angelina’s and Bred’s twins in the USA, whereas magazine “Hello!” has got rights for publishing same photos in the rest of the world. Thanks to that – seventeen pages with the newest photos and interview with happy parents in serbian edition of “Hello!”- Serbia will get to the center of global media universum. Thanks to company “Color Press Group”, which is the owner of “Hello!” licence, readers at Balcan will enjoy the exclusive story at the same time with readers from all around the world. Paying 11 millions euro into “Jolie-Pitt” foundation, magazine “Hello!” got the right to publish exclusive photographes. This money will be put to humanitary purposes. Twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon slept throught the first photo session, absolutely unaware people surrounding them.

Vivienne Marcheline i Knox LeonAt the house in Provance, where couple have lived in the past few months, twins were acompanied by their brothers and sisters (Maddox,7, Pax Thien,4, Zahara,3 and Shilah,2). Twins were born by cesarian, on 12. july in Nice and Bred cut the cord. About newborns, proud dad says: “Viv has got mum’s spirit, beauty and behaviour.She so elegant, just like her mum. And, Knox is more like me,and loves music as I do.” At the moment. Bred’s parents are giving the helping hand with newborns, which Jolie-Pitt couple comment: “Luckily, grandma and grandpa are here. It is a bit chaotic, but we are doing fine and having great fun.”

Exclusive issue of magazine “Hello!” is out on 7. august!

August 06, 2008.

HELLO! National Taxi

In very close future, the HELLO taxi will start to operate in Belgrade, and soon after in numerous cities throughout Serbia. Some twenty cars of “National taxi” will have front page of Hello! magazine on them. Taxi drivers will give passangers the most pleasant drive, which will be in the same manner of Hello! brand. During the drive, clients will be able to browse the newest issues og Hello! magazine, as well as other “Color Press Group” magazines.

July 16, 2008.

„Lepota&Zdravlje“ the regional project becomes international!

After a successful launch of the issues for Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Croatia, Serbian monthly magazine with the highest circulation starts spreading to the markets worldwide this autumn.

„Lepota&Zdravlje“, a monthly female magazine with the highest circulation in Serbia in the past seven years, has started to spread to the markets of former Yugoslav republics. Slovenian issue was launched first, entitled „L&Z“, followed by the issue for Bosnia and Herzegovina which was launched in January 2008 („Ljepota&Zdravlje“), Macedonian issue „Ubavina & zdravlje“ was launched in May, and finally, Croatian issue „Ljepota&Zdravlje“ appeared on newsstands in July. As an ideal magazine for the advertisers, brands of almost any branch could find its place in it:: from food products to perfumes, cosmetics and fashion, to cars and banks. „Lepota&Zdravlje“ proved to be extremely successful in all the markets – the circulation ranges from 15,000 copies in Macedonia to even 40,000 copies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Almost all issues have more than 30 advertising pages, and the issue for Bosnia and Herzegovina holds a record in this respect with the average of 40 pages per issue. 

Our company plans to launch an issue of this brand for Montenegro as well in order to cover the whole area of the former Yugoslavia. 

Starting from this autumn, „Lepota&Zdravlje“ („Beauty & Health“, internationally registered title) starts spreading to the world markets. At the fair of magazine licenses „World Magazine Marketplace“ which will be held on November 6 and 7 2008 in Moscow, our company will represent „Lepota&Zdravlje“ to the publishers from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics. 

July 11, 2008.

„Color Press Group“ publishes half of the magazines with the highest circulation in Serbia

According to the results of the survey conducted by „Strategic Marketing“ in June, 5 magazines published by Color Press Group („Lepota&Zdravlje“, „Svet“, „Bravo“, „JOY“ and „Kuhinjica“) belong to the group of the 10 magazines with the highest circulation in Serbia.

The following companies have one representative in the selection of top ten magazines, Europapress with „Gloria“, Ringirer „Blic Žena“, AM „Sat plus“, Ja Co. plus „Skandal“ and Delicious Plus „Hrana i vino“. Publishers like Politika, Adria Media Srbija and Attica Media do not have their representatives listed in the top ten.

July 01, 2008.

Fashion in FHM, JK’s wedding in Hello!

FHMSummer has begun with exclusives in magazines of our company! In the new issue of refreshed and redesigned male magazine FHM, take a look at the final results of voting for the 100 sexiest women in the world. The readers in Serbia gave their vote to Ceca Ražnatović.

Photographs from her photo editorial, shot exclusively on this occasion at Cyprus, are published on the cover page and on another eight pages.

Hello!Starting from this issue, new FHM will have a regular addition „FHM Collection“ in larger format, which will publish news from men’s fashion and gadget scene – including everything from clothes and watches to music and other hi-tech gadgets. This week’s issue of Hello!, as we have already announced, will feature exclusive photographs shot at the wedding of Jelena Karleuša and football player Duško Tošić. The other magazines of CPG are also preparing exclusive editorials, interviews and topics – so stay with the most popular magazines in Serbia in upcoming warm days.

June 12, 2008.

„Color Press Group“ and Jelena Karleuša signed a contract about cooperation with Hello! magazine

Publisher Robert Čoban, on behalf of „Color Press Group“ company, signed a contract with show business star Jelena Karleuša about granting exclusive rights to Hello! magazine for wedding photographs of a future married couple Karleuša-Tošić, which is scheduled for June 28, 2008. Cocktail party celebrating this cooperation will be held on Wednesday, June 11, in „Ruski car“ restaurant. 

„Ever since I became involved in show business, I have had a very successful cooperation with „Color Press Group“ company and „Svet“, „Lepota i zdravlje“ and „Tina“ magazines. I am grateful because they have always covered my career in an appropriate way, so I made my decision about ceding the rights to our wedding photographs pretty easy. I am particularly delighted because Hello! is one of my favourite magazines, and I had been reading it even before it became available in Serbian. I hope that our cooperation will continue in the future, to our mutual delight“, Jelena Karleusa said. 

Jelena also signed a contract about the cooperation with one the most successful confectionery companies, „Pionir“, and a great promotional campaign for brands „Mania“ and „O la la“ is in progress. The representatives of this company have announced that they will be donating substantial quantities of their products to the institutions for child care, such as University Clinic in Tiršova street and the instituition for children without parental support, „Kolevka“ in Subotica. 

Jelena’s and Duško’s friend and colleagues have also attended the event, Maja Nikolić, Nikola Rokvić, Olja Karleuša, Luna band, Ena  Popov as well as numerous media representatives.

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June 11, 2008.

„Color Press Group“ Company was awarded „June Award“ from the Regional Chamber of Commerce

The president of „Color Press Group“ Company, Robert Čoban received a medallion from the Regional Chamber of Commerce Novi Sad for 2007, for the great contribution to the development of commerce in the region. 

„June Award“ from the Regional Chamber of Commerce is a recognition which is awarded to companies and individuals for the results achieved in boosting the production, for improvement of entrepreneurship and management, as well as for the contribution for connecting educational, research and commercial activities.

Beside our company, the following companies which received a charter of Novi Sad Chamber of Commerce: “Carnex” AD Vrbas, “Budućnost” Ad Novi Sad, “Remming” DOO Novi Sad, “Tarkett” Doo Bačka Palanka, “Metals Banka” AD Novi Sad, “Aling Connel” DOO Gajdobra, “PIP” DOO Novi Sad, RTV “Panonija”, DOO Novi Sad. 

Robert Čoban thanked for the awards on behalf of all the laureates:

“Companies whose representatives received awards today prove that great and successful companies which are the leaders in their respective domains in the whole region can be located outside capital city, away from the centres of political power, cabinets and budget. The newspapers in Novi Sad were once read as far as the city’s boundaries. This is not the case today. Our company has proved that it is possible to publish magazines read by the whole region, and the representatives of other companies that are present here tonight have achieved similar in their cities!” 

Formal cocktail party that was organized on ocassion of receiving the awards was held in restaurant Piccolo Mondo in Novi Sad, where the most successful businessmen in the region enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and delicious Italian specialties and cocktails.


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May 6th 2008

The first issue of E-Magazine with new look!

On newsstands throughout Serbia and the countries in the region, the first issue of E-Magazine published by Color Press Group appeared on Tuesday, May 6. With a new design, refreshed with new editorial ideas, at the promotional price of 50 dinars, the new E-Magazine has retained all the best things from its previous concept and introduced a series of innovations.

In the first issue, Miša Brkić writes about “The Curse of the Deutsche Bank”, central issue “Interest as a bait” deals with the phenomenon of savings in foreign currencies by the majority of Serbian citizens instead of savings in dinars which would be much more beneficial. The issue also features an interview with Toplica Spasojević, one of the most successful enterpreneurs in Serbia, an interesting story about Halal certificates which are necessary for the export to Islamic countries, as well as the story about unusual business temptations for the Boeing company.

The advertisers in the new E-Magazine are many prestigious domestic and international companies like US Steel, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Samsung, Telenor, Telekom, Samsung, British Airways, Chrysler…

Starting from the next issue, E-Magazine will publish articles from one of the world’s most prestigious B2B magazines – American Fortune Magazine. Color Press Group has signed a syndication contract with Time Warner Company, the publisher of American Fortune Magazine.

April 16th 2008

The first issue of Serbian edition of L’Officiel released

The oldest French fashion magazine L’Officiel, which celebrates its 87th anniversary this year, appeared at the newsstands today throughout Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbian edition of L’Officiel features 244 pages, it starts with the gatefold cover with four advertising pages by L’Oreal, which are followed by another 12 consecutive advertising spreads (30 pages in total), which is the record in the history of Serbian magazines. Editor-in-chief, as it is already known to the public, is the most famous Serbian fashion designer Verica Rakočević. The first issue of L’Officiel, apart from representing the latest trends in world fashion through French and Serbian editorials, also features an interview with the famous Ruška Bergman, an article about the film dedicated to the life of Valentino (Valentino: The Last Emperor) which will have a premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the conversation with Luca Donnini, the person in charge of MaxMara company, Serbian designer Roksanda Ilinčić…


To celebrate the first issue of the Serbian edition of L’Officiel, a party and an exhibition of French fashion photographs from 1921 until today will be held in the French Cultural Centre (Centre Culturel Francais) in Belgrade on April 29.

April 4th 2008

The great success of Lepota i zdravlje (Beauty and Health) on the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia

During the last seven years, monthly magazine with the greatest readership in Serbia, Lepota i zdravlje (Health and Beauty), has appeared since the beginning of this year as a separate edition for Bosnia and Herzegovina (Ljepota i zdravlje) and Slovenia (Lepota in zdravlje). After only three months, the magazines in both countries have exceeded the circulation of 20,000, which is a respectable figure on these relatively small markets. 

The April issue of Bosnian edition of Ljepota i zdravlje is printed in 25,000 copies and has 40 advertising pages, while the Slovenian edition has a circulation of 21,000 copies and 25 advertising pages. By the end of this year, Color Press Group plans to launch its most prestigious edition on the markets of Macedonia, Croatia and Albania.

March 31th 2008

Color Press Group Company published the first licensed magazine in Albanian history!

Color Press Group Company published the first licensed magazine in Albanian history. Last month, the first issue of German fashion magazine Burda Modemagazin with the description of styles translated into Albanian appeared on newsstands throughout the country.

Magazine is issued monthly and it costs 350 leks (2.80 EUR). The magazine is published by Color Media Adria, a member of the Color Press Group with headquarters in Tirana. After the publication of Burda, Color Press Group plans to publish other licensed magazines, as well as those of its own production.

March 10th 2008


Representatives of “Color Press Group” attended the FIPP conference in Berlin, devoted to digitalization of media

FIPP PRESIDENT: Dom Kumerfeld opens the Berlin conference

President and vice president for development of “Color Press Group” Robert Čoban and Miroslav Vajda on March 3rd and March 4th attended the conference “Powering Digital Success” in Berlin, organized by the international association of magazine publishers FIPP. Miroslav Vajda was one of the presenters, so from the former Yugoslavia’s market’s point of view, where CPG is active, he shared the experiences in digitalization of printed media, advertising in on-line editions of magazines, popular blogs, penetration of sites such as “Facebook”, “My Space” and “You Tube” into everyday life, entertainment, even into political events (the case of which is “Kosovo za patike” – “Kosovo for sneakers”, posted on the “You Tube” Web site, which was seen by million and a half viewers, mostly from Serbia and the region, in a period of only few days).

DIGITALIZATION OF MAGAZINES: Miroslav Vajda with other conference attendants

At the conference it was also mentioned that development of the Internet contributed to advertisers in classical terms becoming “publishers”, and therefore Ralf Maltzen, director of Internet marketing of the company “Volkswagen”, presented an attractive campaign which VW had had on its Web site, and which had been so creative and entertaining that it was presented by numerous daily newspapers, magazines and TV stations, in the end leading to 90.000 new contracts (automobiles sold) without a single euro invested in advertising on other Web sites and in other media.

March 3rd 2008


E magazinIn the future, alongside texts by experts in economics and successful businessmen from Serbia and the region “E-magazine” will, in production by “Color Press Group”, publish articles and comments by one of the most reputable business-to-business magazines in the world – the American magazine “Fortune” with whose publisher “Time Inc” the agreement on syndication was signed

By signing the agreement with the company “GSM Public”, former publisher of “E-magazine”, the publishing house “Color Press Group” has become new owner of this Serbian business-to-business magazine. The first issue in production by “Color Press Group” will appear on newsstands on April 15th. The magazine will contain one hundred pages and will cost eighty dinars. 

Permanent associates of the magazine will in the future also be people from the world of economics and successful businessmen from Serbia and the region: Milka Forcan, Toplica Spasojević, Danilo Goljanin PhD, professor Milan Kukrika, Marina Svetel PhD, Marina Lazarević, Veselin Jevrosimović, Ana B. Bovan, Dragan Berger, Milena Božović MSc are among the names on the list. Beside their texts “E-magazine” in production by “Color Press Group” will also in the future publish articles and comments by one of the most reputable business-to-business magazines in the world – the American magazine “Fortune” with whose publisher “Time Inc” the agreement on syndication was signed.  

February 29th 2008



Verica Rakočević, the most successful Serbian fashion designer, yesterday signed the agreement with the company “Color Press Group” and became Editor-in-Chief of the French magazine “L’Officiel” whose Serbian version will appear on our market at the end of April this year. Fashion editor of the magazine is Ana Ljubinković, young fashion designer from Belgrade. The act of signing the agreement and cocktail party with the journalists and future advertisers were attended by many famous people: Leontina, Bata Spasojević, Miloš Nadaždin, Elena Karić… 

Having signed the contract, Verica Rakočević said: “All these years I have had quality cooperation with COLOR PRESS GROUP. The people behind this big a company know very well how to make informative, interesting and visually attractive magazines. Although they have been offering exclusiveness, the prices of their editions have always been acceptable. 

I know that “L’Officiel” will have all those qualities and that very soon it will become ‘fashion sign post’ for everyone”, and the president of “Color Press Group” Robert Čoban added: “Verica has been a friend of our company for fifteen long years and I am especially happy about crowning our long cooperation with ‘L’Officiel’, which is the French fashion magazine with widest circulation, and whose Serbian version the readers in our country will be able to follow in two months’ time!” 


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