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December, 28th 2013

CPG employees enjoyed the New Year concert by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra

Last night at the Serbian National Theatre, CPG employees attended the concert by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, whose musicians performed popular disco hits from the seventies. Led by conductor, the incredible Alan Bjelinski, for over one hour, the Philharmonic Orchestra played the best-known songs that marked the disco era of popular music. In the aftermath of this somewhat theatrical party, colleagues from CPG continued socializing at the sweet parlour “Teatar”, where late into the night they talked about the concert, enjoying the sweets, but also preparing for tonight’s karaoke-party.


December, 26th 2013

CPG organized a traditional New Year gathering with media representatives

Organized by the company “Color Press Group”, a traditional gathering of media house representatives and PR managers from Serbia was held today at a popular boat-club “Amsterdam” in Belgrade.

Milica Đokić, hostess of the event, on the behalf of CPG greeted the representatives of the “seventh power”. In relaxing atmosphere, alongside delicious specialities, the attendees spoke about the year behind us, but also about future plans.


December 23rd 2013

Robert Čoban presented “The Economist: The World in 2014” at the Faculty of Political Sciences

“Good side to the economic slowdown is that we managed to draw out the best from each edition. Competition and misery is what makes people act”, said Robert Čoban, CEO of “Color Press Group”, opening the promotion of the annual edition of “The Economist” magazine at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He added that foreign investors were leaving Serbia, because they were not willing to do business at a non-competitive market, were media are used as money-laundering machines. “When speaking in front of the young, I always direct them towards the market. Truth be told, it is a harder and more complicated way, but bears guarantees that what you have created will not collapse during night”, Čoban emphasized.

Professor Predrag Simić, PhD, qualified “The Economist” to be among five best-quality magazines beyond doubt, because it offers a systematic view on everything that takes place in the world. “Authors of a yearbook present an optimistic prognosis, foreseeing economic growth in 2014, not only in America, but in Europe as well”, Simić added. He believes that “The Economist” is representative of the Euro-Atlantic community, where dominative premise is the one of the Western capitalistic world.

“I would not agree that the magazine represents the ideas of a group of countries, however it illustrates the ideology of liberal market orientation. The texts criticise the countries where the model of market economy has not been established, and that is all” said Professor Dušan Pavlović, PhD. He explained that in “The Economist” economy topics were not dominant, but those from the fields of politics, international relations and culture. He added that by reading the magazine, one does not get only the information from these fields, but also has the opportunity to advance his or her knowledge of foreign languages.

Professor Dragan Simić, PhD, said that it was a privilege to have the Serbian edition of this prestigious magazine. After presenting some of the themes dealt by “The Economist”, he pointed out that by analysing different factors the attention is drawn to changes which are taking place inside the society itself. “The more people with less work want to live better. It is one of the reasons leading to social-economic crisis and the condition we are in at the moment”, Simić concluded.


December, 19th 2013

“Art & Wine Cocktail Party” held at the Pavle Beljanski Memorial

At Novi Sad’s Pavle Beljanski Memorial, tonight was held “Art & Wine Cocktail Party”, a solemn New Year reception, organized by “Color Press Group”.

Gathered guests were welcomed by Jasna Jovanov, manager of the Memorial, pointing out that the doors of this cultural institution were always open to visitors eager to enrich their knowledge on some of the greatest painters in our history.

Then spoke “Color Press Group” CEO Robert Čoban, who expressed gratitude to attendees, for their presence and confidence, and then granted diplomas to students of the School for journalists and editors CPG for successful completion of the course.

Then the guests walked around the Memorial, joined by custodians who familiarized them with value of the works within the permanent exhibition, including the works by Sava Šumanović, Petar Lubarda, Nadežda Petrović, Stojan Aralica, Milan Konjović and many others. Important and interesting is a painting La Grande Iza by Vlaho Bukovac, which is exhibited in a separate room within the Memorial, together with preserved furniture, books and diplomatic uniform of Pavle Beljanski.

Following the tour of observing the paintings, came the informal part, during which numerous guests, the company’s employees, business partners, media representatives and public figures, enjoyed the wines provided by “Mačkov podrum“.

Today, “Color Press Group” publishes over 80 magazines with high circulation in Serbia and regional countries, and several Internet portals with a great number of visits, including publications on lifestyle and culture, which also deal with topics such as art, science, travels… Furthermore, the company is one of founders of the National Association of Newspaper and Magazine Publishers, which was founded in Belgrade this year.


December, 18th 2013

Color Press Group makes a New Year visit to the shelter for the homeless in Futog

For the second year in a row, Color Press Group, accompanied by its friends and associates, aims to bring some joy before the New Year holidays to those in need, who are left without a home. The shelter for the homeless in Futog hosts 34 protégées, among them also those who made decorations for the tree situated at the entrance of the “Hyatt Regency” hotel, and which for the first time won the title of the most beautiful tree at a charity event held in early December.

On the occasion of the forthcoming holidays, the shelter received, in the form of a donation, supplements (syrups, pills, probiotics) by companies “Bioklinika”, “Proton System” and “Vitalon Biopharm d.o.o.”, whereas the shops “Dexy Co” granted social games.

People from the shelter expressed empathy and their big heart when it comes to participating in traditional decorating of New Year trees, in which the entire fond was granted to the association DEBRA, whose founders are parents of “children-butterflies”. Dragutin Todorčević and Zoran Grabež, on the “Fairytale” theme, invented the character of the Nutcracker, from paper, while working in their little workshop, made in a storage room. Today, they are happy because they have made their small contribution in that way, whilst their modesty is illustrated by the fact that the pocket money received from the Ministry amounts to RSD 1.000. When asked to describe how they felt knowing that the tree that they had decorated was a winner, Zoran said: “I am always happier when my hand gives, rather than when it receives.”

Today’s visit to the shelter also included “Maxi housewives of the month” – Nađa Dojin, Smilja Telečki and Danijela Tojagić, who brought joy to the homeless with their delicious cakes and warm hearts, happily responding to charity visits for years in a row.

The Color Press Group team was joyfully greeted by a poem entitled “Panonian Sea”, whose author is a shelter protégée Dragutin Todorčević, and they all agreed that during the New Year’s Eve their only wish would be: good health!

December, 11th 2013

Hello! Person of the Year Awards granted

According to selection by its readers, for three years in the row “Hello!” magazine grants awards for the person of the year to celebrities from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Aleksandar II Karađorđević, Princess Katarina, “Color Press Group” CEO Robert Čoban, his wife Sandra and Nadežda Jokić, Editor-in-Chief of the “Hello!” magazine, greeted numerous distinguished invitees in the gorgeous ambience of the White Court at Dedinje. Hosts of the programme were the married couple from the art world Nina Radulović Lečić and Branislav Lečić.

Among the awardees this year, there were Vlado Georgiev, Nataša Kovačević, Nataša Bekvalac, Ognjen Amidžić, Slavko Beleslin, Sanja Marinković, Marija Kilibarda, Vesna Dedić, Vladimir Arsenijević, Žarko Jokanović, Milan Popović, Esma Redžepova, Emir Hadžihafisbegović, Irfan Mensur, Nina Janković, Ivana Maksimović, Veselin Jevrosimović, Ivana Španović, Emir Bekrić, Bata Spasojević, Jelena Rozga, Aco Pejović, Aleksa Jelić and Boris Milivojević.

“First of all, good evening, everybody. Thank you for this award, it means a lot to me. What obstacles cannot take away from us are the thought, heart, and soul”, said Nataša Kovačević, a young basketball player, who was additionally delighted that night by Vlado Georgiev, who granted his award to her, believing that she was for him the person of the year.

In addition to the award, Milan Popović celebrated his birthday last night, and Vesna Dedić devoted the award to her daughter Nađa, whom she regards as the person of the year. CEO of the Athletics Association of Serbia Veselin Jevrosimović greeted the invitees: “Thank you all, this award belongs to all those who raised athletics from the ashes”. Emir Bekrić and Ivana Španović were awarded, but due to sport obligations, missed the last night’s reception.

The event was supported by friends: Imperial Tobacco, G3 spirit, Mercedes Benz.


December, 11th 2013

Hello! Person of the Year Awards granted

According to selection by its readers, for three years in the row “Hello!” magazine grants awards for the person of the year to celebrities from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Aleksandar II Karađorđević, Princess Katarina, “Color Press Group” CEO Robert Čoban, his wife Sandra and Nadežda Jokić, Editor-in-Chief of the “Hello!” magazine, greeted numerous distinguished invitees in the gorgeous ambience of the White Court at Dedinje. Hosts of the programme were the married couple from the art world Nina Radulović Lečić and Branislav Lečić.

Among the awardees this year, there were Vlado Georgiev, Nataša Kovačević, Nataša Bekvalac, Ognjen Amidžić, Slavko Beleslin, Sanja Marinković, Marija Kilibarda, Vesna Dedić, Vladimir Arsenijević, Žarko Jokanović, Milan Popović, Esma Redžepova, Emir Hadžihafisbegović, Irfan Mensur, Nina Janković, Ivana Maksimović, Veselin Jevrosimović, Ivana Španović, Emir Bekrić, Bata Spasojević, Jelena Rozga, Aco Pejović, Aleksa Jelić and Boris Milivojević.

“First of all, good evening, everybody. Thank you for this award, it means a lot to me. What obstacles cannot take away from us are the thought, heart, and soul”, said Nataša Kovačević, a young basketball player, who was additionally delighted that night by Vlado Georgiev, who granted his award to her, believing that she was for him the person of the year.

In addition to the award, Milan Popović celebrated his birthday last night, and Vesna Dedić devoted the award to her daughter Nađa, whom she regards as the person of the year. CEO of the Athletics Association of Serbia Veselin Jevrosimović greeted the invitees: “Thank you all, this award belongs to all those who raised athletics from the ashes”. Emir Bekrić and Ivana Španović were awarded, but due to sport obligations, missed the last night’s reception.

The event was supported by friends: Imperial Tobacco, G3 spirit, Mercedes Benz.


December, 2nd 2013

“Maxi” Housewife of the month: Lenten cakes bring joy to children from the Children’s Village

See how it was at the contest “Maxi” Housewife of the month, yesterday at the “Fontana” restaurant.
Same as every month, this cold December Sunday, Novi Sad’s restaurant “Fontana” hosted the “Color Press Group” contest “Maxi” Housewife of the month! Industrious readers of our culinary editions made Lenten cakes, and the jury proclaimed three most successful cooks!

This month, the jury was comprised of: singer Marina Perazić, RTV announcers Anamarija Erdelj and Marina Buljovčić, fashion stylist Srđan Šveljo, and Radoslav Dudić, chef at the “Fontana” restaurant.

Diligent jury members tasted the sweets and judged them according to taste and appearance, and afterwards they proclaimed this month’s winners.

The first prize, a voucher amounting to RSD 10.000, awarded by “Maxi”, was granted to Marija Budinski.

The second place was taken by Sanja Gostović, who was granted a prize by “Jolly tours” – a seven-day accommodation at the villa “Jana” at Kopaonik.

Publishing house “Prometej” awarded the third-placed Dragana Bozokov from Sivac with a book.

After announcing the winners, the entertainment continued at the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, and the Home’s protégées relished socializing and cupcakes prepared for them by our industrious housewives.

The next gathering is scheduled by “Color Press Group” and its culinary editions for February!

See you then!


November 22, 2013

„Clandestino“ campaign in the village of Bogovađa near Lajkovac!

See how it looked like in the village of Bogovađa near Lajkovac, when people seeking refuge in our country received necessary help, thanks to readers and employees of Color Press Group, as well as companies which showed their good will.

November 19, 2013 – In cooperation with the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations of the Republic of Serbia, Color Press Group launched a campaign dubbed „Clandestino“ (Spanish: hidden, covert), a month ago, with the aim of helping threatened asylum seekers, who, fleeing from war or poverty in their countries, found their temporary shelter in Serbia.


Today, necessary food and clothing arrived at the centre in Bogovađa village near Lajkovac, thanks to readers and employees of Color Press Group, as well as all the companies which showed good will towards people seeking refuge in our country, such as „Miss Yu“ (clothing), „Telenor“ (clothes), „Carnex“ (pates), „Illy company“ (pasta), „Green market“ (apples and potatoes), „Obuća Metro“ (footwear) and sweets industry (4,800 wellness snacks)...

Due to overcrowded accomodation in Koviljaca Spa, centre in Bogovađa has been temporarily opened. The centre has 170 accomodation units, which is too small for the number of unfortunate people, whose number is constantly growing. The most of them come from Syria and Somalia, but there are also others from different countries: Eritrea, Algeria, Mali, Ethiopia... Those who are accomodated in the very centre are learning the language, visit workshops and socialise, while those who are outside the centre, accomodated in abandoned weekend houses and forests, are in constant need of food and cover from cold and precipitation.

They come to pick up their meal in the centre, once a day. It has been very good fortune that winter so far has been very mild. Jelena Maric, spokesperson of the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations, says that all the people come with sad and heartbreaking stories, leaving the past behind them and in search of a better life, and that Serbia is only the transitional country where they usually spend less than a month. „I appeal to people not to be xenophobic, but first of all humane, and not to allow a bad image to leak into the world, because the majority of these unfortunate people are only in transit and they will not 'steal' a job from anybody here!,“ Jelena Maric said. Ivan Gerinov, assistant to the Commissary for Refugees and Migrations, who also followed the campaign of Color Press Group, said that there is no need for fear or panic among the residents of Bogovađa, who were prone to that, and pointed out that the immigrants are not trying to make things harder and that they will not cause trouble for anyone and that they are only hoping to enter some of the EU countries.

Color Press Group is the first private company which showed this kind of initiative. „I hope that other companies will follow, because this is the right way to show the real and prettier face of our country, which has always been prepared to help people in trouble!,“ Gerginov said.

The faces of asylum seekers are blurred in the pictures, in accordance with the law on the protection of their identity.

November 18, 2013

The first phase of „Clandestino“ campaign, started by Color Press Group with its partners in order to help centres for the accomodation of asylum seekers in Serbia, has been completed today. All the collected aid is being carried to centres in Bogovađa and Koviljača Spa tomorrow. The following companies are listed among the donors: Color Press Group, employees and readers (clothes), „Miss YU“, employees (clothes), „Telenor“, employees (clothes), „Carnex“ (pates), „Illy Company“ (pasta 500 x 0.5 kg), „Green market“ (apples and potatoes, 100 kg), „Obuca Metro“ (169 pairs of shoes), sweets industry, 4,800 wellness snacks.

The aid will be carried tomorrow by the representatives of Color Press Group and Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations to centres in Bogovađa and Koviljaca Spa, while the „Clandestino“ campaign continues. We are planning to deliver the second round of aid in January, so therefore, all the companies and individuals interested in providing aid, may contact the address indicated below!,“ Milica Đokic, director of corporate communications at Color Press group, said.


November 18, 2013

BRAVACASA cocktail at the furniture fair

Stand of Bravacasa magazine, the magazine about interior decoration with the highest circulation, was one of the most attractive and most visited at the 51st International Furniture Fair. Visitors enjoyed the relaxing ambiance, with Italian canzone, espresso and spending time with the editorial team.

At this year's fair, Bravacasa has presented another novelty – a special B2B edition of Office & Business Advancement – and announced another Bravacasa special entitled Hotels & Restaurants, which will be published in January 2014.

Before the closing of the fair, partners and friends of the magazine enjoyed the relaxing cocktail and wine tasting from Mackov winery from Irig. The winery has announced Day of the Young Portuguieser Wine, which will be held at Zmaj Jovina street in Novi Sad, on November 21.


November 15, 2013

A letter of thanks to Color Press Group from Futog Shelter

The traditional sales exhibition of creative art and handiwork of beneficiaries has been opened today in Futog Shelter. This is the third time that the exhibition has been organized and this year’s theme is ‘life on a ranch’. Despite the meagre financial resources that the Shelter has at its disposal, beneficiaries have gladly prepared the exhibition with a lot of enthusiasm. During their stay in the Shelter, they crocheted and embroidered, made objects from wood, glass and stained glass. The aim was to boost their self-confidence and to motivate them to return to normal life.  

The exhibition was opened by Anđelka Barać, the director of the Shelter in Futog. Ljubica Ubovic, the director of the Gerontological centre “Oaza”, addressed the audience. Slobodan Birclin and Dragutin Todorcevic (the author of the poem “The Pannonian Sea”), the beneficiaries of the Shelter, recited the lines from the poem.

Dragan Milošević, the managing director of the Gerontological Centre, handed in a letter of thanks to donors who are helping the Shelter in Futog: Color Press Group, Copex, Lazin Salaš, Salaš 137 and the School of Agriculture from Futog.

The ambience of the exhibition was completed by a band of “tambura” players who performed several thematic songs.


November 12, 2013

„Clandestino“ campaign: Help to those looking for asylum is reaching out a hand of hospitality!

Three weeks after the launch of the campaing for helping the centres for acceptance of illegal immigrants from Asia and Africa, „Clandestino“, upon the initiative of Color Press Group, a significant amount of essential goods needed for the seekers of the asylums have been collected.

Rados Djurovic, executive director of the Centre for the protection and aid to asylum seekers, points out the importance of such campaigns and stresses that in fairly recent past, we were all witnesses to a similar situation: „It is the same scenario, but on a much smaller scale than that with refugees from former Yugoslavia. Even today, there is a significant number of people, approximately 300 of them, who came here weighed with great problems and without adequate accomodation or care, left to their own devices. In a sense, Bogovadja is experiencing a humanitarian disaster at the moment, which is currently being extended to Koviljaca spa as well. It is extremely important that our citizens further raise their consciousness about the importance of helping others though these campaigns, which helps to develop a more humane society and general public. In this stage, it is only possible to do so with such campaigns, with people of good will, who are motivated to help those who are having the most difficult time, by helping them directly by means of donating clothes, footwear or food. Unfortunately, with the arrival of winter, problems of these unfortunate people tend to get worse and now is the right time to give them a helping hand.”

Jelena Maric, spokesperson of the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations, explains that this year, Serbia is faced with a large number of migrants, who, on their way to the countries of the Western Europe, stay in our country for a while. “At the moment, we have a number of people in Bogovadja who are outside the Asylum Centre, as well as two full Asylum Centres, but we are doing our best to overcome that and take a lease of private accommodation in order to find everyone a place to stay. At the time when we are faced with the high level of xenophobia, intolerance and lack of understanding even for our neighbours, let alone someone who is different or has a different colour of skin, the campaign to help these people is the most important in terms of giving them hope that there are still people who want to help someone who has a different name or has different cultural habits, who will not stay here, but who will remember Serbia as a country in which they were treated humanely, thanks to these gestures and helping hands,” Maric concluded.

November 4, 2013

Two weeks after Color Press Group started “Clandestino”, giving aid to centres for the acceptance of illegal immigrants from Asia and Africa, many companies and individuals have also joined this initiative.

“Many times in its history, Serbia proved that it can show empathy towards people who have lost their homes, and even their countries, regardless of their faith, race or nation. In 1941, 20,000 Slovenians found their home in Serbia after they had been driven out from their country by Germans. In 1990s, Serbia became a sanctuary for hundreds of thousands of refugees from former Yugoslavian republics, which were devastated by a civil war! Now, in 2013, we have a chance to show that we are worthy of this tradition, even in the times of economic crisis and poverty,” Robert Coban, president of Color Press Group, declared and revealed that the first aid to centres in Bogovadja and Koviljaca spa is due in the middle of November.

October 25, 2013

For the past 12 years, Color Press Group organizes regular monthly aid campaigns for different homes for children, patients, elderly and homeless people, such as Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, a Home for Developmentally-Challenged Children and Youth in Veternik, “Oaza” (“Oasis”), a home for the elderly and a homeless shelter in Futog.

A recent tragic shipwreck near Lampedusa island in which several hundreds of illegal immigrants from Africa died, motivated us to remember how our county has become the sanctuary for several thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa and Asia.

As the motto of our campaign, we have chosen a song by Manu Chao, “Clandestino” – which deals specifically with this problem of modern humanity: millions of people from Asia, Africa and Latin America who are fleeing wars, repression, hunger and poverty and who too often die in attempts to reach Europe or North America.

Last year, 2,723 persons requested an asylum in Serbia, out of which 1,560 were accommodated in centres in Koviljaca spa and Bogovadja. During the first six months of 2013, 1,516 foreign citizens requested the asylum after crossing the border, and 1,112 of them went through the abovementioned centres. The majority of asylum seekers come from Eritrea, Syria, Somalia, Mali, Sudan, Afghanistan…

In cooperation with the Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations of the Republic of Serbia, Color Press Group organizes a campaign to aid all these people that are accommodated in centres for asylum seekers in Bogovadja and Koviljaca spa.

Partners in this campaign, companies that are our clients, friends and advertisers, may donate food, footwear, clothes, medicines, vitamins, equipment and all other essential things for the upcoming winter.

Partners may donate goods from their product lines or to buy and donate something from the list submitted to us by the centres in Bogovadja and Koviljaca spa.

“Our campaigns so far have been directed to those who require help in our immediate surroundings: children, the elderly, homeless people… This time, these are people from Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea or Syria! Illegal immigrants who will maybe spend only few months in our country en route to some other European country. These are the people we will most likely never meet again. That is exactly a reason why I believe that we should show our solidarity and the real face of our country, since, throughout history, we often helped people who had to leave their homes due to wars, repression or poverty!”, Milica Djokic, director of corporate communications of Color Press Group, said.

Individuals or companies interested in joining us in this campaign may contact us via



November 12, 2013

After Work Party of “Lepota i zdravlje” (Health & Beauty magazine), “Knjaz Miloša” and October salon

“Lepota i zdravlje” (Health & Beauty magazine), October salon i Knjaz Miloš have organized an After Work Party at Zepter Expo (former Kluz department store) today.

Approximately 50 guests, celebrities, media, agencies and leading company representatives in Serbia, as well as bloggers and Twitters, were welcomed by drinks from “Vinum” winery, after which they had the private tour of the exhibit of 54th October salon, accompanied by a curator. All the guests had a chance to see extremely interesting exhibits of modern art, every one of which conveyed a very significant story and message.

Kori Udovički, Duška Jovanić, Beba i Cile Marinković with their daughter Danica, Predrag Sarapa i Danijela Lišanin Brakić from Studio B, Ognjan Radivojević with his wife Biljanom Lukić, Biljana Cincarević, a painter, Goran Draganić, a lawyer, Žana Poliakov, a columnist, Miloš Pavlović, a rally driver, Žana Korolija, a columnist, Boban Spasojević, a host, bloggers Mirjana Mimica and Nikola Jovanović and many others enjoyed the works of art and the cocktail that was organized after that.


November 7, 2013

Take a look at the election of „Maxi Housewife of the Month“!

This November as well, at Fontana restaurant in Novi Sad, a humanitarian campaign dubbed „Maxi Housewife of the Month“ took place, under the auspices of Color Press Group.

Readers of „Send a Recipe“ magazine made a large amont of salty, traditional pastry with cracklings, which was the topic of this month's competition.

Members of the jury circled the lavish table: editor of „Lekovito bilje“ (Medicinal Herbs) and „Magična zona“ (Magic Zone) magazine, Dijana Skoric, volleyball player Marko Galesev, waterpolo player Aleksandar Njegovan, owner of „Zeleno zvono“ club in Zrenjanin, Branislav Grubacki Guta, PR of Delhaize, Martina Petrovic and chef of Fontana restaurant, Radoslav Dudic. Unanimously, the jury decided to give the third prize to Valentina Djordjevic, who received the book of recipes by „Prometej“ publishing house.

The second prize, a seven day stay at Kopaonik at villa Jelena, went to Verica Papic Filko, donated by Jolly Tours.

„MAXI Housewife of the Month“, Marina Ignjatovic, went home with the voucher worth RSD 10,000, donated by MAXI supermarkets.

Members of the jury brought the pastry with cracklings to the Home for Developmentally Challenged Children and Youth in Veternik.

Time flew by while they took photographs and played volleyball and basketball together, and this humanitarian campaign will also continue next month.


November 1, 2013

„CKM Halloween party“: A party which marked Halloween!

Last night, at the famous Belgrade Club, „Teatro“, a CKM Halloween Party was held, sponsored by Davidoff and Jelen beer.

Carved out pumpkins and guests in costumes, a signature of Halloween, contributed to the fairy tale appearance of the club. Glenmorangie whisky was a welcome drink, and the guests were greeted by girls dressed as witches. Dragana Mitar, cover girl of the latest issue of CKM, was among the first guests to arrive. Apart from her, the party was attended by a starlet Milica Mimi Zivanovic Or'o, Marko Vanila, Andrija Markovic Aki, Sandra Obradovic and many others. Zeljko Sasic, Nebojsa Vojvodic and Ana Kokic entertained the guests at tis popular club.










October 30, 2013

„Maxi housewife of the month“: Take a look at the competition for the best „vanilica“ cookies

A humanitarian campaign dubbed „MAXI housewife of the month“ traditionally takes place, this October as well, in „Fontana“ restaurant in Novi Sad, organised by „Send A Recipe“ magazine, under the auspices of „Color Press Group“.

This month's topic of the lavish table were „vanilica“ cookies – traditional cookie that our grandmas used to make. By tasting and taking into account the visual presentation, the jury chose three cookies with the best flavour and prettiest decorations.

Mladen Milivojević Baron, director of “Baron” fashion studio, model Vladimir Cvetkovíć Cvele, singers  Saška Karan i Vesna Rivas and representative of “Maxi”, Stevan Đekić, decided to award the first prize to Aleksandra Rogelj from Zrenjanin.

This superb housewife received a “Maxi” voucher worth RSD 10,000. Anka Makaja from Vrbas won the second place and she won a 7-day stay at “Jana” villa at Kopaonik, while Smilja Telecki from Novi Sad was ranked third and was awarded a cookbook published by “Prometej” publishing house.

After the awards ceremony, housewives received “Maxi” packages and “City records” releases as a gift, and their tasty “vanilica” cakes delighted children from Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica. Smeared in vanilla flavoured sugar, the kids could not keep the smile off their faces!


October 2, 2013

Despite the rain: great Bitef & Hello! party at the Promenade!

Last night, beautiful ambiance of Promenade event centre, at Concrete Hall, was filled with lovers of Belgrade International Theatre Festival (Bitef) and friends of Hello! magazine, who were anxious to find out the names of winners of prestigious theatrical awards. On behalf of Hello! magazine, the guests were greeted by magazine editor, Nadezda Jokic, director of Glossy Media, Sreten Radovic, CPG advertising director, Goran Radulovic and director of corporate communications, Milica Djokic, and on behalf of Bitef, PR manager of the festival, Slavica Hinic.

After the Hungarian play entitled „It is hard to be god“, which closed Bitef festival, the whole cast of the play arrived at the party.

The jury, composed of Kristijan Holchauer (president of the jury), Jana Ros, Igor Ruzic, Andras Urban and Filip Vujosevic, awarded Grand Prix Mira Trailovic for the best play to the play titled „Zoran Djindjic“ by Oliver Frljic and his ensemble from Atelje 212 from Belgrade. A special award for the unique concept and cast was unanimously given to play „55+“ by Borut Separovic, in the production of Montazstroj theatre from Zagreb.

Many celebrities were enjoying the delicacies of Party Service and they consumed Hawk's brandy, refreshing Coca Cola, Hungarian wines, Johnnie Walker and Bailey's, while the sponsor of „After Ten“ party was Delta Generali.

A great performance by director Ivana Koraksic, with fire and incandescent balls, heated up the atmosphere and averted the guests' attention from the rain which had been following them until they walked into the Promenade.

Apart from many actors, such as Branislav Lečića, Danijela Vranješ, Branka Pujić, Vladimir Aleksića, Vesna Čipčić, Srna Lango, Katarina Radivojević, Miodrag Kapora, Vanja Ejdus, Lena Bogdanović, the party was also attended by Božidar Đelić, Aleksandar Simić, Ivan Medenica, Goga Grubješić, Miloš Nadaždin, Jelena Helc, Jugoslav Pantelić, Marko Kon, Rada Radenović, Milan Gromilić, Stipe Kostanić, Kristina Radenković, Ivan Petrović, as well as a large number of journalists, theatre staff and other public persons.

September, 10th 2013

Family support is the key – “Aqua Viva”, with support from “Color Press Group”

The Aqua Viva brand, part of the “Knjaz Miloš” company, has launched a campaign entitled “Aqua Viva Oasis of Support”, aimed at promoting in a different and proactive way the importance of support that comes from a family, in order to recognize our talents best, and reach our goals. “Color Press Group” provides media and all other support to a beautiful and useful project such as this one. “Aqua Viva Oasis of Support”, which will offer its activities to visitors throughout Serbia, was started in Novi Sad, at the popular Štrand Beach, and a week later it was repeated at Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade.

The visitors could not only enjoy with their families visiting nature, but could also learn more about adequate rehydration and nutrition, and the importance of regular physical exercise.




Visitors of the “Aqua Viva Oasis of Support” had multiple activities to choose from. The youngest had an opportunity to attend a beginner’s course in riding bicycles and rollers, and to participate in a programme of professional orientation with pedagogues and psychologists, which would bring them closer to potential type of work they might do, in an entertaining and creative way. The youngest, followed by a team of pedagogues, through writing and drawing had a chance to do the tests connected to feelings and self-confidence, as well as tests of general knowledge. On the other hand, the schoolchildren could seek advice from psychologists in the field of professional orientation. All family members could choose lessons in yoga and pilates, but also somewhat more dynamic activities, such as tennis and badminton. All activities were supervised and organized by animators and the dr Feelgood team.

For the youngest and their parents, “Color Press Group” provided its most interesting and most read magazines, so that their visit to nature would be even more fun.

September, 3rd 2013

CKM celebrates its 10. birthday: Stanija wins a cruise!

Last night, the CKM magazine celebrated its tenth birthday at Belgrade’s boat club “River”. Many celebrities and CKM cover girls, who appeared on the cover of this men’s magazine with the highest circulation, gathered at the popular boat club in order to congratulate on the jubilee to the editorial crew, but also to relish great entertainment with numerous singers and breath-taking dancers.

Readers voted at the Web site and chose Stanija Dobrojević for the CKM cover girl of the decade. She attended the party accompanied by her boyfriend Filip Panajotović. The CKM cover girl of the decade appeared for the first time on Serbian public scene exactly in the CKM magazine in February 2010. CFC Cruises and the naval company Royal Caribbean granted to Stanija an eight-day cruise across the Mediterranean for two people, on a luxurious ship Navigator of the Seas.

Amongst numerous guests, including approximately twenty girls who embellished the cover pages of the CKM throughout the previous years, associates and partners of the magazine, the party was attended by former “farmers” Ljuba Pantović with Miki Mećava, Andrija Marković Aki, as well as Danijel Alibabić and Jovana Nikolić, singers Danijel Đurić and Željko Šašić, football players Lola Smiljanić and Adem Ljajić, basketball player Ivan Paunić and many others.



September, 3rd 2013

“Maxi Housewife of the Month”: Ana Vrcelj and Katarina Vučetić brought joy to youngsters at the Veternik Home!

After a summer break, Novi Sad’s restaurant “Fontana”  hosted a humanitarian event “Maxi – Housewife of the Month”, organized traditionally by the magazine crew of the magazine “Pošalji recept” (“Send a Recipe”), published by ”Color Press Group”.


General supervisor of the event is MAXI chain of supermarkets. This month the topic was to prepare fruit pies, and jury was comprised of Martina Petrović, PR manager of the company DELHAIZE, Katarina Vučetić, model, TV announcer and participant of the reality programme “Survivor”, Ana Vrcelj, Miss Serbia for Miss Universe and Rade Stojanović, representative of the “Prometej” publishing house. A very hard assignment was ahead of them.

However, the first position and “Maxi” voucher for 10.000 dinars, granted by the company DELHAIZE, went to Ankica Selenić from Novi Sad, whereas the second place was won by Smilja Telečki from Novi Sad, who was granted a 7-day stay at villa “Jana” on the Kopaonik mountain. The third place and a package of books by the “Prometej” publishing house was won by Ljiljana Ćosić from Belgrade. General sponsor MAXI supermarkets awarded all participants goody bags filled with PREMIA and 365 products. In addition, three best housewives received interestingly designed aprons “Maxi – Housewife of the Month”, also granted by the general sponsor.

After the winners had been proclaimed, guests went to Veternik, to deliver fruit pies and thus bring joy to children and youths with special needs.

Irresistible pies


Jury on duty

The winner Ankica Selenić with a Maxi voucher as a prize


Award-winning housewives with guests



Katarina and Martina with protégées of the Veternik Home

The runner-up Smilja Telečki 

The third-placed Ljiljana Ćosić


Children and youths at Veternik relishing sweet pies made by our cooks 

June, 10th 2013

The Olympic Day: The “Color Press Group” team ran in the relay race at Košutnjak!

Traditionally, this year the Olympic Committee of Serbia marked the anniversary of the International Olympic Committee. The IOC’s 117. birthday was celebrated by organizing the Olympic Day, which was held on the trim path at Košutnjak. The Olympic Day promoted universal Olympic values, such as healthy lifestyle, environmental protection, fair play and equality; nevertheless, special emphasis was on family values and promotion of family as the pillar of any given society. In a family race, over three hundred and fifty families took part. This year, the Serbian team, which will participate at the Mediterranean Games in Mersin, Turkey, was presented. Again this year, the Serbian Olympic Committee organized a relay race for sponsors and partners at the 1200m fraction of the path. The idea was for those employed at companies which are sponsors and partners to form mixed teams (including male and female participants), consisting of 6 members (with minimum three women). Each member of the team was to run across the 200m section. The team of “Color Press Group”, which has been a partner to the Serbian Olympic Committee (OKS) for many years, was comprised of Marina Luković, Aida Bajazet, Danijela Stamenković, Stefan Ćulibrk, Gojko Popović and Robert Čoban.

June, 3rd 2013 

Salty muffins for children at Kamenica

Organized by the magazine “Pošalji recept”, and supervised by “Color Press Group”, in Novi Sad’s restaurant “Fontana”, a well-known humanitarian activity, Housewife of the Month, was held. Skilful cooks, as usually, gathered on the first Sunday of the month, and the theme in June was preparation of salty muffins.  
Jury comprised of Nenad Ćeranić, pop singer, Žaklina Duvnjak Radić, editor of the magazine "Top zdravlje" and "Žena i zdravlje" and Rade Stojanović, representative of the publishing house "Prometej", had a task to choose the most imaginative and the most delicious muffins. Although it was not easy at all, in the end a unanimous decision was made, for the first prize and accommodation at the villa “Jana” at Kopaonik or Zlatibor to be granted to Valentina Đorđević from Belgrade, who generously gave away her prize to her friend Blaga Jovanović. 
The second place and mixer by “Rassell Hobbs” was granted to Savka Ešan from Vrbas. The third-positioned Smilja Telečki from Novi Sad received as a gift a hand mixer also by "Rassell Hobbs", presented by the company "Orbico" from Belgrade. Sanja Gostović from Inđija received the fourth prize, granted by IK "Prometej". The fifth-positioned Ankica Selenić from Novi Sad was granted a six-month subscription to a CPG magazine of her choice. Alongside major prizes for the first five housewives, all participants of this month’s event received as gifts goody bags by “dm”, namely house chemistry and cosmetics.

After the official part of the event and judging, salty muffins were brought to the Children’s Village in Kamenica by a well-known pop singer Nenad Ćeranić, whose presence contributed to joy and celebration among the children.


May, 23rd 2013

Promotion of the magazine “Dobra hrana” at the 80th International Agricultural Fair

Awards to the most imaginative muffins

In collaboration with the “Dijamant” company, a partner of many years to the publishing house “Color Press Group” which publishes the most successful cooking publications in the region, at the 80th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, a promotion of the magazine “Dobra hrana” (“Good Food”) was organized.

Having in mind that this event is the largest of its sort in the Balkans, this year’s Fair provided a great deal of attention to amusement for children, and among others, the activity by the “Dobra hrana” magazine found its place there. Promotion of our magazine at the “Dijamant” stand, on May 20th and 21st, revived the Master Hall with richness of colours of cakes and children’s laughter. The objective for the youngsters was to decorate their chocolate muffins, using multitude of coloured fondant mixtures and sweet multicoloured flowers, hearts and other confectioner’s decorations. 

In this activity, children under the age of eleven were allowed to participate, and the most imaginative muffins were awarded with goody bags by “Dijamant”. All youngsters who took part in decorating the cakes, received as presents aprons with the “Dobra hrana” logo, a copy of our magazine, and of course, the muffins that they have decorated.


May, 6th 2013

“Color Press Group” and Novi Sad’s restaurant “Lazin salaš” prepared Easter lunch for the homeless

This year again, at the centre for the homeless located at 28c Kralja Petra I, staff of the “Lazin salaš” restaurant and employees of “Color Press Group” served a solemn lunch to those for whom holidays are not always bright. For inhabitants of the same city who are left without home and family, chefs from the famous Novi Sad’s restaurant prepared a delicious festive meal, while we brought them joy with traditional Easter eggs.

Our company continues to nurture the tradition to provide care and help to those in need, at the same time making an appeal to good-willed people who might help to take part in similar activities, to join and contact us through the E-mail address: 

Furthermore, if you have old, but preserved clothes, you can hand them in to one of centres for the homeless.

April, 29th 2013

At the “Moja beba” magazine stand, toddlers painted the Easter eggs!

On April, 26th XI Children Fair was opened, taking place at the Hall 3 of the Belgrade Fair, and lasting until April, 28th. This fair gathered numerous manufacturers of baby and children equipment, animators, organizers of children’s birthdays, and as in previous years, the magazine “Moja beba” has its own stand. At the “Moja beba” stand, today in fact gathered the biggest crowd, due to the fact that children who came got to paint their Easter eggs on paper, with the help from industrious nannies from the babysitting agency “Kolibri”

Afterwards, the eggs are pasted onto the “Bear’s basket”, and the most beautiful egg, selected by the “Moja beba” magazine crew, will get a reward. All those who are interested may come with their children today until 17h and take a chance at creativity. Every visitor to the stand will receive a copy of the “Moja beba” magazine, Impamil hat and candies. Tomorrow at the “Moja beba” stand, the book “Need to know” by Slađana Crvenkov, senior nurse with fifteen years of experience, will be promoted, whereas the visitors will be able to make questions to Aida Bajazet, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief.

April 9, 2013

Ćemo took part in the CPG’s activity "The Housewife of the Month" and gave sweets to the children.

It became a tradition that on the first Sunday of the month the CPG and the magazine “Pošalji recept” organizes a manifestation named "The Housewife of the Month", in a famous Novi Sad’s restaurant “Fontana”. The housewives have the opportunity to take part in the humanitarian activity and to show their culinary skills. Since this month’s task was chocolate cake making, the jury evaluated both the delicious taste of the cakes and the way they were decorated. It was not an easy task for the jury, featuring: a popular folk singer, Ćemo, a representative of the “Prometej” publishing house, Predrag Kovačević, a representative of the CPG’s marketing department, Dragana Đurić, and a PR of the “Mitsides Point”, Marija Đurić.

After the tasting the jury decided to award the first place and the seven-day stay at villa “Jana” in the Kopaonik to Tamara Stanković from Novi Sad. The second place and a package of “Carnex” products went to Verica Papić Filko also from Novi Sad, while Sanja Gostović from Inđija won the third place and a package of wines from the “Zvonko Bogdan” winery. The fourth place and a set of books published by “Prometej” was awarded to Marija Mitrović from Jagodina. The fifth place and the free subscription to a CPG’s magazine of her choice went to Anka Makajin from Vrbas. Apart from the main prizes all the awarded housewives were presented with books published by the “Prometej” publishing house, and all the contestants and the guests of the manifestation have received “Panona“ goody bags from the “Mitsides Point”, a flour and pasta producer. After the announcement of the winners, the guests gave the cakes to the protégés of the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica. The children also received presents from the „City records“, and the CPG presented them with Easter eggs. The biggest surprise was a special present – the irresistible sweets which were brought to the children by the popular singer Ćemo.

March 5, 2013

Sweet rolls for the proteges of the home in Veternik

A traditional culinary manifestation dubbed „Housewife of the month“, organised by „Send a recipe“  magazine, took place on Sunday, March 3. At the pleasant atmosphere of „Fontana“ restaurant in Novi Sad, those who attended the event had a chance to enjoy sweet bites, since this month's challenge was preparation of sweet rolls. Although the jury was „tortured“, it finally decided to award the first place and a seven-day stay at „Jana“ villa at Kopaonik to Jadranka Ostojic from Novi Sad. Ljiljana Cosic from Belgrade won the second place and a package of „Carnex“ products, while Sanja Gostovic from Indjija, who was ranked third, received wines from „Zvonko Bogdan“ winery.

Aleksandra Rogelj from Zrenjanin won the fourth place and a set of books from „Prometej“ publishing house, while Ljubica Potrepsin was ranked fifth and was awarded a subscription to a CPG magazine of choice. Apart from the main prizes, all the participants and guests of the manifestation received gifts from a renowned Logex line of house cleaning products. The housewives were also given gift packages in cheerful bags, from „Indo Serbia Food“, which contained Indonesian spices which make „Indomie“ noodles unique. After the winner had been declared, the guests of „Housewife“ brought sweet rolls to the proteges of the Home for Children and Youth in Veternik. „City records“ provided the gifts for them. All individuals and companies who wish to join Color Press Group humanitarian campaign may contact us at

February, 4th 2013   

Humanitarian activities of the “Pošalji recept” magazine continued: Housewives brilliant as always!

Following a short break during the January holiday season, again this Sunday the traditional gathering organized by the “Color Press Group” and the magazine “Pošalji recept” (“Send a Recipe”) – “The Housewife of the Month”, was held. This month’s theme encompassed delicious salty pies from puff pastry, and the title of the housewife of the month went to Smiljana Telečki from Novi Sad. She will enjoy a seven-day stay at Kopaonik. The runner-up position and a goody bag from the wine cellar “Zvonko Bogdan” was won by Ankica Selenić, whereas the third place was shared between Danijela Toljagić and Marija Budinski, who received gifts from the “Prometej” publishing house, and a semi-annual subscription to the magazine of their choice.

Taste and appearance of the food was evaluated by a jury consisting of: Olivera Krajnović, editor of the magazine “Moja kosa” (“Your Hair”), Rade Stojanović, representative of the “Prometej” publishing house, and Ženja Aćimović, editor of the magazine “Pošalji recept”. After the winners had been proclaimed, the editorial crew of the “Pošalji recept” magazine brought salty puff pastry pies and CD packages provided by the “City Records” to the protégées of the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, who gladly accepted them.

January 8, 2013

Novi Sad’s restaurants “Lazin Salas” and “Carpe Diem” have prepared Christmas lunch for homeless people and children without parents!

Novi Sad’s restaurants “Lazin Salas” and “Carpe Diem” have took part in the Christmas charity activities organized by “Color Press Group” with the aim to help shelters and homes for children and old people. The Mediterranean and organic food restaurant “Carpe Diem” (former “Kubizmo”), in Futoski Put Street has prepared a special Christmas lunch for the children of Children’s Village from Sremska Kamenica.

The pleasant staff of the restaurant have took great care to make sure that the kids spend the happiest Christian holiday enjoying the tasty specialties and in cheerful company. After lunch children were given New Year’s and Christmas presents. Apart from that, the owner of the restaurant Sinisa Sabovic has made the protégés of Children’s Village happy by giving them vouchers for the bowling alley “Space Bowling” and that way has given the kids chance to gather again and have fun.

At the same time, at the other part of the town, in The Shelter for the Homeless, in 28c Kralja Petra Street the staff of the restaurant “Lazin Salas” have served festive Christmas lunch for our neighbours who have no home or family. Last week “Lazin Salas” has also prepared lunch for the children of Children’s Village and Childrens’ Home from Vetrenik, therefore this charity is just a continuation of the humanitarian activities that focus on the care for other people which “Color Press Group” organizes in the collaboration with companies and restaurants from Novi Sad and Belgrade.

If you want to take part in the charity send an e-mail to and if you have any old clothes, which can still be used, you can bring it to the Shelter for the Homeless.

January 4, 2013

“Metro Footwear” and “Legend” provided shoes and underwear for the homeless!

Following the visit to the Shelter for the Homeless in Futog, towards the end of December, employees of the “Color Press Group” were their guests again yesterday. With best wishes for the New Year, protégées of the Shelter received necessary winter footwear, as well as new underwear items. An activity launched by the “Color Press Group” on December, 21st 2012, inviting other companies to join forces in order to provide help for the Shelter, was successful, and this time “Metro Footwear” and “Legend World Wide” generously granted shoes and boots for the winter season, and underwear items. This donation turned out to be greater than expected (“Metro Footwear” donated over three hundred pairs of footwear, expressing readiness to repeat the same activity in spring and in autumn, granting overall around one thousand pairs; whereas “Legend” provided one hundred sets of underwear) because both the protégées and the Shelter’s employees showed huge satisfaction and gratitude, adding that the Shelter has not seen any donation of such big proportions. The fact that in the Shelter for the Homeless, there are thirty protégées, and also over one hundred of them who come occasionally to a warm meal and clean clothes, is even more significant when we take into account that many of them before this horrifying fate had their home, family and job, and that the number of those with higher and university education is on the rise. In 2013, “Color Press Group” will continue to provide help to the protégées and employees at the Shelter for the Homeless, but involvement of other subjects and companies in Vojvodina and Serbiawill be noticed, too. For more information on how to help these people, please send an e-mail to the following address:


december, 31 2012.

New Year’s Karaoke Party for CPG Employees

On Friday night in the Pizzeria Sicilia in Novi Sad the employees of the Color Press Group celebrated the end of another challenging, yet successful business year. A funny karaoke competition was organized, and there were 5 teams: The Last Voice of Serbia, The Belles, Around the World, The Fantastic Four & co. and The Moustache Man’s Nightingales. All the guests at the Sicilia were enjoying the performances of the teams who were singing some foreign and domestic hit songs. At the end, The Belles, featuring Tanja Tomcic, Dijana Kresovic, Jasmina Maric Tanja Vujcic have rightfully won the prize, 7 nights at Mountain Resorts Kopaonik or Zlatibor.



December, 28 2012

Vesna Čipčić brought smiles and festive atmosphere to the home for the elderly “Oaza”!

For the second consecutive year, the company “Color Press Group” organized a festive visit to the “Oaza”  Gerontology Centre in Novi Sad. Special guest was an actress Vesna Čipčić, who recited the verses by Mika Antić and Duško Radović to the Home’s protégées. With her distinctive voice and temperament, she drew smiles on the faces of elderly men and women. As last year, the hosts relished the stories by our correspondent Žikica Milošević, who spoke about Prague, Morocco and Spain. His story about Prague was commented by the general manager of the Gerontology Centre, Dragan Milošević, who shared his own experiences from this beautiful city.

Then the “Color Press Group” CEO Robert Čoban addressed those who were present, wishing them good health, and anticipating new gathering next year.

Protégées of the “Oaza” Home were also prepared, and they gave a pleasant surprise to their guests. Mr Savko Subotić recited the verses by Mika Antić, whereas Mrs Živana Kojdić sang the songs “U Novom Sadu” and “A sad adio” from the TV series “Vruć vetar”, in which Vesna Čipčić played a role. At the very end, Dimitrije Jovanović handed in the presents to Vesna and Žikica. Housewives, who on a regular basis take part in humanitarian activities organized by our publishing house, this time also prepared their specialties, in order to “sweeten” the holidays to “Oaza” protégées.


December, 27th 2012

Visit to the Serbian National Theatre: CPG employees saw “Nabucco”

On Wednesday, 26th of December, the famous opera “Nabucco” by Verdi was performed at the “Jovan Đorđević” scene of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. On this occasion, the company “Color Press Group” organized a festive visit for its employees, who enjoyed four acts of this opera, which is the third in line composed by Verdi, in 1842.

Before a visit to the theatre, the employees gathered in a café parlour “Teatar”, where they relished sweet specialties, pleasant company and atmosphere.


December, 25 2012.

Dinner for employees who have been with CPG for 10 or 15 years

Last week, at the restaurant “Lazin salaš”, gathered Color Press Group employees, ten of them, who started working for the company in 1997 and 2002. “What I repeat every year, I will say now again: It is a great thing in Serbia, as it is like over the last twenty years, that somebody spends ten or fifteen years working at a private firm. Next year, we will have people who have been with us for twenty whole years! As a company, we are making effort to keep with us good, reliable and creative employees, which has not always been easy! I wish to you, and to myself, that we celebrate the same jubilee in five years’ time with the same team members!”, said Robert Čoban, CEO of CPG.


December, 22nd 2012

Winter “Puzijada” of the “Moja beba” magazine, marked by little record-holders!

This afternoon, Belgrade’s Delta City hosted another “Puzijada”, and it was welcomed with joy from all the babies and their parents, who applied for this event through the magazine “Moja beba”. The twelfth “Puzijada” will be remembered for breaking not just one, but three records! This incredible “phenomenon” took place in a race by babies who over 11 months old, when all three fastest babies at the same time were the fastest in the history of organizing “Puzijada” throughout the past three years! 
Absolute champion was little Lazar Preočanin who “flew” over the “Moja beba – Becollino puzidrom” in exactly five seconds. The second record-holder was Uglješa Stoševski, his time being 5:53 seconds, whereas the third-placed little Elena Spalević had a record of 6:11 seconds. 
The fastest participant in a younger group was Milica Milisavljević, who crawled over the path in eight seconds. She was followed by Teodor Milojević with 11:24 seconds, while the third place was shared between Pavle Mitrović and Mia Knežević. 
Traditional “Puzijada”, organized by the “Moja beba” magazine, and supported by baby cosmetics “Becollino”, was held this winter, as always, at Delta City. It evoked great interest in readers of the “Moja beba” magazine. Out of ninety-seven participants who competed this year, six fastest contestants were granted valuable “Becollino” goody bags. The next “Puzijada” is planned for springtime.


Decembar 21, 2012.

Matica Srpska Gallery: Art & Champagne for CPG employees

Traditionally, towards the end of the year, “Color Press Group” organizes a guided festive visit for its employees to one of galleries located in Novi Sad. This year, it was the gallery of Matica Srpska in Novi Sad, one of the richest art museums in the country, which hosts a collection of over 7.000 works of Serbian national art, dating back from XVI to XXI century.

In terms of significance and wholesomeness, accentuated are collections of paintings, graphics and drawings from XVIII, XIX and the first half of the XX century, illustrating the formation and development of art in that period. These works of art also point to position and place of the Serbian culture in European context.

With professional guidance by the curator Snežana Mišić, guests from CPG were invited to see some of the greatest works of XVIII and XIX century. Residential exhibition of the Serbian art from the XVIII century “Poetics and rhetoric of Serbian paintings” was made as an authoring concept of Branka Kulić, PhD. Through selected works, the art of painting of traditional zoographic, early baroque and representative high and late baroque Serbian paintings is presented. The concept of residential exhibition of the XIX century art was a result of team work of the curator and conservators of the Matica Srpska Gallery.

Then the guests were joined by Tijana Palkovljević, administrator of the Gallery, who presented the works from the XX century. Residential exhibition of the XX century, entitled “Themes and ideas” was realized in collaboration with Simona Čupić, PhD. Exhibited works are divided into three thematic compositions: Village, Town and People.

Whereas the guests viewed the works by Sava Šumanović, Milan Konjović, Petar Dobrović, Ivan Radović and other masters of the XX century paintings, the champagne was served to spice up the end of an entertaining evening at the Gallery of Matica Srpska.


Decembar 17, 2012.

Housewives and members of „Loveback“ band cheered up children from a Home in Veternik!

Under the auspices of „Send A Recipe“  magazine, a traditional manifestation „Housewife of the month“  took place on Sunday, December 16.

In the pleasant atmosphere of „Fontana“  restaurant in Novi Sad, those present had an opportunity to enjoy various small cookies – the preparation of which was the task that housewives had for the December get-together. The taste and appearance of delicacies was judged by an expert jury, comprised of Ana Perisic and Vladimir Vojnovic (members of „Loveback“ band), Sasa Jovanovic (children's author) and Rade Stojanovic (a representative of „Prometej“ publishing house).

This time, tasting lasted longer than usual, since almost every housewife prepared several types of these lavishly decorated sweets. The jury awarded a winning title and a seven-day stay at Jana villa at Kopaonik to Marija Budinski from Novi Sad. Slavica Ilic from Svrljig won the second place and the package of Carnex products, while Ljiljana Cosic from Belgrade was ranked third and received wines from „Zvonko Bogdan“ winery. Mirjana Cicakovski from Novi Sad was ranked fourth and she was awarded a package of books from „Prometej“  publishing house, while Valentina Porpevic from Belgrade won the fifth place and a subscription to a CPG magazine of choice.

„Beohemija“ also provided gift packages of house cleaning products for all present housewives and their guests. After the announcement of winners, the guests cheered up proteges of the Children's Home in Veternik with the sweets from the competition. Apart from CDs provided by „City Records“, they also received books by Sasa Jovanovic and Matica Srpska Gallery. „Minaqua“ provided refreshments for the proteges of Home in Veternik.